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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 8 Live Recap

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency episode 8 live recap
Episode 8 Recap for Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency

Okay y’all, Gaedong is going to be made into a lady. For real for real for real this time. Or at least, hopefully for real because they have played this game with me before. But I trust that they will stick with it now because it is episode 8 (half way, y’all) so there should be a shift in the storyline toward something else. Plus, Soo is knocking on that gate, so go on ahead and let him in.

This storyline is inching along and I am inching right along with it. The Tale of Nokdu is holding our interest a bit more so, we will continue to recap Flower Crew but we will switch the order and recap The Tale of Nokdu first in the day and then Flower Crew second.

Our live recap will start at 8:00 am CST!

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Gaedong goes outside to see Soo standing there in his noble attire. They look at each other in shock. Ma Hoon comes out as well and looks at the two of them looking at each other.

Cut to Soo and Gaedong at their spot on the stone bridge looking at each other. She hits him several times in the chest and tells him to leave. Leave! Leave! You bad guy. Why are you back now? You are this fine, so why didn’t you contact me at all! Leave, leave! you bad guy!

He tells her to hit him more, it is not enough, and he holds her arm to help her hit him again and again. She asks if he really ran away? Tell me what happened? Soo tells her that he has relatives that he did not know about. he is actually a noble (yangban). She falls to a seat and tells him that that is good. 

She knew her Soo wasn’t that kind of guy and was worried that something happened to him. She is glad that is he okay and speaks through tears as she tells him that she is really relieved. He hugs her and apologizes repeatedly.

Later on, he piggy backs her back to the Flower Crew Agency. While there, he gives her the hair ornament that he has been meaning to give her this entire time. Then he tells her that he will find a way to come back to her. When everything is settled, lets get married again.

They look at each other for a a moment and then tell each other goodbye. She goes inside. But then Ma Hoon comes out and asks how he came back. he is angry and tells him that he will have a wife choosing ceremony soon. Why did you come back. She is fine now so don’t shake her.

Soo says that he is not shaking her, he wants to marry her. He did not want to be the King, but he is the King now. So, if I don’t want to forget Gaedong. Even if it is difficult and dangerous, I want to be together. My heart will not change.

he is sent into a flashback where he said the same thing to Ma Hoon back when he was a lowly blacksmith. In the present, he tells Ma Hoon to please help him.




Inside, Gaedong looks at her stick message that says “Next Chance” and she also looks at her hair ornament that Soo gave her. While staring at the two, she wonders why she is not happy after being reunited with Soo.

Ma Hoon comes back inside and asks why she looks like that after finding the Soo that she has been looking for. She stands and starts to ask about Soo and if he left already and how handsome Soo looked in those clothes. She also wonders what will happen now. Ma Hoon says that they found Soo, so if she finds her brother, she should leave.

She asks where she should go, he says that she should go where she needs to be. Then he tells her that he can train her as a young lady but now she should go back to sleep. Ma hoon leaves.

Gaedong thinks that this is the place she belongs. In his study, Ma Hoon is incredulous that she can say “My Soo, my Soo” after all that he did for her. He just wants to hold on to her and keep her next to him.

Meanwhile, Ji-hwa thinks deeply about the red scarf that Gaedong took back from her as she told her that it is not hers, don’t mistreat it. Her maid comes in and explains to Ji-hwa that Gaedong is a high officials daughter. but she went to the countryside and got sick, so now no one knows about her. it is difficult to find out any more information.


Ma Hoon tells Gaedong no as they talk about something. She tells him that he is different than before, he said that he would give her a chance. He says that he gave her a chance, but she cannot be a noble woman, you do not have that ability.

Ma Hoon stands and asks why she needs this? Is it because your Soo came back with pretty clothing on? She tries to explain that that is not it. He tells her that she said she would live as Gaedong forever, so why are you changing?

