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Flower of Evil: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 2

Flower of Evil: Episode 6 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hyun-soo sits up in his hospital bed. The rookie sets up a video for his interview. Ji-won asks if he is really okay. he says he is fine. But he asks if he has to be confident to do it?

JW – No, it can be difficult for you when you think about what happened.

He reaches a hand out to touch her face and she pulls away.

HS – Why are you so surprised?

He pulls something out of her hair.

HS – See, you have something here. Why are you nervous?

JW – *chuckles* Ah, well….

He thinks about her yelling for help next to the fish tank. She asks why he is looking at her like that? He says it keeps reminding him about how she was.

The rookie tells him that he has a questionnaire, if things are difficult for you then let me know at anytime.

The door opens and Jae-sup comes in with his IV on a roller. He is his normal Jae-sup self. He tells them that he is really really okay, you don’t have to come see me, ever, just like now, in the hospital.

He is very sarcastic.

HJ – *whispers* He’s mad.

HS – It is nice to see you again. I could not see you because of my condition.

JS – Aigoo, Baek Hee-sung, you suffered a lot. The taxi driver was all injured so maybe you weren’t so bad when you were young.

He does a fighting movement. But then he asks what the paperwork is? Ho-joon tells him it is the questionnaire.

So Jae-sup sits to do the questionnaire with them since he is bored and antsy.

They start te video

JS – Mr. Baek Hee-sung.

HS – Yes.

JS – Why didn’t Park Hyun-chul kill you right away and tortured you? Usually torturing is the way to get answers. That was my biggest question. What question Park Hyun-chul asked you.

JW – Sunbae, what are you doing? It is a fishing question for the victim. Honey, you do not have to try too hard to answer, if you don’t know then say that. If you can’t remember then say that. Simple answers.

JS – Ji-won, if you want to be a police officer then sit next to me. If you want to help the interviewee then sit next to him. Don’t  do both.

HJ – Yeah, sunbae you went a little too far, you know inspector Choi’s style.

JS – Pick your side and lets work.

HS – *whispers* I am okay.

JW  I should just not do it.

She walks out.

Hee-sung and Jae-sup look at each other. Then Hee-sung starts to talk again.

HS – To convince Park Hyun-chul, I told him that I had police in the family. He was just releasing his anger that the police did not do a proper job. I passed out after he stabbed my arm. When I woke up I saw the water coming all the way to my chest.

JS – *nods* That is really strange. Why didn’t he kill you like he killed Nam Hee-sung? Why did he take his time to try and drown you?

HS – That is my question also.

HJ – I know. If the police were a little bit late then we couldn’t have saved him. Then we would suffer with that guilt forever. Maybe that is what he wanted. Because he hates the police.

HS – Ah, that sounds true. That is a good guess.

HJ – *smils*

JS – Are you the taxi drivers lawyer? How do you know him so well?

HS – Yes, only the taxi driver knows himself. Of course I don’t know. Can you just ask me questions I can answer Detective Choi?

JS – Coincidentally you knew the reporter and coincidentally you took his taxi and you were accidentally kidnapped. Is that it.

HS – is that a question?

JS – I am curious.

HS – Detective Choi, do you hate me?

JS – Me? Why? I like Detective Cha a lot.

HS – I know everything. When Ji-won introduced us for the first time, we say hyun-nim and dongsaeng on the outside but in the back you said to break up with me because I am an a-hole. Did I ever do anything wrong to you? If you tell me then I will apologize to you.

JS – I learned something in my life. As you see, I am not a likable looking person. But only three kinds of people want to be nice to me. The ones who lied or will lie or are currently lying.

HS – So you are talking care of the interview with your personal ideas. Detective Lim, I think it is better for you to do it.

JS – *chuckles*

HJ – Ah, okay, okay. I can do it.

JS – Yes, victims are not my specialty. When the taxi driver is arrested, I will reveal his dirty secret.

