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Flower of Evil: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Do Hae-soo and Moo-jin talk outside somewhere. he says he will see Hyun-soo. She should stop talking about turning herself in. My heart is squeezed whenever you talk about it.

DHS – i am sorry I put you in a corner.

MJ – No, it is okay, it is because I like you. Please think about me a half of half of half of half the amount you worry about Hyun-soo.

He quickly grabs her a taxi and tells her not to skip her meals and call him if she doesn’t want to eat alone. Also, call me when you arrive. I will go buy a cell phone. She asks if she can leave? He closes the door and the taxi drives off.

In the taxi, she tells the driver to change the destination to the police station instead.


Jae-sup and Hyun-soo sit at the coffee shop to talk about the case. 

JS – DO you think [the thug] has other reasons than just running away?

HS – Someone asked him to kill me for money.

JS – It seems like you know who asked to kill you

HS – The person who knows that I am dealing with [the thug] and wants to kill me. And, who has money to control [the thug].

Flashback to Man-woo telling Hyun-soo that he would give him ten times that money. Hyun-soo tells Jae-sup that there is only one person. of course, it is only a guess, he needs to confirm it. If I am right, then you can catch the thug as soon as we confirm it.

HS – I am going to give them the best chance to kill me. Of course, your help is essential for this plan.

At the same time, Do Hae-soo gets out of the taxi at the police station. She takes a deep breath. Someone calls her. It is reporter Kim Moo-jin. She answers.

DHS – Oh, Moo-jin.

MJ – I got a cell phone. I am calling you as soon as I got it. I just wanted to tell you that.

DHS – Moo-jin, you are the only friend Hun-soo has. 

MJ -What are you talking about?

DHS – I am here to see detective Cha Ji-won. I am turning myself in.

MJ – What?

DHS – Sorry.

MJ – Hae-soo!

She hangs up and goes inside.

Inside, the team is looking into the thugs girlfriend for surveillance. Ji-won thinks that would be too obvious so it might not be efficient to use people.

Then there is a knock on the door. A cop tells Cha Ji-won that she has a visitor. Do Hae-soo comes in. She says eh is there to keep her promise. The promise that I would tell you when the time came.

Everyone looks back and forth between the two of them.

DHS – I am the–

JW – Do He-soo! I forgot.

The rookie and captain whisper about this being Do Hae-soo.

JW – I asked her to visit the police station because I had a few questions for her. Ho-joon, where is it? The list of the thugs victims?

He gives it to her. She asks Do Hae-soo to come with her. They go to the rooftop.

DHS – I heard about it. You know everything about Do Hyun-soo now. Hyun-soo, the reason Hyun-soo had to live as Baek Hee-sung is all because of me. The real murderer of the city mayor is me. Hyun-soo took all the blame for me. Hyun-soo is not a dangerous person like you think.

JW – Do Hae-soo, Do Hyun-soo is not a young boy you need to take care of. He is my daughters father and my family and my person. He has a wife who will stand with him no matter what happens. He said his noona was a good person. When bad things happened, he was the one that was blamed first. When that happened, noona stood up and convinced everyone around, even though he was fine with it. He said his noona cried and suffered a lot. He said he did it because noona is a good person and shouldn’t take peoples blaming fingers. He is fine.

Hae-soo starts to cry.

JW – If you turn yourself in, it will lift his public search, but he will live his entire life with guiltiness to noona. I do not want that so accept your brothers choice and you should live your life with guiltiness towards your brother. I am a bad person, right? Today, this is our public meeting. I showed you the victims list in [the thugs] file to see if you recognized any faces. You said you did not recognize any of them. So, goodbye.

Ji-won walks off. Do hae-soo thanks her. Ji-won stops. Do Hae-soo thanks Ji-won for recognizing Hyun-soo and says that she will pay for this in her life. Ji-won goes back inside.


HS – Ji-won, right now, she is barely surviving. Because of this situation she has to endure because of me. I am afraid that on one day in one moment, everything will collapse. So, please, what happened today–

JS – Okay! Okay! You are telling me so many times!

HS – Please.

JS – How can I tell Cha Ji-won, Someone wants to kill you husband.

HS – Thank you. When this thing ends then I will tell her.

JS – Are you really not telling me who asked to have you killed?

HS – I am being a little careful about it



Elsewhere, the thug is talking to Man-woo from a payphone. He says he an still kill him, he wants his money if he does. Man-woo tells him that he is under public search right now.

The thug says he will kill Do Hyun-soo with whatever it takes for him. man-woo tells him that he couldn’t even kill him in his own office. How can you kill him while you are in a public search?

The thug tells him that Man-woo can lure him to a certain place. Hyung-soo calls, Man-woo picks up and asks him how yesterday was. Hyun-soo tells him not to worry about it I am safe.

MW – That is good to hear. really good.

HS – Do you have time tomorrow? I think you should know what is going on.

MW – Okay, lets do it.

HS – I will visit you at 8 pm. I will also se omonim.

