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Flower of Evil: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hyun-soo and Ji-won drive away from the house. He looks frustrated. She is calmer.

JW – I do not want you to have more enemies. If Baek Man-woo did it or not, he should have animosity towards you. Just let the police take care of it.

HS – I have to see about the caregiver.

JW – Didn’t you hear me?

HS – Omonim is right, I need to confirm how much the caregiver knows and who knows the truth.

JW – It is not a good idea for you to do it.

he hits the dashboard. She is alarmed.

HS – I want to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. In one minute or one second. He is a serial murder who likes murdering. That kind of guy is around me. *deep breaths* In case his bad intentions spread to you and me. When I think about that, I am so scared.

She lightly touches his arm and holds his hand.

JW – Do you know how many murder cases we caught this year? 120%. We caught the guy we couldn’t catch last year, this year. We catch all the people who murder others. If we get [the thug] then it will be solved because he is the evidence. A serial murder is still human. Do not be afraid. After catching him, you will be ashamed of yourself worrying about that loser. We are stronger, okay?

HA – *smiles* I feel strange. When you say something, I feel like it is real.

She holds his hand tighter. Then her mother calls with her daughter to ask when she is coming back. Ji-won tells her ten minutes.


Elsewhere, the thug gets to a mental hospital or something. He slams the door on his car and asks, “Don’t act up? Do you think I am a loser?” He goes inside.

A cell lock gets opened in this mental hospital. A woman is walked down the hallway. She is a mental patient. She is walked into the room where the thug is. The man who led him here is the thugs friend. The thug asks if this woman can come out now? It is not difficult right? She has no family. You got all the money from me.

The man says this was for surveying her. The thug takes off his gold watch and gives it to him. He syas it is real. The man puts it on his wrist and asks who this woman is. The thug says she is his insurance policy.

The man leaves. The thug looks over the desk and says, hello Jung Mi-sook.

(The Taxi drivers wife!!!!)

Flashback to everything about Jung Mi-sook. 

Jung Mi-sook looks up and asks, “Why is my name Jung Mi-sook?”


Hyun-soo is awoken by a phone call. The person asks if he is Baek Hee-sung? He starts to list who his wife and daughter are and where his daughter goes to kindergarten. 

HS – Who are you?

rHS – Your man. Because I like Baek Hee-sung’s books a lot.

HS – You-my family! How do you know about my family?

rHS – As your fan, I should know. You are so sensitive.

Hyun-soo lowers the phone. He starts to breathe deeply. He must have hung out because he starts to search phone numbers. The call came from a public phone. He drives there right now. It is raining outside.

He sees the phone and sees a car nearby, he calls the number on the car and asks to check their black box on their car. The woman says she is on vacation.

He grumbles, but then he sees a note written on the phone booth. 

Note – Hide and seek. I can see you but you can’t see me.

Hee-sung hits the phone booth in aggravation.




The maids body is found buried shallowly in the woods.


Hyun-soo purs a smoothie but he is so into his thoughts that it overflows a lot. he doesn’t vent notice until Ji-won comes into the room and tells him.

Their daughter comes in happily. She asks Hyun-soo where he went last night. She saw him when she went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Ji-won asks him where he went. But then she gets a call and says she has to leave. 

Hyun-soo asks Eun-ha if she has talked to a stranger recently? She says no. He asks if she answered without thinking? She thinks and says no. He tells her to repeat that she will not follow any strangers. So she repeats that she will not follow strangers. Adults will not ask kids to help. Appa and umma will never ask a stranger to take me.

He tells her good job. She says her stomach growled so he says he will listen to it and asks if she wants egg soup.

Meanwhile, Ji-won gets to the woods where the crime scene is. She apologizes to Jae-sup about last night. He says they can talk about it later and pulls her in.


Moo-jin and his boss meets a big time investigative TV reporter. The reporter guy tells them that he is looking to recruit a panelist. he wants to recruit Moo-jin because of his live broadcast. he says he was super cool and wonders how he is one step ahead of the police?

Moo-jin tells him that he had good informers and good luck. there is a knock at the door. A woman comes in an says that a dead body was found. The victims left thumbnail is missing. Moo-jin should probably go to the scene.


The body is being slowly dug out. The rookie and Jae-sup talk about how this could possibly happen. Ji-won says that the one thin they know is that it complicates their investigation. They do not know who this victim is because she does not have any of her belongings. She must have been murdered and then moved here.

They find a notebook in the area as well. One of the CSI people picks it up.


Do Hae-soo and Hyun-soo meet. She tells him that someone was looking t her secretly. It couldn’t hve been Baek Man-woo.

Hyun-soo asks if she called the police? She says nothing happened so they cannot do anything about it. 

HS – Actually, I got a strange phone call last night. One thing for sure is that it wasn’t Baek man-woo. But when I think about that voice, it reminds me of the accomplices voice that Moo-jin revealed.

Moo-jin comes in and asks if they know that this morning a dead body was found in the mountains. There was no left thumbnail.