He leaves. Hee-sung thinks for a second then looks at the video again.


Ji-won walks around the hospital when she gets a call from the victims wife. She tells him that she thinks she has to tell him this. I have something to report about Do Hyun-soo.

The wife looks at a black bag on her table. She says she cannot tell her on the phone. She wants to see her before she goes to see her mother next week.

Ji-won tells her that she will meet with her as soon as she finishes this case. She hopes she is the only person that she tells about Do Hyun-soo. The woman says of course. She also wants her to do well.

Ji-won drops her arm and hears a news report that said the two cases are related. She turns her head to the report. A news person shows the studio that the serial killer used. He shows that it has a lot o statues and spiderwebs. It is abandoned. The basement was were he actually kept the victims.

The camera goes into the basement. The reporter sys it is just like an underground jail. You cannot even breathe down here. There is a big cage. He says he will go inside. So he crawls inside the cage and says he cannot do much as an adult man.

He picks up a cable tie on the ground and says this must be a cable tie that was used to trap the victims. Even though 18 years passed, all the nightmares are still here.

In his hospital room, Hee-sung thinks about his safety. Jae-sup is on to him and his fake father told him that tonight would be his only chance.

Ji-won comes in, she looks spooked.

HS – Its all done. What’s wrong?

JW – Ho-joon told me that everything went well, good job.

But she looks a bit spooked. He tries to find out what is wrong.

HS – It looks like you’re worried about something. Tell me what it is.

JW – Its nothing.

HS – *worried* Why dont’ you go home and rest? You look very tired.

JW – How can I go home and rest well? How can I sleep well at home.

HS – Why are you doing this?

JW – *red faced* Why? You were almost killed in front of my eyes. You were almost dead for 10 days. Do you know what that felt like? Do you know? When I am outside the hospital, if someone called me my legs gave out. Why are you looking for me? Is it urgent? That ten seconds I had to check who called, I was suffocating and dying. Go home and rest? When I go into the empty house, I was worried that I would really be left alone there eventually. You will never understand what kind of hell I went through for the last ten days. You will never know even if you die and wake up. But you, all that time, who are you! I am leaving.

She turns to leave. He grabs her hand.

HS – Ji-won, talk to me.

JW – What?

HS – Anything. Anything is fine, I will listen to you.

JW – I am really tired all of a sudden. I want to sleep like crazy.

She storms out.

She stops walking on the steps and thinks.

We go to a flashback where Do Hyun-soo was starting to wake up in bed. But he wasn’t really awake. His eyes were still rolled back in his head. Ji-won was sitting next to him. He was kind of muttering something.

JW – Are you awake? Can You recognize me? I am Ji-won.

he looks at her and sees his sister covered in blood.

HS – Noona….

JW – What?

HS – Noona….noona….you live normally and never….never look for me. I am….not living as Do Hyun-soo anymore.

He passed out.

Ji-won keeps thinking about that on the stairs.




The director tells Hae-soo that he is really sorry but they can’t work if the reporters keep sneaking in like this. She tells him that she understands, thank you at least. He asks for what. She tells him that at least he says he is sorry and didn’t yell at her and ask her why she hid her family history and complain about ruining her life.

He sys no one says does that.

But she thinks back to Moo-jin telling her that when they were kids.

She tells the director that it happens a lot.

Then we cut to adult Moo-jin who is straight comic relief. He is talking to a gate and says he isn’t a bad guy, let me use your restroom! I am about to poop!

The woman runs out and tells him that he is violating privacy rights!

He straightens up and brings up her saying that Do Min-seok has a co-conspirator. Sh e says she doesn’t know. He tells her to be courageous. She yells at him and asks if he can protect them if she agrees to the interview?

He asks if she is talking about her daughter again? The daughter opens the gate and asks who this ajusshi is? Why are you torturing my mom?

