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Flower of Evil: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1

Flower of Evil: Episode 10 Live Recap - Part 1

This show is so crazy. But it is a believable kind of crazy? Not super believable but maybe in a Kdrama sense it is believable? Or maybe it just makes sense with all the clues they have laid out. Yeah, I’m going with that, lol.

Just like with our recap yesterday, our part 2 will be delayed. But we will try and get it up as soon as possible!


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Caution: Be wary of typos

How to Watch: Viki

Shorthand Character Chart: Flower of Evil

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hyun-soo works in his shop alone. It is night out. His wife comes in and ells, Oppa! I am in! I passed the test!

She runs to him and says that she is a police officer now. She is so happy that her heart is about to explode. Are you happy as well?

He tells her of course he is. She says her umma just told her that her kindergarten dream was to become a police officer. So I got a job and realized my dream at the same time.

They keep hugging and talking about how happy they are.


Ji-won tells Hyun-soo that she will give him one hour. He has to run to her in one hour. I miss you. He says okay. Then he puts down the phone. The thug stands up. He says something and extends his hand to Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo stands.

HS – You trust people easily. *smirks*

He sits on the couch. The thug sits as well and tells him it is the opposite. I do not care who you are or what you will do to the material or whatever. Our deal is a lot more important that you trust me than I trust you.

HS – What do you mean

Another thug brings over a computer. It is shown to Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo looks at it, his eyes grow wide.

Meanwhile, Ji-won checks her watch and sees his location. He is in a certain district of Seoul. She wonders why he is there. He calls back. She asks, yes jahgi? He asks where he should go, the police station? She tells him the park in front of the police station.

She takes off to it.


In her octapang apartment, Moo-jin fixes Hae-soo’s light. He turns it on and then shows her some oil. She can put one drop on her pillow before going to sleep. It should help her sleep well. He also said he will go home after assembling this one last thing.

She asks what he is doing. He tells her it won’t take long. He puts together a nice moody lamp for her. it stands almost as tall as they are.

MJ – Ah, it looks good.

DHS – You ran away when I needed you most.

Flashback to high school Hae-soo holding back anger and tears as she glared at Moo-jin. She threw his necklace to the ground and ran away.

In the present, he asked, so you pretended like you forgot about it. But you didn’t.

In the past, he picked up her necklace and held it in his palm.

In the present, he goes outside to where Hae-soo walked to. He says he does not want to apologize to her with what happened.

DHS – I am not asking for your apology. I don’t need you anymore. I can’t do anything to you.

MJ – I ran away back then. Now I am confident that I can understand you better than anyone else.

DHS – I killed someone. On top of that. I made Hyun-soo responsible for it. The person who Hyun-soo loves the most thinks that Do Hyun-soo is a cruel murderer. I have to reveal the truth, so don’t shake me.

MJ – Hae-soo, that is not the best.


She goes back inside and sits in her bedroom. He yells at her from outside and says the most dummest thing is to cry at home alone! Okay! then he walks to the door and asks, why don’t I have things to do for you. When your toilet is blocked, when you have to move something heavy. When you want to kill yourself because you are so scared all of a sudden. I don’t care, day or night, call me. Okay? I am not pitying you. I don’t want to go back to the past. I just hate for you to suffer alone. That’s it.

Hae-soo picks up her phone.

Ji-won gets a call from Do Hae-soo. She answers.

DHS – I wanted to finish what I wanted to tell you. 

JW – Yes?

DHS – I know who the real murderer of the town mayor was.

JW – The real murderer?

DHS – Hyun-soo didn’t kill anyone. there was another person who killed him. When the time comes. When I finish what I have to do. I will tell you the full truth of that night. Just remember what I told you today.

She hangs up. Ji-won stands up and sees Do Hae-soo running to her. He is so happy. He stops right in front and says it only took 58 minutes. She thinks, am I the only one to you? Right in this moment, I am the only one person for you.

HS – Ji-won….

JW – You’re not hurt?

HS – Why should I get hurt? Oh, the phone call….

JW – When I said I wanted to break up with you, it wasn’t the truth. When I said I didn’t like you anymore, it wasn’t the truth either.

