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Flower of Evil: Episode 2 Live Recap – Part 1

I am enjoying this creepy show. It has just the right amount of creep for me. Though it does push the level of my tolerance when the crime scenes start to come into view. I close my eyes during those parts.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

How to Watch: Viki

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The camera scrolls over some trees and then a caption says it is Summer 2006. We see some kids playing outside and a person is working inside a small corner store, studying for the police exam. 

This is Cha Ji-won. A person who looks like Baek Hee-sung asks to buy something. He has blond hair that covers his forehead. He hands his ID over, it is Baek Hee-sung. 

She says he looks young, did you just move? He asks how she knows? She tells him it is her first time seeing him. He says he thinks this town is a good town to start over.

Fast forward to the present. Cha Ji-won is sleeping in her bed. Hee-sung is in his bathroom watching a youtube video on facial expressions and how to make a happy face. The man says not to exaggerate it. First you make a wrinkle around your eyes. Next, your cheekbones go up.

He practices his smile, it looks crazy. So he practices it again and gets a bit better.

Cut to him cutting vegetables in the kitchen. He also cuts up some seafood so it looks like he is making sea food soup.

Cha Ji-won wakes up and sneaks up on Hee-sung in the kitchen. He is startled and uses his practiced smile to smile at her. He asks why she is already awake. She says she had a dream. He asks if it was a good dream? She tells him it was the day we first met.

She asks to try the food, he feeds it to her. he tells her to take out a certain kind of kimchi from the kimchi fridge. She does not know where it is so he says he will get it. You can wake up Eun-ha and get her ready. So Ji-won happily gets her daughter ready.

She dries her hair in bed and listens to her daughter ask her who is bigger, me or Soo-gyung? Ji-won does not know who Soo-gyung is. her daughter is all like, ugh, you don’t know anyone, appa knows.

Ji-won tells the daughter that they can dry her hair with the hair dryer, but the daughter says Ji-won is too hot with it, appa can do it. And to add insult to injury she says umma doesn’t do anything well, lol.

So she goes to appa to dry her hair and tells him it is a secret. He kneels and tells her that she said she wouldn’t have any secrets to appa. She giggles and says that is true. Then she says that umma is cleaning your studio.

Hee-sung is all like, what???

Cut to Ji-won opening the door in the studio.

At the same time, the reporter opens his eyes in the basement.

Hee-sung runs downstairs and pulls Ji-won away from a broken teapot. She asks why it was broken? it was your favorite. It should have been a good customer since you had tea with them and warmed it slowly. I know that you like to do that. So who did you share tea with?

He says it was one of his friends. She asks if it was a friend who came to their wedding? He tells her it was a middle school friend. 

She is surprised he had a middle school friend. She wants to know who it was. He ushers her outside even though she still wants to help clean his furniture. She smiles at him, he copies her smile almost verbatim and looks at his reflection in her eyes?

She asks why he is looking at her like that? Am I still that pretty? He happily says yes and leads her back upstairs to their home.

The reporter struggles to get out from downstairs.


Someone walks up a ton of steps outside to the top of a hill. She looks like some kind of social worker possibly? She opens the door to to a halmoni’s place and calls her name. But then goes inside and sees blood everywhere. 

The halmoni was killed while about to serve apples. It is a big mess. Also, her thumbnail is missing.



Ji-won, Ho-joon, and Jae-sup show up to the house to inspect the case along with CSI. The rookie knows that a missing thumb means that it is the serial killer from Yunjoo City. he explains it to the other two.

He says that there were seven victims and they all didn’t have thumbnails. Jae-sup asks why he doesn’t know about it then?

The rookie tells him it is because the case was closed because the murderer committed suicide before he got caught. Also, the 2002 World Cup was so big so it was buried.

Ji-won wonders if it is a copycat.

Suddenly the son runs in screaming to see his mother and is held back by the cops.


Hee-sung opens the basement of his workshop and goes inside. The reporter is awake. Hee-sung kneels next to him. He no longer has his smile. His face is blank.

He takes the duct tape off of him. The reporter asks, why are you doing this! You know that it is a crime!

HS – Do you remember? 18 years ago we were on opposite sides.

Flashback to 18 years ago. The reporter was a bully and tied Hee-sung up to a tree with another two kids. Hee-sung is also all beaten up.

The reporter says that Hee-sung made him like this. It looks like he broke his finger? Hee-sung tells him that he should have broken his neck. The reporter slaps him.

Hee-sung tells him, if you crush me, you should do it properly, otherwise I will break your head next time.

The reporter says, you saw that your father killed people. Did you really not know about it? Or do you know it and pretend like you do not know about it? Or, as a rumor, did you do it together?

Hee-sung asks, are you afraid of me? The reporter walks away with the other two kids. They each pick up a rock. The reporter tells him that they town mayor says that he will be just like his father.

Then he tells him, Hey Hyun-soo, if it hurts, then tell me and I will have more fun.

Hee-sung tells him, Kim Moo-jin, remember, next time it is your turn.

