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Flower of Evil: Episode 16 Review (Final)

They stuck the ending, amnesia plot line and alllllll!

Okay y’all, so in the begining of this episode we see a lovely flashback from when Hyun-soo and Ji-won took their wedding photos. His parents were not coming to their wedding so Ji-won was a little bummed about it.

But then we cut to the present where Ji-won is sitting across a coffee table from a nervous Hyun-soo. He has lost all his memories of the two of them together, including memories of his daughter.

There was this cool sequence where Hyun-soo was in the hospital dreaming about his family and we see those memories swirling away. All the memories swirl away until we get to the moment he was hit by Hee-sung’s car.

So when he wakes up suddenly in the hospital, he thinks that is right after he got hit by the car and he is still a fugitive. So he tries to get away. He does not even recognize Ji-won standing in the hallway.

Nothing else is wrong with him besides this amnesia. The bullet did not get lodged in the brain. It did crack his skull though so he just had to have surgery to repair it.

But the amnesia is the thing, so Ji-won and Eun-ha have to start planning their life without Hyun-soo. Eun-ha actually thinks her father went away for several months but Hyun-soo went to go live with Moo-jin.

In a big turn of events, Hyun-soo is now a hero. He is the one known for stopping the serial killer accomplice and for saving the taxi driver’s wife. He has some problems dealing with that since the last thing he remembers was being hunted by the police and hated by all of Korea.

While all this is going on, Hyun-soo testifies in his sisters self-defense case. To go along with the string of good news, a witness also came forward (the mayor’s nephew) which helped establish the mayor as a person who was skimming money out of Do Min-seok’s account for his own benefit and paying the town to torture Hyun-soo with the Shamanistic ceremonies.

The witness also said that he was the one that killed chickens and put their blood everywhere, but he told the town that Hyun-soo did it.

All this leads to Do Hae-soo getting off with self-defense. Her, Hyun-soo, and Moo-jin have a celebratory dinner where Hae-soo tells them that she has decided to study abroad.

Moo-jin is all bummed about it (there is a comedic scene where he is crying his eyes out) but basically says that he will wait for her. They show a nice moment in the end of the episode where they talk on the phone about how she likes the country she is in and if she wants him to send her kimchi.

(I just love how he is so sprung over her).

As for the bad guys, Hee-sung got shot in the chest by the rookie when they were on the cliff. Mija is in jail, and Man-woo has gone crazy and is in a mental institution. He is stuck in the past, still wanting to believe that his son is a good person. Hyun-soo visited them both and got a nice bit of closure.

But he mostly wanted to visit Mija to find out the kind of person he was with Ji-won. He has all these feelings for Ji-won, and he doesn’t understand them. They are overwhelming and he wants them to go away.

Mija tells him that, as time passed, she started to feel that he really loved Ji-won.

The majority of the episode is spent with Hae-soo getting little tiny pieces of his memory back and doing things that he doesn’t understand which also showed how much he loved his family. For instance, Moo-jin had a fridge full (absolutely stuffed stuffed stuffed) of egg tarts.

Moo-jin was all like, “Look here, my brother, you got to stop buying me all these.” But Hyun-soo said he can’t help it, whenever he passes one, he has this overwhelming urge to purchase it.

The tiny bits of memory continue to come back and are actually helped along to come back by Hyun-soo by visiting old places that he went to with Ji-won.

In the end, a realtor tells him that she found the perfect place for him that matches everything he wants in a studio and takes him to his old studio/house.

He walks in and looks at everything and starts to read one of his old journals. Ji-won comes down and, thinking that he is a stranger, tells him that he shouldnt’ read that. But then she sees that this is Hyun-soo.

Hyun-soo pours his heart out to her and says that he wants to find the old Hyun-soo that she knows again. She pours her heart out to him as well and says she is scared about opening herself up to love again but she wants to try.

They both share a long tearful kiss.

Then Hyun-soo goes to meet his daughter for the first time in months. Eun-ha runs out as soon as she sees him and his body reacts instinctively to kneel and gives her a hug like it always did.

Hugging her sends a new warmth of memories flooding back to when he held her when she was a teeny tiny cutie pie baby that you just want to cuddle with all day because they are so cute.

The entire family hugs it out with bright smiles and tears, and I’m sitting over here like YAAAAAAAAS.



Y’all, THIS SHOW WAS SO CRAY AND IT WAS SO GOOD. A definite recommend. So many things were like “What???” and yet they made sense inside the drama so I was willing to let it all slide.

For instance, there ain’t no way that a dude who woke up from an 18 year coma is about to be out here pushing cops away and grabbing guns. But they kind of sort of showed him gaining his strength back over some kind of time, plus he was a crazy a** villian that I loved, so I was all for it.

Everyone who I wanted to have a happy ending had their happy ending and everyone who I wanted to get their comeuppance got their comeuppance. Hyun-soo was cleared of all charges and came back a hero, his sister was cleared and got to live her own life for awhile, the family came back together stronger than ever, I just sigh. *chefs kiss*

Plus, the acting was so good from the teenage versions of the main characters to the cutie pie daughter to all the side characters, it was just a well done over the top show. 1/4 horror, 1/4 action, 1/4th comedy, 1/4 suspense? I don’t know how they did it, but they mixed all those genres together into some kind of serial killer gumbo. (Ew, that is a gross analogy, but let’s go with it since it’s out there like this show was 😜).

I am super happy I watched this. Now we just need to find the time to watch the other shows we have on our list! We might be switching to this review format for all those that aren’t on the weekend until we can rearrange our schedule to find some more time. Hope to see you on the next drama! 😘

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  1. Jane M
    September 25, 2020 / 4:49 pm

    This show definitely goes to my all-time top 10 list! I am so glad that Lee Jun Ki finally had a character to sink his teeth into. I still love the story arc of his character learning to have emotions by studying his wife, who is the most supportive partner in history. I enjoyed reading you recaps so much throughout the show – thanks! Now, might I suggest Zombie Detective? This is another story that doesn’t fit any genre, but I laughed so hard (totally unexpected!) and who knew that my heartthrob Choi Jin Hyuk could do comedy?

    • V
      September 25, 2020 / 9:18 pm

      OMG, Zombie detective??? 😂

      I have not heard of it but I am definitely interested! I’ll see how much we have missed!

      We were going to do Park Bo-gum’s newest drama (because who doesn’t love Gummy) but that show is just not drawing either one of us in. I don’t know what it is about it. PBG is great as usual so it’s a mystery.

      • Jane M
        September 25, 2020 / 9:24 pm

        I tried PBG’s new one, but I guess I am too old to appreciate super attractive 20 somethings bitching about how hard their lives are because they can’t break into acting – LOL!

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