He says he is just a reporter looking for the truth. I also just need to use the restroom. The daughter shows him her phone with the police in it already and says she is about to call the police if he does not leave. On the count of three. One….two….I told you to run away…..set!

Moo-jin runs away. The mother smiles at her daughter then looks at Moo-jin running away. She looks a bit concerned.


Hee-sung sits up in bed thinking. Then he calls his adopted father and says that he will do it, he has to do it.

Meanwhile, Ji-won goes through her office for a blood kit. She grabs it and takes it out. But she stops and looks through a report for the town mayor murder case. Images of that case flash in front of us. She starts to read about it. 

  • Do Hyun-soo threw a dog in a well and had art consultation
  • He has no feeling, no facial expressions, no interests, no compassion or guiltiness
  • Personality disorder is suspected
  • He needs treatment

She keeps reading.

VO – We grew up together for almost ten years but I never saw him smiling or crying.

VO – He was always with his father in the studio so you never know what he learned.

VO – He doesn’t even blink his eyes even though his mothers dead body was found

VO – After Do Min-sook died, the city mayor took care of them, but this happened. I told you to be careful with Do Hyun-soo

She closes it and goes to his workshop. The basement is right there. She stares at the door then looks around the room.

In the hospital, Hyun-soo puts on doctors clothing.

In the workshop, Ji-won breaks open the basement. She opens the door then starts to go down there with her blood kit.

Hospital. Hyung-soo gets everything ready , with his father.

Basement. Ji-won gets to the basement.

Hospital. Hyun-soo puts on the mask. His adopted father smiles. He gives him the syringe and medicine and tells him not to leave any needle holes in the body.

Basement. Ji-won puts on surgical gloves and gets all the blood CSI things ready. Then she sprays a liquid all around the floor.

Hospital. Hyun-soo walks up the hallway with this medical kit. His adopted father told him that they dress him ever 2-3pm. The police are 9am-9pm. Two police men switch. So the nighttime police does not know anything about the dressing.

In the room, the nighttime police officer is sleeping. But he wakes up when Hyun-soo comes in. Hyun-soo tells him that he is there for the dressing. He cops asks, this late? Hyung-soo tells him there is no night and day for dressing. You can get a coffee.

The cop thinks thats a great idea and says he will go out for a smoke. he leaves.

Hyun-soo stands next to the bed and looks at the taxi driver. The taxi driver opens his eyes and turns to Hyun-soo.



Driver – I was waiting for you.

HS – *takes off his mask and shows him the needle and chemical* DO you even know what I am going to do while you waited for me?

Driver – I was sure that you would come to kill me.

HS – What do you plan to do?

Driver – Where is Mi-sook? Do you really not know where Mi-sook is buried?

HS – *leans in* I am the same as you, I just found it out on TV. That my father was a serial murderer. Is it really that difficult to believe?

Driver – I thought you would tell me the truth when you killed me.

HS – Whether you trust me or not, I am not going to save your life. You tried to destroy my life and you can destroy me at anytime.

Driver – I realized that while I laid here all day and looked at the ceiling. What I knew about you was only rumors. And I realized the truth that maybe I am wrong. I killed an innocent person and I tortured you cruelly. Don’t hesitate.

Hyun-soo stands back up. He puts the chemical into the syringe and shoots some out of the top.

Basement. Ji-won turns out the lights and we see blue liquid on the floor. It is from Moo-jin. Ji-won walks to the side and sees a cable tie. It is from where Moo-jin cut it off. She remembers it mentioned on the news report.

Hospital. Hyun-soo is about to inject the liquid, but he doesn’t. Instead, he asks a question.

HS – When you knew your wife was dead, how did you feel?

Driver – What?

HS – How did you feel when your wife died?

Driver – Why are you wondering that! Why! Why do you wonder about that!

Hyung-soo thinks back to what Ji-won said about the hell she went through for the last ten days. He sits at the side of the bed and tells the driver that he wonders about that.

