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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 Recap Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency
Recap 6 for Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency

Okay, lots of the same things are still going on so if you missed episode 5, you will be okay to watch this one. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the scholar who wants to marry his bride is still trying to marry his bride and Gaedong is still trying to find Lee Soo and her brother. But, what we all care about is if the love is growing between Ma hoon and Gaedong, right? I am happy to report that it is! Close your eyes poor Lee Soo in the castle, you don’t want to see this.

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We open with the two of them sleeping. Ma Hoon wakes up and hears Gedong sleeping so he thinks that mice are not the problem. He kicks her hay bed that is elevated from his and tries to roll over again to sleep.

But this causes her to roll off her bed and into his, and she rolls right into a cuddle/kiss. But she stays sleeping. This makes Ma Hoons heart race. He is frozen for a moment, but then pushes Gaedong off of him and sits up to breath a few times to calm his heart.



Ma Hoon gets ready and sees that Gaedong is still sleeping. He kneels in front of her and thinks it is strange that she is sleeping so well in this kind of situation. or is he the strange one because he cannot sleep after this tiny event?

He moves to remove hay from her hair, which wakes her up. So she looks at him and asks what he is doing. He quickly spits that she is so dirty. She sits up and ays that she just thought he was jumping on her. He is all like, me? How dare you.

She complains about him snoring and how it was hard to sleep. he says, if you know what you did last night! But then they hear someone yelling in pain outside. They both go outside and see a man who has his foot trapped in a mouse trap. Gaedong made this mouse trap last night. He asked her to make one more that he plants outside.

They wonder who this person is. Ma Hoon thinks it is a person who works for the man who was supposed to find her brother. they were supposed to run away, but I knew that they were here because they needed to come back and see if we all left.

Ma Hoon walks up to him and tells him to say where his boss is. the man says no, his hyung will come and rescue him. Ma Hoon tells him taht the poison will spread to his body if he says nothing. Just look at your foot. You only have a few minutes left. I hope your boss comes to rescue you.

Ma Hoon pulls out a vial and tells the man to take this with him. ma Hoon leans in and asks if he feels chilly and has a dry mouth and starts to sweat. te man thinks all this is happening. Gaedong tells him to go ahead and tells Ma Hoon, otherwise you will die!


A spy maid tells the head maid something, so the head maid goes and tells Daebi about how the woman stayed overnight and they are eating breakfast right now. Daebi is so happy to hear it. She says that man may cntrol the world, but women control the man. She thinks she should reward her as the official girlfriend (official second wife).

Daebi thinks she should also have a reward because she tries so hard to find the King a second wife. She thinks she needs a medicine award.

In the Kings room, everyone is listening in on hm and this maid. it sounds like they are having a good time. Inside, we see that he is massaging her arm because she made ink all night long. She says that she cannot even open her arm. She asks why he is not sleeping at all.

He says he is sorry, but he is in a hurry. But then his eunuch calls to him to tell him to eat something. they hurry up and clean everything up in time for Eunuch to come in asking if he wants breakfast. Lee Soo says yes, it was so hard last night. The Eunuch glances at the maid briefly and then bows himself out.



Ma Hoon throws the antidote to the trees so the man goes running after it. Gaedong thinks that is mean, what if he doesn’t find it! He says there was no poison, that antidote is just water from the well. Now, lets find the real conman.

They go to the real conman who is kind of amazed that Gaedong found him by herself. But this situation looks a bit dangerous as many men come out. it is played for laughs though. Ma Hoon says that if Gaedongn gets hurt, he will punish three generations of these mens family. 

I definitely stopped you, so whatever happens from now on, just tell him it is an accident. She is all like, tell who? Ma Hoon says it is someone whose name I cannot say.

The fight starts! 

Gaedong is off head butting everyone and Ma Hoon is doing some Ip Man stuff and is barely moving. But then he kicks one of the men and pulls Gaedong closer to him. All the men have fallen. Gaedong si impressed but it is short lived because they have to run after the main conman who is getting away.

The conman gets away so Ma Hoon thinks about where Gaedong is chasing him. We see a little cartoon show up on the screen that looks almost like a sageuk Pacman. Ma Hoon finally sees where he thinks they will be and walks to that spot.

Ma Hoon confronts the man there who asks who he is. Ma Hoon asks him who he sold the arrow head to that killed someone. Do you want to be blamed for murder? The conman says he did not murder anyone, he just sold it. Ma Hoon tells him that he confessed to selling it, so let’s go to the police.