The police start to put all the evidence up on a white board. They took photos of the notes in the notebook and start to talk about the case. They think the victim might have speaking problems.

The notes all mention that she is going to tell someone something. A phone call comes in for the rookie he says that they have a fingerprint from the tape. There is a match. Ji-won looks like she feels like something is strange.

They go to check the fingerprint and find out that it is not in any database. Ji-won looks suspicious about that as well. She gets a call from Jae-sup who asks her if she really doesn’t now about the victim? She was a maid at your in-laws house.

Ji-won gasps and thinks about Eun-ha asking Hee-sung where he went last night and how Hee-sung says he had to see that maid when they were driving. she runs off.




Moo-jin asks Hyun-soo if he is sure that the phone call he got was from the accomplice? Hyun-soo tells him that he thinks so. He thinks this person is obsessed with him.

DHS – Why did they show up all of a sudden 18 years later?

MJ – Serial murderers can’t stop the crime by themselves. Maybe he could not murder anyone for 18 years. Maybe he was in jail?

HS – Just find it out. And noona, you should stay with Moo-jin until you feel safe.

Moo-jin and Hae-soo look at each other.

HS – You saw the face of the accomplice. You can be the next target. Moo-jin, promise me that you will not leave noona alone.

MJ – Okay, I promise.

HS – I will meet Young Sam-chul (the thug guy).


Elsewhere, the thug walks the taxi drivers wife into Do Min-seok’s house. They go to the second floor. He tells her to sit. She asks if she can really see her family here? The thug asks if she really doesn’t remember anything?

She says she just remembers that she was just walking and walking and walking. I don’t even know why I was walking. I was just walking. Then I was here and there and went to the mental facility.

The thug tsks at how bad her life is. She thanks him for finding her family. He tells her not to thank him. I am making money. You are a very important person for all of us.


Ji-won goes home with her finger print kit and gets Hyun-soo’s finger print. She analyzes it and finds out that it is the same finger print. She gulps back some tears. Then she calls her umma and says that Hyun-soo will not be able to pick up Eun-ha tonight. Can you pick her up?


Mija looks outside her window. Hee-sun lightly holds her arms and says that the body was found. The police will call them soon. Do what you did before umma, you can do it well.

She gulps and remembers the finger print that was on the tape that Hyun-soo helped her pick up. She feels guilty about it.

Hee-sung holds her hands and tells her that she is  not weak. You gave birth to me and killed me and revived me again. To me you are a god. 

The phone rings, they both look at it. 

Hyun-soo paces in his studio. He slams his phone on the counter and thinks back to telling Hae-soo that he will meet the thug. He knows he won’t ignore his phone call since he will get money after calling him. 

He calls the thug again. The woman is the only one there so she answers.

HS – Young Sam Chul?

JMS – I am Jung Mi-sook. Are you my family?

HS – W-Who did you say? Jung Mi-sook?

JMS – Yes. Ajusshi went to the restroom.

HS – Where are you at?

JMS – *looks out window* I see a lot of trees.

The thug comes back and hangs up the phone without saying anything. Hyun-soo calls back right away. But he phone is off.

Ji-won comes in right then. She asks him where he went last night.

HS – Huh?

JW – Man Moon-dong?

HS – How do you know?

JW – This morning, a dead body was found in the mountain in man Moon-dong. The victim is [the maid]. She is deaf and she was working as a maid. She took care of an unconscious person. Baek Man-woo hired her. On the tape that was wrapped around her was a finger print. The owner of that finger print is you.

He shivers in shock.




Jae-sook questions Mija about the maid. She asks her when she left last night? Mija says a time and that she took a cab. But in the flashback, we see that Mija is the one that pretended to be the maid and took a cab.

In a flashback, we see Hee-sung explaining all the details to Mija and Man-woo of what they need to do. 

Jae-sup shows Mija the photos of the last conversation that the maid had. He tells her that he thinks this conversation was with the suspect. She looks at it. her hands are shaking. He mentions that it says Madam and Sir on it. Madam is you isn’t it?

She says yes. He tells her that it seems like the suspect and her know each other. Can you guess anyone?

She looks over his head to her son who is peeking in from the room. Mija says that she has one person she knows.

Jae-sup drives off and asks Ho-joon if he is with Ji-won. Ji-won tells him that sunbae went out after taking his phone call. She was all pale. Jae-sup says to call him when he talks to her next. The captain picks up the phone and asks what they are hiding from him. Pretending not to know has a limit, so tell me.

Jae-sup pulls his car over. Then he says that he has to tell him something very difficult to believe. 

The captain listens, his face drops in shock. He asks, do you want me to believe that? How can Cha’s husband be Do Hyun-soo?

The rookie looks at him like waaaaah???


Hyun-soo manages to stutter an response to Ji-won.

HS – I-It wasn’t me. I-Its not me.

JW – Lets go to the police station and prove your innocence. We will do our best not to be unfair to you. 

