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Flower of Evil: Episode 2 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





The rookie and Ji-won review the Yunjoo City serial murder case. The rookie shows Ji-won the reporters article about the serial killer. It was the most recent mention of the case.

Ji-won thinks that the murderer saw the article and copycatted it.  the article says that the victims have commonality. the neck has a wire around it, one angle is broken, and the thumbnail is removed.

The rookie thinks it is similar but the facts are all different. First, the thing trapped on the victims neck was not wires, it was a dog leash from a hound dog company. It was the same pattern. The brand name and what kind of color was not published by the police. So if the murderer is a copycat, the person should know that Do Min-seok put a dog leash around the neck.

Also, the article said that the ankle had permanent damage but actually it was not a broken ankle, it was an achilles tendon cut. So the murderer does not know too much about Do Min-seok.

Ji-won thinks it was not a copycat, it was just a person hiding his murder. Ho-joon thinks, if so then Detective Choi is right, the murderer had a motive. he wanted to disguise the case as no motive.

Ji-won still wonders, why Do Min-seok? the rookie doesn’t really have an answer to that, he stammers and stutters and thinks it might be because the article was recent. Ji-won does not look convinced.

She gets a call, its her kindergarten teacher. The teacher tells her there has been an emergency, she should come right away.

Meanwhile, Hee-sung leaves his basement and opens his closet to a secret hidden storage area. He hides the reporters phone in there and turns it off. Then he checks his phone and sees that he has a missed call from Ji-won and the kindergarten.


The son of the victim runs into the social worker and grabs her to ask her if she has any information about his mothers loan. He wants her to tell him quickly because he needs cash. 

She says she doesn’t know anything about that. The son says she should know or she should at least have the notebook! The social worker tells her to behave like a human being, your mother just died today! 

The son grabs her by the collar. 

Jae-sup has been watching this this entire time and breaks this up quickly. He takes the social worker to a very small park to sit and talk. he tells her that he is investigating halmoni to see if anyone had a grudge against her.

The social worker asks if it is not a serial killer case? Jae-sup tells her that the criminal did it to hide the investigation. But the method was not good at all. It was an amateur that stabbed the halmoni a lot because they cannot do it in one shot.

She asks him to stop because it is difficult to hear. He apologizes. She tells him that she is not sure if this helps, but halmoni called me last night and asked me about her will. She wrote a will and asked how to notorize it. I said I would explain it to her the next day.


Ji-won is at the school. Her daughter has a bloody nose. It looks like she got into a fight with another little girl. Ji-won says to apologize. But the other mother says that she will not tell her daughter to apologize because Eun-ha touched her daughters things first.

The mother says that she will give money for the hospital, but she will not apologize. Eun-ha says she just hugged the top because it was a pretty doll.

Ji-won tells the mother that they should not make this kids argument into a family issue. The most important thing is for kids to be friends again.

But the ajumma says you need to correct robberies from a young age.

The principal steps in and tells this mother that she went too far. 

The ajumma continues and says a proverb about a needle robbery becoming a cow robbery. Ji-won is all like, I know you didn’t!

Then Hee-sung comes in. He bows to them both and says that he heard what happened and apologizes. He tells the woman that he wasn’t a good father and will teach her well. The other mother is all like, what? Um, okay.

Then Hee-sung tells Eun-ha to apologize. Ji-won tries to stop it. But Hee-sung tells he to apologize so Eun-ha apologizes to everyone tearfully. 

later on, Ji-won talks to Hee-sung about how their family is not a pushover. What about our daughters emotions? Hee-sung says it is true that she touched the other kids doll first.

Ji-won tells him that touching the little doll is not a right for the other kid to punch her in the face. Don’t you understand that?!

Hee-sung asks how they can understand everyone? They can solve the problem first. Ji-won tells him that he hurt their daughter the most since she loves her father the most!

