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Flower of Evil: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

We just finished watching this crazy show! Posting both parts back to back. There is only one episode airing this week. The drama picks up next week with episode twelve!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Heesung and Ji-won go to see their baby in the hospital after she was born. She is in the nursery and they are both looking at her. He asks her why she is crying. Ji-won says it is because she is so beautiful and she is so thankful that she was born and she can’t really explain it. What about you?

He said he is worried. Just in case she doesn’t like me. Ji-won asks what he is talking about, you are appa, of course she will like you.

The baby starts crying. He asks why she is crying all of a sudden. Ji-won says it is of course because she is scared and happy and has a lot to say but can’t say anything.

He looks at Eun-ha with curiosity.


Do Hae-soo looks on the computer for the green bracelet and finds out that it is Haeshin University hospital. But she hears a sound so she goes to her window and opens it. No one is there. She closes her blinds and heads back to her computer to look up the bracelet some more.

The father, Man-woo is in a lot of the photos. She reads his name Baek Man-woo.


Jae-sup pulls Ji-won off to the side and tells her that she knew it, she knew everything and controlled them and lied to them. The captain asks if he is crazy? Let hr go. Now But he won’t so they pull him away. The rookie asks Jae-sup why he is doing this.

The captain looks back and forth between the two of them. Ji-won says it was her fault not his fault. Jae-sup tells Ji-won to follow him. The captain asks Ji-won what happened. She tells him they have something they will take care of.

They go to the rooftop. Ji-won asks him how he knew this. I don’t know where to start.

JS – Don’t do it. I am not going to listen to your excuses or your explanation. Just answer my questions. When did you know?

JW – While investigating the Park Hyun-chool case (the taxi driver).

JS – Okay. That is what I noticed. Does Do Hyun-soo know that you know?

JW – He doesn’t

JS – Lets do this. You didn’t know anything. With my evidence, I can prove Baek Hee-sung is Do Hyun-soo. I am not going to involve you. You are the biggest victim of Do Hyun-soo. You couldn’t do anything, that is why you are here, right?

JW – *shakes her head*

JS – Ji-won, your emotions are not true. This is just so shocking to you so you just sympathized yourself with the accuser, you know this in your head.

JW – No, no, the truth is different. I know.

JS – What happened to the real Baek Hee-sung? Do you know that? The person whose identity he took for more than ten years. Do you think he’s okay?

JW – Baek Hee-sung’s family helped. The parents gave their own son’s identity voluntarily. He is not a person who will hurt others.

JS – Do you have evidence? Not your belief, evidence!

JW – *kneels* Sunbae, give me one break and ignore it.

JS – Are you sure?

JW – I will prove it with my own life. If he is caught by the police then he will be a public spectacle. The son of a serial murderer psychopath police wife. I know how the world will see him. Everyone will have fun watching him and throw rocks at him. You know sunbae. No one cares about the truth. How can I not look at that.

He kneels also.

JS – You will blame me now, but eventually you will thank me.

JW – Sunbae, please.

JS – Tonight, we are going to arrest all of Young Sung-chul’s people and arrest Do Hyun-soo tomorrow morning. I can’t leave you unattended so you should step out. Until everything ends, just ignore it.

He walks away. She whines and begs but stays on her knees.


Do Hyun-soo sits in a car and says, after handing over the money, the second meeting will start. He is talking to Moo-jin. He tells him that the second meeting is trading people. Police should attack the scene. if I can’t tell the police about the location then you will have to do it.

MJ – How can I?

Hyun-soo pulls out a walkie talkie.

MJ – What is this?

HS – This is the receiver. I hid a wiretapper in the money bag.

MJ – Hey what if they use a detector? They said you shouldn’t bring any communication device.

Hyun-soo goes inside with it anyway.




Hyun-soo walks into the offie with the bag. A man runs a metal detector over the bag, but the wiretapper is not detected. The thug tells him to sit.

In a flashback we see that Hyun-soo told Moo-jin that he will turn on the switch later in order to bypass the detector. So now he turns it on.

The thug sees all the money. He tells another thug to count it. Moo-jin listens in on the device. But then his phone rings. He hops and checks it. It is Hae-soo.

DHS – What is happening?

MJ – it is going well, what happened?

DHS – I think I found out something. 

MJ – What?

DHS – I will explain the details later, but can I ask you a favor now?


The captain briefs the police about the deal and tells them to memorize the name and faces of the people on the screen. Jae-sup comes back in and tells everyone that Detective Cha will not be participating today. The Captain and Rookie are all like, what the f?

So Jae-sup makes an excuse and says that her daughter went to the hospital, she was very sick. She couldn’t even tell us since we had an emergency here. She couldn’t even go tot he hospital so I told her to go there first.

But then Ji-won comes in and tells them that her daughter is okay. thank you for worrying. My mother is with her. Jae-sup says that Ji-won shouldn’t do this. But Ji-won tells him that she has to be in this investigation because it is her job.


The thug writes an address on a small sheet of paper and tells Hyun-soo to memorize it. So Hyun-soo recites the address. Moo-jin listens in and writes the address down.

The cops get a call from him telling them where the address is. he says he is Do Hyun-soo and says that the victims are at the location. He will give them the address.

Jae-sup pulls her to the side after that and tells her to stay at the office. Use whatever excuse you can. She tells him that she is the one that really wants to solve this problem. He tells her that is the problem, you are too involved emotionally.

She asks if she should stay int he office even when they have help from the other departments? Can you do that if you were me? Our goal tonight is to catch all the people traffickers. Do Hyun-soo will contact me only. Do you really think you will not need me? Tell me. I will do anything.

