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Flower of Evil: Episode 4 Live Recap – Part 1

Flower of Evil: Episode 4 Live Recap - Part 1

This show is hitting all my suspense buttons and keeping me on my toes. I love it so much! From the preview it looks like things do not slow down at all this episode. Yay!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





We open on rain. Two people are running away from the rain. They run under a traditional house to get out of it momentarily. The two people are Hee-sung and Ji-won. 

Hee-sung still has his blond hair.

He asks what’s so funny about rain? She says she has a new dress and new shoes and spent an hour on her hair. Ah, it’s so unlucky. Why is our first date like this?

He asks, date? 

She tells him that two people that like each other are hanging out together, that is a date.

he tells her that he does not care about her. 

She asks why he is hanging out with her on an important weekend then?

HS – Because if I hang out with you one time then you will not bother me anymore.

JW – I am hurt.

HS – Lets go.

He starts to walk off. She grabs his arm.

JW – The chicken store owner told me that when I pass by you look at me for a long time. Another person asked me if I am dating the metal shop guy. Are you the only one that doesn’t know that you like me?

He doesn’t know what to say to that. She exclaims, ah, so suffocating! Lets do paper-rock-scissors. Whoever loses has to stand in the rain for 30 seconds.

He says he is not doing it. She tells him that if he doesn’t do it then you lose! Bai-bai-bo!

he actually does it. She has paper and he has rock, so he lost. She pushes him into the rain and smiles.

He looks at her smiling and starts to smile himself. But his smile falls. He looks to the side and sees his father standing there with the dog leash. His eyes are all black. Hee-sung’s hand start to shake. He balls it into a fist. His entire body tenses.

Ji-won looks to the side to see what he is looking at. She is confused.

He starts to breath to calm down and looks at her.

HS – You know you are really strange. Why do you like me? I don’t understand. How can you like someone like me?

She looks at him speechless.

HS – No, what can I say to you, I am leaving.

He walks off. She tears up a bit but remains stoic.


Hee-sung’s pretend mother, Mi-ja yells at him in the pharmacy.

Mom – Why did you want to get married and make this big trouble? I told you to live like you do not exist. Marriage? You wished to live like others? if you want to die then you should die alone. If anyone knows about it. Ah, I can’t even imagine it. If it happens then I will just kill myself in front of you!

He grabs a calming drink and gives it to her.

HS – Calm down, nothing has happened yet. Drink this.

She drinks it.

HS – His name is Nam Soon-gil. I used to know him. We had trouble. I think it is a little messed up.

She sits and breathes.

Mom – I am sorry I slapped you. Did it hurt?

HS – I am okay.

Mom – My hand, why can’t I correct it. if I become upset again, just tie my hands first. Your wife doesn’t know anything?

HS – She takes care of this case.

Mom – WHAT! *stands and throws glass on the ground* I TOLD YOU SHE WOULD BE TROUBLE. *breathes deeply*

He starts to clean up the glass.

HS – I can respond quicker.

Mom – I really didn’t like her from the beginning. Be careful with her, she is a hypocrite, how can you marry someone like that?

HS – The person was caught in CCTV and there was a blood mark. it will be solved, you know. Chasing Do Hyun-soo will not lead to Baek Hee-sung. So long as you are on my side, as always omoni.

She looks at him and tries to calm down. She tells him to leave. He says okay.

Mom – The house is too big. It is too big for two people. Just stop by and eat dinner sometime.

HS – Its not just two people. I am leaving.


he father gets home to his house. The maid comes up to him and asks about his sons dinner. He says he will do it. 

he walks around the corner to the secret room through his closet. He looks at his son then takes off his coat and puts it to the side. Intense instrumental music plays.

The camera scans the sons achievements. He has a lot of awards and recognition plaques all around the room. The father puts on gloves and starts to prepare the sons food that he is administering through a feeding tube that goes directly into the sons digestive system. 

He tucks his son back in and lightly touches his hair. Then he says his name, Hee-sung ah.