Driver – I wanted to die

HS – Why didn’t you die.

Driver – I had work to do. I wanted to take Mi-sook somewhere safer and better.

HS – She is already dead, what does it matter?

Driver – When people talk about Mi-sook, the end will change.

He picks up the syringe.

HS – Then goodbye.

he injects it into the IV.


The cop is getting a snack when he overhears two doctors talking. One of the doctors thanks the other for taking care of the taxi driver today. the man says he has handcuffs, why do you worry about him? She says that she feels like she has eye contact with him. The man says she is timid.

The cop goes up to them to talk and asks if they do two dressings for the taxi driver? I am a police officer. He shows his badge. The doctor says once a day. The cop is surprised, you already did it today?

The doctor says yes, I did it.

The doctor runs up the hall and to the room. Hyun-soo is already back in his patient clothes. 

the cop run and looks at the taxi driver. The taxi drivers eyes are super big. It looks like he is still alive possibly? His heart rate is still going strong.

Flashback to the room.

HS – The thing you asked me about before. The fish keychain.

Driver – *looks at him*

HS – Someone gave it to my sister at the funeral and my sister gave it to me.

Driver – Why are you telling me that now!

HS – Do you think you would trust me? You would kidnap my sister and put her in water. Someone gave it to noona on purpose. Why?

Driver – So now you are saying–

HS – The person who witnessed Jung Mi-sook’s kidnapping and me proving my fathers alibi. What if the witness and I were both telling the truth?

Driver – So Do Min-seok really had a co-conspirator?

HS – *leans over bed* You have two months. Why don’t follow the real killer, not the ghost of Do Min-seok. You choose.


HS – It is closed, you won’t die.

Flashback to him closing the valve.

Driver – you, why?

HS – You didn’t tell anyone about me, you could have. The police are wondering what the reason is that you are torturing me. Listen to me carefully.

Basement. Ji-won sits on the floor of the basement and thinks about what all the people said about Hyun-soo. About how he is a creepy guy and not normal and all that.

Ji-won looks over to the side and sees the baby walker. She thinks back to Hyun-soo trying to soothe his daughter in the baby walker and patting her on the back and trying to feed her her bottle. Ji-won came out. He told her not to come out, you can sleep more.

Ji-won cries as she thinks about it.




Hyun-soo gets back to work in his workshop. He is listening to the news that is talking about the case. It says that the taxi driver admitted all his crimes about the murder and the kidnapping. 

Hyun-soo checks his watch, but his watch isn’t there. he thinks back to the warehouse fight with his wife.

News – The driver was not happy with the investigation with the serial killer case and demanded a reinvestigation.


In the news offices, the woman who is the witness, does agree to an interview. She is sitting at a table where a camera is trained on her. Moo-jin and his boss, Pil-young are sitting there aw well. Everyone in the office look curiously on.

MJ – Thank you for being brave.

Woman – This is all because of you reporter.

M – What?

Woman – I forgot about it and lived well. After meeting you, her face is in my dream. Jung Mi-sook. She was looking at me so dearly. She wanted me to see you.

We see a flashback of Mi-sook looking at her.

MJ – I will never let you regret your choice today. Let’s go back to 2002. You witnessed that your last victim Jung Mi-sook was kidnapped and called the police. But later you reversed your testimony. what was the reason?

She takes a small cassette out of her purse and sets it on the table.

MJ – Can you tell me what this is?

Woman – Back then my phone was an automatic answering machine. That tape.

Elsewhere, Hyun-soo picks his daughter up from school. She happily runs to him and they walk away pleasantly. She tells him to look at the clouds, they look like egg tarts.

HS – That is strange, it looks like umma’s face.

EH – No, it looks like an egg tart.

Meanwhile, Ji-won goes to the Chinese restaurant. The woman sets the black bag on the table for her.

JW – So, this is….

