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Flower of Evil: Episode 1 Live Recap – Part 2

Flower of Evil: Episode 1 Live Recap - Part 2

Here is part 2 of our live recap for Flower of Evil!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




At a bookstore cafe, reporter Kim Moon-jin searches online for information on the serial killer case. 

Some people in the various forums and comments talk about how scary it was and wonder if being a psychopath is inherited and how the father and son where both crazy.

Then he gets a call from some person who is cooking in a restaurant right now. It looks like he was going to interview him but this person is busy now. The reporter asks about Do Hyung-soo and if it was really him?

The cook tells him very seriously that Do Hyun-soo is a person that you cannot forget, even if you try.

They hang up, the reporter empties out his bag on the desk and picks up a necklace. A woman wore that necklace. This woman might have been Do Hae-soo.


Hee-sung goes to his mothers pharmacy store and holds a cell phone out to her to call someone. She asks if he is teaching her? He says he is showing her the directions.

Mom – You ask me to call your wife and act badly?

HS – Because you give her a little room, she keeps thinking that she can try hard. So just make Ji-won not have any hope.

Mom – You want me to not be in front of your wife and daughter at all?

HS – That is safer.

She takes the phone angrily and is about to call but throws it on the counter. She tells him that she has a right! She has a right to be in his life! She grabs his collar.

He lightly pulls it away and holds it lovingly. 

HS – Omoni, you own my life so long as I live as Baek Hee-sung. You know Ji-won. You shouldn’t be close to her. You can’t fake things with her. You can’t be like me.

She pulls her hand away angrily.

HS – Are you going to give her a call? *smiles pleasantly*


The rookie finds a CCTV at the time the kid was passed out. A little kid is on the elevator. He hopped on on the 6th floor. they think he saw something.

Jae-sup goes to a doctors office. he talks to her about a guy that she said was her friend-dude. She tells him they are college friends. He was normal until he got a phone call that his son was injured.

Jae-sup thinks that is strange, why didn’t you go to the hospital with him? She says that she actually had too much to drink yesterday. it is not that I didn’t go there, it is that I couldn’t go there.

He smells her and tells her that she still smells like alcohol. She is all like, what are you doing? Then she tells him that her patients are waiting. He says to let him know if she remembers anything.

He starts to search his pockets for his business card and pulls a lot of coins out accidentally.  She helps him pick some things up and he steals her cell phone.

He takes the cell phone to an electronics person to see if he can unlock the password. The electronics guy is all like, you can’t unlock passwords nowadays.

But he does see the SD card so he just takes the SD card out and checks the photos. The photos really look like they are having an affair. The police officer says he knew it, he had a strong female perfume smell and she had that same smell.


The mother is still sitting at her sons bedside. She looks horrible. She tries to take her vitamin but there is a huge cockroach inside. She throws it to the ground and vitamins go everywhere.

Ji-won and the rookie come in and see the vitamins all on the ground.

Cut to them interviewing her in the sitting room. The rookie gives her photos of the kid on the elevator. They ask her if she knows him.

The mother says that she knows him. She knows which condo he lives in but doesn’t remember his name. Then she finally remembers it. She asks how her husband is doing?

Ji-won notices that the mother has buttoned her blouse all out of order. She looks all together bad. Ji-won asks if she is eating? The mother says that her son and father have a good relationship. They went hiking together.

But then Ji-won gets all the texts from Jae-sup that show that the husband was having an affair. He says to tell the wife. The wife asks what happened. Ji-won says it is nothing.

The wife tells her that she cannot live without her husband or her son. I hope no one gets hurt in all of this.



Meanwhile, Jee-sung works in his workshop forging metal.

After awhile of doing this, the reporter comes in. Hee-sung tells him to look around at his leisure. The reporter asks if he can fix silver. I had a referral. Can I see Hee-sung the owner.

Hee-sung looks a tiny bit annoyed but puts on a smile and asks who referred him? They look at each other as if they know each other. Hee-sung says that he can come back later, he is closing early today.

But the reporter opens his mouth and mutters, Do Hyun-soo?

Hee-ung stops walking away.

MJ – You are Do Hyun-soo right? Don’t you remember me? Kim Moo-jin?

Hee-sung takes a while to turn around and when he does, he looks like a psycho.

MJ – You are Hyun-soo.

HS – So what?

MJ – Nothing, I am just surprised. I am here to see Baek Hee-sung. Detective Cha’s husband. Where is he?

Hee-sung turns closer to him.

HS – Do you know each other? You and detective Cha?

MJ – Kind of.

HS – *smiles* Would you like to have tea? I have good tea here.

He goes to make the tea. This feels so spooky.


Meanwhile, the wife is riding with the rookie. The rookie asks why she didn’t tell the wife. Did you pity her?

