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Flower of Evil: Episode 4 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ji-won is still talking to the halmoni.

JW – You have a picture of Do Hyun-soo from 5 years ago? Can you tell me in more detail?

The woman starts to talk and says that back then her daughter who lives in Seoul took her around everywhere and took photos and I saw Do Hyun-soo there. 

Ji-won asks if she was sure?

The halmoni says she had a lot of arguments with her neighbor as to if it was the real Do Hyun-soo or not. To me it is definitely him. I saw him born and raised.

JW – Okay, we have someone to confirm it, can you send me the picture?

Halmoni – Of course, of course, he was just like his father when he was young.

JW – Can you send me the picture?

In the drawing room, the Chinese restaurant guy says that the guy doesn’t look like that at all. The rookie asks the reporter if he think it is him? Do you remember him at all?

Moo-jin says yes, it is actually as if I met him yesterday. You said you were not sure, right? The Chinese restaurant man says that a young person’s memory should be better. So the rookie tells the artist to develop it based on this picture.

But then he gets a call alerting him that they have a possibly photo of Do Hyun-soo.


Hee-sung leaves the victims wife. He says to tell her any information she might remember. She suddenly remember the taxi and tells him. He asks, taxi?

At the same time, the halmoni tells Ji-won her address. But she says she doesn’t have to drive there, I can send it by the fastest mail carrier. Ji-won assures her that it is in a hurry. Don’t show it to anyone else please.

Ji-won tells everyone that she is going to head out with the rookie.

jae-sup looks bothered by something and starts to walk around. The Captain asks what the problem is? Jae-sup tells him that it fells like they are not following Do Hyun-soo, it feels like he is dragging us.

He sees the taxi drivers tumbler mug and calls him to come back and get it. He says he will throw it away if he does not get it.

The taxi driver is driving around and tells him that he is sorry, he is busy making a living. I will pick it up today. Please keep it safely over there.

But actually, the taxi driver is sitting in front of the police listening to their conversation through the tumbler. The cops said that this would all be easier when they get Do Hyun-soo’s face.

Flashback to the taxi driver driving the victim around. This person asks to use the taxi drivers phone. So the taxi driver reluctantly gives it to him. There is a fish keychain on his cell phone. The victims eyes grow wide.

We go to another flashback of Do Hyun-soo sitting in a room with the victim when he was still alive. Do Hyun-soo has that same keychain on his cell phone. He is listening to an old tape.

The victim told him to throw that old cassette player away. But Hee-sung keeps listening to it.

In the taxi flashback, the victim pulls the taxi drivers shoulder which causes him to turn around. He frantically asks, are you Do Hyun-soo! Are you Do Hyun-soo!

Cut to the present where the taxi driver is listening in on the cops conversation. Jae-sup said he was feeling a little strange. Perhaps because he sent the kids there. The captain says they just went there to get a picture, nothing will happen.

The taxi driver takes his earpiece out of his ear and rubs his fish keychain. Then he starts driving.

We cut back to the victims wife who says that her husband used the same taxi all the time when he was late. Hee-sung walks away. The reporter calls him.

HS – It was a good time to call me. We have to find the taxi driver.

MJ – This is not the time for that! Good news – bad news. 

HS – What?

MJ – You know that ajumma? She has a picture of you from 5 years ago. Do you want to know the worst thing? The police will go there to pick it up. Your wife will – detective Cha.

HS – What is the good news?

MJ – I am on your side Where are you at?


Ji-won hops into the interns car and asks how the sketch went. He tells her that the two didn’t agree so it was difficult. She says that they will know when they get the photo, so let’s go. 

They drive off.

Meanwhile, the reporter picks up Hee-sung. He secretly puts a voice recorder in his own front pocket. It is on.

Moo-jin wonders if they can get there before them?

Hee-sung says that they have to do it with whatever it takes. We will get there faster.

Moo-jin asks why?

Hee-sung says it is because they will follow traffic rules.

They take off.

Cut to Ji-won and the Rookie. They stop at a light. He says it is strange that they are going to that town where seven people were buried. it is strange that no one knew about it.

