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Flower of Evil: Episode 15 Review

And…here is a short recap of what was the amazingness of episode 15. As a brief recap to the recap, at the end of episode 14, Do Hae-soo got stabbed by Baek Hee-sun and lay bleeding on the floor in Ji-won’s house. 

At the beginning of episode 15, Kim Moo-jin found her there and called the ambulance and police who took her to the hospital. Ji-won also was called home to get her kid from her room because Hae-soo told Eun-ha not to open the door for anyone but her mom.

The police put out that Ji-won is dead in order for Ji-won and her family to be safe and perhaps get the jump on Baek Hee-sung.

Meanwhile, Baek Hee-sung thought about everything except CCTVs. When he went into a coma, there were no CCTV’s in Korea, but now they are everywhere. So Baek Hee-sung was caught leaving Ji-won’s place via CCTV footage.

In the country town, Do Hyun-soo has teamed up with the thug. I don’t actually know why, but I think it was some mutually beneficial thing. So the thug showed Do Hyun-soo where he was keeping the taxi drivers wife locked in a cage in the basement.

Do Hun-soo secretly gave the taxi drivers wife the key to her cage and told her she can escape whenever she wants.

Fast forward to Baek Hee-sung showing up at the country house. He really wants to finish what he started with the taxi drivers wife. But he can’t open the cage. 

Then Hyun-soo gets a jump on him and ties him up. But Baek Hee-sung tells him that he killed his wife, not his daughter though. And starts to ad lib what the wife told him right before he stabbed her.

Hyun-soo calls the police to see if this is true and the police confirm it.

So Hyun-soo goes goes buck wild and is about to torture the S*t out of Baek Hee-sung.

Baek Hee-sung escapes with the power of shear terror and runs through the woods. Though Hyun-soo easily catches him and starts to stab him in his arm and legs, but is also savoring the moment.

They wind up on that cliff they’ve been talking about for the last few episodes with Hyung-soo on top of Hee-sung about to slide that knife into his a few hundred times right quick.

But all the cops show up then and his wife talks him off that ledge (while they are literally on a ledge). Hyun-soo thinks that his wife is dead and he is seeing a ghost, just like he sees the ghost of his father. But she convinces him that she is real.

He goes to give her a big teary hug, but that is when Hee-sung over powers two cops (yes, it is ridiculous. He has been stabbed in the arm and the leg and just woke up from an 18 year coma like last week, but here we are and its glorious), grabs their gun and shoots towards Ji-won and Hyun-soo. 

Hyun-soo protects Ji-won but gets shot in the head.

And that is how the episode ends.

A side story is that the rich family has been found out due to using CCTV of Mija pretending to be the maid and comparing that with the time of death. Ji-won puts all that together to quickly surmise that her son must have woken up so they are helping him.

Reporter Moo-jin goes to the Rich families house and basically tells them that the gig is over. 


First off, I didn’t mention it in the review but it was just straight up wacky that the thug died from smelling the rat poison not three steps from leaving the house! Is rat poison that strong? HE SMELLED IT. He didn’t even eat it.

But his nose bled and he died like super quick.

Y’all, that was funny. But anyway, I have a feeling that episode 16 is going to deal with some kind of amnesia. But it will be real this time, not fake like he joked in episode 4 or 5 or something.

Okay, we are off to watch the finale! See you on the other side!

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