Gaedong tells him that she was born like this, so does that mean that she can’t be in that noble place? Ma Hoon looks at her sternly and says that class is in peoples hearts. Don’t you know that?

then Young-soo comes in to break the mood and does not feel the mood as he talks about his silk from Russia or something of the like. Gaedong leaves after saying she is not giving up. Young-soo asks what is going on so Ma Hoon tells him that Gaedong is asking him to do something that he should not. Young-soo tells him to fire her and happily looks at his new purchase.


On market street, Ji-hwa looks at a vase to purchase when Do Joon comes in to stand close to her. She tries to ignore him and tells the merchant that she will purchase the vase.

Do Joon asks her why she is buying it. She tells him that the person buying chooses the value and then talks about how flawless and pretty it is. her tells her that she is prettier to him with all her spikes and cracks and on the verge of tears.

He leans in and kisses her. it is a moment.

But that moment is interrupted when they accidentally knock over all the vases. Do Joon thinks that they should run away (um, aren’t they kind of famous around there?). So they run through the market to get away.


Eunuch jang is dancing around and holding his bottom in front of Soo’s room so Soo tells him he can go to the bathroom, he will take care of the morning meeting. But the eunuch is actually faking. He goes back to the Kings room and starts to look around.



While looking around, Eunuch Jang finds a book of faces of noble people.

In the library at the Flower Agency, Ma Hoon talks about how there are only two officers with fox in their name. he circles their names. Gaedong asks what he is doing, he tells her not to worry about it. She takes his brush and says that she is good at writing fox, so she writes it. he tells her to just be good at getting the customers ready. She pleads with him to rethink her suggestion again. But he just sighs and leaves.

They go to the meeting with Ma Hoon’s sister-in-law in order to pick out a suitable man for her to remarry. They start to show him several men. She turns then down one by one do to a variety of reasons until they get to the last one. She turns down that one as well.

Youngsoo thinks that they have seen this before. Gaedong suggests taking a break. Ma Hoon asks her what kind of man she is interested in. She says a normal man.

Later on, Youngsoo, Ma Hoon, and Gaedong talk about the in law. YS thinks she is so picky. Ma Hoon thinks that she is looking for a flawless man in order to not find one. Gaedong thinks she just does not want to make a mistake. Young-soo actually agrees with her.


Soo sits on his throne in the politics room, yet he thinks about Gaedong more than the meeting at hand. In their last conversation, she told him about the woman that might be Yeolyeo and might get rewarded with an award. But that is so strange, how can they give a reward to a woman for being miserable their entire life. That is torture. She thinks the King is wrong for that. She also thinks that the King should have a lot of women around him, so he should not know how it feels. He says he knows! But has to correct himself and says that he kind of understands.

In the palace, everyone looks at the King as he smiles at his memory. he has to apologize to them all. Bong-deuk asks him to please take his word back. His niece in law deserves the award but he suspects that people question his loyalty so please take the order back. Some of the politicians murmur that Baedong is all talk.

Soo says that there is no suspicious behavior so he should grant this. However, he wants to do this by himself for that noble woman. Bong-deuk tells him that his neice in law is a normal woman, how can a normal woman see you? Soo says he is giving an award to his own people, so he can see her. Bring her to the palace.

Bong Deuk does not like this. Later on, we see Bong-deuk yelling at his assassin to find her! Where can she be hiding! She can abandon everything, but not her kid. She will contact her daughter, so watch for it.




gaedong tries to butter up Ma hoon by doing lots of extra sweet things for him. Like giving him tea and fetching his books and smiling brightly at him and all sorts of things. She even tries to undress him to wash his clothing. 

He is amazingly uncomfortable, as he should be, so she stops and he tells her that he will not make her into a young lady. The sky cannot be opened. Gaedong asks if her being a young lady is that serious? Ma Hoon tells her that hse does not know where he lives. The Kings ear is a donkey ear (the rumor will spread). So Gaedong tells herself that she will do crack open the sky herself.

She starts to look at the neice in law as the example of a noble woman and approaches her to help her out. Cut to Gaedong sewing next to the neice in law pleasantly.

