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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 7 Live Recap

Episode 7 Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency
Episode 7 Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency, image jtbc

It was a pretty hard wedding to sit through for Gaedong in the last episode. She kept thinking about her ruined day and where oh where her little Soo has gone. We also saw a 25 pace reunion between Gaedong and her long lost brother that ended with him running to give her a hug. Though I have a tiny (okay, not so tiny) feeling that they are tricking us and he will not give her the hug she really wants. Hopefully she gets it though.

Our live recap will start at 8:00 am CST!

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Someone tells Ma Hoon that he has a notice from the police that someone wants to see him in the jail. So Mahoon goes to the jail right when the conman is being choked to death. The conman is able to scratch the chokers arm before he dies. Then the perp ties the conman up to make it seem like he killed himself.

But, Ma Hoon gets there soon enough to revive the conman. The conman tells him to be careful of the fox police and then dies (or passes out?) again.

In the city, Gaedong hears her brother call her name and turns to see him. He runs up to her, but passes right by her to run off to one of the little girls. Gaedong looks on as she realizes that this is her brother. Though her brother is busy terrifying a little girl and pulling her away to make her hide under some straw for his return.

Gaedong is sent into a memory of this on a rainy night. In the present, one of the maids tries to tell the brother to stop bothering this little girl. Gaedong tries to help her brother as well, but when she says “brother” Ji-hwa over hears her and approaches to find out what is going on.

The brother is still in full on memory mode and tells Gaedong to run away, I will be back. Cut to a flashback that shows Gaedong and her rother running away at night. They were being followed by a lot of people. Her brother tells her to stay hiding an he will be back. But if he is too late, then run far away. I will find you. He hides her under some leaves and runs off. All the people follow him.

In the present, Gaedong has to pretend like she does not know her brother, Kang. She apologizes to Ji-hwa and asks what happened to him. She tells her that he got hit too much and became dumb. Ji-hwa asks if she wants this slave? It can be my thanks for the skirt issue last time.

But then Ji-hwa thinks it would be an insult to give this useless slave to her. She hits her brother so Gaedong runs to prevent her from hitting him again. She tells her that you should not hit dumb people, you should comfort then and train them. So Ji-hwa hits her maid instead and tells Gaedong that this is how you train dumb people. No sleeping and no eating, just clean everywhere. Take him away.


Gaedong goes to cry in front of the wall that Kang drew on and tells herself that she shouldn’t cry because she found him. That is enough.



Meanwhile, Ma Hoon is inspecting the crime scene. He thinks he should have one injury line if he strangled himself, but he has two, so that means someone else strangled him.

But the case is closed due to a higher order that is above the guards heads. They tell Ma Hoon to go home. Ma Hoon wants to find the real murderer, but the guards aren’t into it. However, before leaving, Ma Hoon checks the conman’s fingers and sees blood marks.


In the city, Young-soo gives Da Joon and Gaedong flyers to pass out in order to get customers. But in doing this, they see the 1st Prime Minister who is also Ma Hoon’s father, walk by. Some men also talk about how there is a woman in this house that didn’t get married so the Prime minister came because she is getting a reward for being a single mom or something like that.

Young-soo has to explain that this is glory for the 1st prime minsters family because this woman is the cousin of Ma Hoon so they have three awards in their family now and they also get another award for having three awards and so on.

Gaedong thinks this is stupid, lots of women do this, also, why should she get a reward for being single forever? Plus, they don’t want to pass out flyers. 

Inside, the 1st Prime Minister talks to this woman about having her daughter as a pick for the King. But that is not right since she does not have two parents. Bong-deuk says that he is the first prime minister, so he will work it all out. There won’t be any trouble.


Later, we see Bong-dauk greets his niece as she plants flowers outside. The woman next to her does not look that happy to see him. They small talk about flowers. Bong-deuk thanks the woman for taking care of his niece and sister in law. But the woman really does not want to look at him or talk to him.