HS – I know–

JW – No, you don’t know.

She pulls him into a hug.

JW – I hope you live as me for at least one day. I hope you feel how much I love you. Then I won’t have any regrets.

HS – Something happened, right?

She doesn’t say anything, she just keeps hugging him.



Meanwhile, the chief yells at the captain about this new information about a broker being involved in the serial murder case. He asks if he has evidence? the captain says he needs more time.

The captain yells, time? What if the ajumma dies? How can you find who’s behind her!

Cut to the rookie who tells Jae-sup that the surgery is done. Tonight is the critical moment. Jae-sup grumbles about how they need to investigate some more when Ji-won comes back. Call if she gets any better.

He gets another call from an unknown number. The person says, I am Oh Bok-ja. He remembers this woman as the one who had the photo of Hyun-soo. She tells him that she came home after the incident and cleaned and found a strange recorder.

This recorder is Moo-jin’s.


Hyun-soo and Jji-won walk hand in hand up the street. Ji-won tells Hyun-soo that she didn’t think the ajumma broker would escape through the window. Perhaps she was too cocky. 

He asks if it was really that bad. She says she can’t continue anymore. Why don’t you feed me? Eun-ha goes to school in a couple years. I was thinking, why don’t we go to a countryside school? I heard it was popular now.

JW – I want to live quietly after this case ends and raise Eun-ha in a nice place. Would you like to live like that?

HS – *lifts her badge* When you have this, it is so vivid in your eyes that you are happy to have it on your neck.

JW – Its okay, I don’t care anymore.

HS – You are a little strange today.

JW – No, its okay. Just go, I have to go back. I have a lot to do. Bye.

She walks across the street and back into the police building.

Hyun-soo goes home and looks at his daughter sleeping. He smiles and softly touches her cheek. He is about to leave and sees her little hand gripping his sleeve. So he holds it.

HS – Sorry, appa has to go somewhere.

He takes her hand off and puts it under her blanket. It looks like it was a sleepy grab.

Hyun-soo waits in his shop for the thugs phone call. 

He finally gets it. The thug tells him their deal starts at midnight. Bring 100k to the office. He hangs up.

flashback to what was on the screen. It was images of three people who were bound and gagged in a cell. He asked if he liked any of them. Hyun-soo told him that he would take the kid.

The thug wrote out the amount: 10,000,000 won. Hyun-soo adds a zero to it to make it 100,000,000 won. Then he holds it up and says he wasn’t the name and information of the accomplice. 

the thug tells him he can’t refuse with that price. he hands him a burner phone and says they only contact each other with that. i will tell you the rules. if you violate the rules then our deal is off. I am going to remove all the evidence as soon as the deal ends. The evidence includes the people also.


The real Hee-sung looks at the new family photo and tries to make sense of it. 

rHS – *whisper* So the guy I hit is living my life?

MW – I thought you would not wake up.

rHS – *whisper* So how do I live? What happened to my life? Just tell me that. Umma, appa, I will live how you want me to. Appa….*teary*….can you beg him. To give me my name back? I will see him and ask him *crying*. Let me meet him.

Hyun-soo calls right then. Man-woo answers.

MW – Why are you calling this late?

HS – I want to ask you a favor.

MW – A favor?

HS – I need money. One hundred thousand cash.

MW – Why?

HS – I think I can find the accomplice to the Yun-joo city serial murder case.

MW – *shocked* How?

HS – I found someone who knows about the accomplice. they asked me for money. You also don’t want the name Do Hyun-soo to spread int he world anymore.

MW – See you tomorrow. Come to the hospital.

Mija – What happened? What did Hyun-soo say?

MW – Nothing.

Later on, Man-woo tucks his son back in. His son asks him to see Hyun-soo. The father says never. Hyun-soo asks why not? If he sees me then he will be a little softer. Man-woo tells him that Hyun-soo is not an easy guy. If he knows that you are awake, then you will bother him a lot.

rHS – So, what are you going to do?

MW – What do I do? We should just wish for luck. 



Hyun-soo wakes up in bed. His wife is right next to him over the blanket. She has her wedding band back on. He is wearing his as well. He goes to the bathroom and turns on his YouTube to learn about happy faces. He tries to make his face into a happy face.