Gaedong starts to ask her questions about how to be a Lady with grace. She tells Gaedong that she just has to endure. Like enduring sewing all ady with all the finger sticking moments just endure it, when you have back pain, just endure it, endure your mother in laws harsh words saying you killed your husband (good Lord, that went dark), and when you love a man jsut poke your thigh and endure it.

Gaedong asks how she can endure that? The Lady gives her a drink and tells her that after drinking it, all your stress will be gone. Gaedong understands why she refuses to get the Yeolyeo award (Widow award).

Gaedong goes to the back and happily pours herself some of the alcohol happily. She thinks tea should taste like this. Then Ma Hoon comes in and tells her that doing this will not make her a lady. Shea sks why it should not, do you want to check my tea ettiquite?

She gives him some of the alcohol, he thinks it is tea and starts to cough when he finds out that it isn’t. So she tells him to make her into a young lady. Then Youngsoo comes in so Gaedong pulls Ma Hoon away to hide.

They hide in the stacks. Ma Hoon asks why she is hiding. Gaedong says that Youngsoo is using her as a maid and gives her so much work.

They keep hiding from him. Ma Hoon hiccups so Gaedong covers his mouth and then kisses him as Youngsoo continues to walk around. The bookshelf shuffles which causes Youngsoo to hurry out.



Ma Hoon looks at Gaedong, stunned, and stutters a response, w-w-what are you doing? She says that she thought he would stop if he was surprised. It stopped so that is it, okay? So why don’t you promise to make me a young lady! She gets up and leaves.

Ma Hoon is left wondering if Gaedong is fearless of heartless.

Gaedong goes back to her room and covers her mouth as she breathes hard and wonders why she did that. She is frustrated with herself and starts to think about Soo telling her that he will find a way back to her.

She sighs and grabs a black container that has the hair ornament in it.  She thinks that she has to marry Soo, but….it is strange, why is she happy now?

Young-soo finds her in her room and tells her that she is hiding because she does not want to work. She asks what this smell is. Youngsoo smiles and tells her that he got a perfume present from Hoon and then asks her why she is so flushed.


The Eunuch took everything that he could from the Kings room so Daebi and Bong-deuk are rifling through it all. The Eunuch thinks that perhaps they went too far? BD throws him a lot of coins and tells him to leave.

Then he angrily looks at all the images and thinks that the King was doing this all this time? I thought he was just having fun with the woman.


Meanwhile, Do Joon and Ma Hoon interview several guards with the help of the woman guard that likes Do Joon. ma Hoon is impressed that Do Joon can seduce a woman to this level. Do Joon thinks that sometimes his method does not work and thinks about his kiss with Ji-hwa.

Ma Hoon starts to inspect the guards (um, how can he inspect guards?). The guards let him look at their hands and do what he says. But he does not see a blood mark on these guards so he lets them leave.



Ma Hoon thinks that the criminal should have the wound. He thinks back to Mong-koo telling him that he has to know who died and knowing that, he will know who murdered that person. So Ma Hoon asks Do Joon to ask if there were any murder cases in the high official or Royal family? A very important person should have died.

Do Joon says okay, this is interesting to him so he will take care of this problem. Then he wonders about the woman that refuses the Yeolyeo award. Does she look cold enough to abandon her own kid? Ma Hoon tells him not to prejudge, they have their own reasons.

But Do Joon thinks that a mother who abandons their own child should not have their own story. He is sent into a flashback of his father burning all his things and telling him that his mother broke their family in order to have an affair. Do Joon says that he will take the test, so why are you doing this?

The father says that the man can have an affair and be excused, but a womans will not be forgiven for generations, that is the law. So you cannot take the exam and you cannot get married. This is all because of your mom. So blame your mom. So the father burns all of Do Joon’s books. Do Joon looks at it all burning.

Later in the flashback, Ma Hoon tries to ask questions in the gisaeng house but gets nowhere. Do Joon shows up and gives him answers about the man Ma Hoon is looking for. Ma Hoon asks him where he got that information from. Do Joon just says that he knows it. So Ma Hoon asks him to sell his information knowledge to him. This might be the moment where they started working together.


