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Flower of Evil: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 1

Flower of Evil: Episode 5 Live Recap - Part 1

I am so excited to find out what happens todaaay! Y’all, it is only the fifth episode and yet so much has happened! How are they going to move forward after today? I don’t know but I am super into it.

Now that It’s Okay to Not Be Okay has ended, we are running pretty low on dramas to recap. Does anyone have any suggestions? We plan on picking up Park Bo-gum’s new drama Record of Youth, but we haven’t researched any other dramas yet. So if you have one that we should check out, let us know in the comments, so we can start looking into it!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hee-sung buys something from Ji-won’s family convenience store. He has his blond hair combed over his forehead. Ji-won is studying but happily peeks secret looks at him.

He goes to the register to purchase two beers. She packs them up for him. Suddenly the lights turn off. She grabs a candle to light it and looks for the lighter.

He has his own lighter so he lights it for her and starts to head out. But she says, excuse me!

JW – When the light was off before, there was a robbery in that fruit store, but they weren’t caught yet….

HS – *stares at her with an adorable but blank face*

JW – Never mind

He heads out. She locks the door right after him. But then she sees him standing on the side of the convenience store. It is cold so we can see his breath. She wonders why he isn’t leaving?

He keeps standing there. it starts to snow. He catches a snow flake in the palm of his hand. She keeps looking at him. He lets it fall and puts his hand in his pocket.

then the lights turn back on. He walks away.

She comes out and looks at him walking away.


Ji-won sits on a bench and yells at Hee-sung. He is standing in front of her but looking away.

JW – You seduced me first! When I tell my friends, they say that you are interested in me. I confessed first with my generous heart. But you are playing hard to get. I hate it!

HS – Stand up, its late. Go home.

JW – It doesn’t matter if I go home or become homeless. What do you care! Who are you? Why do you even wonder where I am? Why do you call me?

HS – Because you are not coming home, ajumma comes to see me and she is nervous.

JW – Give me a piggy back ride. 

HS – What?

JW – I have no energy to walk so give me a piggy back ride. Ajusshi, just leave. You shouldn’t talk to a strange woman.

HS – Whatever you want.

He starts to walk away.

JW – You like me. I know it. I can see it.

He stops.

HS – What do you know? 

He walks back up to her.

HS – What do you know about me? Do you want me to tell you what kind of person I am?

JW – *Looks at him closely*


One of the police men give Ji-won her husbands watch. He says that he found it at the warehouse and brought it back, just in case it was hers.

She flips it over and sees her husbands initials pressed into the leather.

At the same time, Hee-sung looks out the B&B window and sees the taxi driver driving up. they both look at each other.

The ajumma owner knocks on his door and asks Hee-sung if he called a cab. Hee-sung says no. So the owner wonders why the taxi driver is not leaving from in front of her building.

Hee-sung tells her that he needed a taxi so perhaps he should ask him. He walks to the taxi. The driver tells him to get in.

In town, Ji-won is still looking at the watch. the other cop asks if he should take it to the  crime scene?

In the taxi, the driver tells him that it is good to see him. How can you hide so well. Hee-sung asks what he wants. The driver tells him he wants Jung Mi-sook.


The reporter is at the hospital getting treated. he starts to mutter the name Jung Mi-sook. He says that name is familiar. The doctor tells him she is that person whose body was never found. Ugh, I don’t even want to talk about it. 

The reporter moves so the doctor slaps his head and tells him not to move. (lol)

Taxi. Hee-sung tells the taxi driver that he does not know him or Jung Mi-sook. The driver tells him he is sorry to [Chinese store victim] he shouldn’t have died. 

Hee-sun’s phone starts to ring so the driver tells him to pick it up. He does. The reporter tells him that the last victim is the taxi drivers husband. Where are you?

Hee-sung looks at his photo that caused this situation. He tells the reporter that he does not have to know where he is. He hangs up and snatches the photo from the taxi driver then rips it up.

The driver is causal about it and feigns being impressed that Hee-sung was able to hide so well with a wife and kid. Hee-sung says he has nothing to do with that case. Tell me if you need anything. We may find common ground.

The taxi driver quickly pulls chloroform out of his peanut case and puts it on Hee-sung’s face. Hee-sung tries to fight him off. He pulls out that makeshift glass knife and stabs hi with it. He also punches him and is able to get out. But he is too weary and dizzy from the drug.

He makes for a fire that is burning in a can outside. He is able to drop the photos in it. But he almost passes out. The taxi driver comes out and starts to fight him again. He has the chloroform again and puts it to Hee-sung’s mouth!

Hee-sung tries to fight him off and struggles to get away, but he passes out.

The B&B ajumma saw it!



In town, Ji-won tells the cops that she was looking for it. She wasn’t sure where she dropped it. She thanks him.

A report comes in from the B&B. The ajumma owner says that a taxi driver is hitting a customer, please come right away.


Meanwhile, back in Seoul, the captain is getting yelled at by the section chief about the cops getting wire tapped by a taxi driver. IT IS SO EMBARRASSING!

The captain tells him not to be angry, we have to catch the taxi driver first. The chief asks, what about the media? The captain tells him that they have to deal with it. they walk into the cubicle officer. 

Lots of cops are there. He chief yells Chai Jae-sup’s name and says he will kill him and go to jail! Jae-sup quickly runs away and is protected by the other cops, lol.  The chief and Jae-sup are held back as they yell at each other.

Jae-sup says it was a mistake. The chief yells that the police can’t make mistakes!

