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Flower of Evil: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part two of our recap for the Korean drama Flower of Evil!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Moo-jin sneaks around the underside of the cars. He tries to be as quiet as possible. Then he pulls out his phone and does a live chat as Reporter Kim Moo-jin. He says this is not asmr, I am investigating human trafficking but now I am in big trouble.

Lots of comments go across the screen asking, Really? really? Moo-jin tells them that if anything happens to him, please call the police. He gives them the address, but then he is pulled out.

He starts to get beaten up by the gangster and tells all the people, EVERYONE, IF I DIE THE JOURNALISM WON’T DIE!

Inside, the thug puts gasoline all around the room and tells Hyun-soo that he betrayed him so he does not want him to die easily. I want you to die very painfully and cruelly. I will do that for you!

HS – I am dying so I at least want to know who betrayed me. If I know that, I will have more pain at least.

thug – You keep saying that BS. I thought about it.

He crushes the wire tapper from the bag and lets himself out. 

Thug – You touched something you shouldn’t have touched. Blame yourself.

He lights his lighter. But then a gun is held to his head.

Thug – Who are you?

The gun is cocked. The thug closes the lighter then walks into the room.

Cha Ji-won followed with the gun out at the thugs head. Hyung-soo’s eyes grow wide. She looks at him.

JW – Are you okay, honey?

He is too stunned to respond.

Back at the other scene, the cops find the people inside the trafficking van. they are all rescued. The rookie asks what happened to the little kid (he recognizes him). The kid says he just wants to go home. So long as he can go home, he will be okay. The rookie tells the ambulance to please take care of him.

The captain asks Jae-sup where Detective Cha is.

JS – Ah, Eun-ha is sick….

Captain – Should I understand this?

JS – Of course, the kid is sick. 

Captain – You should have a good reason for lying to me.

The captain walks away. Jae-sup thinks about Ji-won tells him that she still has things to do. She wants to check to see if he is still safe. Jae-sup tells her that he is going to arrest him tomorrow  morning as an officer. Tomorrow morning. I do not care what you do tonight.

Cut back to the office. 

HS – Ji-won, did you know it?

Ji-won kicks the thug and tells him to put his hands up. The thug falls to this knees but then is able to hit Ji-won and starts to strangle her possible? 

Hyun-soo tries to get out and is finally able to break free from his bondage. He runs up and super man punches the thug off his wife then starts to pound on him. Ji-won has to pull him off.

JW – Now is not the time! We have a warrant for Yung San-chuls house, business, building, everything. The police will come here soon. Stand up! Stand up! Now! 

he stands up.

JW – Don’t go home. Detective Cha has evidence that you are Do Hyun-soo. He will arrest you tomorrow so just go. Go as far away as possible tonight. Don’t you know? go, now!

she pushes him.

JW – Go somewhere I can’t even find you and never come in front of me again. What are you still doing here? Your specialty is running away and hiding.

He is stunned.

JW – Are you going to stay in jail forever for what your sister did? Go, go, go, go. GO.

He backs away stunned. But then finally turns and stumbles out. He can barely walk. He stops and puts his hand on the wall then turns to look at Ji-won again. But he turns back and starts to walk out.

She cries in the room.

Meanwhile, Moo-jin is rescued in the garage by some other cops. He runs to the room and sees Ji-won there.

MJ – Um, d-detective C-Cha. I am here for an investigation.

She is on the phone and says she needs more people here.

At the same time, Hyun-soo is driving away, still stunned and wrapping his head around all of this. He thinks about all the things Ji-won told him recently about not loving him and then wanting him to live as her to feel how much she loved him and how she wants to live somewhere quietly after the case ends, with him and Eun-ha.

He has to pull over and collect himself. He calls Ji-won. But she doesn’t answer. The cops are there and taking the thug out. He calls again. she cries and doesn’t answer. But she holds the phone to her.

He says her name several times and tells her to pick up the phone. He asks how it can end like this. it shouldn’t be like this. Another car passes him on the road and stops. The red lights shine on the car. He looks up.

It is a taxi. Ji-won gets out and stands outside. He gets out and walks over to her.

JW – Why are you doing this to me? Why? You can’t live as Baek Hee-sung anymore. you got caught so run away. I told you that I would let you run away. What do you want more from me? What more can I do?

HS – Why….you knew everything but didn’t abandon me? I can’t understand it.

JW – Don’t you know? I know knew everything abut you but to keep your identity, you really don’t know?

Hyung-soo tries to stand and starts to crumple to the ground. He tries to say something but it comes out dry and wheezing. he starts to try and apologize for hurting her but he can barely say anything and he can also barely stand up straight. 

She hugs him tightly and says that was her only choice. He cries into her hug. Straight balls. She keeps hugging him.

HS – Ji-won I want to go home.

JW – Lets go. Lets go to our home. Whatever happens. Lets start over from there.

