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Flower of Evil: Episode 14 Review

Okay, this show is crazy sauce, and I love it. We weren’t able to do a normal live recap but we did finally find the time to watch episode 14 today, so I will give y’all a quick summary!

There are three storylines going on now which are Hyun-soo and Ji-won getting away from the cops, Baek Hee-sung and family trying to pin the murder of the maid on Hun-soo, and the wife of the taxi driver living her worst life back in the small town where she is now a prisoner again.

So in a hilarious move, after Hyun-soo held the knife to Ji-won’s throat and had her turn off the CCTV, he basically relaxed and was himself again, but Ji-won was all like, YOU HELD A KNIFE TO MY THROAT! 

He apologized for everything, but they still bickered about it, then she handcuffed herself to him so that he could not leave to solve this situation on his own. So they are walking around handcuffed to each other. They go to a motel where they come up with a plan to call the thug guy and record the conversation.

Everything goes well with that because they get some new information that can help them, but Hyun-soo decides that he wants to do the rest on his own. So he handcuffs Ji-won to a table in the motel and calls EMT or the police or something to come get her.

He set off on his own to meet with the thug.

With Baek Hee-sung, his tactic to get Hyun-soo blamed for the maids murder is working out great. They find the maids hair in Hyun-soo’s car and have a city wide hunt to try and find Hyun-soo. Jae-sup also meets with Mija to find out more information and she says that they made Hyun-soo their son for almost two decades because they were sorry for him and they also had a lot of love to give and all that.

Meanwhile, the father, Man-woo met with the superintendent of the police to try and sweet talk him into taking care of his family during this case.

Ji-won gets found and taken back to the police station where she continues to work on the case. All her teammates are happy to have her back. She says they need to look into the thug case (or another case) again.

She also gives Hae-soo her daughter, Eun-ha to watch for the night because her own mother collapsed due to the news of her son being a serial killer accomplice and her daughter being kidnapped. But the mom is fine, she is in the hospital.

That night, Do Hae-soo takes Eun-ha to her home to get her clothes which is when Bae Hee-sung comes in to kill Ji-won.

Do Hee-sung tells the daughter to lock herself in the room and then pretends like she is Ji-won. Baek Hee-sung stabs her in the side and leaves.

There are some other things that happened, like there was a reporter spying on Do Hae-soo (But I’m not sure where that story is going at the moment) and the taxi drivers wife remains locked up in the cell in the small town. But she did give us a big clue which was that Do Min-seok did not kill himself, Baek Hee-sung killed him! He bashed his head in with a stone slab when Do Min-seok told him to kill the taxi drivers wife. This allowed the wife to escape.

Okay, that is the main summary! We will watch episode 15 tomorrow, then we will be all caught up for a live-ish recap of the finale on Wednesday, see you there!

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