He breaks free and grabs Jae-sup by the hair so it becomes a hair fight, lol. Jae-sup tells him to release him or he will grab his hair on the count of three! The chief tells him to try it! Jae-sup counts 1-2-3 and then pulls the chiefs hair.

The captain rolls his eyes and tells them to stop. he has to say it several times. Finally he yells it. STOP! Everyone slowly stops. the captain tells them that they need to catch the criminal tonight. They have to at least do that.

The chief asks what his plan is? The captain tells him they will contact the taxi company and find out his driving record. They also have his credit card and phone record. They will investigate around the victim as well.

the chief tells them that they have to catch him. If someone else catches him or he is not brought in front of me then all of you have to shave your heads. Keep this quiet from the media!

The rookie is driving and calls the captain right then and tells him that they have a report that the taxi driver kidnapped a civilian. They are checking it. The captain tells them that they will have the taxi drivers drivers record soon so be ready to move.

Ji-won is in the car thinking about calling the person’s name at the woman’s house. The person was Hee-sung but she does not know that yet. Maybe she thinks that he looked like her husband.

The rookie asks Ji-won about the watch. She says she put it in her pocket to fix the band but forgot about it. He says it is the first time he saw it, it looks expensive. She tells him that it is her husbands. 

The rookie tells her that she said it was hers. She says it is hers and her husbands, don’t be obsessed with tiny things. Now is not the time. The rookie starts to ask something else but she explodes on him about why he is so curious about the watch.

he says that is not it, you are just not wearing your seatbelt! He grumbles.


The doctor hits the reporter on the head and tells him to take better care of his head. We are all done. The reporter tells him he is not the same as he was back in the day. The head you stitched today is not the same head that you stitched when I fell from the tractor. this is a precious head that is searching for a murderer.

the doctor asks, so he was looking for his wife’s dead body and was digging around everywhere and now he made this big trouble?

The reporter doesn’t respond.

The doctor tells him Do Hyun-soo should be caught soon. the reporter is about to leave and asks what is up with Do Hyun-soo?

The doctor says you have to find Do Hyun-soo first to find the dead body.

MJ – Why?

Doctor – You idiot, he did it with his father, he should know where the body is buried.

MJ – Doctor, that is what people call witch hunting. the case was closed a long time ago as a single suspect case. Do Hyung-soo is not a serial murderer, just a murderer.

Doctor – He did it together, what are you talking about?

MJ – Accusing people that are collateral is not the current trend.

Doctor – Why are you so stupid as a reporter?

MJ – Ah, hey, you shouldn’t just do this, you are educated.

Doctor – You really don’t know?

MJ – What? *leans in*

Doctor – Wow, you are really stupid!

MJ – Tell me! *grumbles*


Ji-won and the rookie find out from the B&B owner that the criminal taxi driver was the person who was hitting the B&B owner. Ji-won asks if she knew the person?

The lady says no, he was a stranger that paid in cash. Ji-won asks for a receipt? The owner tells her that there was no receipt.

A cell phone goes off. Ji-won turns to the sound. Spooky music starts to play. She runs the cell phone and sees an image of her daughter on it. She picks it up ad looks at it, stunned.

The B&B ajumma says that is the customers cell phone. the rookie comes running up and asks whats up.

JW – Ho-joon, I think the victim is my husband.

HJ – What? What are you talking about?

JW – I don’t know what I am talking about. But this cell phone is my husbands

HJ – What? How?

Ji-won opens the phone and shows a photo of Hee-sung to the ajumma and asks if this was the customer? The ajumma says yes.

The captain calls the rookie. Ji-won garbs the phone and asks him to track the taxi! then they take off running to the car to find the taxi. Ji-won hops in the drivers seat and zooms off.




The taxi driver drives safely. Jae-sup sees him on the radar and gives Ji-won instructions on how to find him. Ji-won sees sees the taxi driver on another parallel street. She has to try and intersect with it but they are divided by trees.

Hee-sung is in the trunk. 

They both keep driving. The taxi driver does not know that anyone is on to him. She finally gets to a cracks the breaks to swerve onto a bridge and turns on the street to follow the taxi driver. Her siren is on.

the taxi driver starts to swerve and increase his speed to get away. he throws the taxi GPS unit out the window. It crashes into Ji-won’s car and sends them swerving into the side of the road.

They both wake up at the same time. Ji-won checks to see if Ho-joon is okay. He is shocked but fine. She apologizes and says she forgot about him, she was too focused on getting the criminal. He tells her its fine, they have to catch him.


Meanwhile, Moo-jin keeps pestering the doctor about what he doesn’t know about the serial murder case. the doctor sits at his desk and tells him that he has to take his medicine. He will tell him after he takes it.

So Moo-jin has to wait. 

When the doctor is done taking the medicine he is about to start talking, but then a cop comes in. Moo-jin rolls his eyes at all the annoyance.

The cop tells Moo-jin to cooperate as a witness. Moo-jin nods. The doctor tells Moo-jin that this cop was part of the investigation team for the serial murder case. So the doctor tells the cop to tell Moo-jin everything.

The cop sighs and says, about that thing? Doctor, you shouldn’t tell civilians about it. The doctor says its 18 years old already….

Moo-jin is so interested. the cop takes his time to say anything. Moo-jin starts to throw a temper tantrum and says this is driving him crazy! Just share!

So the doctor sys there was a witness.

Moo-jin perks up, witness? What witness?


Hee-sung wakes up int he bottom of an indoor swimming pool? Or maybe an abandoned sauna? He is all tied up and laying on the floor. 

The taxi driver stands above him.


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