Woman – Do Hyun-soo’s bag. I found it while cleaning the store. I saw what was inside. I think my husband kept it in case Do Hyun-soo came to look for it in the future.

JW – *opens it, there is a casette inside*

Woman – They didn’t catch him for 18 years, do you think you can catch him with something like this?


They play the cassette

Recording – Ajumma, don’t do anything. You are not the only one that saw me. I saw you also. Small red car. I know where you work and your house. You have a kid so be careful. Do you know why he died? By acting up. He was nothing but doesn’t know himself.

In the Chinese restaurant

Woman – It was so miserable to even think about him walking around freely

JW – No one saw it.

Woman – What?

JW – I looked at the investigation recording. no one saw that Do Hyun-soo was part of the murder.

Woman – My husband told me that he is different than normal people. He is not normal so my husband did not know what he would do. That is why he was scary.

JW – Psychopath’s will never be able to take care of something weaker than himself.

Cut to images of Hyun-soo playing with his daughter.

JW – He raised a dog for ten years and raised a baby dog of the dog. that is true.

Woman – He killed someone and ran away. That is true.

JW – That is true also. But I want more truth because whoever committed the crime should be punished according to their crime. Whether it is by law or personal. So I need to find out more truths to punish Do Hyun-soo properly.

Woman – When you read what is circulating online–

JW – This is my principle. I only believe what I see.

Hyun-soo happily looks at the sky.

Fade Out



Oh wow, I did not think Ji-won would find out so firmly that her husband was Hyun-soo. He literally told her, lol. I really thought she would find out slowly and start to suspect him. But she doesn’t suspect him becase SHE KNOWS 😂. 

Okay, so now her goal might be to find out if everything that was said about Hyun-soo was true and if what she sees with her own eyes is different than what other people see with there eyes. It is not how I thought the show would go, but I kind of like it. 

This almost feels like a think piece on what makes a person a good person. Does having emotions mean you are a human or does not treating other people poorly mean that you are a human? Because so far I would rather hang out with Hyun-soo than most of the people on this show, lol.

Okay, theory time. What I was alluding to in the opening comments is that I feel like the real Hee-sung is a serial killer himself and was possibly Do Min-seoks helper that night? It could be the sister as well, but I kind of feel like Hee-sung is some kind of serial killer otherwise why would his parents agree to take on Hyun-soo and hide him?

The real Hee-sung has all the makings of a serial killer. He is smart, handsome, and looks kind of measured from the flashbacks. His home environment also looks kind of crazy and his father looks like he might have something off about him too. So yep, I am putting Hee-sung on the list as a potential serial killer.

Any other theories out there?


JW – Do Hyun-soo lived as Baek Hee-sung for at least 14 years.

JW – Baek Hee-sung’s parents cooperated with it willingly

MJ – What if the police, when Jung Mi-sook was kidnapped, investigated the case with the assumption that Do Min-seok and Do Hyun-soo were co-conspirators.

HS – You should trust me.

MW – This is the result of you violating our promise.

MW – How can I trust you?

JW – I will catch him. Do Hyun-soo.

**Looking for 10 Reviews**

Thank you to all who had left a review already! We have five reviews right now and we love each one of them. Our goal is to get to TEN REVIEWS. If you have read our book and liked it then we would truly appreciate a review on Amazon! You can leave a review right here!

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  1. 토비
    August 13, 2020 / 10:12 pm

    Yes V, you got these theories right out of my mouth. I think the real serial killer who was a partner with Do Min Seok is either Do Hyun Soo’s sister or the Real Baek Hee Seong. I also think Do Hyun Soo didn’t murder the foreman but his sister did so he’s trying to cover up for his sister (explains where he was telling her to live a normal life like he’s dead)

    I think it’s just easy to point Do Hyun Soo as the murderer and accomplice to the father since he’s a boy who has an antisocial personality disorder and is somewhat ignorant about emotions. But we can see he’s trying to fit in and live normally

    I also think Detective Cha is moving in the frame of our theory by saying a psychopath is incapable of caring for anything weaker than themselves and how Do Hyun Soo cared for a dog for 10 years. There are so many hints around, this show has me thrilled. Thanks for the recap

    P.S: Lee Joon Gi’s acting is top tier, those eyes alone are actors!

