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Flower of Evil: Episode 3 Live Recap – Part 1

Flower of Evil: Episode 3 Live Recap - Part 1

Okay, this show is good. I am really enjoying it so far. It is spooky and creepy and – surprisingly funny at times? Or is that just me?

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hee’sung is working in his workshop. He still has his blond hair that is combed over his forehead. He is currently making a silver ring.

Ji-won comes in and calls him oppa. She tells him that she is back with beer. She thought he liked this beer so she stole it from her umma. He isn’t really paying too much attention to her.

JW – Where did you learn to do that? You said you didn’t go to college? Did you learn it from a hogwan?

He stands up and looks at his ring and then walks to the side. He completely ignores her.

She happily walks to him and takes a photo. He asks what she is doing? She asks if she can put it on her homepage? The title would be handsome neighborhood oppa.

HS – what are you doing?

He walks closer to her, backing her up against the wall and tells her to erase it right now. She says okay! I will! I will do it now. I didn’t know that you didn’t like pictures.

HS – Why are you checking my background? 

JW – Me?

HS – Did you think I didn’t know that you looked into my background like it was nothing? You asked me my blood type, horoscope, favorite food, and the food I don’t like and you asked the neighbor my cell phone number. Why? Did someone ask you to find out about me?

JW – *exhales and walks to the side, she drinks the beer* Oppa, I like you!

He is stunned. An alarm starts to go off in his head. He looks to the side. She also looks to the side. Then she looks back at him. He is frozen.

JW – Oppa, you should tell me that you don’t like me or like me or that you hate it. You should say something!

HS – *blinks several times* You

JW – My name is Cha Ji-won.

HS – Don’t ever come here again. Just go. Leave.

JW – What?

HS – Do you want me to drag you out?


Hee-sung shows up at the house. He is wearing a black raincoat that is drenched. Ji-won looks at him come in. The atmosphere is spooky. Lighting lights up the room. 

He removed his hood and asks her why she is already awake? She turns on the light and asks where he went this late?

he says he couldn’t sleep so he worked a little bit and he noticed they didn’t have any beer.

She smiles and he smiles. She tells him that she was just worried that she was getting fat.

JW – Remember when I confessed to you that I liked you and you were super angry? Can I drag you out!

HS – Why are you talking about that *laughs*

JW – Did you hate me that much?

HS – it’s not that I didn’t like you. I was just not use to it. It was my first time hearing it.

JW – Ah, my naive husband. That is why I can’t tell you about my past.

HS – What is your past?

JW – You will be shocked if I tell you

HS – Is it that bad? 

JW – ‘I have a woman with a past’

HS – Wow, so I was just lied to the entire time. Tell me *chuckles*


The reporter wakes up. He is sitting over plastic. He might have entered into a flashback because we see Hee-sung sitting in front of him with kimbap.

HS – Do you like it?

MJ – I am not eating it because it tastes good, I am eating it to not die.

HS – Eat a lot, you will like it. I bought it from near your house. To explain, when they autopsy you, your last meal is this kimbap.

He coughs up the food.

HS – Hyun sooo yaaaa….

Hee-sung starts to mash up some drugs with the bottom of a cup.

MJ – Hey, what is this drug? Are you really going to kill me? Is it that easy for you to kill someone!

HS – it is not easy for me. How heavy are you? Seventy kilograms? Seventy five? Do you think it would be easy to carry you to the car when you are all drugged up with sleep medicine?

MJ – Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Hyung soo! Hyun-soo, please!

Hyung-soo puts the medicine in the water and tries to give it to Moo-jin. Moo-jin turns his head to the side to avoid it and the glass crashes on the ground. Moo-jin starts to yell for someone to help him! Help me! This is murder!

But the camera scrolls to the first floor and we hear that none of the sound escapes.

MJ – Inspector Cha! The murderer Do Hyun-soo is here! *sobs* Do Hyun-soo is here! Hey, Hyun-soo, just let me go! I will do anything you ask me *whines*

HS – Can you answer my questions honestly?

MJ – Yes, anything, anything.

HS – You wrote this online in 2011. It was already logged in, so I saw it. Read it out loud.

He holds the cell phone to him.

MJ – I am a high school student who wants to be the protagonist who helps the crime that didn’t even know it was a crime. The main person tries to be a reporter. If the past is revealed, what kind of disadvantage would he have?

He stops reading.

HS – Keep reading. Read.

MJ – What if, because of that, someone died.

HS – Is this because of you?

MJ – No.

HS – I have a video that has the clip of what happened, I just did what I was asked to do, I really didn’t know.

MJ – You really didn’t know?

HS – I really didn’t know.

MJ – So you have a video clip that shows that you were helping the murderer?