He throws the rock at him super duper hard, geez.


Hee-sung tells Moo-jin that his time has come 18 years later. He picks up a hammer and rolls it around his head. Then tells him, if it hurts a lot, don’t endure, just tell me. Then I will have more fun.

The reporter is on the verge of tears, he tells him that they were young. When people are young then they do that. i am not the only one.

Hee-sung stops.

HS – I am joking, if I actually did this then I would put a plastic sheet on the floor.

MJ – Hyun-soo, what do you want from me? I will give you money if you need money. I am so scared. I can’t feel my legs and arms.

HS – Hey, Kim Moo-jin. I am just like my father.

MJ – What?

HS – Even though you pull my pity, I do not feel anything. So don’t cry. I want to put a plastic sheet on the floor.

Hee-sung pulls Moo-jin’s cell phone out of his pocket and tells him that he does not want to say it twice. Tell me your password.


Ji-won is in the autopsy room. The doctor tells them that she has not moved for 8-9 hours. There was no mark from struggling on the neck. So the wire around the neck was cosmetic.

She had 8 stab wounds. So bleeding was the cause of death.

There was no bleeding mark on the ankle so it was broken after death.

the thumbnail was also removed after death.

Ji-won asks why the thumbnail, why not the other nails? if it was DNA then he should have removed all the other ones.

The doctor says it was like the other case from before. The Yunjoo city serial killer case. The murderer name was Do Min-seok. He collected victims nails as a souvenir.


The police chief tells a group of people that this is a serial killer copycat case. A group of cops are all gathered around a table in a meeting room. The police chief also said that they do not have copy cat cases in Korea.

the rookie tells him that it is just like Yun-joo city serial murder case. The method is the same. Jae-sup thinks it is spontaneous by someone who knows her and they are just disguising it as the serial killer.

he starts to talk about the apple she was eating and how he thinks she ate it with the murderer. they found the apples skin in the room, but no knife. So it means that 100% this was the weapon.

The captain agrees with him so Jae-sup wants to high five him. The captain pushes his hand away, lol. 

There is no CCTV for this case. The one in front of the house does not work. the victim has $20k that she lended to the people in the market so she was kind of rich. According to the social worker, the old woman donated a lot of money also.

They find out that she donated more than $310k. the social worker told them that she donated a lot so their social center takes good care of her.

The social worker is trembling as she tells this to Jae-sup. Jae-sup asks what she means by spending special care on her. The social worker says that they always paid attention to her because she was very old and lived alone.

Jae-sup recounted this to the group. The woman had a building and might have been worth more than 1 million dollars. She had one son.

Cut to a man who might be the son. He is looking through the mothers store for something.


The captain asks Detective Cha why she isn’t saying anything about this. Ji-won wonders, why Do Min-seok?

The Chief asks what she is talking about?

JW – Do Min-seok has never been exposed to the media like other serial murderers. It wasn’t unsolved like other cases so it was not famous. So why pick him?

Chief – Is that important?

HJ – Reporter Kim Moo-jin’s article.


Kim Moo-jin is still in the basement. he tells his boss that he cannot go to work today. The boss asks, what are you talking about? You never come to work anyway. Moo-jin says he will go to work tomorrow. She asks, are you joking? I can’t stand that you do nothing in the office. Just keep the deadline okay?


But the boss tells him, shut up. Then hangs up on him. Hee-sung also hangs up right then too.

HS – Your magazine is a weekly magazine. So that means your date should be due on Friday. I have at least 3 more days for the missing report.

MJ – Listen to me! This is Baek Hee-sung’s craft studio, right? 

HS – Right. Continue.

MJ – You work for the studio. 

HS – Yes.

MJ – Yesterday I was supposed to meet Baek Hee-sung at this studio because Baek Hee-sung’s wife introduced me to him. Baek Hee-sung’s wife is a police officer of the violence team. Don’t you see? You will get caught right away.

Hee-sung pulls up a stool and sits.

HS – Hey Kim Woo-jin, don’t you see? Why do you think you are trapped here? I am under search for 18 years but have not gotten caught.

MJ – ….are you….Baek Hee-sung? Are you….detective Cha Ji-won’s husband? WHYYYYYY! You said you had nothing to do with that towns mayors case. You told me!

HS – Would you like to know the truth? If you know the truth then you would have to be ready for it.

MJ – No, I do not want to know.

HS – Hey, Moo-jin, actually I know who killed the mayor.

MJ – I really don’t want to know.

HS – Are you wondering?

MJ – *shakes head* No, no, no don’t do it.

HS – That person is

MJ – No no no I am not listening

Hee-sung puts duck tape over his mouth again. Then leans in and whispers….yes, I killed him.

Flashback to high school Do Hyun-soo with a branch trimmer in his hand. The mayor lays dead on some hay in a barn. Some voice is saying Hyun-soo, you shouldn’t do this.

It is possibly his sister. She is standing next to him. Yes, he calls her noona. She tells him that he should not do this. he tells her, actually, I feel good. Then he smiles like a super evil villain.


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