Hee-sung asks if he did something very wrong and touches her on the shoulder. She says she is mad about it. He tells her that he is sorry, it is my first time being an appa.

She forgives him and tells him to take good care of Eun-ha and stop smiling because I hate you. 

The CSI person calls her right then and tells her that it was lipstick that was in the thumb. Ji-won asks, lipstick? The victim didn’t add any makeup at all.


Cut to Hee-sung treating his daughter to an egg tart at a cafe. She isn’t eating. He asks why she isn’t eating? It is your favorite.

EH – I like appa the most in the world, but appa likes Soo-hyun more than me!

HS – Of course not.

EH – Appa was on Soo-hyun’s side!

HS – No, appa is on Eun-ha’s side. So I will make you a good person. Now you have a better reputation.

EH – What is that!

HS – When bad things happen, you will not get suspected. When you have a bad reputation, that person will be suspected first. From today, Soo-hyun’s family will have a bad reputation.

EH – I don’t know! I was the only one that apologized and drew blood! I don’t like it, I hate it!

HS – Don’t be too mad. I saw that Soo-hyun was going home crying because she lost her doll.

EH – Really?

HS – *nods*

Cut to Hee-sung throwing that doll in the trash.

HS – Because she did not put it away carefully. My Eun-ha should never do that.

ES – Okay.

HS – Lets eat.

She happily starts eating and says it tastes good. He smiles and tells her that they can eat one more today. She tells him that she likes him the most in the world. He smiles and says, me too.


The halmoni’s will says that she is donating all her money to the elder care center when she dies. That is her condition if they have her memorial service every year. 

Jae-sub shows this to her son. He asks if this is real? Jae-sub tells him that it was deep in her closet with her notes. the son yells that this is nonsense! that b* made her do it!

Jae-sub asks what he was doing at a certain time. He was in the victims house and they argued. The son asks if they are suspecting him?

Jae-sub tells him that his mother is donating all her money to the elder center. How angry did that make you? The son switches to banmal and asks, do you have evidence that I killed her?!

Jae-sub asks what time he left her house last night? The son doesn’t answer.


Jae-sub grumbles that it is so hard to talk to her. They start to argue about the case because she wonders why it was Do Min-seok’s method that was used.

Jae-sup thinks it is just disguising to hide the real motive. But Ji-won does not think so. Ji-won says the murderer had to remove the thumb because something was under the thumb. It was her own lipstick.

He says it was on the finger also so why did the criminal leave the fingers alone?

Ji-won tells him that the lipstick was hard to see when the blood was not oxidized. Jae-sub wants her to just ignore the lipstick part! Just look at the will! Don’t you see who has the motive!

(Me thinks Jae-sub put a lot of people in jail that don’t belong there.)

Ji-won holds her ground and continues to ask about Do Min-wok. He yells, JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT DO MIN SEOK!

But then he catches himself because people have started to stare, and tells the rookie to come here. Ji-won agrees and asks the rookie if they should pay more attention to the lipstick or the will?

Ho-joon says he wants to think more about it.

Ji-won and Jae-sup keep arguing about it. i-won thinks they need to search the women around the halmoni and find out who has that lipstick! Jae-sup thinks the will is the biggest motive! He waves it in front of her face.

She yanks it away and tells him to stop! But then she looks at the will, her eyes fall on the finger print. She asks Jae-sup if this is….

He looks at it.


Cut to Ji-won applying lipstick to her finger and then putting it on a white sheet of paper. It looks like a stamp. 

JW – She couldn’t find her ink pad for her stamp so she should have borrowed lipstick from someone. She could have tried to wipe the lipstick from her thumb, but the part stuck in the nail is difficult to remove.

JS – So, the criminal who killed the victim should have been concerned about it and removed the thumbnail. 

WC – Then they pretended to be Miin-seok’s copycat.

JW – Who do you think made the will with the victim?

JS – Park Seo-young!

JW – What? Are you talking about the social worker?

