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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 9 Live Recap

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 9 Recap
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 9 Recap, image JTBC

The emotions are building on both sides with Gaedong and Ma Hoon, though they haven’t told each other about that yet. Gaedong feels guilty that she feels differently about Soo, and Ma Hoon just has all sorts of issues. We’re talking business issues, family issues, finding the new King a wife issues, he actually loves the King’s love interest issues, my daddy killed the last future King issues. I mean, talk about 99 problems.

For anyone waiting for The Tale of Nokdu, it has been cancelled due to the Korean national baseball league final playoff game.

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Ma Hoon tells Soo that he will take his marriage case. Soo asks why he changed his heart. Ma Hoon says that this is something that he wants to correct because it is partially his fault that they did not get married. He did not fulfill his duty as a marriage agent. 

However, you are not just a noble, you are the King. Do you think that Gaedong will still want to be with you? I will open up the choice, but she will have to choose. You need to win her heart yourself.

Soo says that they should keep that he is King a secret. He will tell her himself when the time is right. Ma Hoon agrees.

Ma Hoon agrees and tells Soo to be careful of the 1st Prime Minister before he leaves. While walking off he tells himself that he will protect Gaedong.


Cut to Gaedong thinking about Ma Hoon protecting her. She sits up and thinks that Ma Hoon just said not to touch her because they were in danger. He didn’t mean it. She keeps trying to talk herself out of her thoughts on ma Hoon and goes through several hert fluttery moments with him.

Ma Hoon comes back and asks Gaedong if she really wants to be a lady? He says that he will give her the chance. he will make sure that she can be with Kim Soo. Gaedong thinks about all the flashbacks about how she needs to be a lady and how she wants to go back to Soo. But she looks like she does not want to go back to her old life.

However, she tells Ma Hoon that she will not regret learning to be a lady and going to Soo. He tells her to be ready, I am an emotionless teacher. Then he walks away. Gaedong thinks that, if being with Soo is the place that Ma hoon thinks she belongs, then she will go to him.

While walking away, Ma Hoon thinks that the marriage agent should not have any feelings for the client, I should not.




Young-soo is incredulous that Gaedong is going to be made into a lady. Ma Hoon says that Soo requests it. Young-soo calls Soo that douchebag that bankrupted them. Ma Hoon tells him to watch his mouth about Soo, seriously. And it will be easier to make him into a lady than Young-soo.

Do-joon comes in saying he agrees. Young-soo is all set to not help out, but then Ma Hoon says he can give him 10 new products, so Young-soo happily changes his tune. He leaves.

Do-joon knows that he will correct her posture and all that, but he wonders why Ma Hoon looks like this. if somones sees him, they will think that his bride is stolen. however, instead of getting an answer, he asks Ma Hoon if he knows anything about the King?

Ma Hoon is all like, um, why? Do-joon says he has Pa-pami (when you dig for something but it gets more mysterious) about the King. he tries to find out more and can’t find out anything. But he thinks that Ma Hoon knows. Ma Hoon ignores the question and asks why Do-joon is sleeping at the flower crew now. Do-joon just says, wherever he sleeps is his house.


Eunuch Jang goes to see Soo in his bedroom. Soo is working and tells Jang that he is not going to hide working from him anymore so he will not search his bedroom anymore. Jang kneels to the floor and apologizes. Soo takes it in stride and tells him to just do his job and keep this conversation secret from the first prime minister. If you are switched then I will be too lonely.

Meanwhile, Daebi is in her room taking medicine and mostly pretending to be sick. She turns on the act full force when Soo comes in to see her. They talk about the woman that should get the yeulyeo award. Daebi is sick because she thinks about how much that woman should get it.

Soo says that he will definitely work on that. But he also holds Daebi’s hand and says that it must be difficult for her as a woman in this huge palace. He will look out for her more. She looks kind of smitten as she sits up to look at him. He leaves with her thinking that he is a much more thoughtful boy than she expected.

Soo goes back to his room and tells himself that he will survive there and pave the way for Gaedong to come to him.


Gaedong starts her training. Ma Hoon tells her that if she gets three strikes then she is out, she can never leave the house until she has his permission, and she cannot talk back to her teachers either.