But he is not into it today. he also starts to have a panic attack right there in the bathroom. He holds his heart and falls to the ground and tries to calm himself.

He finally leaves the bathroom and sees Ji-won all ready to go in the kitchen. She says that ajumma died so she has to leave quickly. She is about to head out. He stops her and asks why she didn’t ask about last night. Like why he had to pick up the phone call like that.

She tells him to tell her when he is ready to tell her. She can hear it anytime. He tells her that everything will be okay, don’t worry.

She leaves. He takes off his wedding ring this time.


Cut to a Police department announcement where the chief is talking in front of a lot of reporters about this new change in the case. The reporters start to ask questions. They want to know the relationship between the cases and if it was right to have an entrapment style investigation.

In the offices, Ji-won and team start to look into the ajumma. Nothing particular pops up. Jae-sup mentions that she went to a market in a district of Seoul. Ji-won remembers that Hyun-soo was in that district yesterday.

The subject changes to the halmoni who had the tape recorder. But then Ji-won gets a phone call. The person on this call has a disguised voice. He says he has an important thing to say about the Yunjoo City case. She asks who the person calling is.

He says, it is Do Hyun-soo. 

And et this, it is really Do Hyun-soo, lololol. He is sitting at a cafe in a disguise with a speaker that changes his voice.

Jae-sup takes the phone and asks who this person it. Are you Do Hyun-soo?

HS – How many times do I have to talk about myself?

JS – Do you know what happens if you call the police as a joke?

HS – You talk so rough. You will catch the accomplice because of me.

JS – Wait, wait, okay.

He tells the group that this guy really is Do Hyun-soo.

Flashback to the rules that the thug gave him.

  1. No communication device when we meet
  2. Check the money first
  3. After i check the money, you go to the place we talked and get the money

Thug – Its easy right? The picture of that guy you want, I will give it to you when I confirm the money.

In the present, the captain tells Hyun-soo that he will speak to him on speaker phone. Is that okay?

HS – That is okay. How many cops am I talking to right now?

Captain – Four

HS – No other persons. Can you promise that to me?

Captain – I give you my word.

HS – I am recording this phone call

C – what is your information?

HS – There is a kidnapping syndicate who kidnapped and supplied people to Do Min-seok. I know things about that syndicate. Do Min-seok and the accomplice got their people through that organization. tonight, I am going to make a deal with that organization. I am going to get information about Do Min-seok and one of the persons that were kidnapped. I can make a nice chance for you to swarm the scene.

JS – What time and location?

HS – I will tell you my condition. As you can imagine, this phone is prepaid. If you follow my location right now, it wont be easy to find me. I will give you all the information I know to end the Yun-joo city serial murder case. Promise that my identity will not be revealed. And, All the information you collected with this phone call. Please dispose of it when the investigation ends.

C – Any other conditions?

HS – Thats it.

JS – Wait, that is it? You were running away for more than twenty years but you called the police because you want us to be righteous? You want us to believe that?

HS – I am not Do Min-seoks accomplice. I want to prove that.

HJ – Maybe he really is not the accomplice

JS – How can you believe that? Right now I don’t even believe that you are Do Hyun-soo or just a crazy guy.

JW – Do Hyun-soo shi….

HS – Yes?

JW – Let’s do this. Give us the information about who sold people to Do Min-seok. After we confirm this information and decide if it is trustworthy, then we will get your next piece of information.

C – Of course, if we get the next information, we will accept your request.

They wait for his response. He says yes.

HS – I will give you information about Yung San-chul. Please move carefully. As soon as he knows about it. All the victims trapped with him will die. I will as well.


Check out Whale while you wait on part 2! (Like yesterday, we have two meetings back to back today so part two will be a bit delayed)


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  1. Kim
    August 27, 2020 / 12:49 pm

    Thanks a million for the timely recap of such a mesmerising drama. We really appreciate your efforts. Cab’t wait for part 2 and the next episodes. Thank you!

    • V
      September 4, 2020 / 8:01 am

      You are so welcome, Kim! Thanks for stopping by 😊.

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