    • V
      August 13, 2020 / 10:55 pm

      “…those eyes alone are actors” YAAAAAS. He is doing so much with only his eyes. That kid that plays the younger version of him is also doing a superb job!

      Also, so happy to have a theory co-conspirator! Hit me with any new ones you might get!

      • Jane
        August 17, 2020 / 3:44 pm

        I’m always astonished how much a skilled actor, and LJG is HIGHLY skilled, can do with their eyes and very small movements of their facial muscles! I am so happy to see him finally in a K-drama that is worth his skills. It has been awhile. Love all your theories. I have to say that for me, at this point, the only person I don’t think is lying is Eun Ha!!! and possibly the taxi driver.

        • Jane M
          August 17, 2020 / 3:45 pm

          actually, the previous comment was from me — my keyboard is acting up!

  2. LJG Fan
    August 14, 2020 / 3:17 am

    To be honest, I’m not even sure if I buy that Hyun-soo doesn’t have emotions. Clearly, he feels things, although he may have difficulty putting a name to the things he feels. I think he really does love Eun-ha and Ji-won, although he may deny it or may not realize it himself. And there have been moments where he has realized that other people are upset, angry, etc. In particular, there have been several scenes where he’s managed to pick up on Ji-won’s emotions. You might say that it’s the result of conscious effort or studying, but I’m not sure. Clearly, he’s much more attuned to the way Ji-won feels and tries much harder with her than with anybody else; that alone must count for something.

    Anyway, I love this show, the characters, and the main actors. It’s not what I thought it would be going in, but it’s still pretty great. I love this couple, too.

    • Jane M
      August 17, 2020 / 3:48 pm

      I think that may be why he asked the taxi driver how he felt after his wife died. He was trying to decipher the complex emotions that Ji-won had displayed describing how she felt after she saw him in the swimming pool. He is an astute observer of human emotion and is very skilled at mimicking, as was masterfully portrayed by Lee Jun Ki in the interrogation scene in the hospital.

  3. Peachietime
    August 15, 2020 / 2:55 am

    I don’t think the Real Baek Hee Seong is the co-killer, at least not the version we saw in the flash back. He was at least a decent human being to get out from the car to check on the person he hit (in a place he could totally escape with no CCTV) and wanting to call 112 to save him. He looked shocked by the fact that Hyun Soo didn’t let him call the ambulance.

  4. noor
    August 16, 2020 / 1:07 am

    Real BHS cannot be the side-kick or copy cat because if he was, he wouldn’t have stopped in a hit-and-run case – why draw attention to himself? – and he actually looked worried and cared about the injured ML. Also, his parents would not have allowed someone else to impersonate him if he was a comatose killer, they would’ve simply made up a story that he has disappeared or gone abroad for ‘higher studies’. Why place another man to impersonate your son? So that is a mystery.

    But Real BHS could have kidnapped Mi-Sook as a fun-loving copy cat (unless Mi-Sook is alive and well somewhere hiding from her control-freak crazy cab driver husband and just faked the kidnapping – the witness is still alive – I don’t think a sidekick or actual killer wouldn’ve let any eye witness live) but I don’t think he did.

    And I find it really interesting that ML has twice thought of killing 2 people (one kept as a hostage, the other bedridden terminal patient) and at the very last moment has not gone through with it because he could manipulate them into agreeing with him or be on his side. I find it very interesting. He can kill all right. But for now it seems like he either doesn’t remember his past or wasn’t involved at all. And that ambiguity drives the drama forward.

    V, thanks for the recap. Keep the theories coming!

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