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Flower of Evil: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 1

Flower of Evil: Episode 6 Live Recap - Part 1

I love the suspense and mystery this show has. Looking forward to finding out how all these pieces come together. The biggest mystery for me is how the real Hee-sung plays into all of this? I have a theory about that though but I’ll save it to the comments section!

For recap news, we plan on picking up Park Bo-gum’s new drama Record of Youth, but we haven’t researched any other dramas yet. If you have a drama that you want us to check out then let us know in the comments!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




A car drive us a rainy street. it is the real Baek Hee-sung. He has his blond hair and looks relaxed. He is talking on the phone.

HS – No, I am going back home. thank you. I have to face it even thought it is difficult. Well, that person, how were they? I am relieved.


Hee-sung slams on the breaks when Hyun-soo crashes over his windshield and rolls onto the ground.

He gets out and inspects Hyun-soo to see if he is okay. He does not look okay. He is all bloody and on the ground. Hyun-soo tells him that he can call 9-1-1 (or 1-1-9 in Korea). 

Hyun-soo manages to pull his arm up and put it on the cell phone to stop him.

HyS – No….

HS – What?

HyS – No…no…call….no…

He passes out.


Hee-sung is brought to the hospital. He is still unconscious. The doctors all start to work on him. They have the shocks out and start to charge his chest.


Hee-sung calls for his sister to come downstairs in their house. They start to polish brass animals together then happily walk in a meadow.

Present. The doctors keep trying to revive him. He thinks about his sister. who has blood all over her face. He tells her to live normally and not ever look for him.

He starts to think of the shamanistic ceremony and his father and Hee-sung and says to her – I am not going to live as Do Hyun-soo.

His eyes shoot open in the hospital and he takes several deep breathes. He is alone in a large private room. He sits up and pulls all his chords and needles attaching him to the bed. 

But it is hard to walk so he falls on the ground. He gets back up and stumbles to the door. A cop is there and tells his walkie talky that he is awake. the cop walks to him and says Do Hyun-soo. then he puts handcuffs on him and says it is all over.

But that part is his imagination. The cop asks if he is okay? He can take him back to his bed. There are not cuffs on his arm.

Hyun-soo pushes him away and stumbles up the hallway. then he sees his wife. He stops and takes a step back. She walks up to him and hugs him and starts to cry.

He is like, okay….~. He hugs her back and tells her he is okay. I’m okay. He starts to pat her on her back.


Moon-jin is walking around an outdoor shop center and talking on the phone.

MJ – I just want to see it once. I am almost there. Just one thing. Are you really sure you witnessed the scene where Jung Mi-sook was kidnapped on May 12th, 2002? Hello? Hello?

Several people start to look at the news that is hanging on a building. 

News – Park Hyun-chul (taxi driver), the killer of the Chinese restaurant owner. Was found to be the husband of one of the victim of the Yun-joo city serial killer case. The taxi driver cruelly murdered the Chinese restaurant owner who was his taxi client. His crime did not stop there. He kidnapped another customer, Mr. Baek, and seriously injured him.

Baek Hee-sung’s mother is listening to this with gritted teeth as she drives up a street.

The father is walking through a hospital looking determined.

News – We do not know his motive why he committed all these crimes. He is under investigation according to the police.


Hee-sung is sitting in the hospital as the attending doctor and all the fellows and residents and family members talk about what happened to Hyun-soo. His heart stopped for eight minutes so they decided to do cold treatment. We did two days of…

HS – Low temperature treatment?

Doctor – In explanation, when an animal hibernates, their energy metabolism lowers. We prevented cell damage by lowering your temperature.

HS – Okay….

Doctor – You may have trouble with your memory or confusion so I will ask you a few questions.

HS – Okay.

Doctor – Your birthday and name

HS – March 15, 1982. Baek Hee-sung.

Doctor – Your wife’s name?

HS – *looks at her* Cha Ji-won

Doctor – Your daughter

HS – Do I have a daughter?

Eun-ha – Appa, its me, why don’t you know me? *all teary eyed poor thing*

Doctor – Its okay, memory comes back in reverse.

He starts to smirk, then chuckles, and picks her up for a big hug.

HS – Baek Eun-ha, six years old. Born September 2015 and goes to little Bird Kindergarten.

EH – Appa, I hate you *hugs him and cuddles*

JW’s Mom – Your husband fully recovered!

Father – How is he?

Doctor – Director, we have to force him to discharge. He is teasing his doctor.

Hyung-soo and the father look at each other.

The father asks about vital signs and all that. The doctor responds and all the doctors leave.

The father stays though and talks to Ji-won’s family. He says he is happy that he was taken off of all the machines. He asks Hyun-soo how he feels. Hyun-soo says he is fine. He is still cuddling with his daughter. He tells him he is sorry to make him worry.

But then the Mother comes in yelling at him. 


The father stops her and reminds her that their in-law is there. Ji-won’s mother pleasantly greets her and says that she is happy that her son in law is fine.

 The mother is a bit apologetic and asks Ji-won why she didn’t tell her that her mother was coming. Ji-won apologizes for not being considerate enough. But she doesn’t look sorry about it. Her mother is not happy about that.

HS’s mother, Mi-ja, tells her that she wants to be alone with her family. Ji-won’s mother, Young-ok, asks, what? My family? Who are strangers here? We are all family! 

Ji-won has to stop her mother. She goes to her daughter and says that they will buy her a snack. Let’s go. But eun-ha doesn’t want to let go of her appa. She starts to yell and says that she hates umma. Umma is mean.

