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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 5 Live Recap

Episode 5 recap for the kdrama Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency
Episode 5 recap for Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency, image jtbc

Okay, I think we are finally going to see three men put Gaedong in sageuk finishing school to become a lady. This is what I started this drama for, so hopefully they make it happen in episode 5 and build on it in episode 6. Also, a few more people can fall in love with Gaedong along the way, that’s all I’m saying.

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Ma Hoon bows to Lee Soo.

MH – I am sorry for my rudeness, your highness.

LS – How…did you…

MH – I just guessed. Now I am sure of it.

In the streets, men walk with torches. This is when they came to take Ma Hoon away. One of the men in the back was Lee Soo’s father. Ma Hoon saw him and then was put inside a small carriage and blind folded. While inside, he thought about Lee Soo’s father and new that he was the blacksmith. He wondered why he was there.

VO – Only a few doors make this big sound. This is the door to the palace.

Ma Hoon keeps using his senses to find out where he is.

VO – this smell is…..the palace

Ma Hoon remembers that someone paid twice for the money that Lee Soo and his father took. They have a hairdo only for a queen and they have a new King and the current King became the King all of a sudden. It is Kim Soo.

In the present, Ma Hoon says that it was not so easy to figure out. Lee Soo tells him that he is the best marriage consultant. Ma Hoon tells him to use banmal to him, but Lee Soo does not want to.

MH – It is really strange. When you were a blacksmith the clothes looked good on you. But now it looks like someone elses clothes. Please forgive my rudeness.

LS – Gaedong, where is Gaedong. I did not see her at home. Do you know where she is?

MH – I take care of her. I had to bring her with me because your house had assassins.

LS – Assassins? Is she hurt?

MH – She is okay now, but I am not sure if she will be okay in the future. She does not even know the identity of the assassins, but if she knows that the person she was going to marry is the King, she won’t be okay. So you should forget. It is my fault that I accepted that marriage, so I will make sure to marry her to a nice person.

He bows to Lee Soo and starts to leave. But Lee Soo grabs his arm and asks him why he is doing this? You made a promise to me that I would marry her so… what should I do?

MH – You have to meet me secretively, that is how you are now. What are you going to do? Are you going to have her as a second wife here?

LS – No, she is the only woman to me, you know that.

MH – Our relationship ends here, so please be a good King.

LS – I am going to bring her to me. I am oging to have her next to me.

MH – How?

LS – I am going to have power. Power so that no one can hurt her even though she is next to me. So, can you protect Gaedong until then?

MH – Why do you trust me?

LS – There is no one else but you that I can trust.



Ma Hoon walks back to his place thinking that Kim Soo became king. It would be better if he was a bad guy that took all the money and ran away. He ses Gaedong outside the house and asks her whats up? He also calls her stone head.

She looks worried and runs to hug him. She keeps hugging him and says that she was worried that he disappeared like her brother and Lee Soo. He tells her that he is not going anywhere, this is his house, where would he go? So, can you release me, Stone head?

She lets go quickly and tells him that this is jut because she is so happy to see him. She starts to go inside but he calls her name. He is sent into a flashback where she was crying and talking about Lee Soo and how she wanted to know about him so she could forget about him.

Ma Hoon is about to tell her, but he tells her to make bean sprout soup for tomorrow.


Mong-koo meets with his daughter J-hwa. He says that he heard that she had a hard time showing her cousin around. he wants her to help her. Ji-hwa says it is nothing, it is nice that she had someone to talk to. Her father thinks that she does not change her facial expression when talking about something she does not like. She says she had a good teacher.

Her father tells her that soon he will submit her name to be the Kings bride.

Ji-hwa leaves and tells her main maid that she will need an informer. The maid bows and starts working on it.


Meanwhile, the flower crew people are still trying to get the scholar and the maid married. They are talking to the mother about it, but the mother is against it. The scholar says that she washed all the clothes to support me.

His mother asks if she raised him? I am the one who raised you. I just want you to have a proper marriage, don’t you understand me? He pleads with her to follow him once. She asks, if you really want that…come in please.

Every head turns to a person who comes in. It is their competitor. The mother says that this marriage consultant will take care of the marriage. Outside, Gaedong asks who that marriage consultant is?

Youngsoo says she is the queen of marriage consulting. She is so busy in the Spring. We are sent into a flashback of her and her amazingly popular business. Youngsoo says it used to be, but after Ma Hoon, she became the unlucky woman of April because whoever she mathed, Hoon said they were not a good match.