She tells him that six bodies were found. He says that’s right, they couldn’t find the last one.

She thinks he might have found another place to bury them.

The rookie hopes they find at least the dead body. Ji-won says that if he didn’t commit suicide then his crime would not have been found out. This caes was discovered after looking into his suicide case.

Ho-joon wonders how people understand a monsters mind.

Ji-won asks, do you think it was really suicide?

HJ – It seems like you are moving towards conspiracy land.

JW – In Do Min-seok’s studio, only the right thumbnails were found. Where are the left ones? Maybe he shared it with someone else, like his son?


The reporter and Hee-sung keep driving. Hee-sung is quiet. The reporter says that if they catch the murderer first, it would be daebak. The police and media only follows Do Hyun-soo. But a weekly magazine reporter catches the real murderer and reports it, isn’t that cool? Are you listening?

HS – Why do you have noona’s necklace?

MJ – What?

HS – My noona’s necklace.

MJ – Oh, um,

HS – My noona’s necklace.

MJ – Um, well. Hmm. It is not Do Hae-soo’s. I bought it for her so it is mine. She returned it to me when we broke up. I forgot about it but it was in my drawer. I was going to sell it to make some cash.

HS – I threw it away.

MJ – What? Hey, why did you throw it away without telling me!

HS – Because it is cheap, you can’t sell it.

MJ – *mutter angrily*

The reporter lightly pats the recording in his front breast pocket of his jacket.

MJ – hey, Do Hyun-soo, how did Do Hyun-soo become Baek Hee-sung?

Do Hyun-soo looks at him.

HS – Are you doing your reporter thing?

MJ – How did you like to Detective Cha?

HS – Hey, Kim Moo-jin

MJ – Tell me, I am a cool person.

HS – Ji-won doesn’t know anything about me. My past or that I am not normal.

MJ – Do you really not have any feeling towards her. You know you have a baby together and developed a relationship.

HS – I need her. Aboji is afraid of her. When Ji-won is around my father cant come close.

MJ – What are you talking about? I am scared.

HS – I promise one thing to you….

Reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out the recording. 

MJ – Huh, how did that get there?

He starts to delete everything.

MJ – Wait! I have a lot of recorded interviews!

It all gets erased.

HS – If Ji-won knows what you know then I will really kill you.

MJ – Hey….your joke is not funny.

HS – It is not a joke.

He puts the recording back in Moo-jin’s breast pocket and pats it. 

They keep driving quietly and finally get to the town at nightfall.

MJ – It seems like this town has more empty houses than filled.

Hee-sung thinks back to being tied up to the tree. He was left there all alone.

He starts to remember a shaman ceremony where some people dragged him to the ceremony and pushed him down in the middle of it. Then they started to do all sorts of ritual shamanistic things around him while other people held him down.

He pops out of that thought as they arrive. Moo-jin quietly tells him to be ready.

They park. Moo-jin reminds him to follow the plan. You remember everything right? One last explanation, listen carefully. I will distract that ajumma….

Cut to him distracting the ajumma with a smiling face and saying that it is nice to see her again.

VO – I will ask her to show me the photo as an excuse.

She shows him the photo. He puts it back.

VO – I will text you where the photo is. Then I will take the ajumma to great the police from Seoul.

He walks outside with the ajumma. Hee-sung is in the storage house.

VO – Then you take the picture. I will trap the police. While I am buying time, you run away.

Hee-sung gets the photo and runs away.

VO – We can meet where we plan to meet. Simple right?

HS – What if she doesn’t show you the picture? What if you can’t take the ajumma out? What if you can’t stop the police?

MJ – Do you have any other alternative? Then don’t talk back.

They get out of the car and go into the gate together. Hee-sung hides in the storage building and looks out the window.

Moo-jin goes inside, pretending like he is slightly drunk. But then he sees the ajumma all tied up! She tells him to be careful, behind you! But he is hit in the head.

He rolls over and sees the person who hit him. It is a masked man, but it looks like the taxi driver.