She says she didn’t pity her, she didn’t tell her on purpose. You know how he got the cellphone. The evidence itself could be problematic, that is why I didn’t tell her.

The rookie says that if she knew that her husband was having an affair then we could have had a good testimony.

She tells him to think about it, this case and the husbands affair are not related. She gets a text.

Text – Recently, [the husband] consulted his lawyer about divorce and alimony payments for child support. Are you still wasting your time?

She texts back and says that Kim Sung-jin went to the mountains with his son for 7 years and was happy. 

He asks, do you know what the most troublesome crazy people are? Very patient crazy people.


The reporter is sitting for tea, but his knees are shaking a lot. He tries to remain calm and tells Hee-sung that he did not recognize him. Hee-sung pours him some tea.

Hee-sung mentions that he still recognized him. Moo-jin says it is because they were born in the same town and grew up together. you changed a lot. It is a hot day right? I am sweating. Hee-sung tells him he is fine.

The reporter asks if he is the only one? 

Hee-sung tells him that when you do not say what you want to say, your body temperature increases. Just tell me the question that came to your mind as soon as you saw me.

The reporter pauses and then says it was nothing. He drinks the tea and says goodbye, I have an appointment.

HS- Don’t you want to know? I heard you are a reporter, you should be curious. Ask me.

He sits back down.

MJ – Well, I don’t believe things that are not proven as fact. The rumors about you are all fiction for me.

He holds up his tea to receive some more.

MJ – I don’t know if you know it or not, but 18 years ago when you disappeared from the town, there was a murder case. The town mayor died.

Hee-sung drinks a bit of tea.

HS – So?

MJ – Are you related to it?



Ji-won and the rookie are in the little boys apartment. The little boys mom is there. He is holding his dog. He tells them that he lost his dog yesterday.

Cut to a flashback of the dog running down the steps. He runs after it. The dog is barking at the other boy. The other boy is scared of the dog because the dog bit him once. Then the boy falls down the steps on accident to try and get away from the dog.

His mother tells him that he should have said something!

But the boy said that the other kids mother said that she would euthanize the dog so that is why he did not tell anyone.

The mother says that that woman has to do things exactly, that is why my son is scared of her.

They call the other detective and tell him what happened. It was all the dogs fault. He can’t believe it.

Ji-won fills him in on the case and says that boy is very trustworthy because he remembered the clothing the other boy was wearing. The detective wonders why the boy lied then?

Ji-won thinks it is because he had a lot of stress to lose weight. This case should move to family court.

Ji-won congratulates herself on her good feeling and says her quote that she likes, “And investigation with a wrong assumption is a waste of time”. There are basically saying what he said back to him. They both said it in unison.

They hang up. The rookie has tooth pain in his wisdom teeth suddenly, but they cut to the husband after that. Jae-sup tells him he can go home. They have a witness.


Hee-sung is still talking to the reporter. He says that no matter what he says people will still believe that he is involved. The reporter says, if you are innocent then you should show up and relieve the search.

Hee-sung asks, how do you know that I am still under search? Did you look for it? Why?

MJ – Um….I just heard about it as a reporter. I really have to go, thank you for the tea.

He gets up to leave.

HS – Are you going to run to the police and tell them that you saw the murder suspect from 18 years ago?

He stops and turns around.

MJ – No, I don’t care about other people’s business.

HS – *leans forward* Not about me, let’s talk about you. 

MJ – I have nothing

HS – Are you married?

MJ – Eating alone and drinking alone is popular now, I am a trendy person. I need to go.

HS – You are a reporter for the weekly journal

MJ – It is nothing, see you.

HS – So, you have a flexible schedule?

He turns around. A drum beat plays.


The rookie gets painkillers from the pharmacy store.  He asks which one has less side effects. The pharmacist says that there is not drug with no side effect, even vitamins have side effects.

Ji-won sees the same vitamins that the lady at the hospital had. They start to walk out. Ji-won tells him he should just take that tooth out. The rookie asks how he can take his tooth out. He wants to keep it.

This makes Ji-won think about something. She runs back to the vitamin and looks at it and tells the rookie that this is that ajummas vitamins.

She continues and asks if he remembers the drug color? It was white. But these drugs are yellow.

She starts to think back to the wife saying that their family has no problems. She also remembers the text message images showing the husband having an affair.

She thinks about the son crying on the steps due to having to walk up them so much. She also remembers the mother not being able to remember the boys name.


In the hospital, the father asked the mother to step outside. She asked why, I want to be here. But she does what he said. However, Ji-won and the rookie come in right then.

Ji-won sits at the bedside with a recorder and tells the son that he is the one that put the cockroach in the vitamins. 

JW – To stop your mom from taking the vitamin. I know you have reasons for your lie. *holds his hand* Let’s let your mother decide.