The man pulls out a knife. Ma Hoon easily kicks him to the ground. The man does not think that the assassins will be caught. he tries to push Ma hoon, which is when Gaedong shows up to hit him in the head with a gong. Her and Ma Hoon hold hands briefly after this.

Flashback to Gaedong remembering the kiss from the night before, actually, she was awake! 

She quickly lets go of his hand. the man says that her husband is dead somewhere because of her. She kicks him in the family jewels. Ma Hoon wants to know who is behind the man. The conman does not want to give anyone up. So Ma Hoon lets him go and tells him to watch out for people putting poison in his food.


Elsewhere, Ji-hwa is thinking about Do Joon and how she had the same red hair wrap. She is talking to her maid who is pretty impressed that the stain came out so well.  Then they start to talk about the informer. But Ji-hwa cannot go to a gisaeng jip as a noble born.

The maid goes outside and is talked to by the brother. The brother brings up Gaedong and how she would look nice in what the maid is holding.



All the politicians are around talking about taxes in the throne room. Lee Soo speaks up and asks if they know how much grain is to the people? Do you know how I used one case of meal? We only had one barley and had to separate it and make juk from it, but it wasn’t enough so we made a water like soup with it. that is the weight of one case for the people.

Nong-deuk says he understands, but that is the duty of the citizens. Lee Soo asks what the duty of the country is? I was a citizen for a long time. The people one want one thing, not to starve. Not starving is your job, so lets rethink about reducing taxes. All the politicians agree. Mong-koo smiles. Daebi looks worried.

Later, Daebi and Bong-deuk talk about how they thought Lee Soo was  stupid guy, but it does not seem like it. Bong-seuk thinks he is a little boy that is playing King, let’s just let him have fun. Daebi thinks that soon he will have more fun with women then politics.


The scholar asks Gaedong to take a message to his girlfriend. Youngsoo thinks he should as Hoon to do it because Gaedong does not even know manners yet. The scholar thinks that Gaedong is the biggest help because she helped him get his courage together.

Gaedong thinks that she might still be unlucky, based on what the conman told her. So she says that she is not doing it. Gaedong leaves and sees Do Joon walking up. He asks her if anything happened? Are you ignoring me? I am difficult to ignore. She excuses herself, but she also asks him if he can find dead bodies as well? So Joon asks if she thinks her husband is dead already?

Inside, Youngsoo and Ma Hoon argue over Gaedong. Ma Hoon thinks it is not Gaedong’s fault that her husband left her. Why don’t you like her? Youngsoo says Ma Hoon is breaking his own rules, why are you doing this now?

Meanwhile, Gaedong sits outside talking to herself about whether everyone will be unlucky because of her.


A family eats a small meal in front of the mystery mans house. This makes the mystery man think about his own family. He hears a little girl say abogi and goes to open the door. Inside we see a lively house with lots of love all around.

We also see the mystery man looking like a real noble in proper clothing. The beggar looking abogi starts to cry softly. But then Gaedong walks up to him and gives him a jacket, saying it is cold.

He takes it off and tells her to go away! She complains about his temper and puts the jacket back on him. She tells him that his family will be sad if he stays here like this. (she calls him uncle, but it is not clear if she calls every ajusshi like man, uncle). he whispers “family” to himself.


Bong-deuk calls Lee Soo’s eunuch to spy on the King. Th eunuch is not that into it. Bong-deok tells him that he can introduce his father to a good doctor if he helps him.


Gaedong and Ma Hoon end up talking outside the house doors. He gives her something. She asks what it is, so he tells her that it is a goose that the groom gives to the bride. He wants her to deliver it. She tells him that she can’t. She doesn’t want it to be unlucky. It worries her.

MaHoon explains that he is a super lucky guy, everything goes well, living is so boring. So give me your hand.

She does and he puts something into it. But it is nothing. So he tells her that he is sharing his luck with her, she can give him her un-luck. He tells her that he is always lucky, living is so easy. You are always unlucky, your life is so difficult, so let’s share my luck and your un-luck. You have taken my luck, so nothing will happen. As I told you, I am super duper lucky.

She tells him to take all her bad luck! And they both stand and kind of end up lip to lip again which makes her thinks about the kiss. He is all like, what? You were awake! You coldnt’ sleep because of my snoring?

She says that it was an accident! It was not her fault! It is both their faults so don’t talk about it! He tells her that he was the victim, so why should he feel ashamed!