Meanwhile, Gaedong thinks about her kiss with Ma Hoon as she sits with the Lady. Gaedong then starts to tell the Lady her thoughts and worries about thinking about one lover instead of another, but she frames it like ti is from a customer. The Lady says that is bad because her heart gives her the answer but she does not want to face the answer. Tell that to the customer.

Then the lady gives Gaedong a present of clothing. She says that it is too small for her, so she wants Gaedong to wear it. Gaedong is happy with it and also agrees to do a small favor for the Lady.




kang polishes a vase and is told that Yoon is at his house now. Yoon is the beggar looking man. Cut to Gaedong getting the message that she needs to deliver the letter to Yoon. So she walks to Yoon’s house and stops a kid from stealing something from yoon.

Yoon is happily sleeping. Gaedong shakes him and tells him to wake up, stop being so relaxed. He grumbles himself awake and asks why it is so noisy. gaedong tries to give him something, but he does not want it. So Gaedong tells him that he should not lose it again, when you lose it, it is difficult to find it again, so hold on to it tightly. She leaves this thing with him and then goes to place a letter in a secret spot in a gate. This is what the Lady wanted her to do.

The assassin sees Gaedong starts to follow her around the village. She is clueless about it. gaedong gets to the Flower Crew which makes the assassin look on questioningly.

Inside, Ma Hoon is in a dream state as he thinks about Gaedong. Youngsoo tells him to focus. 


Bongdeok finds out from the assassin that the niece went to see Hoon. it looks like she wants to get married again. Bongdeok tells him to bring her in front of him.


A few men party with the gisaengs and talk about politics and the marriage. They think that this all happened because the Prince died by bandits. The other man tells him to be quiet about it, it is not publicly announced yet. But one of the gisanegs hears it and tells Do Joon.

Do Joon tells Ma Hoon. So they chat about how two poeple died. The King died at the palace and the prince died outside. Probably by bandits. It makes sense. Ma Hoon thinks this is why this is so serious.


GAEDONG waits outside for Ma hoon to get home. She waves loudly when she sees him.  The assassin coems out and kidnaps Gaedong in front of Ma Hoon because he thinks that Gaedong is the neice-in-law due to the clothing. Ma hoon has to fight them off and pulls off the assassins mask. He sees the slave mark on his forehead which reminds him of the symbol that aedong drew.

Meanwhile, Gaedong is taken to Bong-deok’s house. He realizes that the wrong person is brought to him and tells them to bring him the proper one. Gaedong tells his assassins that he will not be able to find the right one.

Then ma hoon comes in and yells for them not to touch her! He walks with determination to the front and tells his father not to touch her at all.

They argue about family business. Ma Hoon tells his father not to touch his people again. if he does, then he will not tolerate it. he then speaks in Jongdaemal to Gaedong (as if she is a proper young lady) and leads her away.

He pulls her outside and then yells at her for almost getting injured and how dare she speak back to him. She is all like, um, why are you so angry? i was the one kidnapped. Ma Hoon thinks back to his conversation with Young soo when he was daydreaming about Gaedong (they talked about accidents happening). 

He also remembers telling Gaedong that she should go back to where she was when she finds Soo and her brother.

In the present, he tells her not to get injured. If she is injured, then who will do all the work. We need all the help we can get. he walks away.

She sighs and yells that she knows he is a cranky person. Let’s leave together! 



Meanwhile, Bong-deuk tells his people to find out who Gaedong is and find the widow. They only have three days.

Ma hoon sits at home thinking about the poisoned arrow and does his deducing to figure out who is behind it all. He knows that this is a slave mark and not a fox mark. It was his fathers assassin. So he puts two and two together and realizes that his father is involved in it all. His father didn’t just try to kill Gaedong, he tried to kill the Kings fiance. He is breathless at the realization.

Ma Hoon meets with Soo. Soo asks him why he is there this late. Ma hoon asks him if his marriage is still valid? Soo says yes. Ma Hoon tells him that there is a big con job happening in Joseon. Do you really want to do this? If it all goes bad, then no one will be safe.

