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Flower of Evil: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

Click here for part 1


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Caution: Be wary of typos

How to Watch: Viki

Shorthand Character Chart: Flower of Evil

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Ji-won walks out of the meeting and calls her husband. She is nervous. He answers brightly. She asks what he is doing. He says he is buying his material, why? She tells him to pick her up later so they can eat dinner later. lets go to the noodle place we went to.

He says he can’t go back home tonight. He says a funeral of one of his suppliers fathers. She tells him not to go. He asks why. She yells not to go because she doesn’t like it.

He asks what is wrong.

She says, actually, she had a bad dream. DO you have to go?

He says she should sleep better and also tells her that he wants to be a nice person to her and a good person to her. She says she has to go back. She will give him a phone call at 10pm.

He says okay and hangs up.


Mija takes her one outside. He is in a wheel chair and enjoying the fresh air. Mijia asks if he is cold? The maid brings out a blanket just htne and write on a note if he wants tea? He says okay.

She goes back inside. Hee-sung asks how much she knows? Mija tells him that she can’t read lips. They hired her because of that. She also wrote a contract. So she wont tell anyone.

Mija asks him who that person was he had to meet earlier. He says a woman. She asks, woman? He continues and says, if they didn’t have an accident thta day, they should have met. And if that happened then all of our fate could have changed.


Pil-young reads Moo-jin’s report. She is into it. She tells him to give her DO Hae-soo’s personal interview, don’t wait. He says he doesn’t have it. She asks what he did with her then? 

He mutters that it was a confession, but he was dumped. She says that is good, get the interview, what is the problem? He wonders how she can be so ihumane.

he gets a text from Hee-sung. he tells him they have to meet, it’s important. So he tells his boss he will work outside side. She says she got married while interviewing someone. He reminds her that she id divorced now. You told me to be careful about getting married early.

She yells at him that this is a different matter!


Meanwhile, Do Hae-soo gets hypnotized by a personal hypnotist. She is taken back to her fathers funeral.

She walks into the funeral like a ghost. She sees the number he wrote on her arm. His thumbnails are too short. Uncomfortably so.

He also has a green bracelet. She wonders where she has seen i before. And the criminal, he is looking at me. At my face and everywhere. Why is he looking at my face. i am scared. Take me out.

The hypnotist counts to three so she will wake up.

Do Hae soo wakes up with a start and says that he was studying her face. He will come and kill me. 

The hypnotist tells her to calm down. What you experienced happened eighteen years ago. It is okay, nothing will happen, Trust me. You shouldn’t drive like this. Do you have anyone to call?

She says she is fine. Excuse me.



The police all sit in a conference room and talk about the thug and everything they know about him. Actually, Do Hyun-soo was treated in the same center that this thug went to.

They also talk about the ajumma and what she was up to that day. They think that Do Hyun-soo’s report was trust worthy. how can a human trafficking group be involved in a serial murder case?

Jae-soo is salivating. He thinks that if they arrest them all then the entire team will be specially promoted.

The captain tells him not to go too far. Jae-sup asks if they should catch Do Hyun-soo as well?


Do Hae-soo is actually being driven by Moo-jin. It looks like she picked up the phone from Moo-jin calls. Moo-jin says she put his name as Moo-jin-i (which is very friendly way to write a name). So she picks up her phone and changes it to reporter Kim. he pouts.

He tells her to open her heart to the hypnotist person. She says you have a lot of mistrust to others and create your own fear.

She changes the subject and asked what happened to Hyun-soo? Moo-jin doesn’t know. Maybe he will call.


The rookie asks if they were going to lie to Do Hyun-soo? You promised to protect him. Jae-sup says that police don’t protect murderers. When we talk to him more and more then he will release his information and we can make a triangle to find out where he lives.

The captain thinks they can narrow things down and get a dna test for people in the right age range and compare it to Do Hae-soo’s DNA. Then we can identify him.

Jae-sup asks why Ji-won isn’t saying anything. Aren’t you in?


back to the trio meeting in the reporters house. He fills them in on calling he police as Do Hyun-soo. He did it so they will move quickly since they do not have enough time.

Moo-jin and Hae-soo think this is a bad idea. The police will betray you. The thugs will also know that they were betrayed. Do you think he will leave you alone?

HS – The people that were kidnapped, what if Ji-won was me. What would seh do? I was thinking about that. If it was Ji-won then she would never ignore them. I need your help Moo-jin. It may not follow as planned. We have to prepare for just in case.

Hae-soo says she will help him. What can I do?

HS – Nothing.

DHS – I want to do something

HS – I don’t trust you enough to give you important work. You were unstable in front of Ji-won. 

MJ – Don’t say it like that.

DHS – Hyun-soo is right.

He gets a phone call. It is from Ji-won’s number. Hae-soo tells him not to pick up. But he does.

The police team is all around the phone. Hyun-soo gives them all the information about the deal. It is a two step process. The first step is to meet and give him the money. After he confirms the money, I will get the information about the second meeting.

Then I will go to the second meeting place and get the victims. If anything happens in the first meeting then there is no second meeting. So there is no chance for the police to attack human trafficking.

