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Flower of Evil: Episode 3 Live Recap – Part 2

Flower of Evil: Episode 3 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ji-won nurses Hee-sung’s wounds. Moo-jin sits at the table as well, but she doesn’t do anything for him, lol. Hee-sung tells her not to worry about anything. But she turns to reporter Kim and admonishes him.

MJ – Well, I had a reason.

She puts the handcuffs on him and says that she will arrest him for hitting Hee-sung. Moo-jin yells for Hee-sung to do something.

Hee-sung tries to tell her that it is not his fault, I started it. Don’t be angry. She says that is nonsense, stop being so nice!

Moo-jin’s face is so annoyed and is in shock, lololololol. He cannot believe this is happening.

Hee-sung says he was just angry, he didn’t know that she knew him, he pushed him first. Moo-jin is making so many incredulous faces but looks normal when Ji-won looks at him.

He asks, do you think I am a trash reporter? I hav a lot to say but can’t say anything.

HS – I will apologize to you again, I am really sorry. I was too rude. if I knew that you know my wife I should have given you at least a few things.

MJ – Wow, you are really….

JW – Hey, reporter! The victim apologized first and the accuser does not say anything!

MJ – …..I am sorry.

JW – Honey, does it hurt a lot, can I see you mouth?

MJ – Why were you looking for me? [ads politeness]

JW – Do you know Nam Soon-gil? He was murdered this morning.

Moo-jin’s eyes grow wide.



Several cops listen on a recording that was left on Moo-jin’s phone.

VO- reporter, this is Nam Soon-hil, I couldn’t tell you one thing. I just heard recently that Nam Hyun-soo did it together with his father, the serial murderers. Are you surprised? I was also over reacting because of that.

Moo-jin sees the CCTV of the man in the black trench coat and thinks back to Hee-sung coming in with a black trench coat on.

VO – Reporter….reporter….Do Hyung-soo showed up!!! I told you he would come and get his revenge!!!….

JS – Does the victim know the murderer?

Man – He said it was Do Hyun-soo

JW – Who is Do Hyun-soo? It seems like you know.

MJ – *Bites his nails*

JS – This will be solved quicker, we just need to catch this Do Hyun-soo guy. You know Do Hyun-soo don’t you reporter.

JW – Reporter!

MJ – Yes?

JW – Who is Do Hyun-soo?

MJ – Ah, yes, do you know Do Min-seok?

Captain – The serial murderer Do Min-seok?

MJ – Yes. Do Hyun-soo is his son. I wrote an article about them. I was Do Min-seok’s neighbor. 

HJ – You said Do Hyun-soo ran away after killing the mayor?

MJ – The murder weapon was found in Do Hyun-soo’s backpack. Because of that he is still under search.

JS – What? They still haven’t caught him after 18 years?

Captain – How are you connected to Nam Soon-hil?

MJ – Nam Soon-gil read my article and told me that he had something to report to me. In Fall 2002 and for 3 years, he worked with Do Hyun-soo in a Chinese delivery. That is all I know, really.

JW – What does it mean that Do Hyun-soo murdered with his father?

MJ – That is just a rumor. After Do Min-seok committed suicide, it was just a rumor in the town. 

JW – Why did the rumor happen?

MJ – Well, Do Hyun-soo was a little strange. Back then, we didn’t know the exact word so we just said he was possessed.

JW – What word?

MJ – Sociopath

JS – What did he do?

MJ – Whoever made Do Hyun-soo mad, he always got his revenge on them. But we thought he would get better when he got older.

JW – Back then? It seems like you know how he is now?

MJ – No, I just didn’t expect to hear his name with this murder case.

The rookie gets a call and tells everyone that Nam Soon-gil’s wife woke up.


Ji-won and the rookie go to the wife’s bedside to try and get some answers. Ji-won asks if there was anyone who would have a grudge against her husband. She says it was Do Hyun-soo, he called every morning and threatened him.

Back at the police station, Jae-sub talks to the taxi driver about the man in a trench coat. The man sys that the guy told him to wait for him, so he waited and he came back 30 minutes later.

Jae-sub asks where he dropped him off. The driver says it was in the Osung neighborhood. Jae-sub asks, is that the place with a new business name? That place does not have CCTV. The driver is impressed that he knows that.

Jae-sub asks if the driver lives alone. The driver asks, how do you know? Jae-sub says his tumbler is delivery food for people who liv alone, I just saw that in a commercial.

The taxi driver is impressed and says he has a good memory. Jae-sub asks if he remembers anything else like smell or anything. The driver remembers asking him a question about his job.

VO – He said he had the same job as his father.