Hoon is quiet about this. Youngsoo says this was a rare opportunity, but she has our customer now. Hoon says that he did not give her their customer yet.

They go back to their flower crew house to discuss it in the library. Hoon says that they should not have wood at home to keep fires away. Gaedong tells him to explain it plainly. What do you want to do? He says that they need to remove the root. I will take care of Mrs Kang’s marriage first.

Youngsoo says that if the maid finds someone else to marry, then the scholar will not have anyone to marry. So we need to find out what kind of person she is and what kind of person she can marry. But that is difficult.

Do Joon comes in and says it is difficult to find out the information about her. The scholars mom is about to send a marriage proposal. if that happens then this marriage is a done deal.

Hoon asks if he can bring a young lady looking gisaeng from the gisaeng jip? I need to check to see what kind of person she is. Do Joon says that Gaedong can do it. Everyone is a bit stunned by this. Do Joon says she looks good, if she does not talk then she will be okay.

Hoon thinks that Do Joon over evaluates Gaedong sometimes. But Do Joon thinks that she can do it and asks for her to bring the young lady. Gaedong holds hr hand up to volunteer and says that she can do it, you were also tricked before. In fact, you told me I was a fairy. She looks at Youngsoo.

Do Joon says he agrees. But the other two don’t, Gaedong says that she is a fulltimer now, just trust me. They tell Ma Hoon to decide it.



In the palace, the King is working as a blacksmith. Everyone is looking at him like he has lost his mind. But Lee Soo keeps working. While working, he remembers what Hoon said to him about Gaedong not being okay that her husband to be is the King. You should think that she is dead and forget about her. He thinks to himself, if that is the case, then I will die.


Meanwhile, Ma Hoon has to make an identity for Gaedong to make her into a Yangban (noble) woman. He goes into his secret library stash and opens a book. He then asks the woman in the book if he can borrow her name.

When he comes back in, he hears Youngsoo say that this is the biggest problem. We see Gaedong eating like a pig but stuffing food into her mouth. They have to fix this. Youngsoo wonders how they can fix this, it is easier to turn the sky upside down then to make her a lady. Do Joon corrects all his Korean as he talks.

Gaedong goes to Mahoon and sees new clothes for her. She will see if it fits but Ma Hoon says she has a lot to learn to do it properly. But you only need to learn a few things and you can fake it.

He starts to explain how to drink tea properly. he tells her how to hold her cup and then shows her ow to do it by lightly touching her. He explains that you have to support the cup like this. Which makes her all warm inside. She asks if she is doing it right? he says yes, then sip it 2-3 times. Try it.

He tells her to smile as well. She thinks it is so difficult to smile like thatt. He tells her that all she has to say is, yes, lets do it. You also have to smile when you refuse something. She says that she does not like that. He tells her that she has to say thank you also. So she smiles and says no thank you.

Outside, Do Joon teaches her how to walk properly. You must walk straight. Your clothes should not fly around and you need to straighten your head and back. He tries to tie bamboo to her back to straighten it. She is all like, what in the world?


Later that night, we see her sleeping on pyongsang outside. She is exausted. Ma Hoon washes something beside her and puts it inside Gaedong’s shoes. It looks like something that will help with her shoes fitting well? He then looks pleasantly at Gaedong.

Gaedong wakes up and no one is around. But then she sees her shoes with the flower scarf inside it. She looks around and doesn’t see anyone, but she might know that it was Ma Hoon.

She goes to see Ma Hoon and asks him if he did this? She holds up the shoes. He asks what about it? But he turns around and smiles. He asks why she is working so hard? No one will pay you more. She says that she does not want to have another crying bride.

Ma Hoon thinks about what Lee Soo said that then turns to Gaedong to ask, why don’t you become a real lady? She thinks that is silly and refuses. Plus, what about her brother and Lee Soo. Just in case they are looking for me, I didn’t even change my name even though I was chased, just in case my brother comes looking for me.

Ma hoon says okay, you are Gaedong, how can you be the lady of a noble family.

Later on, we see Youngsoo talking about Gaedon’gs dirty fingernails. At first he is upset that a lady has nails like this. But then he starts to inspect them and tells her that her life should be hard. After that, he starts to cleans them for her.

He tells her that she does not have dirty hands, she has hard working hands. He then puts oil on her hands and rubs it in. His mood is bright as he tells her that it smells good. You have to have a good smell to go to a good place. She smells it and thanks him.