HS – *shocked*

JW – I have to arrest you in an emergency arrest because you are the prime suspect. I have to handcuff you. Please cooperate with me. Please.

HS – *nods softly and lifts his arms up*

She holds his wrist. He looks at her. She puts the handcuff on his wrist. 

VO – I really loved your mom.

He turns his head and sees his fathers ghost behind him. He is looking out the window at their home in the countryside.

MS – I also believed that your mom liked me. But the thing your mom liked was my image. She could not accept the real me and left me and abandoned you two. Love is a tricky thing. It gives the illusion that it can solve everything and gives the feeling of betrayal. Hyun-soo, remember, when you want to believe someone in your life, it means that you are getting weak. No more and no less than that.

Ji-won looks off to the side to where Hyun-soo is looking.

JW – Jahgi?

He looks back at her. He looks changed. A bit psycho maybe.

HS – Tell me, do you trust me?

JW – What?

HS – Or do you have suspicion in your mind that I killed someone? You don’t believe me so who in the world will believe me?

She drops his hand and answers her phone. She tells Jae-sup that she is in the house with her husband. I will take him to the police.

He throws her phone away and then pushes her agains a table and picks up a knife. He holds it to her neck.

JW – What are you doing right now.

HS – From now on, I dont believe anyone.

The police all hurry to her house. There are several cars. They rush inside. But no one is there. The captain tells them to check the CCTV. The rookie sees the wires, but it is disconnected. He works some magic and is able to see some footage that was still in the camera.

He makes her walk to the monitor with her hands up. Then tells her to pull out all the video cables. She does it. All the cameras go out. She looks at the last one before pulling it out. he also looks at it.

Then she pulls it out. 

Everything goes black.

Fade Out.


*Oprah voice* ♫ Everything is crazy and I love every minute of it. ♫

Y’all, we thought up a quick solution to this problem with Hyun-soo. He is wearing a locator on his watch so his wife just has to look at it and see that he wasn’t in the woods. The closest he got was the pay phone and he definitely didn’t meet someone along the way. He drove right there and then drove right back. Though I guess that also depends on how accurate the locator is.

I can’t wait until the next episode! This drama is not relenting one bit!


English Translation

Captain – The most important thing is that our comrade is a hostage.

rHS – Even though Do Hyun-soo tried to prove his innocence, he is a fugitive now. Do Hyun-soo is already guilty.

Mija – Do you think everything will go the way we want it?

HS – We will see each other soon so don’t look like it is the last time. Wish me luck.

rHS – I didn’t want to do this but you make me too nervous.

rHS – You are an uncontrollable variable.

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  1. Jane M
    September 12, 2020 / 8:43 am

    So, after last week I was thinking – what are they going to do in the rest of the episodes? Seems like everything is pretty much wrapped up. WRONG! After this episode, all the game pieces are on the board and in motion, even some we didn’t know about (who is hanging out on Hae-soo’s deck? we guessed Jung Mi-sook might not be dead and now she is everyone’s trump card). Trust no one, right? I am still waiting for a surprise show of strength from Hae-soo in defending her brother; after all she killed a man with a pair of scissors so she’s not as much of a shrinking violet as she seems, right? And what other mysteries will flashbacks from Do Min-seok reveal? My heart believes that our couple will overcome this lapse of faith on Ji-won’s part, but having a knife to your neck could be difficult to overcome (grin). Plus, who knew you could wake up after a 14-year coma as strong as Superman and as devious as Moriarty? The real Hee-sung is now one of my favorite villains of all time (plus he has gorgeous feet). My head is spinning – bring it on for the remaining episodes! This drama is straight-up entertainment. Thanks for your re-cap!

    • V
      September 12, 2020 / 10:20 am

      Jane, I was wondering the exact same thing and am completely blows away by this new turn of events. It is hilarious that they have kept upping the anti every week! I also love that it makes perfect drama sense! It is bonkers crazy in real life but in drama land they are laying out all the clues to match their narrative and I LOVE THAT.

      Lol at Hee-sung’s gorgeous feet! I need to pay closer attention in the next episode. Also, yesssss, he is a crazy villian to loooove. Does he need rehab for his muscles that haven’t moved in 18 year? NOPE. Does he look the same way he did 18 years ago? YES. 😂😂😂

      I feel like Hyun-soo held the knife to his wife’s neck so that the cops know that she isn’t in on it with him. He also could have erased that video that was on the machine, but left it there so that the cops saw it. So that does really make me think that he is thinking a few steps ahead. Or at least I hope so 🙂

      I hope that Hae-soo comes through in the end and is the real hero to save her brother! That would be a great circle for her. We shall see!

      • Jane M
        September 12, 2020 / 10:47 am

        Glamour shot of Hee-sung’s feet is in the previous episode when he arises from the wheelchair and begins walking. His character is just the epitome of evil, so over the top. I’m just glad he has stopped whining and whimpering and instead has gone 100% evil genius. I have no predictions for the remainder of the show. I think we are in for some turbulence, so make sure your seat belt is fastened!

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