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Flower of Evil: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 2

Flower of Evil: Episode 5 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

Click here for part 1

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The empty swimming pool is around forty feet by twenty feet, not super big, but it is maybe 6 feet deep. Hee-sung struggles to sit up. He manages.

Teh taxi driver is sitting on the ledge.

Driver – Do Hyun-soo has a driver’s license under the name Baek Hee-sung, why?

Hee-sung struggles.

Driver – Did you launder your ID? *hops into the pool and runs knife along Hee-sung’s face*

Driver – Who could imagine it. A serial killer gets married and has a baby and gets his hair cut regularly.

HS – *stares at him* Would you like to be angrier? I have a two story building in Seoul. I own it. the bank owns most of it though. *laughs*

Driver – You’re laughing?

HS – It is so pitiful *chuckles*

Driver – What is so pitiful about it?

HS – The person you will get your revenge on is already dead. And Do Min-sook’s son, Do Hyun-soo would be a good target to release all your anger that you couldn’t release on him. He is just like his father, he is possessed by a devil and lived in a mental hospital.

VO – (several voices) They were together all the time, Do Min-sook and his son….

HS – He knew everything that his father did, they did it together. Right?

Driver – It is the same as what I heard. You really do  not have fear. You can be killed with one stab from me. *points the knife at him*

HS – *moves his face to the knife* I am not afraid of a person whose brain I can obviously read. its boring.

The driver stabs him in the arm. Blood rolls down Hee-sung’s arms onto his hand.

Driver – You feel pain.

He pulls the knife out. Hee-sung groans.

Driver – I will give you pain until you give me the answer. So tell me, where is Jung Mi-sook?

HS – *mumbles something*

Driver – What? Tell me something.

He moves in and Hee-sung starts to whisper to him but then takes a Mike Tyson sized bite out of the drivers ear. The driver rolls away yelling in pain. Hee-sung spits his ear out.

HS – Revenge? You have completely failed. Killing me is failing. It is still failing if you cut my arms and legs and poke some holes in my body. Because I can’t prove something that I don’t know and i didn’t do. You understand?

Hee-sung tries to roll over but he can’t.

HS – It is obvious what you will do to me. But I am wondering how you will be broken. Show it to me.

The Driver stands up. We see all the photos behind him of his missing wife, so he is actually in his warehouse.


The police are still on the hunt for the Driver. Ji-won talks to Jae-sup over the phone. he says they are doing everything to find him so they will get something soon. Bt the way, who is the victim?

She says she thinks it is her husband.

He is all like, what? What?

She reiterates that the kidnapped person is her husband. she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t know why he was in that meenbak. The owner said he was just a traveler. So what should i do? I should do something. Give me an order or I will go crazy!

Jae-sup curses about the situation. Ji-won yells into the phone. The rookie tells her to calm down. She yells at him, HOW CAN I CALM DOWN?

She talks to Jae-sup again. he reassures her that they will get the driving record and will find him. They just need to get the driving record.


Jae-sup tries to speak calmly and reassuringly.

She tries to keep it together. She tells him that she does not want to find that driver, she wants to find her husband alive! Didn’t you see what he did to the victim!

He tells her that they are doing their best. She tells him that he knows best. He has dealt with all those bad guys before.

Jae-sup keeps trying to calmly talk to him and says that his instincts kicked in then. I just had goosebumps. She says they have their own pattern, just think about what we can do right now.

He starts to think about it but he feels stressed about it. he starts to dig through his memory as to why that other guy was suspicious. But then he gets it! he tells them all to go to Park Hyun-soo’s house right now.


Two cops go to Hee-sung’s house and explain things. The mother asks what that has to do with Baek Hee-sung (which is suspicious because she should say “my son”). The captain takes notice of that.

They ask if he knows the name Do Hyun-soo? The father says no. The mother looks nervous. the captain tells them that he ran away after killing the city mayor eighteen years ago. Do you remember the serial murder case over there?

The mother sys no, the father says kind of.