Cut to Hee-sung who is drinking tea on the rooftop with his daughter. She is working in her book and drinking an orange juice. She asks him why he is smiling. He asks, did I smile? She nods. He looks curious about that and tells her it might be because this tea tastes good.

Moo-jin goes back to his apartment and checks his tape, it is not there. He lays on the couch looking all sorts of injured. He sits up and thinks he should call the police, but he thinks Hyun-soo shouldn’t be that bad but then he thinks he should call them but he also thinks he might lock him up again.

He shakes his head, don’t do it, don’t do it. 

But he sits up again and thinks they might blame him for the crime. 

His boss calls him right then so he goes to meet with her at her office. She tells him that this tea is all natural, drink it.

He takes a sip and asks why she is doing this. She smiles and says it is because he is so cute. You are going to break a breaking news story right?

He asks, me? She says she knows everything, I have ears and eyes everywhere.

She opens her computer to show a news report about the Chinese restaurant murder case and the serial murder case. She tells him that he knew this was related already. You have something don’t you. You have all the roots connected. Do you want me to form a team.

He sighs and tells her that this case is just coincidental, I did not mean to investigate–. But he stops and starts thinking. Did you say 3 am?

He plays the rest of the news report. And thinks back to the trench coat night.

He told Hyun-soo that he would not tell anyone. Hyun-soo says that he wants collateral, not his word. Do you understand? The clock strikes 3am.  So Hyun-soo was with him then. It wasn’t him.

He mutters that it wasn’t him. His boss asks him, what? The team leader tells his boss that he might have breaking news.




Ji-won and the rookie go to a restaurant. They appear to have a same menu item that Hee-sung knows how to cook well. The menu item looks exactly the same. She remembers him feeding it to him.

The rookie asks if she is hungry? She says no, this is just similar to something her husband has made for her.

The boss comes out and tells her that Hyun-soo and the victim worked there for three years. Ji-won tells him that they need to find Do Hyun-soo, do you have the account you sent his salary to?

The man says that Hyun-soo did not have ID so I paid in cash. The rookie asks, did you pay him right? The man says of course. Soon-gil saved $10k. They ask what he is talking about?

The owner says that Soon-gil wanted to learn how to cook so I gave him my recipe and helped him open the store. She asks how Hyun-soo was? The boss calls him a betrayer that disappeared without saying goodbye. He did not have a human smell to him. One day I fell on the floor and he smiled at me. I asked him why he was laughing. He said that what I said when I fell was funny.

Ji-woo thinks back to Moo-jin telling them that Do Hyun-soo was funny. They didn’t know the right word back then, but it is psychopath.

The restaurant guy says that he still can remember Hyun-soo.

At home, Hyun-soo looks at the cut scar on his shoulder and remembers that guy giving it to him. We are taking back to the stab in the woods on a rainy day. Hyun-soo was able to fight him off and hold the knife to this guys neck. The guy says he just went crazy momentarily. You are not this kind of person, don’t do it!

Hyun-soo does look crazy though. He tells this guy that he doesn’t know him and raises his hand to stab him. But then he sees an image of his father with black eyes squatting before him. He looks possessed by a devil. 

His father calls his name. Hyun-soo is spooked and slams the knife into the ground right by the guy, but he doesn’t kill him. 

he runs off to the street and is hit by a car! Geez!

But he is snapped out of that thought by his daughter who comes into his room and asks if he is angry because she spilled the juice. He jokes with her and says appa is not angry. She happily runs off to play.

Right then, he gets a call from Moo-jin who tells him that he should be happy that he is his alibi. 

HS – What are you talking about?

MJ – Yeah, you wont kill a person with that much noise, it is not your style. I know because I am your victim.

HS – You didn’t take enough

MJ – Let’s meet and talk.

HS – I told you not to be around me anymore.

MJ – The Nam Soon-gi that you met yesterday died. Don’t you feel anything.

HS – Of course, that guy that bothered me died automatically, I want to pop a champagne. 

MJ – Don’t you know anything?

HS – If you bother me one more time then I will go see you.

he hangs up the phone and hears a knock on his door. So he goes to open it and Moo-jin walks right in (lol, this is funny).

MJ – Hey this is a murder case!

HS – Hey, my kid is listening.

EH – Who are you ajusshi?

HS – *smiles* This is appas friend.

Moo-jin shows the news report that is actually showing the murder video on the news (um, thats crazy). The news says that Mr. Do worked with the murderer before and is the prime suspect.

MJ – Who do you think Mr Do is? When He died he pointed Do Hyun-soo as the murder suspect.

The daughter comes up and asks, who is Do Hyun-soo? She looks up at them cutely.

Hee-sung pushes Moo-jin outside and asks what is going on?