The next day, Youngsoo rings a bell and tells Gaedong to come out. She walks out and looks at the three men in her noble lady appearance. Ma Hoons heart starts to beat hard. Do Joon tells Youngsoo that he underestimated himself. Youngsoo says yes, I realize that. If this works out then I will get twice the bonus.

Ma Hoon says it is not bad. Gaedong thinks he is too cranky and happily spins around.


All the noble ladies get out of their carriages to go to tea time together. The tea tables are set up inside in a magnificently lovely outdoor room over a small pond.

MH – They will have their own rules for seating. Nible lady Kang will sit at the high seat. You will sit according to rank, so you will be the last. 

But Gaedong says that is dumb, wherever she sits first is her seat. So she bumps a lady out of the way and sits next to Kang. Kang is all like, who is this chick?

The ladies are greeted and tea time starts. 

But, there is a problem because they are having cold tea and it looks like he only taught her how to drink warm tea.

At the team party, the main woman asks if anyone can help her poor the tea? She has hand pain. Kang says that the new person should do it. So Gaedong goes up to help and looks at the tea set up which is a bit different than what she is looking at.

Gaedong starts to cool off the cold tea, so Kang smiles and says you should not cool off cold tea. Gaedong says that they like to do it for a better smell.

It looks like that was a good enough answer as no one questions her about it. They start to drink, Gaedong takes three sips and then enjoys it. the tea teacher says that it tastes better with Gaedong’s way, thank you for your teaching.

Gaedong looks at the girl nect to her and smiles. This might be the cousin of Kang. She also notices that the cousin was hiding a book under her dress.



Ma Hoon is pacing at the flower crew house as he thinks about the time that has passed. But only a few minutes has passed. Do Joon is there with him. He says that this place is more interesting than the gisaeng jip so he is there today. You look like a parent who sent their kid to school and does not know what to do.

Ma Hoon asks him, so someone who is engaged asked another man to take care of his woman, what does that mean? Do Joon thinks no man would do that. Who is that? Ma Hoon mentions that the rule book says that they cannot say private things to strangers. 

Do Joon thinks he is not a stranger, but whatever. Then he gives his advice and says that the guy who is asking for his woman is a reliable person, or it seems like that man will never have an affair with his woman. So, unless they are brothers, then the first case is very rare. So it should be the second case. The man is not attractive as a man at all.

Ma Hoon says it was not like that at all. Do Joon tells him that this is like asking a dog to take care of a cat. 


Meanwhile, Lee Soo is looking pitiful and longing while sitting in his room. he is talking to his late mother and says that he knows that she will not like it. You said that you will ask me to give it to someone that I love. But for her to have it, it will take some time. He is holding his mothers hair ornament.

Then the eunuch runs in and tells Lee Soo that the head of the guards will be promoted as the Minister of the Army. Lee Soo runs out to see about this.

He runs to the courtyard and sees Bong-deuk telling Moon seok that it will take a long time to go to the country side. But then they see Lee Soo. Lee Soo asks Eunuch Jang to straighten his clothing and then he starts to walk to see Moon Seok. He has to cross this courtyard to get to him and this courtyard is pretty huge. So it is a long slow walk.

MS – You didn’t forget what I told you.

LS – *nods*

MS – *bows deeply, all the way to the ground*

LS – Please, don’t get hurt. And come back safely, Head of the guards.

MS – I will be back, your highness. 

He turns and walks off with purpose.

LS – Please come back safely, father.

Bong-deuk thinks that tigers without teeth are just big cats.



Somehow, Gaedong was able to steal the book that the cousin was hiding. She runs off to the side and thinks that this book is so important. The books title is “An Officers Lover” she opens up the book and starts to read it. She giggles and thinks that she must like this kind of man.

But then Kang comes around and says that this book is her eunnies book. I need to check that. Gaedong smiles and says no, thank you. It is okay. Don’t worry about it and go your own way.

She starts to walk away. Kang starts to follow her but runs into a slave and gets food spilt on her. She slaps the slave. Gaedong thinks that she should not cause trouble but she goes back to the maid and keeps her from getting hit again. Kang asks her if she will be responsible for this? Gaedong says yes.

Cut to Gaedong cleaning the dress with onion or something. It comes out extra clean. Kang says it still won’t remove your fault. But her cousin tells her not to be so serious on this pretty day. This is just like new! It is good! Gaedong asks her to forgive the maid. Everyone agrees. So kang has to forgive the maid. 