WC – Do Hyun-soo is the son of the serial murderer, Do Min-suk.

Mom – *nervous* So, what is the relationship with Do Hyun-soo?

WC – The only reason he kidnapped your son is Do hyun-soo. We think he pretends like Do Hyun-soo did the murder so people will look for Do Hyun-soo. We think your sons kidnapping case is part of this.

Mom – So what does the kidnapper want by catching Do Hyun-soo?

Dad – Honey, the police will investigate that.

WC – Our priority is rescuing your son. the police will be around your house, just in case.

Dad – Okay. Please rescue our son.

WC – Okay.

The maid lets them out. The captain looks suspicious.

WC – The conversation was easier than expected.

Cop – What?

WC – Usually it is difficult to talk to the victims family. They always say please save my son, rescue them, why isn’t the investigation progressing….

Cop – Yes, I was wondering why they were more focused on the case itself and not their son.

WC – Well, family knows about family. Let’s go.

They walk away, but the Captain still looks suspicious.

Inside the house, the mother frantically talks to herself and says she is nervous, what is he doing! I told you I should have him around me!

Dad – We already knew this when we adopted a guy with a lot of back story.

The mother gets up and walks off to her son in the secret room. She stands by his bed and looks at him. The father comes up.

Mom – He kidnapped him because he knew he was Do Hyun-soo. What do we do? If the serial killer is caught, then police will know that Hyun-soo lives as Hee-sung. If something happens to us, then who takes care of Hee-sung?

Dad – Hee will kill Do Hyun-soo.

Mom – What?

Dad – Listen to me. if Hyun-soo dies then you and I are the only two who know the truth. We are just an old couple. He has our weakness and we did not know anything about it. We didn’t know that he was a serial murderers son or that he was under search for a murder case. We didn’t even know that he was Do Hyun-soo.

They hold hands.

Dad – We will be understood.

They both look at their son.



The driver turns on the water in the pool and walks around inside it.

Driver – How long before you think your lungs become a water balloon? the good news is you still have time to defend yourself.

Hee-sung tries to undo his ties, he is tied to a small curved rail on the bottom of the pool.

HS – I told you, I can’t prove things I don’t know.

Driver – 2002, May 12, Sunday with nice weather. The day you want to go out for a walk. What did you do that day?

HS – Are you joking with me?

Driver – *He looks at his wife’s flyers* The day my Mi-sook disappeared. A black SUV 3194. When she disappeared, she was in that car. You should know it well, it is your fathers car.

The water keeps filling up. It is to his toes.


Meanwhile, the reporter is treating the cop to drinks and eats. He tells him he will pour his drink the French way and stands up to do it. The cop tells him that is too much. The reporter calls him hyung-nim and says that they didn’t know they would connect this well.

Cop – *Drunk* Yes, that is true. But today I think I said too much. Are you having business with me?

MJ – Of course not. See…

He pulls out his cell phone and starts to get his recorder but can’t find it.

Cop – *drunk* You are suspicious.

MJ – *Takes off jacket* Hyung-nim, you have a warrant, you can search my body. *holds up hands*

Cop – I trust you, I trust you, sit down. I will definitely make you pass out.

MJ – Let me use the restroom.

Moo-jjin stumbles away and starts to try and remember what was said. He writes on his arm like he’s in Memento and write the details the cop said about the taxi drivers wife. He also mutters that this is getting more interesting.


The water is to Hee-sung’s waist now. The taxi driver takes his medicine.

Driver – There was a witness to the kidnapping at 2:30 am. The witness remembered the car plate number and called the police. Do Min-suk was under police investigation, but he was found not guilty. Because his son gave the perfect alibi for his father. If Do Min-suk was caught, then my Mi-sook should not have died. It was the last chance to save Mi-sook!

HS – I only said the truth. That morning to the next day, I was never away from my father. I said the same thing over and over again every ten minutes! 

Driver – If what you say is true, then maybe Do Min-suk’s car drove around alone and kidnapped people. Is that common?

HS – Why aren’t you saying that the witness was drunk and reversed his statement.