JS – I was actually focusing on the people around the copycat. She led me to find the will. Then led my attention to the son.

We see a flashback of the social worker telling him about the will.

JW – As soon as we get the result from the will, lets search her first.

But the captain wonders why would she kill her? What would her motive be? Ji-won gets a call right then to tell her that it is the lipstick.


Hee-sung talks on the phone with his mother-in-law and thanks her for helping him with his daughter. She happily says he loyally serves her daughter so she has to loyally serve his daughter. We are in the same position so don’t be sorry about anything.

He tells her that he gave her egg custard so she should be full. they hang up and Hee-sung starts to look through the reporters backpack. He reads his notebook and stops on a page that shows that he had to be at Chungaechung river at 5pm. It was the last thing in his notebook.

Hee-sung hops up right away and goes to the reporter with a bottle of water. The reporter asks for the water, he is so thirsty. Please.

Hee-sung asks him to explain why he is meeting Nam Soon-gil at the river. The reporter says it is nothing. Hee-sung teases him with the water. he pours a bit out.

The reporter tells him that Nam soon-gl said she had something to say about him. Hee-sung asks what kind of report it was? Moo-jin tells him to give him water first. I will give you one and you can give me one, that is fair.

So Hee-sung gives him a mouthful of water.

Moo-jin tells him that he was going to report on Hee-sung. It was because he wrote an article about him and his father. Hee-sung asks when they are meeting. The reporter says today.

Hee-sung checks his watch.

Moo-jin tells him that if he doesn’t show up then you will be in trouble.


Ji-won finds the social worker and tells her that they found woman’s DNA in the will that they suspect is the criminal. We are getting DNA samples from women around her. The sample you submit will be disposed as soon as we compare it. Can you help us?

The social worker starts to fix her hair in the restroom and says that she refuses. She is not as innocent looking as before.

Ji-won tells her that this an be disadvantageous to her in the courthouse if you refuse to help. 

The woman asks if she has evidence that she killed that old woman? (She looks a bit more psycho). Ji-won says they do not have evidence.

Meanwhile, Jae-sup checks the CCTV with another cop. They are looking at an elevator clip of the social worker going in and out of her building. Her clothing is flipped in another image.

They think she got something on her so she flipped the clothing.


Hee-sung is in the city looking at the friend that Moo-jin was supposed to meet. He is at the cement river in Seoul (Chung-gye-chung). He looks nervous.

Hee-sung calls him from the reporters phone and the guy picks up. He asks if he is here? He starts to look around.

Hee-sung tells him that he can’t be there because he has a case, sorry. Can I have a phone interview?

The man says that is fine.

HS – What do you want to report about Do Hyun-soo?

Man – *flips open article* You said that Do Hyu-soo disappeared in the summer of 2002. I was actually with Do Hyun-soo since fall 2002 – summer 2005. I lived with him. We delivered things together.

HS – So?

Man – Back then, Hyun-soo didn’t have an ID so I thought he had a background story. But I did not know he was a murderer, if I knew that then I would call the police. I did not know he was a serial murderers son. I knew….

HS – You knew what?

Man – He was strange, not normal. We watched a movie together once and he asked me what points he should laugh or be sad.

HS – You knew him for three years. Is that it?

Man – What?

HS – Thank you for your information, I have to hang up.

Man – Wait! Wait! Not yet! Do Hyun-soo is threatening me!

HS – What?

Man – I am going crazy because of that, please protect me!

Hee-sung was about to leave but takes another long look at him.



Jae-sup wonders if they should search her house before she removes the evidence. He shakes his head and tells him that she should know that she in under CCTV. She probably did not put the evidence in the house.

He thinks she should have gone out of the house. Then he remembers her saying that she saw a shooting star last night. She thinks the halmoni said goodbye to her and left.

He looks out the window to the rooftop then runs to the roof. He starts to imagine what he thinks happened that night. He walks the same steps he thinks she walked and we also see the social worker walking that way.