They hang up. Right then, Moo-jin bursts in and asks what he was been doing all this time. Hyun-soo tells him that he was busy. Moo-jin breaks the news that Hae-soo went to see detective Cha to turn herself in. He wants Hyun-soo to call Hae-soo since she listens to him.

Hyun-soo tells him to leave. You bother me. Moo-jin reminds him that this is his sister!

Hyun-soo opens his drawer and takes out the necklace that he fixed for Moo-jin. he tells hi that noona will be fine. Go to her.

Moo-jin goes to her place and waits for her to come. When she does he asks her if she cares about him nothing at all? Did you even think about me for one second? She asks him why he is interrogating her like this? Why are you looking at me like this? You are the strange person that still loves me after twenty years.

He takes her hand and puts the necklace in it. She asks why he still has it. He tells her to throw it way next time in a place he can’t find it. Then he apologizes. I am sorry, my heart never changed since the first time I saw you in 4th grade. I will try to change.

He walks away. She looks at the necklace.

Hyun-soo sits on his rooftop. Ji-won comes up and asks him if he can’t sleep? He apologizes for keeping her up.

She asks why he is up there.

HS – It is just, because….laying next to you felt so much like a stranger. I couldn’t sleep.

He holds her hand.

HS – I had a question I wanted to ask you, but I couldn’t ask you.

JW – What was that?

HS – How was your day?

JW – It was kind of okay.

She rests her head on his shoulder.


The real Hee-sung talks to his father in the study. The maid looks like she is listening in even though she is supposed to be deaf.

rHS – Do Hyun-soo is coming to the house?

MW – He said he needs to update me about what happened.

rHS – Why is he coming to the house?

MW – Do Hyun-soo does not like for people to see him. It is not something strange. So you need to be careful tonight. He should never know that you woke up.

rHS – What about Do Hee-soo?

MW – I can control that. The problem is [the thug]. If the police caught him then that is a problem. He is going crazy, that is also a problem.

rHS – We need him to get rid of Do Hyun-soo. 

MW – You don’t do anything. I will take care of it. But *slides over study abroad things* Study overseas and read about it.

He holds up an England brochure to learn English. Then he turns his head and sees the maid sneak peaking. She tries to drift away.

MW – What happened?

rHS – Appa, ears are important, but eyes are also important.

MW – What are you talking about?

rHS – *smiles* Nothing, its nothing.


Ji-won interrogates the henchman that beat up Hyun-soo in the thugs office. The other members of the police force look on. The henchman basically says he doesn’t know anything about the customers.

She tells him that if the thug is not caught then he will be in even bigger trouble. We actually do not car about you because we just need [the thug]. Do you know anywhere he might hide that the police do not know about?

the henchman says there was a phone call that came in while the thug was sitting with Do Hyun-soo. It was to kill Do Hyun-soo. Someone will pay for that.

Ji-won leaves. Jae-sup runs after her and tells her to calm down, lets talk somewhere quiet. Ji-won says someone is trying to kill my Hee-sung. How can I calm down.

He says he knows. She is surprised about that. He tells her that they should move somewhere quiet. She yells at him about not telling her. He says her husband asked him not to. He thinks that if you know then you will collapse. He is afraid of you breaking because of him.




Elsewhere, Do Hae-soo shows up at Hyun-soo’s shop to talk to him. She tells him that the person she met at the funeral had a hospital band from [hospital name]. That is why she asked Man-woo about the volunteers. I thought that I would remember the face if I saw the picture.

HS – When you faced him, didn’t you feel anything?

DHS – I saw his picture first on the internet. It was twenty years ago so he should be a lot skinnier and younger. Perhaps a lookalike? I don’t know. The memory is so vague. I can get hypnotized again.

HS – No, your memory is already contaminated because I pointed Baek Man-woo as an accomplice.

DHS – So I wasn’t any help?

HS – It is okay, I am going to confirm it today anyway.

DHS – Confirm it? How?


All the team members sit around their desks. They think that they need Do Hyun-soo’s cooperation. The captain thinks they can try it anyway, they might have some hope.

They all break. Ji-won gets a call from Hyun-soo. He tells her that it is raining, do you want me to pick you up?


The mother looks at a baby photo of her son and thinks that he was so angel like. But I was the one that ruined you.

The maid opens her door and says that she needs to tell her something. They sit and she shows her a note.

Note – I will quit. Thank you for your kindness. Please send severance pay and money for keeping the secret by next week.

MJ – What? Keeping what secret?

Maid – I know a lot more than you think.

(um, this maid better watch out)


Hyun-soo waits outside the police department with an umbrella. Ji-won runs up and hugs him. They both happily wipe water off the other. She tells him that they should have a date so they walk off together.

They walk along a park promenade. He tells her that his favorite movie isn’t Life is Beautiful. He lied about that to get some points from her. Also, it is lying that I cannot eat uncooked meat.

JW – You told me that you can’t eat raw fish because you had trouble before.

HS – I can’t eat it because of the raw nauseous smell from my father. And….

JW – Why don’t you stop your confession.

HS – *looks at her*

JW – Lets talk about something normal.

HS – What?

She rocks up on her toes and kisses him.

JW – Like this.