The maid is so thankful. Gaedong tells Kang that she is so nice, how can you be so nice! All the girls get back to happily chatting Kang looks momentarily lost.


Mong-koo meets with his two men and they talk about how powerful Bong-deok is getting. He was even able to send the head of the guards away. they need to pick a new person to fight against the prime minister. Mong-koo thinks that they need to find him.

Cut to a house that looks abandoned. The people sitting outside look low class as well, almost like beggars? Perhaps they are beggars, its not clear right now.

Then another beggar looking man walks up and sits with them. He pushes a few of them out of the way. they are all like, um, don’t you see us here? Keep your manners. But the man says he is the owner of this house and just wants to sleep, so lets sleep. They all go back to sleep.


the ladies all walk around the tea house. the cousin thinks that Gaedong is so nice and free-spirited. kang thinks she lacks dignity. They also notice that Gaedong has a red hairtie that is similar to the one that Do Joon gave Ji-hwa. Ji-hwa is disappointed that he bought one for her as well.

Outside, Gaedong runs to hug Ma Hoon. He pushes her away from him so they can stand looking civil. She holds the book in her hands and they walk away together to look at it.


Lee Soo looks everywhere for his mothers hairpiece, but he cannot see it. It is his mothers one last item that she gave him. The eunuch thinks that it might be with the laundry. So Lee Soo takes off to find it with all his people walking behind him.

He asks one of them, who cleaned my room. She brings out the hairpiece and asks if he is there for this? he asks how she knew. She says that she found it while separating the clothing, it looked so precious so I put it to the side. She asks if it is so precious? He says yes, I am going to give it to a very important person. One day, I will give it to her in person.



In the flower crew house, Gaedong presents a notebook of notes on the cousin and all the types of men she likes. Cut to a shaman telling the cousin that the man that her parents picked will screw her family and her marriage will be her funeral! 

The cousin asks what she should do? The shaman tells her that she has to avoid it. You need to pray at a praying place. From the SOuth-east, a person will come who can make your family big. Take this with you (an umbrella) you might have water pouring on you.

She takes the umbrella and walks off. the shaman knocks on a door. Do Joon comes in looking like a giant. He tells the shaman that she is not only pretty, she is also good at acting. She smiles bashfully.

Ma Hoon nods to Do Joon, then their second act takes place. While the cousin walks outside, she hears the sounds of rain. She goes to look at flowers and hears even more sounds of rain.

Ma Hoon gives youngsoo the blue flag, so Youngsoo pours water over the cousin who had opened he umbrella just in time.

The cousin is definitely spooked and goes to a praying place to pray to the gods. A man calls her name and asks if she is wishing for something.

Cut to the mage of the man who is in all black and looks like the man from her novel. She is mesmerized. Flower petals start to fly and they turn into comic book characters in a book that closes.



Mong-koo thinks about the flower crew marriage agency and thinks that the first prime minister’s son has just punched him.

Cut to the flower crew, Ma Hoon tells his team that the grooms family accepted to send the marriage proposal to the brides family. they all celebrate and wonder if they should eat meat now. Gaedong hugs everyone.

Then Do Joon explains to Ma Hoon that the person who took Gaedong’s money is still in Seoul. But they don’t want to tell Gaedong right now before double checking. Especially because of the assassins.

However, Gaedong heard it all through the door.


Lee Soo is in his room when one of the maids comes in looking veyr nervous. The doors close behind her.

Elsewhere, Daebi finds out that a woman is in Lee Soo’s room. She thinks that women are the only ones he can rely on.

In Seoul, Ma Hoon is walking aorund when he feels someone following him. He thinks the King should send a better soldier to follow him. So he hides, but then Gaedong runs up to him. He doesn’t notice it is Gaedong and pushes her agains the wall. But then he notices and asks why she is there?

She asks why he pushed her to the side, this is her issue, even if it is dangerous, we are family right? they bigher about family for a moment. Gaedong tells him that they are on the same side, they will do good and bad things together, so don’t push me to the side.

The cerfew noise sounds so they both have to hurry off.

In the palace, Lee Soo thanks the maid for returning the hairpiece, but says that she should leave. He has a woman that he loves and he cannot give this woman what he wants. The maid asks what she should do first? She kneels and says that she has a teacher father so she knows how to read and write. She an be useful to him. She can be his night friend. Do you not like that?