The captain looks at some paperwork and mentions that Do Hyun-soo has a sister. Ji-won confirms it. She is the same age as Ji-won, older than Hyun-soo.

Jae-sup tells her that she should see her. Ji-won says she met the victims family, so I will let you meet the accusers family.

Jae-sup flamboyantly tells her that he envies her easy going face. Because of my charisma, people are uncomfortable around me. 

The rookie tells him, yeah, thats a hateable face.

Jae-sub takes off his shoe and tells the rookie to hold still.

The captain tells them to stop fooling around and find out Do Hae-soo’s address. Ji-won tells him okay.


Cut to a pool-house. A man is all bloody in the middle of the empty pool. She has blood all over her hands. She kneels next to the body and asks, “How is it, not itchy anymore?”

The body animates to life and tells her, “No, not itchy, but it stinks.”

Lol, so he is alive. She tells him that it is non-toxic. Then we see the camera crew in the distance. The director yells for Hae-soo and walks to her. He asks if they can have a just dead feel? A little fresher?

She asks, have you ever seen a dead body? She tells her assistant to bring the blood to her. Then starts to apply it to the actor on the ground. But then her assistant gives her her cell phone.

Hae-soo answers. Ji-won tells her that she is from the violent team department.


They end up meeting in a cafe. 

JW – Do hae-soo? I am Cha Ji-won who called you.

DHS – *tenses* How do you know? Do I look like Do Min-seok?

JW – No. I just asked you based on my feeling.

DHS – *relaxes* You came early.

JW – Your filming location was closer than expected. Here is my business card.

DHS – I don’t know.

JW – What?

DHS – I don’t know anything. After Hyun-soo disappeared in 2002, I have not seen him again. I saw the police so many times in the last 18 years and I repeated the same thing over and over again. Can I be excused?

JW – My question is not that. The un-inherited Do Min-seok inheritance is almost $900k. His house, studio, and vacation home. What is the reason that you sold the land but left the buildings alone? I almost think that you left a hideout for Do Hyun-soo.

DHS – *Looks at her* The current police investigate with an imagination. I used the land to pay the victims family. I do not care about that monsters leftover money. I have never seen my Hyun-soo for 18 years. Have many times do I have to tell you for you to believe me.

JW – My Hyun-soo? If you have to deal with the police and media for 18 years. You should hate your brother. Do Hae-soo, you look like you are sad.

DHS – I left work too long. It seems like I cannot help you at all.

She walks off nervously.


Meanwhile, reporter Kim moo-jin is looking on his computer for the real Baek Hee-sung. He finds out about the father Baek Man-woo who is a hospital director. The son was a math genius.

Moo-jin mutters that a serial killers son has lifted his class. 

But then he hops when his boss looks over his shoulder and asks what he is doing. She tells him it is his fault for not looking back.

He says the world boss is the boss that looks at the computer monitor. 

PY – A food employee will not be ashamed of his computer monitor. 

Then she tells him that she found out about the serial case. She shows him two stacks of papers. One is the fathers serial case. The other is the sons case which is the town mayor murder case. She tells him it was difficult to find. I am looking forward to the breaking news report.

Moo-jin quickly texts Hee-sung. 

Text: what is the progress in the police search?

Hee-sung checks the message fresh from the shower. He hops out. His wife comes up to him and asks him what this rain coat is Can you try it on?

he asks why? She tells him to just do it. She fixes it over him and pulls up the hood. Then she steps back and looks at him.

HS – What are you doing?

JW- The Chinese restaurant case. You came home like this.

HS – So what, it is common. DO you think I went out at night and killed someone?

JW – What are you talking about? You came back like this last night and momentarily I couldn’t recognize you. I was momentarily surprised. But how did Nam Soon-gil recognize him right away? Especially since the murderer had a mask on his face.

HS – Maybe he mistaken the identity?

JW – no the murderer should be Do Hyun-soo.

HS – Why?