Meanwhile, Hee-sung waits and looks at a photo of his daughter on his phone. He wonders what Moo-jin is doing.

But then he sees the masked man running from the house. He stops him and they have a skirmish. Hee-sung is able to pin him agains a tree. He asks who he is.

HS – Who are you! What are you doing?

Taxi – Do Hyun-soo

HS – I don’t know you! Why are you doing this to me!

taxi – You don’t know me, but you should know Jung Mi-sook well.

HS – What?

Taxi – Where is Jung Mi-sook?

HS – Jung Misook?

Taxi – The police will come soon, there is  not time to hang out here. You and I are both uncomfortable with the police.

The cops get there and see the reporters car. They start to go in.

Taxi – hey, we should meet each other without the police. At the fishing site. There is a nice B&B there. I will pick you up in my taxi later on tonight. It is our first date that I have been waiting for so long. We should have time to dress up right?

HS – What do you want!

Ji-won walks around and sees a jacket on the ground. Then she sees Hee-sung. She yells Do Hyun-soo! He stops for a moment then takes off across the fence. She follows him.

The rookie helps the reporter who is bleeding from his head. The reporter says to help the ajumma.

Meanwhile, the chase continues. Ji-won is pretty close to Hee-sung. She sees him go into an empty warehouse. 

She pulls out her phone and follows him inside. Her flashlight app is on. there is all sorts of farming equipment in here that can hurt someone.

Hee-sung is hiding. He has a hammer in his hands.

She moves to turn on the light. He throws the hammer. It hits the light. The light falls on the ground. She screams and covers her head. But then she looks up for Hee-sung.

He throws a blanket over her head. She fights him off and is able to throw him to the side. But she hits something that makes her fall against a shelf. There is a bucket filled with dangerous farm equipment that is about to fall. 

Hee-sung sees it and runs to protect her from it falling on her, so it hits him instead. Then he locks her to the shelf with her own handcuffs and leaves.

She pulls off the blanket and fumes. Her cell phone is just out of reach.


Hee-sung calls Moo-jin on his walk back. Moo-jin asks where he was, I was attacked! Hee-sung tells him that he needs to find out who Jung Mi-sook is. He said Jung Mi-sook.

Moo-jin says that name sounds familiar. Hee-sjung tells him that the guy asked where she was. She should be connected to me. He hangs up.

Moo-jin is sitting in an empty ambulance and wonders about that name Jung Mi-sook.

Hee-sung keeps stumbling away, but his shoulder/side hurts. He touches it and sees blood.


The rookie finds his partner in the warehouse. She tells him that she is so embarrassed so just release me. He asks if she is really okay? Look around. is anything broken?

She looks at all the dangerous farming equipment around and tells him that she is fine.

He helps her stand. She wonders how he knew about the picture. The rookie says it wasn’t Do Hyun-soo.

Flashback to the texi driver yelling at the halmoni to tell him which person in the picture is Do Hyun-soo!

The rookie and Ji-won start to think about this.

Meanwhile, Hee-sung grabs some tape from a convenience store and avoids a cop car. He remembers that the taxi driver told him to go to a certain B&B so he goes there and waits. He is let into a room.

He breaks the clock in the room and makes a shiv out of one of the broken pieces of glass. He wraps the tape around it to protect his hand.


Ji-won called all the elders of this town to come to meet with the police. She thanks them all for coming. They all say, of course we should come considering what happened to the halmoni.

they all wonder if Do Hyun-soo was the real murderer. A man says he is possessed like his father. They should have done more shamanic ceremony for him.

A halmoni asks what is wrong with Hyun-soo and their town. 

But Ji-won says they are not looking for Do Hyun-soo, they are looking for someone who is following hm obsessively. Are there any outsiders who ask where he is?

The townspeople say there are so many of them. All of the outsiders ask about him.

JW – What kind of people?

They start to say PD’s and reports and writers and you police guys. 

JW – Please think carefully. This person has a big grudge on Do Hyun-soo. 

The townspeople start to mutter that it must be that person. The taxi driver!