Bong-deuk leaves and confirms with his assassin that the conman is taken care of. The only problem is that his son almost witnessed the death. BD tells him to leave him alone. There is no witness and no evidence.

Elsewhere, Mong-koo finds out that the conman is dead in his cell. But before he died, he was looking for Hoon. Bong-deuk seems to learn for the first time that Ma Hoon is running that marriage agency that ruined their cousins marriage (or maybe not?) and thinks that something good will happen from this.

That night, Gaedong walks through the city and starts to talk to a merchant who has sticks wit writing on it. She fails on the first one, it says she is unlucky. he tells her she is unlucky because there is only one fail out of 10. So she picks again and fails again. So she thinks about her brothers bad luck and asks to pick again and then starts to ball and have an emotional break down in front of this merchant who doesn’t know what is going on.

Gaedong starts to ramble about finally seeing her brother but he doesn’t recognize her and why does this only happen to her, why do we always fail! *w-a-a-a-a-a-h*

Meanwhile, Ma Hoon is in his office writing “Fox Policeman” and thinking about the conman. Do Joon came in there and asks for the police list and what he is using it for. Ma Hoon says that he will use it to find a name that is related to fox that is among the policeman.

Ma Hoon goes to the courtyard and sees Gaedong wearing those dark sunglasses on a bench, so he goes to talk to her. He tlls her that she doesn’t look good while wearing the dark sunglasses and looks closely in her eyes.

She wonders what he is looking at. He takes off the glasses and their music starts to play. He asks who made her cry. She says no one. She just paid 5 coins for something but it all failed. he tells her that she should get something else. He takes the unlucky sticks and breaks them. Then he tells her to pick on.

She picks one, it says, “the next opportunity”. She tells him, see, I am unlucky. He asks where she has “fail” she looks in her other hand and sees it, so Ma Hoon tells her that she is giving her an opportunity. He wraps her hands around the stick and tells her to use it when she feels lucky. They both look at each other as he holds her hand.


Elsewhere, we see the woman that did not like Bong-deuk knocking on the door of Ma Hoon and the flower Crew. he greets her as his sister-in-law (but like a cousin sistr-in-law). This is the first time they are seeing each other after the funeral. 

He asks why she is there alone. She tells him that it is about a marriage. Can you take care of it? he asks if this is about her daughter? She says that it is for her own marriage.

Cut to Young-soo for calling Ma Hoon crazy. He can’t marry her, that would prevent his family from getting that award. Young-soo is against it. Gaedong is for it. Do Joon is opposed to it. Mostly because he thinks she should keep her dignity. So it is 1 for and 2 against.

Ma Hoon has to choose. Young-soo storms out. Gaedong runs after him. Do Joon leaves as well, though Ma Hoon asks him why he voted like that when his motto is to live for today? Do Joon tells him that someones motto can change.

Cut to the woman’s background. She was married for 10 months when her husband died from a disease. That is what made her into a widow with dignity. Now, she wants to be kicked out of this family and meet a man she can spend the rest of her life with.

At the same time, Bong-deuk talks with his sister in law about the family dignity and how they have to find the widow mother before anyone finds out.

In her room, Gaedong happily looks at the stick that Ma Hoon gave her. But she tells the consultant not to be too nice to her, after she finds her Soo, she will leave with her brother.


The 2nd prime minister congratulates Bong-deuk about his award for the faithful widow prize. But shoots a dig at him to say that all this happened (his promotion included) after the new King came.

The King goes into the throne room so the session is called to order about this widow award. They all start to politely argue over it. Soo starts to talk about when he was young he knew a widow woman next door. She committed suicide to follow her husband. The people in town wanted to give her the award for following her husband. But the next day, her father was arrested by the police because he killed his daughter in law to get the award.