He looks at her and asks what her name is? She says it is Sayah. He thanks her an tells her that he has a good nighttime friend.

In a flashback, Moon Seok tells Lee Soo that the first prime minister will kick him out. But you should abandon me first. Make them believe that you are alone.

Lee Soo thinks about this while sitting with Sayah.



Gaedong tries to make this place that they are in for the evening, livable. It looks like a storage room with hay all around and some pots. She makes a sitting spot for them both and tells Ma Hoon to sit. He sits, cautiously but then hops up when he hears the rats.

Gaedong is perfectly fine. She kind of giggles at Ma Hoon. He says he is doing this for her, she can sit there. 

Later on, they are both sleeping. But Gaedong is snoring a bit so this makes it hard for Ma Hoon to sleep. He thinks the mice are not the problem. But then Gaedong moves a little bit and rolls off her high bed to his lower bed. She curls up right next to him.

He is shocked that her face is so close to his. they are basically kissing. His heart starts to race and his eyes are big.

Fade Out


Tomorrow, this show will air at 23:00 do to a big interview that is airing about the corruption in the prosecutors office that is taking over Korea right now. There is a fight between the President and the Minister of the Law vs The Prosecution Team of Korea. Or something similar to that. It is a big deal, so they are shuffling around their schedule tomorrow to accommodate the breaking news in their lineup.

As far as this show, I like that it was nice that we got a little lady development in Gaedong. We also have a bit of intrugue with this new beggar like man. It appears that Gaedong used this beggars daughters name in order to appear as a noble lady. So, perhaps Gaedong will be adopted by this beggar and take his last name. So she will really become a noble woman that could marry the King. That is a theory/speculation, but it is a pretty cool one so I hope it will happen.

I am still not pulled by the current storyline as it feels a bit like more of the same with the matchmaking of this one scholar. But I did love the tea party and I do like this new character that showed up that houses the possibility of making Gaedong a legit noble woman.


MH – Lets meet the real conman

MH – If you want to know about it, then tell me who is behind it.

MK – Where is he?

JH – She is a little bit strange.

DJ – You came here by yourself like this. Maybe it is time for you to start to talk to me.

GD – I don’t want to do it, I won’t do it. What if people become unfortunate because of me?

MH – I took/gave it today, so nothing will happen.

BD – You should tell me what is going on around him.

MH – Forget about that blacksmith

GD – Just tell me if you don’t want to find him

MH – He is….

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  1. Rei
    September 30, 2019 / 10:09 am

    Oh wow your recap is so prompt and perfect, capturing all the nice moments. More of Ma Hoon and Gae Dong please…

    Let me savor all these. For your info, I am reading your recap before watching the show.

    • V
      September 30, 2019 / 12:23 pm

      Thank you Rei! So happy your reading along with us 🥰.

  2. Rei
    September 30, 2019 / 11:25 am

    I watched without subs and thankfully I read your recap first. I think the episodes are surpassing the previous ones. So the drama is getting better with each episode.

    How many times Gae Dong hug Hoon in this episode? Twice and I think each time Hoon falters and falls deeper. I wonder whether he knows it as an attraction sign or probably brushing it aside as a distracting and uncomfortable feeling between a man and woman in close contact?

    I love the transformation scene and to hear Hoon’s heart beating at the sight of emerging pretty Gae Dong is heart fluttering. I wonder if Do Joon sensed that?

    And of course the kiss-but-not-kissing scene is crazy good. As much as Gong Seung Yoon is a good actress, I think Kim Min Jae is really killing this role softly and strongly. All his gestures, whether gruff or gentle are full of expressions and emotions.

    Another swoony episode **squeeee**

    • V
      September 30, 2019 / 2:39 pm

      The heart beat was great, lol. I also loved the roll off of the bed into a kiss scene. That was pretty funny.

  3. Rei
    September 30, 2019 / 11:43 am

    Thank you both for such a lovely recap…. Makes my day / night!!
    See you tomorrow for the episode 6 recap
    I can’t wait *rubbing my hands*

    • V
      September 30, 2019 / 2:39 pm

      See you tomorrow!

  4. Rei
    September 30, 2019 / 11:49 am

    I enjoyed the fact that Gae Dong initiated all the skinship without romantic notion on her part…. perhaps being a free spirit orphan and independent laborer, she was not accustomed to the restraints of the nobles.

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