JW – I have to catch Do Hyun-soo to be promoted. I should solve that long unsolved case as well. Go to bed jahgi (honey), I have a lot to investigate.

She walks off. 

later on, he sees her in the living room researching the case. He sits next to her and lays on her lap. He tells her that he will sleep there tonight, he doesn’t want to sleep alone.

JW – Sure. So did they really not know? 

HS – Know what?

JW – Did the kids really not know that their father was a serial murderer? Especially Do Hyun-soo’s antisocial tendencies should have been infected by his father.

HS – *quietly thinks*

JW – Anyway, it is a good case

HS – What is?

JW – It is a good research case for an antisocial psychopath.

HS – So, do you think you will catch him soon?

JW – I got the DNA so if I catch his face then it will take no time. That is not easy. As a next option, I will have a police sketch created. There is someone who can confirm his face.

HS – Who is that person?

JW – The Chinese restaurant owner where Do Hyun-soo worked. After that, I wonder where he went. How can he just disappear like that?

HS – Jahgi, stop looking at it, lets rest.

He hops up and starts to cuddle with her.

JW – No, once I lay down I don’t want to wake up again.

HS – *pushes paperwork away* Don’t just look at that, look at me. Come here.

He pulls her into a hug onto the couch. They both lay down and start saying sweet things to each other. he lightly touches her hair and tells her that he should put her to sleep. She sys she shouldn’t go to bed. But maybe just five minutes.

She closes her eyes. He asks her, that sketch, will Kim Moo-jin be there? She says yes, they have reporter Kim. They have to at least have reporter Kim check it. Did I tell you that?

HS – Well, you said they were school friends.

JW – *mumbling* I tell you a lot of things. Dont’ tell anyone what I tell you.

HS – Of course.

He pats her on her back as she sleeps.




News – Six bodies where buried in that little town.  Do Min-seok’s studio had the victims thumbnails. Eighteen years has already passed and the son of the murderer is a big issue now after all this time.

A halmoni is cutting potatoes or something. She looks up at the news.

News – Yesterday we had a Chinese restaurant murder case and the serial killers son is the prime suspect.

The halmoni sighs, ah, the blood.

They show a photo of Do Hyun-soo when he was young.

News – The police say that they do not know what Do Hyun-soo looks like so they are waiting on a citizen’s report.

The halmoni stops and looks at the screen again.


Reporter Moo-jin is looking at the police sketch along with the Chinese restaurant owner. They are both putting things together. The reporter says that Hyun-soo has a tiny 3cm fades scar on his forehead. The Chinese guy is all like, what? Did he? Well, you become my age and every day is a little different.

The rookie asks if he is sure? A scar would be very important information. Moo-jin says it is true. I was driving him in a tractor and turned too quickly so he fell and got 7 stitches.


In a taxi, Hee-sung practices a sad emotion with his YouTube teacher. Then he goes to see the victims wife looking amazingly sad and thanks her for accepting this interview.

HS – I witnessed a lot of cases as a reporter but this hurts my heart the most.

Wife – The last person my husband was looking for what you.

HS – If I accepted the phone call back then, I am really sorry.

Wife – No, no, It is not your fault, don’t blame yourself.

She gives him a tissue to wipe his tears.

HS – I feel responsible.

Wife – Thank you for thinking in that way.

HS – Why was he in the store that late at 3 am?

Wife – For maybe 2 months, once a week he was developing a new menu until late at night.

HS – The murderer must have also knew about it. Who else knew about it?

Wife – Except me, I don’t know.

HS – You have to remember it, someone should be there.


he town halmoni looks in her scrap book for a photo She thinks it should be there. She flips through her scrap book until she comes up on a photo of a man with a woman who is pregnant. It is Hee-sung and Ji-won when she was pregnant with her child. The halmoni thinks she is sure this guy was him.

She calls the police station, Ji-won picks up. The woman tells Ji-won that she has a photo of Do Hyun-soo.


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