Jae-sup asks if he means he needs to do the first step and get the location for the second step and then they will swarm?

Hyun-soo agrees with that reasoning. He says he will not tell them about the first meeting and he will not contact the police in any point.

Ji-won tells him to trust them. 

In a flashback we see Ji-won tells Jae-sup that she can’t agree to that. Do Hyun-soo informed us to save the people who are kidnapped. But we will betray that kind of informer? If that is our work then I will be out from this team.

In the present, Jae-sup tells Hyun-soo that they are not the kind of people that betray informers. The rookie looks at him with a side-eye. The captain tells him that his plan will not secure his safety. They worry about that. Ji-won says they can protect his identity the best as possible. 

Hyun-soo reiterates that he is not going to contact the police. You need to rescue the people that are kidnapped. I will take care of myself.



The bartender gives the thug a drink on ice. He asks how the people are doing. The bartender says that the old woman is not good because she has diabetes. The kid is a bit dehydrates, but fine.

If the kid is okay then it is all good. The thug asks if the ajumma really died? The bartender tells him that he confirmed it.

The thug thinks that is good, they don’t have to work with her anymore. She was stupid and bothered them also. The bartender laughs. The thug asks why he is laughing? One of their people died.

The bartender apologizes. The thug tells them that they need to keep a low profile when this deal is done.

Someone comes in with some photos. The thug looks at them and says that he always used to see him with Do Hyun-seok, but now he doesn’t see him at all.


Man-woo gives the hundred thousand dollars to Hyun-soo. He says he is worried that it will cause a bigger issue. He then tells Hyun-soo that he will give him ten times this money if he left without anyone knowing. Don’t worry about the family. I will take care of everything.

HS – I don’t want to.

MW – Why not?

HS – I don’t want you to take care of my family.

MW -What do you think I am?

HS – Someone just like me.

MW – What?

HS – The person who doesn’t care about the method or way to reach their goal. What about you, do you think you can let me take care of your family?

MW – Okay. I am actually relieved that you told it to me that way. People like us have the same goal. That is a good thing right?

HS – Excuse me.

MW – Okay.

Hun-soo takes the money and starts to leave.

MW – Hyun-soo….

He turns around.

MW – Farewill….


The captain tells the chief that he can’t tell him who the informer is but he hopes that he trusts him. They have to do it to sold the murder case. The chief asks him if he is really sure?

Meanwhile, the trip gets all ready to go out. They put their bullets in their guns and all that stuff. Jae-sup tells Ji-won that he is happy that she is on his team. He asks if she is moved. 

The rookie says that is not that, her stomach is upside down because you are so cheesy. it is okay, sunbae, you can throw up.

Jae-sup gets a call from CSI people who recovered the data on the recorder.

Ji-won goes outside for some fresh air.

Hyun-soo gets the money all counted and together. His phone rings. It is his wife but she called Hyun-soo.

HS – Yes?

JW – I have a question. I got your bag from Nam Soon-gil’s wife and I listened to the recording in the bag. Can you tell me whose voice it was? if you don’t want to tell me–

HS – It was my umma.

JW – What?

HS – 1997 right before my mother disappeared. She gave it to me to keep it because it was her voice. Abogi called the police for umma’s missing case. The police took umma’s belongings. So I thought they would take it from me also if I told them.

JW – Did you really love your mother?

HS – I have a psychiatrist diagnosis that I don’t have emotional sympathy. It is impossible for me to have that kind of feeling.

JW – Then why did you keep it for so long?

HS – I don’t know. I never got diagnosed for why I did that. I can’t make you understand it. Because I didn’t want to lie to you.

JW – Do Hyun-soo shi….

HS – Yes?

JW – Please don’t get hurt.

HS – What?

JW – I will hang up the phone.

She hangs up. He takes off his earbuds and thinks about her saying she would call him at 10 pm. He checks his watch and it is 10pm. So now he knows that she knows about him. he stares out the window.

She also stares from the rooftop and thinks about the psychiatrist.

Psy – The voice recording in the tape elevates his aggression and violence.

She calls the psychiatrist and yells at her and asks her why she didn’t know! Why didn’t you think that the voice recording was left by his mother! When you consulted him, his mother already disappeared! So that little boy is obsessed with something, it is so obvious for a little kid! You should know! You were the only one person who could help home! YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT!


Meanwhile, Jae-sup goes to the record guy. The record guy asks why they all come to him instead of the forensics team. Ji-won also came to him. Jae-sup says he does not like things to be on the record. But he thanks him for being a professional.

So he drives off and starts to listen to the recording. He listens to them all while he is driving. Until finally getting to the part that said, how did Do Hyun-soo become Baek Hee-sung.

He swerves the car to a stop. He listens to the part where he says that Ji-won doesn’t know anything about him. He thinks about what Ji-won told said about Do Hyun-soo and all those things.

He is starting to put two and two together that she has figured it out too.

At the same time, the cops get ready to go to the location. 

Hyun-soo gets ready to go to the location as well and picks up Moo-jin.


HS – Why are you looking at me like that?