She throws the evidence inside a sunken storage area. he opens that area and sees that same bag.


The woman asks the social worker to step out of the way, you are affecting my work. Ji-won tells her that it is so surprised that you really do not have any emotion right now.

She says it is because she is confident. There is  nothing to hide.

Ji-won answers her phone while looking at her. it is Jae-sup calling to tell her that he found it. 

She hangs up and tells the woman that she is a murder suspect starting right now. I am going to arrest you without a warrant.

The woman asks if she can put on makeup first? I don’t usually walk around like this. I did not put makeup on to pretend that I was sad today. I saw it in a book. Appearance affects the sentence.

Ji-won tells her to do it. The woman starts to put on her lipstick.

JW – Why did you kill her?

Woman – There were too many steps.

Flashback to her walking up these steps angrily. Then we cut to her cutting the apples for the woman while the woman put her stamp on the paperwork. She tells the social worker that she does not like complicated things so you can process it all for me. 

The social worker says okay.

The halmoni tells her that she has no regrets. You come to me everyday like a daughter and granddaughter and talk to me, that is all I want. 

The woman asks, everyday?

The halmoni turns around and asks her to scratch her back, I like your hand the most. She turns around so she can do that.

VO – In our center, the high donation people have the most power. So I have to go up those stairs until she dies. I was so angry.

The halmoni thanks her and the social worker says, you are welcome. Then we time jump to the woman calling the police and pretending to be upset that someone died.

In the present, Ji-won asks how she can kill someone with only that reason?

Woman – There are 3% of the people in the population like me. You never know, someone like you might be like that.

The woman looks in her purse, there is a sharp nail clipper or small foldable knife or something like that.


The man tells Hee-sung that this person called him for a month every night. he called me at 4am using a public phone.

HS – Did that person who called you say he was Do Hyung-soo?

Flashback to a person calling this man while he sat in bed with his wife. They are both spooked. The sound on the voice is mechanical.

Man – Do Hyung-soo is the only person that can do that to me!

HS – Why?

Man – I did a bad thing to Hyung-soo because of money.

We go to another flashback where Hyun-soo is looking for something int he rain with this guy. Hyun-soo says he can lend him the money, let’s go. But then the man stabs him! 

He stabs him right in the shoulder! Geez!

Hyun-soo is able to break free. They fall down a tiny hill. Hyun-soo asks why he is doing this to him? The man says it is because he needs his money! I want to live properly!

In the present, the man says Do Hyun-soo is getting his revenge on him. Hee-sung tells him to suspect someone else because Do Hyun-soo is dead. The man asks if he is sure? Hee-sung tells him yes so forget about him. He turns to leave.

The man says that is good, that is good. 

HS – You say that is good?

He stops.

Man – Well you said he is a murderer, some people deserve to die. That is true.

HS – *stares at him* Some people are better to die?

He puts down the phone and stares at him some more.


Ji-won has a cut on her eye. The woman smiles while holding this tiny blade and tells her that she just missed. She really hated her eyes. She drops the blade and puts her hands out to be arrested.

Ji-won smacks her, hard! The woman spins around. Ji-won hits her again!

Then she picks up the blade.

Outside, the rookie rolls his eyes when he hears the commotion. he tells the other cops that it is fine, it is nothing.

Inside, Ji-won smacks that girl to the ground again. The woman tells her that police should not do this! Ji-won asks, who will think that you killed that woman because you did not want to walk up some steps? Police can kill people while fighting them.

She asks if she is crazy!

JW – Do you think that you are someone special because you harmed someone weaker than you?

Woman – I turned myself in! I am going t make this an issue!

JW – I will be the witness to how worthless you are.

She holds the little knife to her neck.

JW – 12 seconds to the carotid and 3 seconds to the jugular (or something like that). I can send you off in one minute. Which one do you want? Pick it.

Woman – Don’t kill me. Please, don’t kill me.