But then we cut to her outside the flower crew agency looking at her brother who is picking flowers. The other maid pulls him away. She tells him/herself that she won’t be able to see him for awhile, don’t get hit and eat well.

Inside, the flower crew agency, Young-soo tries to clean Gaedong’s hans, but so much skin wipes off so he tells her to clean herself, when was the last time you took a bath!

She thinks that she cleans up during holidays and then takes off her clothing to take a bath while Young-soo prepares a face mask for her. When she gets out, he puts the face mask on her and later on shows her all the things she has to wear. 

It is a reluctant fashion show as she tries it all on one at a time for Young-soo until he finds one that he likes. But he upsets her when he says that something is missing, hmm, maybe the face is the problem.



The Aunt who wants to get married talks to Do Joon about living there. He asks her if she really has to get married? You should be super happy because you are blocking your daughters future. She leaves politely and we are sent into a flashback with Do Joon and his mother who hid him inside a closet while she had alone time with her lover.

Elsewhere, Ma Hoon meets with his father outside. He tells him that he has to make an appointment with him because he is so busy. Then they start to talk about the prince that died. His father asks him what he is trying to say? Ma Hoon just says that he wants to tell him congratulations. His father says that he will not give him anymore break even though he is his son.

Ma Hoon asks the bodyguard if he is done searching? You can look around more thoroughly, something might come out. The bodyguard says that he does not know what Ma Hoon is talking about and asks him not to be against his father.

Ma Hoon asks if he is the son while he is gone? if so, then lets have a handshake as brothers. But instead of shaking hands, he pushes up the bodyguards sleeves and sees the scratches on his arm. The bodyguard says it was just a cat. Ma Hoon thinks that he needs to be careful or it will be a tiger next time.

The assassin goes out to meet with the ather and says that the woman is not there.


A girl noble girl happily goes to her fence and puts a letter in a secret spot. then another noble gets it and walks off. The bodyguard assassin sees him.

Elsewhere, Gaedong’s brother eats with the maid in a small room. She tells him not to make any trouble and actually looks like she might like him? She says that he is handsome when he does not speak. But she also starts to hit her head and wonders what she is thinking.


Gaedong sits in front of a huge table spread of food that Ma Hoon prepared for her. He tells her that she can eat it all, but she has to eat it a certain way. She has to have small bites and not make any sound and eat slowly. he continues to give lessons and shows her how to use chopsticks properly. He holds her hand as he does this and sits her up straight and touches her belly to keep the proper distance from the table and all that.

Gaedong’s heart starts to race the closer he gets to her. She thinks back to her kiss and pushes him away slightly as she says she can do it all herself.

They have a visitor right then so Ma Hoon leaves and tells Gaedong to stay and practice. She is very clueless about it all though.


She decides to just eat it the way she always eats it. Ma Hoon sees her and tells her that she has one strike.

The guy that took the letter is the person that is there to meet Ma Hoon. Ma Hoon asks who sent this letter? it is for the Lady in the house. He tells Ma Hoon to tell her that it is the owner of the wall. then he leaves.

Young-soo wonders if this is why she is refusing all their marriage options? Is this a new guy?

Ma Hoon waits until nightfall and starts to walk around the village. The assassin follows him.

In the gisaeng house, Do Joon plays the piano as a gisaeng talks to him about the new King and how he used to be a blacksmith. He lived 20 years of his life thinking that the royal guard is his father. Do Joon gets it immediately and thinks that if their client hears this then she will be shocked.

Ma Hoon comes in at that moment and shares a look with Do Joon. then we cut to him meeting with the family member and telling her that she knows that her daughter is the one that wants to get married, not her. he also knows that the young man that delivered the letter is the lover. You don’t want our family to put your daughter on the list to be a future Queen if you the yeolyeo award.

The woman comes clean and says, yes, her daughter has someone she loves. Cut to the daughter and the young man exchanging letters via their secret spot on the fence.

The mother tells Ma Hoon that, in the lonely life of a married woman who lives for her husbands family, she should at least have one person on her side. So please help me to keep from taking her happiness all for the greediness of our family.

