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Flower of Evil: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

Alright alright, here we are with our couple holding hands and ready to face the music! But will Jae-sup really turn Hyun-soo in without hearing his side of things (from the photo this seems unlikely?), or will he try and solve the case first and then arrest him?

I don’t know what’s going on. I just know this show has been go go go since the first episode, so I hope it keeps the energy up for these last five!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Mija writes a note saying she will go to bed before someone else and to take their medicine. She starts to clean a room, then finds something under the bed. It is a box filled with instant photos of women inside and a murder weapon.

She drops the box and gasps. There is a small metal box inside this box. Her hand trembles as she opens it. Inside are nails lined up neatly in a row. She throws them and screams.

Cut to her walking like a zombie around the house, holding the murder weapon. It is stormingo utside. She looks at her wrist. Then she sees Hee-sung digging a hole in the background. He is digging a hole for Hyun-soo! 

Hyun-soo is knocked out and bloody. She asks him what he is doing. He says it is not his fault. He jumped in front of the car. Appa is not picking up the phone.

She asks, are you burying a person here? He asks, what can I do?

He sees that his mother has his knife in her hands.

rHS – Umma, did you search my room?

Hyun-soo starts to wake up.

rHS – I will talk to you later. You can go inside umma, don’t get wet.

He starts to pull Hyun-soo into the grave he just dug and then starts to cover him with mud. The mother is beside herself with emotion. She reaches for Hee-sung and stabs him in the side.

He can’t believe she just did that. She lets go of the knife. She tells him that she is so scared, this is over my head. He reaches for the knife. His hand gets all bloody. He reaches for her and asks her why she was at home. Then he falls onto the ground, passed out. 

She falls to the ground and screams.


The screen changes to the real Hee-sung sitting in the living room in his pajamas. He is talking to someone.

rHS – Everyone has secrets. Some people know the secret. Some people try to know it.

The maid is helping him put his feet on the floor. He is talking to her.

rHS – Ajumma, should I could you also?

he grabs her by the face and pulls it to her.

rHS – Ajumma, can you really not read lips?

She trembles and tries to turn her face away. He pulls it back.

rHS – I am talking to you. If you avoid eye contact when I am talking to you, it makes me mad.

He lets go of her.

rHS – Have you ever told anyone about our family?

Sh starts to write something quickly.

Note – I told no one, there is no one to say anything to.

rHS – Can I trust you?


Man-woo shows Mi-ja a recording that was in Hee-sung’s car. Flashback to him cleaning the car of blood. A phone went off, he answered it.

MW – Hello?

Thug – Are you crazy? Where is the money?

MW – Who are you?

Thug – Are you not Baek Hee-sung?

MW – I am his father. What is the problem?

Thug – Hee-sung owes me money

In the present, Man-woo says he met that guy once to give him money. Mija asked, what money? Man-woo tells him that Hee-sung wanted to find people. She asks, Do Hae-soo? Man-woo says, maybe.

Mija – *gasps* Does [the thug] know about Hee-sung?

MW – He does not know. I told him that he went overseas to study.

Mija – So, you asked him to take care of Hyun-soo? Are you crazy?

MW – Do Hyun-soo is poking around. If I don’t do anything then we will all die. So what choice do I have?

Mija – How can we?

MW – We have no middle ground. Do Hyun-soo lives or we live. One or the other.




Hyun-soo and Ji-won walk outside holding hands. Ji-won asks, did you come alone?

JS – Why? Do you two think you can handle me?

JW – What?

JS – I should have brought a SWAT team since I am taking the famous Do Hyun-soo.

JW – Sunbae!

JS – Can I get a cup of coffee?

They go inside the shop and sit around the table. Jae-soo starts to drink his ice coffee.

JS – Our informer Do Hyun-soo. I will thank you first. Thank you for your information, it wasn’t an easy thing. Because of you we could destroy that ring. Did you get the information about Do Min-seok’s accomplice?

HS – No. He caught me with a wire tap. I think you should investigate him in person.

JS – From now on, I am asking Do Hyun-soo questions as a policeman. Do Hyun-soo, in 2002, why did you kill that town mayor?


Hae-soo sits on Moo-jin’s couch and asks if he is sure that Cha Ji-won knows everything? He is sure. Hae-soo frets and pulls out her phone. She calls Cha Ji-won. He takes the phone away and hangs up.

She tells him to give it back. He says he cannot so she gets up to leave.

MJ – What are you going to do?

DHS – I am going to turn myself in.

Cut back to Jae-sup, he tells Hyun-soo that he should have a motive for murdering the mayor. What was the reason? Hyun-soo says nothing. Ji-won yells, he didn’t!

JS – What? You still didn’t talk about it.

HS – I had no motive.

JS – In August 30, 2002 at 7 am. The city mayor was found dead in his shed. His coronary artery was cut with a sharp object and his cause of death was bleeding. There was evidence of a physical fight. Around the body a high school uniform button was found.

In the apartment, Do Hae-soo tells Moo-jin to get out of the way. She wants to be responsible for what she did. He tells her to calm down. This is about Hyun-soo and detective Cha. It won’t solve anything. If this is about a guilty feeling to the dead then I am not stopping you.

She asks, you said a guilty feeling? Why should I? Do you know what he did to Hyun-soo?

Cut to Hyun-soo being dragged to Shaman rituals

DHS – He dragged Hyun-soo to shamanic ceremonies every three days. He says Hyun-soo had our fathers demon and called all the people in town and had them release all their anger to Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo was only 18. Hyun-soo believed he was possessed by a demon. 