Hyun-soo tells her to listen to her mother so they can go home quicker. So Eun-ha heads off with her mother and grandmother.

Mija – Ah, that little thing has a temper, I really hate her.

HS – Baek Eun-ha

Mija – What?

HS – It isn’t that little thing, she is Baek Eun-ha.

He glares at her.




The grandmother walks away with the granddaughter. Ji-won kind of holds off behind them and peeks back inside the room.

But her mother asks he what she is looking at so she has to keep walking off. She tells her mom that she wasn’t looking at anything, she just worried about Hee-sung. Let’s go.


Mija – What are you going to do with that taxi driver!

HS – I heard she is in critical condition

MW – It is an insecure situation, but it is not bad for us. No, maybe it is actually advantageous for us.

Cut to the taxi driver who is non responsive but conscious.

MW – He had surgery on his head. He is conscious but he is not responding to outside stimulus.

The cops all look at the taxi driver and ask the doctor why he is like this. The doctor says that the surgery went well, the blood vessels are clean.

Meanwhile, Ji-won says goodbye to her mother and daughter. Th daughter asks when she will go back to her house. Yong-ok tells her that appa will be okay soon. She gets in the elevator. 

Ji-won asks if she can stay? I just want to be with you a little longer. 

Her mother gives her a hug and tells her that he just needs to come home, that is all. No more bad news. Come by and I will make your favorite kimchi chigae. They both say goodbye, happily.

Ji-won gets a call from Ho-joon.


Hyun-soo tells his fake parents not to worry about Ji-won, he will take care of it. Do Min-suk’s studio is still there so I told her that I was curious about that place and went there with reporter Kim.

MW – How can you trust that reporter?

HS – I have his weakness.

Mija – What is that?

HS – You two don’t have to know.

Mija – Don’t you trust us?

HS – Omoni, how much do you trust me?

MW – Stop talking about unnecessary stuff. Our problem is the taxi driver.

Mija – So, is there any way? How are you going to stop his mouth?

MW – Calm down.

Mija – Calm down? He is a time bomb!

MW – Didn’t you forget that you were upset like that fifteen years ago. Being angry like that? But we are even having trouble with that nothing guy Park Hyun-chul? This is too much for you. I am saying this for you.

He lightly touches her arm. She pulls it away and tells him that she knows. She knows how useless she is. She storms off.


The rookie runs up to Ji-won and tells her that he is so super excited with the good news. She says he shouldn’t be more excited than she is.

He looks hurt and says that he worried a lot, he thought something had happened to her as well.

In a flashback, we see Ji-won sitting next to Hee-sung during cold therapy. She runs after the doctor and asks why he is not waking up? His temperature went up. The rookie is at her side.

the doctors tell her that he is under sedative. Ji-won wants the doctor to check over him again. The doctors tell her that she was the same yesterday. It has only been five days. Hospitalization can be longer, you should be ready for it.

The rookie pulls her arm away. The doctors leave. She can’t believe it has only been five days. One day feels so long.

In the present, the rookie says she is calmer than expected, I thought you would dance. She ells him she has done enough dancing, so tell me about Park Hyun-chul.

HJ – It drives me crazy. tomorrow is the interrogation, maybe he is using tricks to not go to jail

JW – What do the doctors say?

HJ – There is no obvious injury to impact his awareness. So they are not sure.

We see the taxi driver getting new bandages put on. He is non responsive.



In his hospital room, Man-woo tells Hyun-soo that the doctors opinion can be against Park Hyun-chul. It is highly possible that he will be put in jail. that means–

HS – We have to do something tonight.

MW – *long pause* Would you like to try it? he is already addicted to opioids. He can have a heart attack at any time. Also, no family members want an autopsy. If you say okay, then I can help you.

HS – You can’t do it alone?

Man-woo slightly smiles.

HS – I will think about it.

MW – Okay.

Man-woo stands and tells him that tonight is the last chance, okay? He walks out.

Outside. The rookie thinks the victims testimony about how crazy and cruel he is will be crucial for sentencing. Baek Hee-sung underwent torture with him. Ji-won nods.

Elsewhere, Moo-jin talks on the phone while inside a college. He is talking to Hyun-soo.

MJ – Are you really alive? You have a strong body. 

HS – i heard you didn’t go to the police yet

MJ – I was just avoiding them. We didn’t talk about this case yet.

HS – Good job.

MJ – Can you not compliment me, okay? I feel like I am your dog.

HS – Listen to me. 

MJ – Okay, okay, you and me, yes yes we just met on accident. Okay, okay, I am not stupid. Why do you make me repeat this over and over again!

He has to hang up though because the witness has come out. She is a janitor at the school and goes into a bathroom to clean it. He says he can do it for her and grabs her cleaning things.

She does not want to talk to him. But he says she is the last person who saw the taxi drivers wife alive. Just tell me what you saw.

She says she doesn’t know! How can she remember everything she happened 18 years ago. I might have been mistaken.

He continues and asks if she heard about all that is coming out now? That woman is the wife of the killer in this case. If the police investigated when you called then she could still be alive.

She shows a photo of her daughter and says that she just wants to live quietly. He tells her that she is misunderstanding something. I am not here to interrogate you, I just want to investigate the police not doing their job.

She tells him to just stop coming. What if he does something to my daughter? he says Do Min-suk is dead. She tells him, not him!

Moo-jin asks, what do you mean? 


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