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Flower of Evil: Episode 1 Live Recap – Part 1

Flower of Evil is a spooky show that we are picking up on Wednesday and Thursday! It is all about serial killers and crazy people so watch out if you don’t like those things. *raises hand* I am giving it a shot. So far it looks pretty cool and not super creepy yet. But I’m sure the scary parts are right around the corner!


Available worldwide! These are the last few days to preorder on Amazon for $2.99. We plan on moving the price up to $3.99 and then $4.99 after it is released. You can read the first six chapters right here. We plan on posting one more chapter tomorrow for the last day countdown to release day!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open on water and blood. Baek Hee-sung is underwater and bleeding. He is all tied up. He passes out.

A woman jumps in, his wife Cha Ji-won. She looks at him. He wakes up and looks at her.

VO – (HS) Do you want to know what kind of person I am?

VO – (JW) I will like you a lot from today. I will do good for you. Then one day everything will be different.

She kisses him and gives him her oxygen.


We open on that same couple kissing and cuddling in the kitchen of their house. An R&B song plays (or maybe a Kpop song). They are happy and in love and happily kiss and kiss and kiss.

The record player stops and she realizes that they are late. She starts to hurry off and get her jacket on. She complains about this ajusshi, he laughs. She tells him to go upstairs and get the best clothes for Eun-ha, their daughter.

She says she is going to hurry to the dry cleaners. He jokes that they are only having dinner together, why are you paying so much attention to how we look. She smiles and leaves.

Cut to them driving there. They holdhands as they drive. He says he is okay, he is just worried about her being comfortable. She says that she just wants the visit to be nice so they can see them more often. They are Eun-ha’s grandparents. The daughter says that she is afraid of grandmother.

Ji-won asks why she is afraid of her? She is your halmoni. Th edaugther says umma is also afraid of her. Ji-won asks, when did I say that? But it looks like she is.


At the restaurant, they stand awkwardly in front of the parents, who look super mean. The mother, Mi-ja, stares at the granddaughter and then looks at the mother and asks, didnt you teach her how to bow?

Hee-sung replies and says it is because she has trauma from last new years when you kicked us out at the door. Ji-won tries to stop him from saying that.

The mother asks, who came when I told them not to come?

Ji-won asks if they came alright? Was it hard to find?

The father tells them it was fine. He also looks mean.

Ji-won has their daughter do heart arms and tells them I love you. It fails on multiple levels, poor thing. The grandparents go inside the restaurant. The daughter says that her grandparents hate her. Ji-won says it is fine, if you try ten times then it will work one time.

Later on, they sing happy birthday to Hee-sung in a private room. The parents don’t sing. He blows out his candles. The daughter tells him that she is his present.

He happily says his present is so pretty. Then Ji-won gives him her gift which is a black leather watch strap. She put his initials in the strap as well.

The girl has to go to the restroom so Ji-won takes her. That is when the parents say what they really want to say.

MJ – Did you call us here to make us angry?

HS – Why didn’t you just not show up?

MJ – Can I not celebrate my own sons birthday? Now do you think your life is all yours?

HS – Of course not. It has never been my own. So I don’t know what that feels like.

MJ – Are you being sarcastic to me now? Without me you are.

MW – *slams cup on table* Just stop. We are in the same boat. if you do not want to sink then do not argue with each other.

Ji-won and the daughter come back in. She actually has to leave for an emergency with work. He asks if he should take her, she says no she will take a cab. She apologizes to her in-laws about the emergency.

The grandmother asks if she is getting her revenge on them since she did not let them into the house last year? Ji-won says no, she really wanted to serve them well today.

But Hee-sung interupts and tells Ji-won to put his jacket on. She whispers, what should I do, she hates me again? He whispers that it will be okay. 

She heads out. (Geez, this restaurant looks spooky).

The grandparents keep talking with Hee-sung. The daughter falls asleep in his arms.

MJ – She is dumber than expected.

MW – About your wife

HS – *smirks* We are a God given match, me and Ji-won.

MJ – What?

She gets to work and runs in. It is at the police station.

MJ – What, a guy like you with a bad past has a God given match with a police woman? *chuckles* You know how to make me laugh. You became like a normal human.

MW – Lets be honest, this is an important thing for us. Do you have a special feeling to her since you have a kid together?

HS – Ji-won only sees what she can see. I only show her what she wants to see. So, Ji-won is easy to me. So, you don’t have to worry about us.