Flashback to Hyun-soo sitting in a corner. His sister went up to him and asked what he was doing. He told her that he sees abogi. He is standing over there and talking to me.

he pointed across the room. She didn’t see anyone. She told him no one was there. Hyun-soo says the mayor was right. I will be like abogi.

In the present Hae-soo tells Moo-jin that he was the same. You turned your back against Hyun-soo and became like others. In that town that was destroyed by that devil Do Min-seok, no one was not guilty to Hyun-soo.

MJ – You are right. You are right.

DHS – When everyone became monsters, Hyun-soo was the only real person!

In the shop, Jae-soo keeps talking.

JS – The prime suspect Do Hyun-woo disappeared the night of the crime and he burnt the entire house to remove his finger print, photos, and all other traces. Only and 18 year old. But, why did he throw away the murder weapon where it was easy to find near the creek?

JS – Especially in a backpack with a book that his name was written on. Almost like he was showing it.

Ji-won gets up and walks to the side.

JS – I also found an interesting thing in the witness interview. Everyone said Do Hyun-soo was bad enough to do that. Only one person said he wasn’t. That person is–.

HS – I killed him.

JS – *sighs*

HS – I killed him.

Jae-sup stands up.

JS – Thank you for the coffee, Mr. Baek Hee-sung.

He slides over the recording.

JS – This is for the coffee.

Then walks out. Ji-won follows him.

JW – Sunbae! Are you leaving like this?

JS – Why? Are you going to give me breakfast?

JW – What do you mean? Why are you going back like this?

JS – I am not stupid. I got the feeling that you say Do Hyun-soo was innocent but was not actively defending him. I got that sense that there was a tragedy of young siblings where the entire world became their enemy. I also don’t want to touch that, like you. That is it. I’m leaving.

He hops back in his car and heads off.



Ji-won goes back inside and looks at Hyun-soo. He is still sitting at the table.

HS – What happened? I don’t know what detective Chae wants. I can’t read his plan.

JW – Detective Chae is not interested in Do Hyun-soo anymore. 

HS – Why?

JW – Because Do Hyun-soo is not a bad person.

Cut to them both picking up their daughter from the grandmothers house. The daughter and father are both all crying about meeting each other again. The mother jokes that people will think they were departed for a long time. She asks Ji-won what happened.

Ji-won says nothing. Meanwhile the father and daughter ball and ball and ball. The grandmother says she never say him do that.

He drops Eun-ha off at her pre-school. She tells him not to come just because he misses her because he is an adult. He nods and says okay. he tells her that appa loves his Eun-ha a lot. She says the same thing. Then goes inside.

Meanwhile, Ji-won calls Jae-sup and tells them that she will not quit now. She will finish things up nicely without being a burden to others. She hopes he can understand. He tells her there are three important things. 

First, your life is on the line. Think about it and be careful with what you do. Second, think it over one more time. And third, I am so busy so just come and work hard.

Hyun-soo sees this. When they are driving away, he holds her hand in the car. She asks what he was thinking in front of the grocery store.

HS – After Eun-ha was born I was thinking about the first time I held her after she was born.

JW – I remember that. You were very nervous to hold a baby for the first time.

HS – After meeting you, every moment was the first for me.

He pulls up to the station.

HS – Are you okay?

JW – Yes, I am okay. Byebye.

They let go and she gets out. He watches her walk into the building.

She goes to her team and opens the door. They all look at her. She awkwardly says good morning. They are all like, good morning? Can you say that? Are you joking?

The captain tells the chief that she doesn’t know what is going on. Jae-sup says that her daughter was very sick, she went home after the case. The rookie tells her that the thug ran away in the emergency room.

She is shocked. The chief tells her to sit down and also tells her good job. They are almost there so cheer up. He asks how her kid is, the first or second? The rookie tells him not to pretend like he knows. She only has one. The chief says he knows. Then he asks how old her son is.

The captain says it is a daughter. The chief feels awkward and pulls out some PPL to enjoy for their joints. (lolololol!!!!). He tells them that they all worked hard physically so take care of your health. They chuckle about it. Then they get back to business.

They talk about a special task force they are forming for the trafficking ring. Jae-sup says that they are only focusing on the accomplice to Do Min-seok and the thug. But the thug is the first priority. There is a no name phone that the thug used.

Jae-sup gets a call from Hyun-soo. He says that he wants to see him secretly from Ji-won.

In the car, Hyun-soo thinks about what the thug told him. The thug asked him to think about who he leaked this secret to. Who do you think sold you out?

Jae-sup gets into the car and tells him that he doesn’t have to thank him. Hun-soo says he lied, he just didn’t want Ji-won to know. It was a lie that everything was messed up because the thug knew he had a wiretap.

HS – There was a phone call while we were trading. Someone called him and told him that I was working with the police.

JS – Someone?

HS – Someone that waited for me to meet [the thug]. The goal was to kill me.

JS – Who is that person?

HS – Lets go somewhere.

They drive off.

Cut to a news report talking about the Yun-joo serial killer case and the shocking secret that was revealed. The thug is sitting in a motel and listening to the news while eating ramen. The news discloses all the detail about the trafficking and how they had a deal with Do Min-seok. 

The real Hee-sung looks at the news as well from his hospital bed. The news discloses what the thug looks like and says that he is under public search right now.

His mother comes in.

rHS – Umma, the world changed a lot.

Mija – It is time to work out.

She starts to massage his legs.

rHS – I missed three world cups.

Mija – that is not important.

rHS – My last one, I went to Gwanwando and cheered. Next time we can go together umma. I will take you.

Mija – Okay.

rHS – if I am still alive. Appa failed. Now it will take no time for Do Hyun-soo to know it.

Mija looks worried.


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