Do Joon is listening from the door and has a new appreciation of the woman.


Bong-deok and Daebi have their usual meeting in Daebi’s room. They know that the woman is in the gisaeng house now. But they cannot really take her from it because the gisaeng house is where high officials have meetings as well. They do not want to be caught up in rumors. But they only have 2 ays to bring her to the palace. So Bong-deok says he has a plan to do that.

He tells them to copy the handwriting and write what he says. Then the assassin puts the letter in the secret place. The lover gets the letter right at that moment and waks away.


Meanwhile, the mystery noble-beggar is dressed in noble clothing and pouring alcohol into a river as he thinks about his family. he sees a flower floating in the river and turns his head to see Ma Hoon standing a little far away. 

Ma Hoon walks up to him and says that it is nice to see him again. He calls him master. The man asks how he knows this place? Ma Hoon says he knows that it is his daughters memorial day. The man says that he at least wanted to put her in his family registry, but that was just him being greedy. 

Ma Hoon tells him not to do it, someone else needs that spot on his family registry (the registry is updated every 3 years). Flashback to Ma Hoon who was about to get married to a very sick looking girl. It looks like her last wish was to die after being married. No one volunteered for it, but Ma Hoon did. So the father is happy that Ma Hoon helped realize her wish.

Ma Hoon tells him that it is a fake husband and marriage but he will prepare everything as if it was real. The man thanks him and says that he will repay him for this.

In the present, Ma Hoon says that this girl is just like your daughter, can you give her a chance at a bright future with your daughters name?


Cut to Gaedong practicing walking with bowls on her shoulder, but she is horrible at it and frustrated as well. She stops and starts thinking about Ma Hoon again. This time she thinks about him teaching her how to hold chopsticks. But she tells herself that she has to think about her brother.

But then the lover runs up and says that he thinks something happened to his young lady. he gives Gae-dong the letter. The letter says that something happened and that her mother should come home right away.

The man ask gaedong what they should do. gaedong remembers that Ma Hoon told her not to leave the house under any circumstances. But she tells the young man that she will find the mother.

Meanwhile, Kang Mong-koo finds out that the Yeolyeo lady has run away and is refusing the award. This makes him so happy. Then Ji-hwa enters. Ji-hwa sits with her father who says that she needs to measure her size again. When they have the government announcement, the fabric will run out, so we need to make it now.

Ji-hwa says that she did not agree with this idea. He tells her that she has no choice in the matter. But she says that she will decide her own life and leaves. he sighs and thinks that she should have been born as a boy.

Ji-hwa heard that on her way out and decides to leave without her maid. She walks to the gisaeng house and wonders why she is there again. Then Do Joon walks up behind her and asks if she is there for him? She thinks about their kiss they shared before and then asks to be excused. he tells her that she must be thinking about what happened before.

She tells him that she does not know what he is talking about. he says he found out some more information about the King, would you like to talk about it secretly in a secret place?

Cut to Gaedong running to give the letter to the mother. the mother reads it but does not look that concerned. She is more concerned with Gaedong who ran all the way over without shoes. She tells her that she should have a good husband because she is so nice and then asks if she solved the problem with the stubborn customer?

Gaedong says that the customer will go back to her fiance who is waiting for her. it is good, right? The mother says that it is good for everyone except that customer.



Do Joon takes Ji-hwa right to the middle of the market and tells her that this is a good place to talk. He then holds her head and the camera spins around so much to make me dizzy. he asks her if it feels more private like this?

She tells him that he is good at making her uncomfortable. He smiles and says that some people say it is charming. She says he is wasting his time. Do Joon tells her about the King, his name is Soo and he is 23. She says that everyone knows that. But Do Joon continues and says that he was a blacksmith in North Town before he became the King. You are smart and brave enough to shake Joseon, so why do you only think about your husband, that is nothing.

She says it is because he is the highest of the highest. You don’t know anything, you just get information in the gisaeng house day and night. She walks off.


Ma Hoon sees all the broken bowls and wonders what happened. Yong-soo does not know and Do Joon i snot around. Ma Hoon goes outside and sees Gaedong walking back up. 

