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Flower of Evil: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

This show is so hard to guess what happens! Oh, I love it so much. We recapped both shows and are posting right now, so both parts will come up back to back!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Baek Hee-sung is standing on the top of a school. He has a brick in his hands and is looking over the edge. He lifts it over the edge and drops it. It hits someone. A woman screams. He has a blank face.

But he cries to his teacher with his mother sitting next to him. He says he doesn’t know the reason, he just wanted to kill himself. The dog died because of me? He lowers his head and says he is really sorry.

The teacher tells him to sit in the lobby, she will talk to his mom. He wipes his tears and leaves.

Mija – it is all my fault. He is not that kind of person. He acts strange when gets his grades.

Hee-sung listens for a second and then smiles as he walks off. (the music perfectly times that smile, omg).

He walks around the corner to the waiting area where Hyun-soo is sitting with his tape recorder. He is listening to it quietly. Hee-sung sits at a desk behind him and to the side. Do Min-seok is sitting with Do Hyun-soo.

One of the teachers tells him that they should draw so they go to draw. Do Min-seok continues sitting at the table. Then he starts to talk to Hee-sung.

MS – It was you right? The guy that threw a rock from the rooftop.

He looks at his paper while talking.

MS – Do you know why you did it?

rHS – Yes. It was teenage depression due to grades.

MS – *looks at him calmly* You wondered what would happen. Like throwing a rock in a clam pond. You threw a rock to your calm life. You wondered how the world would change from that center. isn’t it?

rHS – Why should I do that?

MS – Because you don’t know how else to have fun. Because you have never seen someone like you.

He looks at him for a moment.

MS – You should be very lonely.


Hee-sung closes the zipper on the maids bag. His father is holding open the trunk and sees the video at the front gate. he tells Hee-sung that Do Hyun-soo came. Hee-sung walks to the video.

Inside, the mother asks what this is without notice. Hyun-soo says to the speaker that he has to tell her and her husband something. Mija tells her that they are tired today, they want him to go home. 

Ji-won says she knows everything that happened in that house. Do you really want us to go back like this?

the gate is opened. Ji-won looks at Hee-sung. They both go inside.

When the enter the house, Mija is sitting in the sitting room with Man-woo. They look at him. Man-woo looks at them as well and tells them to sit. He looks pleasant. They both sit on the sofa across from them.

MW – You cancelled our dinner appointment because you have a business trip. Why did you both come without notice?

HS – You had an appointment with me anyway so I thought you would be home.

Mija – What do you know?

JW – How much are you hiding from me?

MW – So you are saying that you know everything about your husband? You know everything so what does it mean that you came here together?

Mija – it means that you accept everything?

JW – First of all, I want to tell you that i am on his side no matter what happens.

MW – Okay. tonight the four of us should have a lot of things to talk about.

JW – Not four.

Mija – What?

JW – There is one more person in this house. Where is that person?

Man-woo takes them to the hospital room. Hee-sung is laying in bed. He appears to be unconscious still. Ji-won looks around at the photos in the room.

Mija – We didn’t have a good relationship from the beginning. that day, because of the car accident, we had an argument and had an unexpected accident.

MW – We are passed the state of waking up. I gave him drugs when he was in critical condition so his kidney broke and now he has multiple organ failure. It would not be shocking if his heart stopped in ten minutes. I showed you all the secrets we have. I promise you that I am going to make your husband life as Baek Hee-sung until the end so do not be nervous about it.

HS – No, it is your misunderstanding. Ji-won just wanted to confirm everything with her own eyes.

JW – The reason we came is not to get your promise.

HS – Times up.

Mija – What time?

HS – The time to reveal the identity of the accomplice.

Hyun-soo’s hand balls into a fist under his blanket.


Elsewhere, the thug drives to the vacation home. The cops all hide to catch him when he drives up.




Back at the rich house, everyone sits at the table. Man-woo asks them to tell him what they want now since they are all sitting as he requested.

MW – Do you think I know the accomplice?

HS – it is 10 o’clock. As planned, I should have been at the vacation home in Gapyoung.

MW – So?

HS – You are the only person that knows about it besides me and Ji-won.

MW – What are you talking about?

HS – You know.

Flashback to Man-woo telling the thug that this is their chance at 10 o’clock tonight.

MS – If [the thug] shows up that the vacation home, then you are the only person that gave him that information.

JW – For your information, the police are in front of that vacation home right now.

Mija gets up and pours herself a drink. She is nervous.

In the vacation home, a car drives up in a nice car. They park in the garage. Jae-sup waits. The man gets out and is arrested, but it might not be the thug. He has a hoodie over his head.

In the house, Hyun-soo tells Man-woo that someone offered the thug double the money to kill him. 

HS – On that night, the only person that knew what I was doing was you. You wanted me to kill Park Young-choon and you wanted me to leave by myself. It wasn’t about my identity. You were scared that your identity was revealed, not mine. Because you are the accomplice of the Yun-joo city serial murder case.