Everyone murmurs. Soo says that they need to be careful when they give this award to people. Then he asks Daebi to give him some time to investigate the case. Soo leaves. The politicians all start to talk back and forth about how this King is really becoming a proper King.


In Ji-hwa’s house, the maid wonders about Gaedong. She thinks that Ji-hwa should go to the gisaeng house to ask Do Joon. Ji-hwa says that she is not going there, but then we see her going exactly there.

However, Do Joon is not around, so she starts looking around his room and playing the piano and making herself at home. Do Joon comes around and looks at her playing the piano with a smile. Then he tells her that you aren’t supposed to play it like that. Because she is rally just clanking on it. So he tells her to play lightly.

He plays something over her shoulder. She catches on quickly so they start to play an impromptu duet on the piano.

At the ends, he tells her that this song is so pretty, like her. She backs away and stands to tell him that he wastes his time playing this music. He brings up the King so she says that getting a background check on the King is not a bad thing, she just wanted to know what kind of choice she had.

He asks about this choice right in front of her. Her heart beats hard. She pushes him away and says that is the worst choice, it is not even a consideration. She leaves. He thinks that he actually likes her.


Yong-soo does not want to talk to Ma Hoon so he uses Gaedong as a go between to talk about silk colors. She is so annoyed and tells them to take care of it between them. Do Joon comes in and tells them to talk louder, or servants can’t hear you. The servants are all smiles as they ask if the want something to drink?

Ma Hoon and Do Joon talk in Ma hoon’s office about Young-soo and how he is moody. But Do Joon thinks that perhaps Yong-soo thinks that Gaedong is replacing him. 

Ma Hoon goes to talk to Yong-soo and gives him a peace gift. It is a certain perfume that he says was hard to get. Ma Hoon then tells Yung-soo that he just wanted to give Gaedong another chance, just like he did with Young-soo, so don’t worry, nothing will change. Friendship restored!


In the palace, the eunuch is bowing in Daebi’s office as he does his spy duty and gets his next assignment. Bong-deuk sends him something for his father and the eunuch tells him that he will find out more information. Daebi thinks that they need to find out where she went soon.

Meanwhile, the assassin finds out that the lost girls name was Gaedong.

In the Kings room, he talks to his maid who is there all night now. She mixes something for him as they chat. He asks her why she is there? I heard girls at the palace only want to sleep with the King, I cannot do that for you, so why are you here?

She tells him that he is not the only one keeping his dignity. She was sold to the palace, but she also had a man that she wanted to marry. She was supposed to meet him on a bridge, but that was the last time she saw him (or heard of him). She thinks he is married now and that she should forget about him.

She gives him soup. He accidentally burns himself which sends him into a flashback about Gaedong during one night when she prepared soup for him to eat. It was a happy night.

In the present, he tells his maid that he cannot let his woman go. He still remembers her so how can he let her go?

Elsewhere, Ji-hwa daydreams about Do Joon and their piano encounter. Her maid asks if she got the answer she wanted. So Ji-hwa snaps at her and says that of course she did not go there. She also mentions that Gaedong bothers her. Enough for her to doubt her.

In the city, Do Joon and Ma Hoon ask a female officer in the library about the case they are trying to figure out with the conman’s death and all that. Do Joon sweet talks her into giving them information. She blushes and grabs the information they want that says that no one was there at that time. They had a case so everyone went to that case. Don’t tell anyone I told you.

Ma Hoon thinks it was a ghost police officer, that is why he was not on the list. Do Joon then pull sout a picture and asks Hoon if he has seen it. Ma Hoon recognizes that this is Gaedong. Do Joon says that someone is looking for her. He spread wrong information to mislead them, but they will figure it out soon. They need to find this out. 

Do Joon thinks that the good news is that they haven’t found Gaedong because the drawing is so bad. Ma Hoon thinks that they need to find out why people are looking for Gaedong, and until then, we need to make Gaedong into a lady.