Back in the meting, the address is burned and Hyun-soo asks for information about the accomplice. The thug says he has it. The picture, name and address. He hands it over in a manila folder. But the thug does not let it go.

The phone rings. The thug picks it up and tells Hyun-soo to wait. He takes the manila envelope back. then answers the call.

Baek Man-woo is on the other end! 

Thug – I haven’t heard from you in awhile.

MW – You shouldn’t be too happy like that. 

Thug – I don’t know what you are talking about.

MW – I will give you two reasons why you should kill the guy in front of you. First. Do Hyun-soo is talking to the police. Second. You will get twice more than the money you got from Do Hyun-soo.

Thug – Twice? Okay. I was about to make a big mistake thinking you were above my head.

MW – He is a guy that hides his identity. Even if he talks to the police. He won’t be able to directly contact them. He shouldn’t have any police with him.

Thug – Okay, thank you for calling.

He hangs up and folds up the folder and puts it in his pocket. He tells the other thug to take all the money out of the safe and put it in the bag again. They need to wrap things up here.

Hyun-soo asks him to tell him what is going on. The thug pulls out a knife and asks him where he wants to be buried, the mountain or the sea you police mole!

Moo-jin’s eyes grow wide as he listens.


Back at the rich house, Man-woo leaves his office. He sees his son in a wheelchair outside his door. The son says he can’t sleep, he is too scared.

MW – What are you scared of?

rHS – Do Hyun-soo….he will never give up my identity. He will kill me.

MW – It won’t happen. I am not going to let it happen.

A ring at the door. Mija goes to check on it. Man-woo comes out as well and asks who is there that late. They look at the screen. It is Do Hae-soo.

DHS – I am sorry to come by this late. I am Do Hae-soo. Do Hyun-soo is my brother.

They all turn and look at real Hee-sung. 

DHS – I needed to talk to you urgently so I found your address.

The gate clicks open. She takes a deep breath and goes inside.




The cops show up to the trade off spot and start to try and arrest all of the thugs that are there already. It is a rumble as everyone runs to get away and is caught and arrested. 

Ji-won runs after a few thugs along with Jae-sup. She takes a short cut and Jae-sup keeps pursuing them. she ends up protecting Jae-sup from getting stabbed. She is wearing her armor so she is fine. the perp tries to stab her but it doesn’t go through.

She yells at Jae-sup and asks why he is not wearing his armor! What if you are stabbed! You were lucky in the Park Hyun-chul case! Don’t you think about your family!

He tells her not to worry about it. She says she has no future. Some other cops take the thug away. She tells Jae-sup that she has something else to take care of.


Meanwhile, Hyun-soo gets super beaten up by the other thug in the office. He is much too strong for Hyun-soo. The main thug asks him one thing, what do you get from working with the police? Hyun-soo asks him who told him that?

The thug yells and tells him to think about it. Who did you tell this secret to? Who sold you to me? Who? The police? A friend? Girlfriend? Are you wondering? Sorry about that, to find out who betrayed you, you will have to get out of this place first. But you will not get out alive. Tie him up.

The other thug ties up Hyun-soo’s hands. But then a fire alarm goes off.

The other thug opens the door and their stands Moo-jin by the fire alarm (lololol). He says he is checking it. Its working fine. then he pulls out the fire extinguisher and sprays it on the thug then ran away and yelled for Hyun-soo to come out. But then the spray is out (it only lasts ten seconds) so he has to run away.

Inside the room, the thug puts his foot on Hyun-soo and asks him if that stupid guy is his only help? You’re a police mole.

HS – If I were you, I would get the money and run away.

Thug – Why?

HS – You are done.

Thug – You are done first, before me.

Cut to Moo-jin running away down the steps and into the parking garage. But the huge thug is pretty fast. Moo-jin is faster though, spurred on by fear as well. He shrieks up the garage and around the corner.


Hae-soo sits in the sitting area with Man-woo and Mija. They are tense. Mija says she didn’t know that she talked to her brother.

DHS – I did not see her for the last eighteen years. We just saw each other recently.

MW – This is not the kind of situation we like. Hyun-soo told someone about our relationship, that is an uncomfortable thing for us.

DHS – I am sorry.

Mija – Do Hae-soo

DHS – Yes?

Mija – How did Hyun-soo tells you about us?

DHS – I heard that your son is unconscious.

the real Hee sung peeks out at her from the other room.

DHS – So you gave him your sons identity even though you knew what was going on with him and took him in. That is what he told me.

Mija – Anything else?

DHS – He said you were good people.

MW – Lets here what you want to say.

DHS – What?

MW – The reason you found our address and came here.

DHS – Yes, look at this please.

She hands over the green bracelet.

MW – This is a bracelet for our hospital. Our overseas team bracelet. Why are you–

DHS – From 1999-2002, the list of volunteers and their photos. I hope you give them to me. I am sure you two are also nervous about Yunjoo city’s serial killer case.

Mija – Why do you think we are nervous?

DHS – What? Of course you are.

MW – i am nervous whenever I see the news just in case Hyun-soo gets involved with that case.

DHS – Hyun-soo is not the person. He has nothing to do with abogi’s crime.

MW – We know. We trust Hyun-soo. But, what is the relationship with that case and the bracelet.?

DHS – May 10, 2002, at my fathers funeral, one person visited. They wore that bracelet. I recently found out that man was my fathers accomplice. if I see that face again,….

Hee-soo starts to bite his nails crazily.

DHS – I will recognize him.


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