MW – What are you talking about!

JW – Sit down. If I see any sign of violence then I will fulfill my duty as a police officer.

MW – Do you have the same idea as him?

JW – As soon as I witnessed the evidence that you were related to Young Sam-chul, I will take you with me.

MW – *laughs*

Jae-sup calls Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo answers.

JW – I think this is the wrong person.

The caretaker in the background says that he is just the caretaker. He asked me to take care of the place because his son was coming. I just wanted to trim the branches.

HS – Yes, thank you.

MW – I can’t believe this situation. How can you suspect me as a serial murderer.

JW – What did he say?

HS – He sent a caretaker to take care of me. I think I took you too lightly.

MW – Not me. Hyun-soo, not me.

HS – Except you, there is no other possibility.

MW – How can I prove it is not me? Ji-won, can you do this as a police officer? With no evidence? You threaten a person as a policeman? You already think I am the accomplice and you put all the circumstances to fit your hypothesis.

HS – No, all this situation points to you as the accomplice. I am sure of it.

Mija – It is me.

They all look at her. She is still where the alcohol is.

Mija – The person you are looking for is me.

The camera cuts to the hospital room where Hyun-soo is. He is out of bed and tying up his hair. He mutters to himself. 

rHS – From now on, you will be my marionette. Do Hyun-soo. 

He pops his neck to the right.

In the room, Mija says that she is the one that leaked the secret. They ask her what she is talking about. She goes to a drawer and grabs a note, then slides it over to them on the table.

The lights go out suddenly!

MW – Maybe it was the rain. I will check it.

Man-woo slides up to do that. He opens the door and He-sung is right there. In a background we see Hee-sung pull the phone away from his father when he was telling the thug to do it at 10 o’clock. He asked the thug if he leaked their information to Do Hyun-soo. The thug says no, not directly. I told him that I had a request to kill him.

rHS – Hey, boss, you just don’t do anything. Don’t act out.

Thug – What the f are you talking about?

rHS – I don’t need you anymore.

He hangs up.

MW – What are you doing?

rHS – It is Do Hyun-soo’s trap. He wants to catch both rabbits at the same time.

Mija – Trap?

rHS – Thinks about it. Who made the best change to kill Do Hyun-soo? Who is getting tricked by that plan? Do you see? As soon as the thug shows up at the vacation home, you are involved, appa. He just wanted to confirm it.

Mija – So we can stop him from going there. That is it right?

rHS – *bites nails crazily*

MW – Do Hyun-soo won’t lift his suspicions only because of that.

rHS – Wait, it means he does not have any evidence. We should get ready to welcome our guest.

Mija – What are you talking about?

rHS – He does not have any evidence so he will put appa in a corner to get his confession. if Do Hyun-soo does it this way then we should prepare a gift for him.

In the present, Heesung goes outside. His hair is tied back and he is in all black.



Inside, the letter they got from Mija was from the maid. They read it.

JW – You said your caregiver could not speak because she was deaf. The accomplice talked to him. This does not make any sense to connect them.

Mija – What I want to say is the secret is already leaked. Maybe someone else made a mistake like me. The reporter, he knows your secret. And your sister.

HS – Omoni, you are protecting your husband. Aren’t you?

Mija – No! Never!

HS – You know something Omonim. What is that?

Mija – You don’t trust me?

HS – Why should I trust you?

Mija – Okay. You don’t have to trust me.

In the flashback, Hee-sung told his parents that he would turn off the circuit breaker. When the lights go off, appa, you should come out and buy some time telling them that you are checking the breaker. Umma, you should take outa  candle.

In the present, Mija says she will light a candle. She gets up to do that.

JW – Something is going strange

HS – What is it?

JW – Something is bothering me. I don’t know exactly what it is.

A clatter is heard in the back. Hyun-soo goes to investigate and sees that Mija dropped something. He starts to help her pick it up.

Mija – Hyun-soo, I always thought you were family. that is true.

HS – *takes something from her hair* Omoni, I never wondered what you really thought about me.

He puts the rest of the items back in the basket. The lights turn back on.

Ji-won turns her head at the table. Mija walks back inside.

JW – Don’t you have to go to your son? 

Mija – Huh?

JW – The medical devices are all electronic deices. He should be in trouble now.

Mija – Oh, that….

MW – We have a backup battery. He is okay for at least 6 hours. Lets sit and finish our conversation.

Outside, Hee-sung starts to move the body possible? Not sure. But he does go to the garage. he opens the trunk of the suv and sprinkles some of the maids hair there. Then closes the trunk and smiles.


At home, Do Hae-soo looks at the necklace that Moo-jin got her and wonders how he can keep it until now. Then she hears something outside. She goes out with a flashlight and starts to look around.

Agh, this is nerve wracking.

She sees three cigarette butts on the ground by her window. There is also the handprint of a hand on her window. She gasps and hops in alarm when she sees it.


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