She holds his hands. He holds her hands.

HS – Are you okay?

JW – I am okay. *teary*

HS – Are you really really okay?

JW – I am saying I am okay, why do you keep asking me?

He hugs her.

JW – Actually, I am not okay at all. I am so afraid that anything will happen again. Also, it is a big burden that I feel like I am lying to my coworkers. I also wanted to blame Do Hae-soo for doing that. I wanted to do it but I couldn’t do it. Why do you have to hide your entire life! I am so mad!

He pats her on the back.

JW – Do you know what the saddest thing is? You kept another secret from me.


the mother asks the maid what she knows? 

Maid – You stabbed your own son and to hide it, you made another person act like your son. That person hit by your son’s car.

Mija – *painful sigh* Please do not do this.

Maid – i am leaving.

Mija – Wait, we re like family. I thought of you like hat. Please don’t go. We had a good relationship. I also found a lawyer for you when you got divorced. You said you would never forget what I did for you. How can you forget!

The maid pushes her away. Mija hits her head on the table. Her head starts to bleed. She looks at it. 

Hee-sung comes rolling up and asks, umma? Then he looks at the maid and asks her what she id doing?

The maid says that they are all crazy. if you do not give me money then I will reveal everything. You have until next week.

Hee-sung stands up. Everyone is surprised. he looks so crazy. The mother gasps and covers her mouth.

rHS – You are not a trustworthy person Park Soon-hyung.

He takes a step towards he and another. He keeps walking towards her She tries to get away. Sh eopens the door, he pulls her back in. Then he pushes her on the floor and starts to strangle her with her own scarf.

Mija hides int he kitchen. 

The maid hangs on for dear life but she is a goner. 

Mija calls her husband. 

Mija – Yobo, come home, hurry. I don’t know what to do!

Hee-sung hears her and walks up behind her. She gasps.

He lightly takes the phone way and tells his father that umma’s forehead is bleeding. She needs stitches. then he hangs up.

rHS – Umma, I couldn’t think of any other way to protect you.

He puts the phone on the table. She starts to sob. Man-woo heads out of his office quickly. He gets home and sees the maid dead on the floor.

Then he walks to the living room and asks his son why he did that? Why!

rHS – She knows too much.

Man-woo slaps him. he falls to the couch.


The mother sits at the counter and closes her eyes.

MW – You said you would do everything I asked you to if I brought your name back. Do you really want to see all of us die? [yells something] You said you wanted to live properly like a normal person.

The mother comes outa nd tells Man-woo that they should take care of it. 

MW – Are you okay?

Mija – [the maid] threatened us first. She had our weakness and tried to take advantage of us. She betrayed me first. Without Hee-sung, maybe I….in that moment, I really hated her enough to kill her. I will fix Hee-sung. I will fix him. first of all, lets take care of what happened first.

MW – How do we take care of this situation?

rHS – I have an idea.



Hyun-soo calls Man-woo and tells him that he is sorry but he has to cancel his appointment tonight. I have a business trip.

MW – Okay, next time.

HS – But I have to ask you for a favor. I am going to Gapyoung on an overnight trip. Can I use your Gapyoung vacation home?

MW – Okay, it is a family vacation home, of course you can use it. What time are you going to get there? I will ask the caretaker for you to use it.

HS – Around ten oclock.

MW – Okay.

They hang up. Hee-sung walks back over with the maids scarf. He looks so content and happy.

Cut to Man-woo telling the thug that Hyun-soo will be at his vacation home at 10 oclock today. He gives him the address.

Hyun-soo tells this plan to his wife. She is stunned that Baek Man-woo is trying to kill him. Hyun-soo tells her that he is sure of it.

She says that the thug will not miss the opportunity tonight.

HS – The local police and Jae-sup will take care of the vacation home.

JW – If we get the thug over there, then that proves that Baek Man-woo leaked the information.

HS – *looks at watch* I am going to go to Baek man-woo’s house to pressure him. I will make him confess everything from his own mouth. Ji-won, if Baek Man-woo is arrested then my identity will be revealed to the world.

JW – I was already ready for that. I am not afraid.

HS – I will be back.

JW – Jahgi, you did not forget that I am an officer. I have the right to make urgent arrests.

Elsewhere, the thug takes a cover off a secret car. he hops in and drives off. 

At the same time, Ji-won and Hyun-soo get to Man-woo’s house.

Inside, Man-woo and his son put the maids body in the trunk of the car.

Outside, Ji-won and Hyun-soo ring the doorbell. Man-woo looks at the video, his eyes grow wide. He tells his son that Do Hyun-soo is here. Do Hyun-soo came.

They look at the body in the trunk

The gate opens.

Fade Out


Y’all, this show is bookoo crazy and I love every moment of it. Was anyone else shaking their head when the maid was all like, give me money or I will tell everyone! I was just looking at that like, girl, you are doomed. BUT I DIDN’T EXPECT HEE-SUNG TO STAND UP AND DO IT.

He was limping along like a zombie and then yanked her right back inside that house, lol. Gah, this drama is so crazy that is has swung back on around to being THE BEST!

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