Back at the station, Jae-sup found the CCTV of the taxi driving to a certain neighborhood. But no one got out of the taxi. he wonders what’s up with that.

But then the Captain gets a call right then from the rookie to tell him that it is not Do Hyun-soo, they have the wrong person! Ji-won takes the phone and asks the Captain to find out who the husband of that last victim is, the one whose body was not found. It might be the taxi driver.

Among the seven victims, the investigation ended without finding one person. The victims husband is not giving up and comes to the town regularly to dig up all the land where the bodies where found.

Cut to the taxi driver digging madly and saying that he will find her! Another man came up and asked what he was doing on his land! The taxi driver starts to madly wave the shovel around for them to stay away from him!

JW – He became obsessed with Do Hyun-soo. He thinks Do Hyun-soo knows where the wife was buried. I don’t know how the criminal knew about the halmoni’s picture. Maybe our investigation leaked.

Jae-sub looks at the tumbler and runs to it. He sees the recording inside.

JW – The victim was afraid of Do Hyun-soo until he was killed.

Flshabck to the taxi driver listening in on the cops conversation from his tumbler. We also see that he did everything. He killed the Chinese man and made it look like Do Hyun-soo. He climbed into the back seat of the taxi and then climbed to the front seat and drove away.

He is also the man who is in the warehouse with all the photos of the woman around. That woman might be his wife? He is the person that coughed up blood as well and took the medicine.

The Captain and Jae-sub check the records and find out that the last victim is the taxi driver’s wife.

Cut to another flashback of the taxi driver talking to the victim about the serial murder case. The taxi driver says that he and his wife made the fish keychain together in his studio. They found her cell phone phone in Do Min-seoks studio but not the keychain. 

According to you, that means that Do Hyun-soo had it. The victim tells him to call the police. But the taxi driver says that the police does not want to catch him at all unless he creates a crime that draws the attention of the entire world!

The victim tells him to wake up, why do you want to find that decomposed body? Nothing changes.

The taxi driver thanks him for his help today. What you told me about Do Hyun-soo will be a big help.


In the town, Hee-sung continues to wait for the taxi driver. Then his mother-in-law calls. She answers and tries to act normal, it is a video chat.

Their daughter is crying. The grandmother tries to comfort her.

HS – Eun-ha, why are you crying?

YO – You saw appa, now stop crying.

EH – I woke up and appa is not here! *cries*

HS – *tries to make the proper face* Eunha, appa is busy all of a sudden,

EH – Are you coming back soon?

HS – Yes

EH – With umma?

HS – yes.

EH – Appa, come quickly! I miss you!

HS – Alright, I will be back soon. Eun-ha, I will see you!

He waves, she keeps crying. He puts down the phone and sees some lights outside. The bad guy drives up in his taxi.

They look at each other through their windows.

In town, an officer goes to Ji-won and asks her to confirm this watch. We found it at the warehouse. We wanted to show you just in case it is yours.

It is Hee-sung’s watch with the new wrist band that she just bought for him!

She flips it over and sees that it is her husbands band with his initials inside.

Fade Out


Oh wow, I did not realize that water scene wasn’t a flashback. For some reason I thought that was how they met, lol. But it makes so much more sense now that we see how they met and how things are playing out in real time.

This show is moving fast y’all! I am at a loss for how things will continue playing next week when Hee-sung has t be rescued! It makes me think that this entire show might be only a couple weeks long in the dramaland world (which I kind of love). An intense two weeks or something where Hee-sung has to keep his identity secret.

But how does the comatose man play into all of this? I feel like he will wake up at some point and want his identity back. Or perhaps Ji-won will find him there? So many questions. Hopefully they answer them well!


English Translation

JW – I think the guy who is kidnapped is my husband

JW – You saw how he killed Nam Soon-gil!

JW – Sunbae, what should I do?

JS – Park Young-chul is still around the town. You can catch him!

HS – Killing me does not fill the whole in your imagination!

HS – I can’t prove things that I don’t know.

JW – Help!

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