HS – Huh? Hyung-soo, I won’t tell anyone that I met you. I will just forget that I met you. I won’t be around at all. I promise under my mothers name. So, just let me go.

MJ – *sits* I don’t need your word. I want to have collateral. I don’t believe what people say, you understand?




Everyone has started to find out about the murder in the Chinese restaurant. The police have sectioned off the building. Ji-won and crew have just arrived. They see the body on the floor. CSI takes a lot of photos.

Ji-won mutters that this is nonsense. Did you see the thumbnail? 

A CSI person tells her that both are gone. We see a flashback of that happening.

Actually, there is video footage of the entire thing. So Ji-won sees the man in a trench coat tying up the other man. She thinks back to her husband showing up at home with the trench coat on.


All the violence team members sit around a conference table to watch the video and comment on it. Their boss is at the head of the table. The captain mentions a dog leash in the 2002 case. That was not published to the media. But in this case, the person used the exact dog leash brand as Do Min-suk.

Ji-won tells them that the last case was spontaneous, but this case looks premeditated. he wanted to show how similar he is to Do Min-suk and how different he is from the last fake one.

Jae-sup mentions that Do Min-suk killed seven people. The boss asks, so you are saying that this can be a serial case? Perhaps this should move to a bigger department. The boss look a the chief. The chief says it is too big of a case to give to another department.

The boss is worried that this becomes serial. The captain think that they can catch him. Targeting the victim looks unplanned. The victim has a job and family and is a strong middle aged man. It is too risky as a murderer. I think we have room to investigate.

The team goes back to their cubicles to discuss. Woo-chul asks them about the family of the victim. Woo-chul finds it and shuffles around some documents. Jae-sup is sarcastic and tells them that if this fails their captain will be fired. He should be very nervous.

The captain looks at him, he does look a bit nervous. Jae-sup sits, relaxed.

Woo-chul starts listing the victims family. He is from an orphanage and has no confirmed family but he does have a wife who is 6 months pregnant. She is in a hospital because she was so shocked.

The captain asked who called him last? Another detective says it was reporter Kim Moo-jin. Ji-won asks, Kim Moo-jin? the captain asks if she knows him? She says yes, I met him Sunday evening. He was investigating the Kim Sang-jin case.

The detectives tell her that they cannot contact him and his phone is off. The last time he called was 1700 and the person he called was the victim. 

The captain tells Jae-sup to find out where the murder suspect went and tells the other two to try and contact Kim Moo-jin.

In the basement, Moo-jin sees a broken piece of glass and flips his chair over to try and grab it.


Meanwhile, Hee-sung goes to Moo-jin’s apartment and looks around. He is looking for his laptop. Moo-jin told him that password to get in and all the instructions to find the program he needs. there is something in an S folder that he needs to open and run. He gave him that password as well.

Hee-sung told him all the instructions to open various folders and find a hidden folder. He says, if he wants to, he can finish his life now.

Hee-sung starts to load the information onto a usb.

The footage on this video is of high school kids relaxing in the woods.

Elsewhere, Ji-won and Ho-joon interview Moo-jin’s boss, Pil-young. They ask her why she didn’t alert anyone that Moon-jin was missing and not answering his phone.

She basically tells them that Moo-jin turns off his phone all the time and travels. A woman comes in and says that he could be trapped – in the bathroom. He said once his toilet door was broken and he was trapped in the bathroom. if his mother did not come then he could have died.




A high school girl walks into a building. Someone films her all the way up to an apartment. She playfully asks why he is filming her. She shows this person around roof apartment. This video looks very normal and unassuming. Moo-jin is actually the model for this girl who is a sculptor.

Hee-sung is shocked, did he trick him?

The doorbell rings, Hee-sung goes to see who it is. His wife is right outside.

She bangs on the door and asks if Moo-jin is here? There is a bag on the door with some food so he had meal delivery but it was days ago. Perhaps he didn’t come home or someone else was in the house.

Ji-won tells them that they should break in.

They open the door and look all around. He is not inside. She tells the emergency team that they can go home and pulls out her phone to call him, but his phone is off.

Ji-won sees a shirt with the tag still on it on the floor. She fells the computer, it is still warm. The rookie asks what is wrong. She says no one puts new clothes on the floor and the computer is warm, touch it. Someone has been in here just before us. Maybe they are still inside. let’s check all the places a person can hide.

She goes to the bedroom and looks under the bed. Then to the balcony. One of the plants is knocked over. When she bends over, we see Hee-sung’s silhouette outside. he is barely resting on the ledge about 30 stories in the air.

Ji-won goes to the window and pears outside. He loses his footing and almost falls, but he catches himself. She hears it and turns to the other window. She takes a step towards it. And then another. She is almost there.