Son – Umma.

JW – Yes.

Son – I want mom to be excused.

They leave. Appa pulls his arm away from the mother.

Son – I hope umma doesn’t listen to me. Appa is a good person to me.

We see appa and son going hiking together. The mistress shows up! They walk off together. The son sees his appa kissing the other woman on accident. She also brought the vitamins to give to the mother. He asked if it was not very dangerous? The doctor woman says it cuts the connection to nerve stimulation. So if she stops taking it she will be normal again.

The father says she became a really different person. She is slow and dumb now. One day….(we see the wife finding lipstick on the husband shirt)….she says it….(he told her it was paint and she acted like she believed him)….the woman says to get the stamp. He says it is so difficult to get a divorce.

She mentions that he is having an affair, but she catches herself and asks if he thinks it is easy to get custody and money? He hugs her.

Son – I couldn’t tell umma. I thought I should tell her many times, but I couldn’t tell her. If appa is a bad person to me then I thought umma would be less sad. I am sorry.

Ji-won wipes his tears. 

Outside, the mother looks worried. The father looks upset at what they are talking about without the guardian present. He says he will make an issue about this.

Ji-won comes out and walks to the husband. He asks if she got her child abuse answer she wants? She smiles and tells him that as a lawyer he should know that without consent you should not drug another person.

She arrests him for harming his wife and tells him all his miranda statements. The rookie takes him away.



Hee-sung wraps up the tea pot as a gift. The reporter says it is okay, he does not need a gift. Hee-sung tells him that he just wants to bribe him to not tell anyone he saw him here.

The reporter tells him that his mouth is heavy. Don’t worry.

Hee-sung asks him to write his address, he can send it to him in a package.

The reporter looks hesitant, but says okay and sits to write it down. Hee-sung walks to the window and looks around, then closes the blinds. He locks the door and turns up the music.

The reporter looks at him.


Ji-won talks to the rookie about this case and is incredulous that the wide did not know anything. The rookie thinks, of course not, she would not have taken the drug if she knew.

Ji-won says she kind of thinks that some reality destroys a person right away. She knows that the reality will be there soon. If you can delay it one more day then I would take it.

A flashback shows the husband giving the wife the medicine and the wife taking it.

Jae-sup says he eats everything that his wife gives to him. One day, if my wife gives me poison, instead of taking it out from my mouth and checking it, I would just swallow it.

The rookie is all like, what is up with these crazy married people. I’m not getting married.

Ji-won asks Jae-sup if what she said was finally right? He said that he was right. The husband was a bad guy. She tells him no, he did not hurt his son. He Ho-joon you decide.

They look at the rookie. The rookie does not want to say who was right. He says both of them. They tell him to pick one. But then Ji-won has a phone call from her mother-in-law. Uh oh.

The mother in law immediately tells her that she hates her. Don’t you think? You don’t deserve Hee-sung. He is the son of a University hospital director. Ji-won says she will do better. The mother says that the daughters life looks after the mothers life. The mother ate the husband. 

You did not change at all. you got married when you were pregnant. Now you are putting your daughter in front and pushing it. Do you think that will make my money as your money? Listen, you are disgusting. We should live as strangers. Please. What, are you mad?

Ji-won says she is not bad it is just that I hope Hee-sung does not know about today’s phone call. He doesn’t show it, but he is sad that we do not have a good relationship. 

The mother hangs up. She looks regretful.


Jee-sung is choking the reporter from behind. He has him in a proper choke. The reporter tries to get out of it, but he is done for. 

Ji-won goes to the shop and goes inside She walks up the steps and puts on a smiling face when she goes inside. It looks like their house is upstairs. 

Hee-sung is happily playing with their daughter as they make a pizza in the kitchen. Ji-on is happy to see it.

The daughter runs and gives her a big hug which turns into a big family hug. Ji-wn tells her mother to laugh because she likes that sound. The daughter says you have to make me laugh. So she tickles her and Hee-sung tickles Ji-won and they start to run around the house ticking each other.

The camera scrolls down to a secret basement where the reporter is tied up with tape on his mouth. He is still alive! he tries to get out but he is super locked up.

Fade Out


Pretty good! I like it. Not sure if I love it, but I definitely like it. 

Though the thing on my mind is that I really did not understand why that reporter stayed in that shop? All I could think when that reporter was there was, why haven’t you left yet? Um, here is another chance to leave. Yet another chance to leave. Why are you going back to the table? 

Didn’t he learn from the movie Get Out?


English Translation

Man -Why is the thumbnail gone?

Man – It is just like 2002 serial murder case in Yunjoo. 

JW – The case reporter Kim Moo-jin talked about?

HS – If it hurts a lot, don’t endure it, just tell me. Then I will have more fun.

HS – Where is mom?

EH – Umma went to your studio

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