She runs off and gets in bed, completely worried that he doesn’t know that she didn’t know they would kind of kiss. But she also looks at her hand and wonders if she can trust his luck. 


Ma Hoon goes to the scholars house to sign all the marriage things. The mom looks happy, so I guess she approves of it? Ma Hoon makes sure that the marriage package is wrapped up well and the scholar gives it to Gaedong to deliver it to the maid.

She makes it all the way to the maid who lets out tears of joy that she has received it.


In the city, Ji-hwa is peeking around near the gisaeng house. She really wants to go inside. Do Joon sees her and starts to talk to her about coming this whole way, so she may as well talk to him. She is all like, I am not here for you, get over yourself. But then they go off to sit and she tells Do Joon that she wants him to investigate something for her.

But he might not know that this is Ji-hwa? He says that he wants to see her face. She moves back and her jacket falls off her head. She starts to head out, but not until after she tells Do Joon that she wants a background check on the King.


Gaedong and the team celebrate a good day, even though there is a long way to the marriage. Gaedong thinks today is a good day to celebrate. They say their motto and click their glasses.

Do Joon thinks that Gaedong should still be a lady for awhile because Ji-hwa is a hard one. Gaedong thinks that is fine and says something that Youngsoo says is unlucky. Then, a man comes in and says that the lady will not get married. Everyone looks at gaedong.

The Flower Crew goes to the woman to discuss what is going on. The maid thinks she is too poor to marry them, she cannot meet their standards. Ma Hoon thinks that this is what the mother planned, she wanted to cancel the marriage by providing an expensive wedding gift.

We see a flashback revealing that this was indeed the case. Ma Hoon thinks that they can sell this expensive gift and then get a similarly expensive gift. the maid thinks that would be lying. Ma Hoon says, in this case, they are lying in order for her to find out.



We go through Lee Soo’s day and we also see the head eunuch writing everything down that he does, including reading romance books.

The maid goes to see Lee Soo and comes out. She then goes somewhere to burn a secret letter. The eunuch sees this and goes to inspect the letter. He is able to save a small piece of it.


In the market place, Ji-hwa sees Gaedong doing an errand and wonders about her. She thinks something suspicious is going on, so she follows them. But she loses them around a corner when they go into the building.


The scholar and maid meet the requirements for the marriage. the other woman who is in charge of the other wedding, thinks that she could not have possibly done this. If she used a loan shark then there is no marriage. 

Ma Hoon says that they sold all that she gave them. The mother thinks this is nonsense, this marriage is cancelled. I will call the police. Ma Hoon says that her son will go to the police first. Everything you prepared are things that were given to him as favors. 

They keep explaining why this is a big crime to take gifts for bribery, so he should be punished a lot. Which way is best for you? The mother says she won’t bring it up, just stop. I will give all the things back to the poeple and you don’t have to prepare anything.

Ma Hoon says that he only believes what he sees, but it is good for you to sacrifice everything for your son and he also sacrificed everything for him. So, how much do you think is possible when you sacrifice for someone. that sacrifice is the biggest gift that she brought.

Finally, the marriage day happens. The Scholar rides in on a horse and everyone celebrates in the streets. The marriage crew looks on pleasantly as he takes his bride from her carriage and they hold hands together.

Gaedong starts to think about her marriage as she looks at them. She puts on sunglasses and tries not to cry. Ma Hoon notices because it is a hard thing not to notice. Youngsoo decides to tells gaedong that those glasses are expensive. So Ma Hoon says he will give him the money for it. 

Youngsoo wants to do their celebration, but they dont do it. Everyone leaves. Youngsoo wonders why they are all leaving now, is it me?



Mong-koo talks with someone about the arrow head and thinks it is the one that the conman snuck out. 

Meanwhile, the conman has been captured and is in jail. A guard comes to him and tells him that someone wants him to wait a little bit. He gives him soup. The conman throws the soup, then he sees that the mice that eat the soup all die, quickly.

So the conman thinks back to what Ma Hoon told him about people wanting to kill him first. So he sticks his head out of the prison and says that he will tell everything about what he knows!


Bong-deok talks with his head assassin about things. The assassin brings up Ma Hoon and how he is looking around, so Bong-deok tells him to be careful and not let Ma Hoon find out.


Do Joon shows up to the flower crew house and tells Gaedong that there is a dead body that is very similar to Lee Soo’s body.