He immediately starts to yell at her without hearing her out and says that she should get fired because she does not listen to him. She starts to say that she wants to do well! i try hard! It is just so difficult, I am so hungry and I have leg cramps and this is my first time doing this! Do you even know a life where you cant eat a meal? i am not the only one that does not listen, you also do not listen! You are so stubborn!

She storms inside. Do Joon and the woman hear this. Do Joon tells him not to torture Gaedong and the woman says that this is all because of her. They go inside and the woman says that this is not her daughters letter. The writing is different and she always adds a tiny flower to her letters. This is a trap. But she still has to go back or your father might really do something to my daughter.

So she decides to go back to protect her daughter who might be in danger. Do Joon looks touched by that. Ma Hoon says that she cannot go home, she needs to go further away.


Meanwhile, Gaedong sits in her tiny room closet. Ma Hoon tells her to come outside so she reluctantly follows. She starts to ask him why he opens a business like this as the first prime ministers son? He says that it is equal to everyone. The street is narrow so you cannot have horses or carriers. you have to walk to the door. We are connecting people so they should be equal at this moment at least.

He then gives Ma Hoon a letter and says that he called her out to give her this. It is her name, Yoon Soo Yeon. Soo for standing out and Yeon for pretty. He tells her to please become a woman that stands out and is pretty.

Gaedong is so happy with this name and asks if it will really be her real name? She gives him a big hug and tells him that this is the first time she has had a name. She looks at the paperwork and says that she never had a name, they just tarted calling her Gaedong.

He tells her that this name is her identity, so dont make any mistakes. Memorize it. She asks where the real Yoon Soo Yeon is? He says that she is not in the world anymore. Gaedong realizes that she lost her family. So Ma Hoon says that Gaedong has to wear the name well or it will hurt the fathers heart. Gaedong says she will do well. Thank you. She goes back inside.

Ma Hoon talks to himself outside and says that she is a woman for the King now.

Gaedong goes inside and starts to memorize her name and how to write it. She tells Ma Hoon that she would like to say hi to the person who gave her the name. Ma Hoon says that the father might not want it, he also left his home a long time ago.


Bong-deuk gets dressed and informed by the bodyguard. He tells the bodyguard to bring the widow to the palace. So the assassins raid the Gisaeng house looking for her. Do Joon is there and sees what is happening.


Everyone waits and waits for the widow to show up. Soo asks the 1st prime minister what the hold up is. Kang Mong-koo says that they need to follow the law with this issue.

But then we see that the widow has shown up. She walks in on her own power and bows to the King.


Cut to Do Joon telling Ma Hoon that, as he expected, his fathers people raided the gisaeng house. Ma Hoon thinks that his family member should be at the palace now. Do Joon asks if he is going to send Gaedong to the palace also?

Then he starts to asks if he is going to research the Prince death too? I started looking into it and know that the thing that bothers the King the most is his first love. You are going with this marriage to protect Gaedong from your father.

Ma Hoon looks at Do Joon sternly, but then he is told that the 2nd prime ministers daughter has come. Do Joon goes out and sees her in the room, so he goes back to the library and hides.

Ma Hoon asks if he borrowed money from her? It look slike she is here to catch you. 

She walks into the library area. Young-soo tell sher it is a restricted space. Ma Hoon tells Youngsoo that he can leave now. So YS leaves and then sees Gaedong. He motions her over to listen to what is going on. they are so noticable.

Ma Hoon has Ji-hwa sit at the table while Do Joon hides. He asks Ji-hwa why she is visiting? She asks him if he would like to marry her?

Do-joon looks off and thinks.

Fade Out


This show has no focus. Also, why is Gaedong complaining so much? She has to save her brothers life!


MH – Lets do it, lets get married

YS – Are you really going to get married to that bad woman?

GD – She is super scary, her eyes are like this.

Hoon – For this kind of event, you two work together

DJ – do you think you can take it?

Hoon – Then what should I do? She is the safest next to him

DJ – Would you like to come to me?

JH – What can you give me?

JH – Let me see the King

VO – An unexpected accident happened on a day like today.

VO – With your emotional eyes, how can you send her off?

GD – I see the love with you (or something like that?)

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