MJ – Did you really have to say it like that to Hae-soo? You don’t know how much she hurt. Of course you don’t.

HS – I did it because this is dangerous.

MJ – You should have told her it like that. it is dangerous so I don’t want you to be hurt.

HS – Noona will want to jump on it if it is dangerous. If it is super dangerous then she will jump on it more.

MJ – T-Then why me? Why are you involving me.

HS – I just asked you, you decided it.

MJ – Yes, why did I say I would help you

HS – Because I asked for your favor in front of noona. You never refuse my request in front of her in order to look nice in front of her.

MJ – You tried to manipulate me?

HS – Yes, I do it all the time and I will do it in the future also.

Elsewhere, Do Hae-soo is searching on her computer at home. She is looking for green silicon bracelets. She looks at google images and sees that it is at the university hospital.

She sees an image of Man-woo and sees the bracelet and sees part of the phone number. Her eyes go wide.


The captain keeps briefing the cops on the case. But Jae-sup bursts in and tells Ji-won that she needs to come out right now. You don’t deserve to be here. he pulls her out.

All the cops follow.

JS – You knew it.

JW – What?

JS – You knew everything. How can you do that. You knew everything and manipulated us. You lied to us.

She can’t say no.

Cut back to Hyun-soo driving. He remembers Ji-won telling him not to get hurt.

Fade Out


Nooooo, I did not want Jae-sup to find this out! I wanted it to stay hidden forever! Sigh, aw man. Well we’re here now. 

One big revelation that I think a couple of us guessed was that the rich father was in on this somehow. He just looks so evil. Plus, how else did he ascend to the top of the hospital so fast? He was getting organs for rich people probably.

But lets talk about the real Hee-soo. Does anyone think he is involved? because I kind of do. Perhaps the girl he was going to meet was Do Hae-soo? I only say that because all of the characters look connected some way or another int his show like they all popped off the same Kit Kat bar.

AND I LOVE IT. I don’t know why. This show is wacky and yet earnest. it is the perfect combination for me right now.

See y’all next week! if you are wondering if we are ever going to catch up on Stranger2, the answer is yes! Im going to watch the rest of episode 2, and then 3 and 4 tomorrow, though we wont recap those episodes it to save time. We will live recap episodes 5 and 6 this weekend!


English Translation

JS – Your emotions right now are not true.

JW – He will never hurt another person.

JS – Do you have evidence?

JW – I am the person that wants to solve it the most.

JS – Just step out from the reinvestigation, that is the right thing.

DHS – Sorry that it is late, I am Do Hae-soo

JW – You shouldn’t comeback home. Just go far far away.

JW – Detective Chae has evidence that you are Cha Hyun-soo. Go somewhere I can’t even find you.


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  1. Kim
    August 27, 2020 / 1:44 pm

    It’s gripping at every moment. The actors, actresses, the script, etc all are perfect to me. Thanks again for the recap!

    • V
      August 27, 2020 / 3:56 pm

      Yes, good acting, script, and cinematography all around! I am lost inside this drama 😜

  2. jessy
    August 27, 2020 / 4:15 pm

    Thanks for the recap

  3. Niq
    August 28, 2020 / 12:47 am

    Thanks for the recap! This drama keeps on getting more and more exciting!!! Can’t wait what will happen next as the truth unfolds one by one. Love that this drama makes you analyze. Why do I have this feeling that sleeping beauty is a beast inside.

    • V
      August 30, 2020 / 6:47 am

      I have a feeling he is the beast as well! It doesn’t add up at the moment, but I kind of feel like the writer wants to pull sympathy for him before giving us the twist that he is the bad guy. (or at least one of the bad guys?)

  4. Carol
    August 28, 2020 / 3:57 am

    Just look at the real Hee Sung’s thumbnail on next week’s preview!!. Hae Soo said while on hypnosis “His thumbnails are too short , looks uncomfortable” 😱.

    • V
      August 30, 2020 / 6:46 am

      Yes, the preview was alluding to his nails! he was also biting them uncomfortably short! But he would have to be so young to be the guy in the past. Or maybe everyone’s flashback about it was wrong?

  5. noor
    August 28, 2020 / 5:30 am

    “….all of the characters look connected some way or another int his show like they all popped off the same Kit Kat bar.”

    That’s funny, and true! Lets’ see who is the accomplice. My bet was on the village doctor (the short bald character actor who is in most dramas, and appeared for one scene), then the raincoat-hat body looked like it was some thin woman, and now my guess is the bespectacled police captain. But for a serial killer doing business with gangsters, one needs a) guts, b) money, c) more money! Real Baek Hae-Sung cannot be it, because he hasn’t been in circulation for 14 years and gangster CEO has had accomplice as ‘client’ for decades! For now, I believe his rich parents are just on some redemption ride for being thoughtless and privileged before.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • V
      August 30, 2020 / 6:44 am

      Oh my gosh, it would be so funny and kind of scary if it was the village doctor! i wonder if the real Baek Hee-sung helped the father get organs so the father and son are somehow wrapped up in this illegal human trafficking thug stuff?

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