The music is nicely intense.

Her slow stroll to the window continues. Sh gets there and reaches her hand out to pull the curtains back. Hee-sun leans as far away as he can. He is about to get caught. He pulls out his cell phone.

Suddenly, the rookie calls her name and tells her that she has a phone call. She hurries to her phone. It is Hee-sung. He talks to her from the ledge and asks if she knows writer Kim Moo-in? He keeps saying that he knows you. 

She asks to speak to him. 

He says that he went out to charge his phone in his car. Do you want me to tell him to call you? She says no, tell him to meet me at the station. Tell him it is an emergency so he should come quickly.

He says okay. A little boy looks up at him and yells, robber! Ji-won stops from leaving and says that she hears something. She starts to head back.

HS – Hee-sung, I think I have a little fever.

She stops.

JW – What? Be sure to rest. Should I call umma for juk? 

HS – No, I will just take medicine and sleep. If I don’t pick up the phone then just think I’m alright.

The rookie tells her that they should go so she hangs up and heads out.

Hee-sung climbs back in and rests on the couch. The little boy outside tells him mother that he definitely saw a robber outside.

Meanwhile, Jae-sup is looking at the CCTV’s around the area to get some clues. He thinks he found one that has the criminal in it.


Hee-sung gets back to his workshop, he is highly upset. He drops his hat on the table and goes to the basement.

Moo-jin immediately tries to hit him with something but he misses and Hee-sung kicks him. Moo-jin grabs a hammer and tries to hit him with it. But Hee-sung is able to get away. Moo-jin punches Hee-sung a few times but Hee-sun reverses and gets Moo-jin into a choke hold.

Cut to Ji-won who tells her rookie that she needs to check on her husband. The rookie tells her that her husband is not a little kid. He will be fine. But she tells him to stop over there.


Jae-sup asks a taxi driver about a person that was wearing a raincoat early in the morning. You are a very important witness to us. Thank you very much. You can call me when you get here.

The rookie comes in and asks where Kim moo-jin is. Jae-sup asks, why are you asking me, you are the one that went out to find him. the rookie is confused.


Ji-won gets to the studio and sees a woman standing outside. She tells Ji-won that her studio is closed often now, did anything happen to Eun-ha’s father? 

The studio being closed often is news to Ji-won. She goes inside and sees Hee-sung right away. His face has a scratch on it. He stutters his reply.

But then Kim Moo-jin comes out and starts talking as if things are nothing. He is also all beaten up. He asks if she is there to pick him up? he smiles and looks at Hee-sung.

Then we go to the flashback of Hee-sung choking Moo-jin with the hammer. But he lets go. Moo-jin rolls over and gasps for air.

MJ – Hey, do you think you will be okay doing this to me?

HS – You betrayed me.

MJ – Just kill me, kill me! I am a Korean reporter. The issue is a lot bigger than a country town mayor.

Hee-sung sits up. 

HS – I can’t kill you. The police are looking for you.

Moo-jin sits up.

MJ – The police? Me? Why?

HS – I don’t know the details, so you have to go to the police station now. Just clean your face and remove the blood on your wrist.

MJ – *laughs incredulously* So now our position is reversed? Why do I have to do as you tell me? Did you forget that you were about to kill me you psychopath? First of all, I want to hear your apology with manners and truth behind it.

HS – *stands up with hammer* There is not time.

MJ – *stands up* If I go to the police station right now, I have a lot of evidence that can put you in jail.

HS – That camcorder, it was interesting.

MJ – What?

We see another flashback when Hee-sung was in he apartment but after he climbed back inside from the ledge. He thinks that something has to be here. He sees a camcorder line and goes up to it. 

He opens all the drawers near it until he finds an old camcorder. He plays it.

In the video, we see the girl (Hee-soo) leaving with Hyun-soo (Hee-sung) when they were in high school. Moo-jin films them from behind the camera. They go into a room that might be a haunted house or something like that. It looks freaky inside. 

They keep opening doors.

Hee-sung looks on like he remembers. They go into his fathers basement perhaps? Hee-sung’s eyes grow wide.

Int he present, he asks Moo-jin if he saw it? I have the video that you did. If that video is released, do you think you can be a reporter? No, do you think you can live in Korea? If you had a different choice back then, the serial murderer would have ended at that point. So how many more people did you kill? Do you watch that video often? Why? Are you high thinking about that situation over and over again?

Moo-jin grips him by the collar.

MJ – I am not a monster like you.

HS – So are you going to do what I tell you or should we just bomb each others life?

Moo-jin stops gripping his collar.

MJ – What do you want me to do?

HS – First of all, I want to get an apology with you manner and truthfulness. *smirks*

MJ – *disbelief*


Part 2 is coming up!


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