She runs to inspect it for herself. She is taken to the body and has to remove the cloth to see if it is in fact Lee Soo. She takes a tiny teary eyed peek and then falls on the floor and starts crying.

The doctor asks if this is the person she is looking for? Gaedong says no, it is not. It is not my Soo.

Gaedong goes home looking super sad and exausted. Ma Hoon stops her outside. She barely is able to tell him that she is too tired. Ma Hoon tells her to stop looking for him. He heard that Lee Soo was adopted by a noble who did not have a son. But Gaedong does not believe him. She tells him that if he wants to stop looking for him, just say that.

Ma Hoon thinks back to Lee Soo being the King. He tells Gaedong that Lee Soo is living well, so are you going to keep looking for him?

Gaedong tells him that her Soo is not that kind of person. She storms off.

One of the flower agency workers brings a note explaining that the conman wants to see him. 

But in the jail, we see that one of the guards is going to try and kill the conman himself. It is the same guard that gave him the poisoned soup.



Back in the city, Gaedong’s brother draws a lot of photos of Gaedong all along the fence. the maid is so upset at him, but she will have to find him. 

Meanwhile, Gaedong is walking outside and thinks that Ma Hoon should just not find Soo if he really doesn’t want to find him. But then she sees all the drawings on the wall and thinks about her brother. The style is exactly that of her brother.

While looking at the drawings, Gaedong thinks back to her brother trying to make her smile. She thinks these are her brothers drawings. How can they be here? She looks at all the drawings that are all of her smiling and angry or laughing. Then she sees some girls running up the street, her brother is chasing after them.

They see each other, but it doesn’ tlook like they recognize each other. then her brother calls Gaedong-ah! Gaedong turns her head to look at him. He yells Gaedong! And starts to run towrad her with his arms open.

She looks at him and mutters, brother?

Fade Out


We are still with the super smart scholar that wants to marry his maid. But at least that storyline gets a semblance of closure this episode. There is also some more story elements that start to overlap, like with Gaedong’s conman and the Palace which could be intriguing and tie in those plot points.

I like the new beggar ajusshi storyline because I want it to give this show a kick in the pants to get some things going already. I mean, we are starting episode 6 and yet it still feels like we could be at episode two. So, show, come on and hurry it up a bit.


Episode 7 Preview Translation for Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency

MK – I want to ask you to investigate this case

JH – She bothers me

JH – I have to double check

DJ – I kind of started to like you

Hoon – Gaedong is our family now

YS – Think again, who is your real family!

BD – Before all the politicians figure it out, find them/it

LS – Gaedong, even if it is late, I will come and get you

MH – Who made your cry?

GD – Marriage consultant, don’t be too nice to me, it makes me not want to leave

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  1. Rei
    October 1, 2019 / 4:48 pm

    Sigh…..I can’t get enough of Gae Dong and Hoon.
    Thank you for the recap… It must be lots of hard work having to recap both Flower Crew and Tale of Nok Du ….. You are the best!!!

    • V
      October 2, 2019 / 7:55 am

      Thank you!

  2. Rei
    October 1, 2019 / 4:58 pm

    I am happy to see both of Gae Dong and Hoon at denial stage now. More angst to come…..It’s gonna be hard on Gae Dong to make a decision coz both men are such sweethearts and sincere in whatever they do.

    I love the direction of where the loveline is heading to….
    Gae Dong trying to figure out Hoon while still devoted to “her friend to be husband” who disappeared

    Hoon trying to do the noble thing which is not so noble (telling GD and Soo to forget each other). Very soon he is gonna be questioning his own motives…and his heart

    Soo with his attempts at power politics to protect his love

    • V
      October 2, 2019 / 7:55 am

      Yes! I wonder when the devotion to Soo will end and her love for Ma Hoon will blossom.

  3. Rei
    October 1, 2019 / 5:09 pm

    Okay I wrote that it’s gonna be hard for Gae Dong to choose, but I think it’s gonna be harder on our matchmaker Hoon coz for him to fall in love with the king’s bethrothed would be heartbreaking for him to marry her off …
    I wonder how the show is gonna handle this complicated relationship equation ….

    I think at this juncture (from his thoughts in the morning-after kiss), he hasn’t quite figure out his feelings yet. I wonder when he will realize that.

    • V
      October 2, 2019 / 7:56 am

      He would be falling in love with the Kings betrothed and a former slave so his noble self will be pulled in all sorts of ways. 😁

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