He wraps his arms around her tightly.




man-woo says he will look for the name but it was twenty years ago so he doesn’t know if he has information about citizen volunteers. Mijia looks nervous.

DHS – The information I gave you, I have the volunteer stories.

MW – I will read it all.

DHS – I am glad you are here.

MW – It is not problem. We can’t be separated from Hyun-soo also.

DHS – Okay, excuse me.

She starts to walk out. Mija comes up to her.

Mija – Excuse me, Do Hae-soo, the accomplice, do you have anything particular about that person?

Hee-sung keeps watching from the room.

Mija – If we know it then it would be easier for him to find that person.

DHS – Okay. The face looked normal. But the left finer nails where short. It seems like he had a habit of biting his left finger nail.

Hee-sung stops biting his left finger nails. He looks so crazy right now. he looks at his nails. the right hand is normal and the left hand has ver short jagged nails.

Flashback to him writing the number on her arm and him talking to the ajumma in the bar. he told her not to act up, she is not the only person that saw him, I also saw you.  I know your house and your workplace.

He gave the jacket back to Do Min-seok and basically looks the same as he does now. So he is the accomplice!


the thug is getting treatment for his head wound. But he feigns being injured more than he is so that he can escape. He cokes the police officer until he passes out and unlocks his handcuffs.


Elsewhere, Hyun-soo and Ji-won go back home. They are both super teary eyed. But he is more overwhelmed. They hug and cry together. Then they look at each other and kiss.

Meanwhile, the thug is living on the street. He pulls out information about the accomplice, Hee-sung. He took recent photos of him and tells himself that he has one more chance. then chuckles.

Back at the house, the parents fret with Hyung-soo about what can be done. Mija thinks she will find another way, even if you don’t find that list.

Man-woo tells her to calm down. There is no evidence that the person she saw at the funeral is the accomplice. He looks at his son. His son is biting his nails on his left hand. 

Mija – What if Do Hyun-soo know? Will he leave our He-sung alone?

MW – I took care of Do Hyun-soo already

Mija – What are you talking about?

MW – Take your hands out of your mouth.

MW – Take your hans from your mouth!


MW – What is your problem!

he smacks Hee-sung. Mija yells at her husband.


rHS – Umma, the guy I hit that day. Why did it have to be Do Hyun-soo?

Flashback to that night that Hee-sung hit Hyun-soo. He was on the phone and says that he would take care of it. the person on the line sounds like the thug voice. he asks if he can take care of it. Hee-sung says no, its okay. Thank you for saying that. Even though it is difficult, I should face it.

The thug told him okay, whatever. Hee-sung asks how that person was? The thug says it seems like that person didn’t remember you. Hee-sung says that is good. But then he hits Do Hyun-soo suddenly. He slams on his breaks.

rHS – Do Min-seok is not letting me go, even after he died.

rHS – He is using his son. He is trying to kill me by even using his own son. He is bad enough to do that. I really just did what Do Min-seok asked me to do. he said he will kill you and appa if I don’t follow him. I was so scared. I really didn’t want to do it, really. Trust me.

he cries and wipes his tears. He looks so psycho. 

rHS – Appa….umma….are you going to protect me?



Flashback to  little Hyun-soo running in the woods. He is looking around for something. But he can’t find it. Then Do Min-seok shows up behind him. He grabs him and says he found him. Listen to me, Hyun-soo if you get lost here then you might die. It you go all the way over there, there is a cliff. 

HS – That is my first memory. I was ten.

Hyun-soo is sitting in bed with his wife. She is holding his hand and he is telling her this.

HS – I have no memory before ten.

JW – You really don’t have any memory before being lost?

HS – No. I was lost and felt like I was in a deep dark maze. I was relieved that abogi rescued me. that is all.

JW – Why do you still have this (watch). 

HS – I am happy that you know wherever I am.

JW – You are really a strange person.

HS – How much did you follow me?

JW – I was there when you met Do Hae-soo in the abandoned building. You said that you never loved me at any moment. After hearing that, I don’t know how I even came home.

JW – Why are you crying again.

HS – I don’t know.

JW – I know, its because you love me.

HS – No, I can’t. 

JW – You always wanted me to be happy.

HS – Because I had to lie to you.

JW – You were always waiting for me when I came out of the library after studying. Back then I thought, this person really likes me. When my father died suddenly, it felt like the sky was collapsing. I was always insecure and angry. I cried for nothing. To me, you didn’t push me or make jokes about me. You made me food and learned how to cook at it all tasted good. I became okay like that. You loved me. I feel it.

Hae-sung is all stoically teary and quiet. He looks at her and tells her, I love you. Then gives her a kiss on the hand and tells her, I love you Ji-won.

JW – Tomorrow, a lot of people will judge you and make decisions about you. 

HS – I don’t care about them.

JW – Whatever happens, don’t forget that you are a person with warmth.

HS – You are stranger than I am.

JW – What is next?