Ji-won smiles and tells her she was joking, how can an officer kill someone? I told you about your crime but you are still human so you can have a lawyer and due process. 

She locks the handcuffs.



Hee-sung goes to the pharmacy to see his mother. She smiles when the customer says that her sone came. The mom is all like, yeah…my son…*forced smile*

Hee-sung says he just stopped by to see his mother. the client says she is so envious of them then leaves.

Mom – She looks so bright like that but she takes depression medicine.

HS – Can you say someone else’s disease like that?

Mom – I like other peoples misery. If I don’t become like others then I want other people to become like me. What do you want? You shouldn’t come here for nothing.

HS – Can I get sleeping medicine?

Cut to him waiting outside for Ji-won. It is raining so he has an umbrella. She runs up to him. He asks what happened to her face. She says it was just something.

She tells him that she loves the rain. He asks how? It washes away all the evidence. But she asks, why not, it is romantic.

They start to walk off together.

JW – I want to eat somewhere nice.

HS – what do you want to eat?

JW – Something delicious.

HS – What do you want me to make?

JW – Boo-ching-ae (Korean pancake)

HS – It is a rainy day so boo-chin-gae is good.

They happily walk off.

In a store, a person is looking at the news which is talking about the halmoni case and the copycat killer but the method was not refined. A person walks in who looks very sketchy. They have a long black trench coat on and are going to the aisle that has a Hound Dog brand dog leash. 

Rain drips from the trench coat. The man takes the dog leash.


The man who tried to kill Hee-sung is sitting in a cafe. He is reading an article that asks the question, Where is Do Hyun-soo? it looks like he thinks something is strange since the reporter said Hyun-soo was dead.

He calls the reporter again, but the phone is off. he leaves a message.

The sketchy scary guy walks up the rain street towards him.

Man – Reporter, I did not finish out talk. You will like this also. I just heard that Do Hyun-soo did that thing with his father. The serial murder stuff.

The man gets to the cafe with the Dog Leash and looks at the door.

Man – Are you surprised? I was overreacting because of that. If you need anything in more detail, then tell me.

The doorbell dings and the sketchy man walks into the cafe. The man yells to the reporter that Do Hyun-soo came in! I told you he is coming here to get his revenge!

The man runs to grab some scissors, but it is too late. The man runs up and stabs him!

Then we see the man walking to a warehouse. Or at least it is a man with the same trench coat. He goes inside and looks at a ton of clippings on a wall. All of the clippings are articles about Do Hyun-soo and his father. He leaves a bloody hand print on one of them.


Ji-won wakes up, though she doesn’t remember falling asleep. She gets up and hears the front door unlock so she looks at it.

Hee-sung walks in in the trench coat. She looks at him with a big question mark on her face. Rain is dripping on the floor.

He takes the trench coat off, but he is not wearing the cap that the other guy was wearing? (Perhaps the other guy had on a cap? maybe not.)

Fade Out


I am so intrigued! Really enjoying this show so far. Definitely covering my hides at all the gruesome parts, though. 

I kind of feel like there might actually be a copycat out there who is framing Hee-sung for murders that he did not commit. Hee-sung is crazy, yes, but he might just be a person without emotions who gets his revenge on people who have wronged him in the past. 

Itching to find out!

What does everyone else think? Perhaps Hee-sung tries his best to be a good guy and fails all the time due to bad “normal” people around him, or he is just a super psycho?


English Translation

MJ – I will forget about the fact that I met you and just live my life.

MJ – I will give you my word!

HS – I want collateral, not your word.

Man – We checked who he called last. 

JW – Reporter Kim Moo-jin?

Man – You have video footage of helping the murderer?

JW – Why didn’t you call the police even though he did not come to work for two days?

Woman – Maybe he is trapped somewhere?

JW – Lets break the door and break in.

HS – Lie to me?

JW – Someone was here. Maybe they are still here.


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