Ji-won looks at an interrogation that is in place right now. 

VO – At 3pm, there was a boy who had a head injury in the emergency exit. Kim In-seo, 12 years old. 

We see the boy on the emergency exit, he is passed out. Then we see him kind of starting to wake up in the hospital room.

VO – The boy woke up by himself and did not say much. The first word he said was Appa did it. Appa tried to kill me.

The appa looks stunned and also guilty.

VO – According to the boy….

We see the boy walking up the emergency exit, he is huffing and puffing because he is overweight. He gets to his appa. His appa tells him to go back down. The boy tells him it is so difficult, he wants to stop.

But the father tells him to go back down. The son is way too tired. The appa grabs his fat on his belly and asks his son if he isn’t sick of this? It drives me crazy with anger whenever I see you. Someone like you is my son.

He kicks him and the boy falls down the steps. He starts to bleed from his head. The father walks up to him, it looks like he didn’t realize he would crack his head on the steps that hard. He leaves.

In the interrogation room, the father says it is all lies. Police detective Jae-sup asks, so you are saying that your son wants to put you in jail, that is why he is lying? 

The father asks, is it attempted murder? The police officer recounts what happened. The kid had an accident, the father disappeared, the son pointed the father as the murder suspect. You know that is super suspicious. 

Father – I made him work out on the stairs….

Flashback to the father helping the son up the stairs. He is encouraging and tells him that he can do it. He even pushes him from behind a bit. But then he gets a call and has to leave. He tells the son to go inside first and to not forget his stretching.

The father says that was it. My friend called me and said he was around. We had a drink and my wife called me. How can a parent do that to their own kid? He’s my own son, that would be scary. That is nonsense.

The officer smells him and asks, galbi, soju, beer with your friend? He smirks. It appears that the guy doesn’t have any smell on him. 

Meanwhile, Hee-sung gets home and lays their daughter in her bed.

back at the station, the officers all ask Ji-won what she thinks about this situation. She thinks he is wrongly accused.

JS – Hey, have you seen anyone in the interrogation room that does not look wrongly accused?

JW – Not about that, it is his shoes. It looks like they are not his own shoes according to the size. They are restaurant slippers. While he was eating he must have stormed out after getting the phone call. One of his socks is dirty so he must have hurried and was struggling with the wrong size shoe.

In a flashback, we see him hurrying out of the restaurant and running up the sidewalk, but losing one of the shoes and having to go back for it.

JW – it is circumstantial evidence of his innocence.

JS – That is your problem. 

JW – hat about it?

JS – you trust evidence too much. You have to see the person, not the evidence. The person first.

HJ – You didn’t see the slipper right?

JS – Shut up.

JW – Do you really think he tried to kill his own son?

JS – Listen to me, I had eye contact with him and had the feeling!

They both start to chuckle.

JS – He is a bad guy! Look at my goosebumps! What do you think Ho-joo, is it me or ji-won?

Ho-joon is the rookie of the team, he kind of doesn’t want to answer.

JW – I didn’t want to say this, but Ho-joon told me that I am his role model. 

JS – Hey, Ho-joon, you told me that I am your role model!

JW – What!

HJ – No, its just that you both are my role models!

JS – Hey, me and her are very different.

They all have to leave right then to go to a meeting. So they go to the police desks. Jae-sup tells them that when you pack to-go coffee they still have convenient pack.

He is talking to Woo-chul, the police captain who tells him that he knows that. jae-sup sits and mumbles, okay you know so why does he only buy his own coffee….

The police captain asks them to please get an interview and check the CCTV. he tells Detective Jae-sup to do something but before he does Jae-sup says that he will make him confess everything even if he has to hit him.

The captain tells him to do things legally, of course. Jae-sup ells him to trust him. Ji-won says they will interview the wife first.



The wife is still at the hospital so they interview her in a room to the side. She says she still does not understand.

This person interviewing her is a reporter.

MJ – Is your husband forceful to your son?

Mom – He is strict, he does not like it when the plans change.

MJ – Have you ever felt like he has trouble with sympathy?

Mom – What? What are you talking about?

Ji-won gets there and cuts into the conversation, saying, I am already wondering what the title of your article will be.

The reporter looks over at her. He tells her that title is The father who Hate his son. The father who makes his son walk the stair of death. he asks the rookie if it is good.

The rookie tells him that he looks too excited about it. We are in the hospital now.

Reporter Moo-jin says this is his type of case. 