HS – I worked as a delivery man at a Chinese store then I knew a guy that fixed shoes.

JW – When are you going to talk about me?

HS – Just wait a little bit. To meet you, I have to get over two more almost deaths.

JW – Getting to me was that difficult?

HS – Ji-won, you are the most unexplainable thing in my life. It is surreal. It does not make any sense.


Jae-sup shows up to Ji-won and Hyun-soo’s house to arrest him. He gets out of his car and looks at the building.

Elsewhere, Moo-jin opens the door to Do Hae-soo. She immediately asks why he did not text her about what happened with Hyun-soo. He says his cell phone broke. She asks what happened to his face? He sighs and tells her she is so fast. Come in.

He sits on the couch. She asks if Hyun-soo is okay. Moo-jin says he doesn’t know. She can’t believe he doesn’t know. He tells her that Cha Ji-won knew everything. I really dont’ know what is going on or what happened to Do Hyun-soo r what will happen to him.

Cut to the house. Hyun-soo is still sleeping. Ji-won is talking on the phone with Jae-sup. She asks a favor. Don’t put handcuffs on him. I will bring him in thirty minutes. Thank you.

Hyun-soo sits up. She tells him that Detective Cha is in front of the house.

They both walk outside. She is holding his hands. Jae-sup looks a bit regretful about it all. They all stare at each other.

Fade Out


Y’all, this show is so much fun. ALL THE COINCIDENCES! I love it. I love that Hee-sung is the accomplice, he sure as heck looks crazy sauce, and I love that he hasn’t aged at all in twenty years, lol. talk about baby face.

I love the come to Jesu moment Hyun-soo and Ji-won had with each other and I love that they went back to their home to get all the secrets out and for Ji-won to find out about her husband for the first time. I love the bad thug who is so bad, lol. I love it all. 

So now we are on a battle to clear Hyun-soo’s real name so that he can lead a normal life. YAAAS, QUEEN. Y’all, I love this show. It is strange and unpredictable and quirky yet serious. Right up my alley.

There was only one episode this week. The show will resume next week! See you then!


English Translation

JS – Do Hyun-soo, why did you kill the town mayor in 2002?

JW – Umma, Eun-ha’s father won’t be able to pick up Eun-ha in the kindergarten.

JW – I wanted to blame Do Hae-soo for doing it. But I can’t do it so that is why I didn’t say anything. I am so mad!

DHS – I am back to keep our promise. The promise that I will tell you everything when the time comes.

HS – The dead body that was found this morning in the mountain does not have a thumb nail.

Mija – What do you know? (sign language)

Mija – What do you know!

JW – We will do our best. You will not have any regrets.

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  1. Jane M
    September 4, 2020 / 2:47 pm

    I love the overarching mystery that is the main component of this drama, but even more than that I love how the character Hee-sung/Hyun-soo is learning what emotions are. He has spent his entire life believing he doesn’t have them, searching the faces of other people to identify what emotions they are feeling so that he can “fake” his responses. Ji-won has been his north star through his adult life, and now she is showing him that he DOES have emotions which is putting him on a healing path. I could watch the interactions between these 2 characters, and the remarkable subtle portrayals of them by the actors, all day long. But, back to the main story – it is pure soapy campy trash and I love it. I nearly burst out laughing in this episode when the 3 Baek family members were trading their pop-eyed stares accompanied by the most trite of melodrama soundtracks. I swear it was like watching a “The Californians” skit from Saturday Night Live! Now, I just hope they can wrap this story up with some type of believable end, and of course, that our little family of Hee-sung, Ji-won, and Eun-ha will live happily after. I hope that’s the writers plan, but I sure don’t see how it can be pulled off. NOTE: who was Moo-jin winking at in the parking garage once the police had arrived? His phone was destroyed so it couldn’t be the audience from his live stream. Was he winking at US?

    • V
      September 5, 2020 / 7:38 am

      Everything you said Jane, lololol. The acting and character development in this show is great. The story line is so campy!!!! BUT I LOVE IT. Your Californian’s skit is so hilarious and an the mark 😂.

      I hope they can pull off the happily ever after for the family. I kind of feel like this is going to a court case that will clear Hyun-soo of everything. But he will still have to maintain his anonymity somehow. Hopefully Moo-jin will help out as well on the journalism side.

      • Jane M
        September 8, 2020 / 3:25 pm

        OK – have I finally been stricken by senility? I swear the first 2 times I watched this episode that Moo-jin winked directly into the camera after pulling himself up to the roof of a car as the thug was being arrested behind him. I just watched for a 3rd time (no new episode, you know?) and it’s gone! I can think of better images for me to hallucinate than that! Did anyone else notice it? I was thinking it was a continuity error because he might have been winking at the camera for his live video feed, but at that point his phone had been destroyed by the thug. I can’t believe they would have edited after the episode has been released. Maybe it’s time for me to have a mental health exam?

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