HS – I testified coherently. the witness said later that he cannot remember. Killing me will not fill in the blank of your imagination.

the driver holds up the fish keychain. Hee-sung looks at it, stunned.

HS – Why….you….

Driver – Is this familiar? Mi-sook had the same thing, but [the Chinese restaurant victim] said that you had it. Why is it? Why can’t you say anything all of a sudden? Speak! Tell me! The only person who could have Mi-sook’s belongings until she disappeared.

Hee-sung is stunned. He thinks back to his father funeral. He was on the floor of the funeral hall asleep with his cassette player. His sister came up to him and gave him the keychain. He asked what it was.

She told him that it is a gold fish that will bring him luck. Always keep it with you. She smiled at him.

Cut to his sister. Someone is knocking at her door saying that they want an interview! The citizen’s have a right to know! She is inside, quietly looking out the window. So many reporters are outside her door.

reporter – We have reason to believe that you are helping your brother run away!

She opens the door a little bit and tells them to please leave. I do not know anything. They all take photos of her. She keeps her head down. 

Reporter – When Do Min-sook was killing people, you were 19, did you really not know anything?

DHS – I did not know.

Reporter – When your father was arrested and your brother was running away, you went to a very good art school. Please say something to the victims family.

DHS – I am sorry.

She tries t close the door.

Reporter – Wait, why don’t you show your face if you have nothing to do with your brother running away. You are a pretty person.

DHS – Sorry.

She closes the door and goes back inside. They all grumble outside. She secretly looks out her window at them again.


Jae-sup calls Ji-won and tells her that he was thinking about why he was obsessed with that guy and goes into detail about it. He says he lived in a city renovation area but his door lock was too fancy. It looked new. He had automatic locking with finger print.

Park Young-should should have good locks to hide.

Ji-won agrees. 

They think he should have called a professional and paid money for it. if they search his house then they will get something.



The water keeps filling. It is at Hee-sung’s chest right now. He still struggles to get out.

Driver – Tell me how you have Mi-sook’s belongings!

Hee-sung thinks back to his sister giving it to him.

Driver – WHY CAN’T YOU TELL ME! You said everything without even blinking your eyes! WHY CAN’T YOU EXPLAIN IT!!!! WHERE IS JUNG MI SOOOOK!!!!

Hee-sung closes his eyes.

The cop trio gets to the taxi drivers house and start to look around for anything they can find about the lock. They search through all his trash which has piled up.

Ji-won finds a piece of it right away. It is a locksmith receipt. They start to look for the rest. They each find pieces and call the number. The person on the line says that he remembers him and tells him the shopping area.

At the warehouse, the water is at Hee-sung’s chin now.

Driver – Tell me where you buried Mi-sook. That is all I want. then I will at least not kill you.

HS – I don’t know.

Driver – If you are human then you should live as human at least one moment of your life.

Hee-sung struggles to stay about the water.

Driver – She is waiting for me to take her out from that cold dark place. Please tell me, I beg you.

Hee-sung keeps trying to stay up. But he finally goes below the water.

The driver stands there looking at him. Hee-sung struggles to get back above the water.


The trip gets there! They run to the door and try to get in. Jae-sup calls for backup and then breaks the lock. They run inside.

Ji-won is almost about to get stabbed by the driver. But Jae-sup stops him and starts to fight him.

The warehouse is actually a fish center so Hee-sung is in a fish tank. Ji-won jumps in.

Hae-sup defeats the Driver and starts to handcuff him, but the driver stabs him in the side.

Ji-won floats in front of Hee-sung and tries to wake him up and pull him out. She sees that he is all tied up. He is passed out or maybe just keeping his eyes closed.

The Driver gets up, Jae-sup is stabbed and on the ground. 

The rookie comes in with his gun and points it at the Driver. The driver holds his knife to Jae-sup.

Ji-won blows air into Hee-sung’s mouth. He doesn’t wake up, so she does it again.