MJ – Who killed the city mayor 18 yers ago?

HS – I told you it was me. Why are you asking me that?

MJ – What about Nam Soon-gil?

HS – that wasn’t me.

MJ – i know, you kill people, but you don’t lie. You are an honest bad guy.

Hee-sung pushes him agains the wall and holds him by the neck.

HS – What do you want?

MJ – *chocking* let me go and then I can tell you

He lets go. Moo-jin takes several deep breathes.

HS – Would you like to explain it to me in the basement?

MJ – Nam Soon-hil was threatened by Do Hyun-soo regularly. Was it you?

HS – Why should I? I didn’t even remember him until I met you.

MJ – The murderer knows Do Hyun-soo so well that the victim even mistaken it.

HS – Of course Do Hyun-soo should know the criminal

MJ – Who has a grudge on you? Think about it.

HS – I don’t know.

MJ – You should have him in your memory. Look at this. Yun-joo serial murder case is the first in search. Second is Do Min-hyuk;s son. #3 is Chinese restaurant murder case. See, it is a big issue.

One through ten on the search is all about the case or the serial murder case. 

MJ – Hyun-soo, no, Baek Hee-sung we can prove the truth of this case faster than anyone else. It is daebak!

HS – Daebak? To whom?

MJ – Well, to you and me. Let’s share information. You will clear your name. I will have an exclusive breaking news. It is good for you and good for me. A person in his 40s was killed the same way as the serial murder case and he had a full term pregnant wife. We have to solve this. If the police really wanted it, do you think they will not find Do Hyun-soo?

Hyun-soo thinks about it. He wonders who that person is.

Cut to that guy in his lair. He stamps a knife into the wall and then looks a about a hundred missing posters of a woman who looks like it is Do Hee-soo.

But he starts coughing and actually coughs up blood! He falls to the ground, his face is still hidden by the trench coat, and he pulls out some pills. The camera shows us his cell phone chain that has a golden scaled fish carved in wood on it.


Mi-ja hands out some medicine to someone but then grows alarmed when she looks at the news about the serial murder and Mr. Do who is the prime suspect for the case. 


Cut to Ji-won explaining to everyone the logistics of the case. She has photos up on a wall and a timeline of events.

JW – In 2005, Do Hyun-soo disappeared and Nam Soon-gil got $10k all of a sudden. Nam Soon-gil was afraid of Do Hyun-soo until he was murdered. I think they had a money issue between them.

Captain – What about Do Hyun-soo’s picture?

JW – It is his middle school graduation picture. In 2002 and when Do Hyun-soo killed the city mayor he was 18. He burned his entire house. Maybe he wanted to remove his trace. He did not hav any friends because he was not friendly and did not even have any school picnic photos by the time he murdered the mayor. The restaurant owner knows his recent face.

JS – he is a ghost. He doesn’t have an ID card or credit cards or bank cards, he has nothing. How does he even survive? 

Captain – Family?

Cut to A family photo of Hee-sung with his parents in a very expensive looking house. They have a maid and everything.

Then we hear a slap. The mother slapped Hee-sung in the pharmacy and asked why the police are investigating him! he says he is handling it.

Mom – No one should even hear you breath, but you are involved in this investigation somehow! Are you crazy!

HS – I am not involved in it.

Mom – If I knew that you were this loose then I would have never made you Baek Hee-sung!

Cut back to the father who is in his expensive house. He open up a secret room and enters a huge room where someone is on a medical bed with lots of things attached to him. He looks at him and mutters, Hee-sung….

The camera shows us the real Hee-sung. Then we see a series of images of the real Hee-sung hitting the fake Hee-sung with his car?

The real Hee-sung has blond hair. And he real Hee-sung was in the family photo before our Hee-sung was.

Fade Out


Wow, this show is great. I don’t know what is going on BUT I LIKE IT! And its unexpectedly hilarious to boot! LOL. That entire scene where Ji-won was upset at Moo-jin was comic gold. 

And OMG, what was up with the real Hee-sung being in the bed at the end??? This is so intriguing! I am sitting over here smiling at this turn of events. Can tomorrow hurry up and get here already?


English Translation

Mom – I told you! I warned you!

HS – The criminal is in CCTV and blood in the scene so it will be solved. 

HS – Chasing Do Hyun-soo will not lead to Baek Hee-sung.

Man – Do Min-seok had a daughter?

Sister – I never saw my brother for the last 18 years. How many times do I have to tell you to believe me?

MJ – You know that ajumma? She has your photo from 5 years ago. The police will be there to get the picture. Especially detective Cha. Your wife is going there to arrest you.

JW – Do Hyun-soo!

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