HJ -Actually, I like what you post in the series portal.

MJ – What do you like about it?

HJ – The serial murder case. I didn’t even know it existed.

MJ – Yeah, it was cruel. The entire town was….

HJ – What?

MJ – No no no, never mind. What is the fathers job?

HJ – Who?

MJ – The stair of death

HJ – Lawyer

MJ – Wow, is he elite? That is good, that is really good. Everything is good except the pen is not working.

HJ – *hands him a pen* Use this one. Inspector Cha’s husband gave it to our team

This is a very unique looking pen. It is all silver and looks almost like a medieval lance. The reporter looks at it in awe. The rookie says that her husband is a metal craft artist.

Reporter – Metal craft artist? That sounds like a fun job.

Meanwhile, Ji-won is inside the sitting room with the mother.

JW – Did the kid ever complain? Ma’am?

Mom – *distracted* Oh, sorry. 

JW – I know this is difficult but it is very important.

Mom – Detective *holds her hands* My eunso is not a liar, he is a good boy.

JW – What about your husband? Do you think your husband can harm your son?

Mom – No! Our family had no problem. No problems!…. I don’t know. I don’t know why this happened. why….

JW – These are just questions as a procedure. Do you have any insurance against the son?

Mom – Yes…why?


The police and reporter go to a convenience store and talk about the case. reporter Moo-jin thinks they did it for the insurance money. Ji-won thinks that is not the case because they wouldn’t get it until the kid turned 15 and they are financially well off.

The reporter says that someone killed 7 people and buried them in the mountains without any good reason. The wife that left home was found in the mountains as bones.

JW – Who are you talking about?

MJ – I heard your husband is a metal crafter. That serial killer was also a metal crafter

JW – I heard that story somewhere.

MJ – If I tell you, can I have one of those expensive looking pens for free?

JW – If I give it to you for free, can you advertise it on you SNS?

Reporter – Of course

She gives him her card. 

The rookie asks why the detective is using jongdaemal and the reporter is using banmal. She says it is because he is one year older than her. The rookie says he is one year younger.

JW is all like, what? The reporter leaves quickly to look for ketchup. She yells, are you born in 85! Then she hits the rookie and asks why he told her this so late.


Ji-won recounts what happened today to her husband. he is folding clothes. She tells him that the son almost died and woke up in a coma then blamed the father. The mother yelled that their family is fine. She just says that. She should have a sign that this happened. How can she not know anything? Is she avoiding it or hiding it? Something is strange.

She changes her clothing and is about to head out again. He asks her if she is really going back to work? She tells him it is not the first time. Were your parents angry?

HS – Don’t worry.

JW – Why do they hate me so much? I am not a hate-able person. I have a good personality and good luck and gave them a grandchild and am a gongwon with good job security. So what is my shortcoming?

HS – Are you bragging about yourself?

JW – Are you mad because your relationship with your parents is getting bad because of me?

HS – Don’t say that.

JW – If I knew this would happen then I shouldn’t have seduced you.

HS – Call detective Im and say this is a more urgent problem.

he tries to pull her in more smexy times. She hits him and laughs.


Ji-won and the rookie are the only ones at work. She looks at the CCTV and sees the father leaving a building. He has his dress shoes on. She thinks the slippers are from the restaurant.

He looks normal. he is throwing his keys in the air and whistling. She thinks he doesn’t seem like a person who is running away. She is talking to the rookie but the rookie is actually sleeping. She sighs.

Jae-sup comes in right then looking all excited about something. he tells her that she is investigating with the wrong hypothesis. It is a waste of your time. Write that down.

She tells him that he told her the last time that doing whatever to get the information is important, to write that down.

He says he will find out everything tomorrow and solve this case.

She asks him if he has something? He says to work hard, he will go to the sauna. She looks at the screen again and thinks there is something she is missing.


Hee-sung walks his daughter to school. He gives the teacher some food along with his daughters food. he says he made extra. The teacher thanks him profusely. He says that he heard a lot of teachers skip breakfast.

The teachers tells the daughter that her mother should be very happy. The daughter asks why? She says it is because her daddy is kind and good at cooking and is handsome.

He asks, does that mean I need to leave quickly? The teacher chuckles and says he is funny as well. They happily and cutely say goodbye. Then his face falls when he calls his mother and tells her that he will visit her now.


Ack! Sorry about not posting the recap earlier! It is all up now.

Click here for part 2

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