Jae-sup is stabbed again maybe? Not sure, but he pushes the Driver back against the wall, Silence of the Lambs style. The driver runs into the metal valve and falls to the ground. He is either dead or has a serious brain injury.

Ji-won keeps blowing air into Hee-sung’s mouth. Hee-sung finally wakes up slowly. He sees his wife in front of him.

VO – Do you want me to tell you what kind of person I am?


We go on a flashback to Spring 2008 where Ji-won and Hee-sung are talking outside. She is sitting on the bench.

HS – Do you want me to tell you what kind of person I am? I didn’t graduate high school. 

JW – Why?

HS – Just, I wasn’t adapted to it. I lived in the street also. back then I was just fighting all the time. have you hit someone with your fist?

JW – No.

HS – I was hitting and did not even realize the skin on my fist was peeling away. Back then I was happy. then….

He looks to the side and sees his father standing there with black eyes and the dog leash in his hands.

HS – I see things I shouldn’t see….*points to his head* …. because this is not normal.

She looks off to the side. There isn’t anyone there.

JW – What do you see?

HS – A dead person.

JW – Did you love that person a lot? I saw my dead grandmother in my dream.

HS – *smirks*

JW – Halmoni, just leave. Do not worry about me and leave. then she turned away and left.

HS – You really don’t understand.

JW – You are sorry because you don’t have more than me?

HS – I don’t know that.

JW – Your only problem is that you do not see yourself as I see you. I like you a lot. I will be good to you. I will teach you everything that you do not know. then everything will change from that point like a lie (Korean phrase).

he looks at her with new eyes.

JW – See, see, you are looking at me like that. It makes my heart pound. Then you always say it isn’t anything.

HS – I don’t know you.

JW – Is this a confession?

Sh stands.

JW – Good mood and nothing to say, let’s kiss.

She kisses him. He stands there but he closes his eyes (eventually). Then he opens them and sees his father in the near distance.

VO – Abogi, just go. I will stay here. Please go. Please.

His father turns away and walks off.

Ji-won stops kissing him. Hee-sung is stunned.

JW – So what should we do? Drink?

He looks at her and kisses her again. Much better this time.


Hee-sung looks at his wife. She hops out of the water and grabs a knife quickly, then cuts off his ties. He kind of passes out again.

She pulls him out and starts to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. 

it isn’t working so she keeps trying and crying and trying.

VO – I always thought about it. I was lucky to see you. But…

He wakes up.

VO – For the first time I think you shouldn’t have met me.

He stares at her

VO – Yes, now I understand what it meant. I am sorry to you.

He closes his eyes again and passes out.

Fade Out

(We kind of see images of the next episode? It looks like they show it while the song plays)


Okay, the more we watch this, the more I think Hee-sung is just trying to make it in this world that wants to make him into a killer (even though he technically is a killer, but you know). The entire Mayor story hasn’t come out, so that could be self defense or he might have just done it for fun, we don’t know yet. 

But we do know that he has tried to live a normal life ever since. However, his sister is suspect now? Perhaps she is the one that rode around with her father and was with him during all his killery things. She might not have the same condition that Hyung-soo has, but that doesn’t mean she can’t just do those things on her own, right?

I am so into this show, I really want to see how it all unfolds.


The preview looked like a silent-ish preview when the song was playing right at the end of the episode? They showed a lot of clips that looked like they could happen in the next episode. Though it also looked like some of it was flashbacks, so it is a bit confusing.

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Thank you to all who had left a review already! We have five right now and we love each one of them. Our goal is to get to TEN REVIEWS. If you have read our book and liked it then we would truly appreciate a review on Amazon! You can leave a review right here!

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    This drama is unspooling bit by bit and without giving up any secrets, just hint. So far, I think it is a wonderful mystery story and possible a redemption story (for more than 1 character?). There is just so much that is vague. I am enjoying it very much, but I do have to say it is disconcerting to see Lee Jun Ki playing a character that doesn’t win every single fight with his epic skills! In this show he is just using his control of his facial muscles and body language to convey the story. He is a very talented actor, for sure.

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