Soo says that he really wants to do it. So Ma Hoon tells him that he will finally take the case.

Fade Out



Okay, so many things are wrong. Dont read these comments if you love this show because I am about to poke a lot of holes in it. The number one thing that is wrong is that Ma Hoon is right the entire time and someones love can change which is why he did  not want to set Soo up with Gaedong in the first place.

On top of that, no one is like-able. Ji-hwa is so annoying and mean and unlikable. Yong-soo is equally annoying and unlikable and also way too clueless about things. Ma Hoon is so mean to gaedong, I mean, she was kidnapped and then you yell at her and leave her in the street? Come on. Do Joon wrecks a lot of pots and runs away with Ji-hwa even though everyone in the city is supposed to know Ji-hwa, the 2nd prime ministers daughter and the super handsome people inthe flower crew.

Everyone looks equal here, how can he just talk to all the guards as well as meet with the King whenever he wants and all those things. Also, why is Ma Hoon opposing to make her a lady? Isnt that what he wanted in the beginning? 

Why is Gaedong so lost and clingy all the time? It is so bothersome. Why do they want me to like Ji-hwa’s love story with Do Joon when she is a B to Gaedong’s brother and has been his entire stay with them? 

The eunuch brought all the books from the Kings room and the King does not find out about it? Um, no. 

Why did the neice have to cover her face during their meeting when she lives in their Flower house and walks around everywhere? They know what she looks like, she lives there!

The kiss was not something I could get behind. It was like I could see the writer thinking that they need a kiss here so let me write one in that makes no sense. Lets just make Gaedong hide from Youngsoo all of sudden and then kiss Ma Hoon because he has hiccups.

I can write so many more things, but we need to get to our next recap. We aren’t going to drop this show but we will switch this show as our second recap of the day and start to recap The Tale of Nokdu first because that show is really great.


MH – I will take you next to Kim Soo. 

DJ – Are you sending Gaedong to the palace?

MH – They are teachers who will make you into a noble woman in 15 days.

YS – the second prime ministers daughter came

DJ – It is nothing

JH – you stay in the giseng jip and gather information. You don’t know anything.

DB – There are only two days to bring that person here into the palace!

BD – Don’t do anything, at least to keep Gaedong alive.

MH – if you do it that way, then just stop

GD – you also do not communicate!

MH – I should nto have personal feelings for my client.

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  1. Rei
    October 8, 2019 / 10:27 am

    I guess I love this show because of Kim min Jae… Whether he is charming or cold, he is conveys the emotions naturally.

    I agree with you that the characters seemed very flawed at at times one dimensional, and the storyline is a little bit draggy with too much focus on the murdered prince.

    Thanks for not dropping this show.

    • V
      October 8, 2019 / 12:24 pm

      Definitely not dropping it because we know that people love it. So we will keep recapping it Mondays and Tuesdays!

  2. Rei
    October 8, 2019 / 11:28 am

    It’s quite a painful thing for Hoon to transform GD into a noble lady Coz it will be mean getting her ready to be married to Soo. In the previous occasion it was ok coz he hasn’t develop any feelings for her…

    Now he has no choice coz it’s either he sends her to the lion’s den well prepared as a noble or risk having her murdered as a nobody. But surely that’s gonna create more heartaches and angst for our there leads, which is what I wanna see though….

    • V
      October 8, 2019 / 12:25 pm

      Yes, that is one concern with making her a lady, it means he will lose her.

  3. Rei
    October 8, 2019 / 12:42 pm

    Again I agree with you ….I wish Ji Hwa is not written here as a mean and spoilt daughter. And she seems very spontaneous with her slaps… I wonder if the show is gonna make her character grow.

    It’s also a pity that at this point, park Ji Hoon (young Soo) is not portrayed beyond a pouty efficient matchmaker. I loved the previous touching scene where he displayed empathy for Gae Dong’s stained nails due to hard work…

    • V
      October 8, 2019 / 1:00 pm

      I liked that scene too! I thought he had some growth then and sympathy. he kind of backtracked in this episode.

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