Ma Hoon also asks Do Joon if he really isn’t doing his cousins marriage? Do Joon says it is no fun so Ma Hoon asks, how long will you be trapped in your past? Do Joon asks if he is the only one trapped in the past? Do Joon shoots the same question at him.

Flashback about Do Joon’s mother having an affair with another man and leaving him alone.

Do Joon stares of pensively as he tells himself that it is a bright day, the gisaeng jip is a good place for daytime drinking. He heads off.



Meanwhile, Mong-Koo goes to the Flower Crew house to talk to him about the person that died in the jail. He wants Ma Hoon to investigate it. Ma Hoon tells him no thank you. You are here without any emotions so that means that you have no curiosity about it which means that you know who the criminal is. You want to use me because you don’t have evidence, even though you guessed who it is.

In the market, the maid goes to grab some silk from a merchant where Gaedong is also shopping and tells her that they are going to sell that stupid guy soon to a construction site. He will be beaten to death or starve to death. She is so happy because of it. Okay, goodbye. She then runs off. Of course, this is all bait for Gaedong.

Gaedong also thinks that this must be a trap. She should not go there and get captured and sold again. But what if they really do sell my brother?

She runs off to Ji-hwa’s house where ji-hwa asks who she is looking for? Are you looking for him? Out comes her brother in the arms of two men. Ji-hwa tells her that she should have taken him when he was offered to her.

Ji-hwa then pulls her hairdo off and tells her that she knows that she is pretending to be a noble. The maid runs up and says that she thinks this is wrong, maybe you should apologize to her. J-hwa tells her to prove it. If you are a noble woman then you should have your dignity and behavior. She knows of a group where only young ladies can join, if they all approve of you, then I will apologize to you and I will give him to you.

Ji-hwa then tells her that she will reveal her lie to everyone and have them both sold. Gaedong tells her that she will regret this. She takes her hair piece off of her and says that this is not yours, so don’t mistreat it. Ji-hwa says everything is hers and then tells her slaves to take him away.

Gaedong is left outside. She tells her brother to wait a little bit. This time, Gaedong will take you.

Cut to the palace where the maid is still sitting next to Soo as he reads something. She tells him that she gave up, but he should not give up. I can distract eunuch Jang, so you can go out.

In the flower crew agency, Ma Hoon looks at the drawing of stone head and wonders what he should do with her. That is when she walks up. So he angrily asks why she is roaming aorund so late?

She quickly asks if it is true that he is giving her a second chance? I want to use it now. She offers the wooden stick to him and tells him to give this to her next time. She wants to be a noble woman, can you make me into one?

VO – until we find out who they are, she should pretend to be a noble woman longer, that would be safer.

MH – Why?

GD – I have someone I want to see.

MH – Who?

GD – Well…

But then someone knocks on the door. It is Lee Soo.

Ma Hoon and Gaedong look at the door.

Fade Out


I feel like we are right back where we started with episode 5? They agree to make Gaedong into a noble and we wait for that to happen. Though at least she has found her brother.


Soo – as we promised, let’s get married again.

Hoon – Your highness, are you really going to choose to walk on that difficult road?

GD – Our Soo left?

Hoon – Our Soo?

Hoon – You ran to him and said, our Soo?

JH – It is pretty right?

JH – Something noble ever since birth

GD – Forgetting about the fiance who went far far away, that is bad right?

BD – Find out who she is

YS – You think about the accident over and over again means it is a warning

MH – Stonehead, you are killing me

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  1. Rei
    October 7, 2019 / 1:00 pm

    Thanks a million for the recap. I wish there are more scenes between Hoon and GD

    • V
      October 7, 2019 / 1:15 pm

      You’re welcome! And yes, they need more scenes between those two.

  2. Tutti
    October 7, 2019 / 1:19 pm

    Thank you for the recap! I hope the story progresses a little faster. I also feel like there are no charismatic characters in this drama, especially the bad politicians.

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