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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 4 Live Recap

Recap for episode 4 of the Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency
Recap for episode 4 of the Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency

Lee Soo (i.e. Kim Soo) is still trapped in the palace. He managed to break out and see Gaedong, but she did not see him and then his father swooped in and pulled him away (and also pushed some sense into him, you could have us all killed fool!).

Yesterdays episode was spent with Lee Soo understanding how his actions have consequences to the people in the palace around him. Gaedong spent the episode trying to tell Ma Hoon (in her screaming way) that love is a thing that exists on Earth. He might not have gotten that message, but he did find out that she is a person with emotions after the man who was supposed to find her brother ran away with all her money and she cried her eyes out in his library. She also said that she quits, though I think she will real that one back in because…you ain’t got no place to go boo.

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It is night and gaedong is sneaking around the village. It looks like she is looking for someone and wonders if she should just beg him for something? Ah, maybe Ma Hoon. She thinks that he is cranky, but he is not cold. She also thinks that Ma Hoon only believes what he wants to and only sees what he wants to.

She might be looking at the Flower Crew building? She thinks her mouth should go die somewhere. Why are you always so honest! i told you to stop doing it. She then hits her mouth several times for good measure and thinks about what she should do.

She smells food nearby but she does not have money. Then three strong looking men walk up with a deer on their shoulder. The men walk up in slow motion as if they are fashion models. Gaedong gets an idea.

The men sit with their deer and Gaedong walks up to them with all the confidence in the world and tells them that with only one coin, she can get all he meat for them. they think that is funny people her arms are so thin. But then one of them asks if she knows of any unmarried eunnies?

Another man says that no woman would marry them, they dont even have a house. Gaedong says that she will introduce them to a good place, just wait a little bit. She then comes back and says that she has everyone there. She shows them a book and says that she will introduce them for one coin.

The men are so happy and starts to give her deer jerky and drink as they sit and have a happy time.  Gaedong even starts to draw women (or men?) with blood on the floor. She gets a brush to do this as well and starts to draw the pretty women in the village and explain the marriage agency to them.

She tells them that if they go there then they would need to say that she introduced them. But, he is a cranky guy. They start to eat another jerky, which is when Ma Hoon comes in and sees all the blood and everything all around.

He grabs Gaedong to leave but the men are all like, what is this? We are having a good time. But Mahoon thinks they are bad guys and says that this is my wife, lets go! Gaedong is momentarily shocked and then laughs and says that he should not rescue her, he should rescue them.

Then she whispers to the men that this is the marriage consultant. SO all the men grow happy once again and offer him deer meat. It is from Jeedee mountain!

Later on, Gaedong leaves with Ma Hoon. He is still upset, so she asks him if he is still unhappy? I’m sorry, you shouldn’t say that you were my husband though. Don’t be so upset as a grown man. He asks her how long she has drawn like this. She tells him that she can see things and when she reads things, she can guess what the image looks like.

Ma Hoon thinks back to Gaedong saying that she can draw while they were at their clients home.

Ma Hoon is about to go back home, but Gaedong grabs him by the wrist and says that she has nowhere to stay. He tells her that she can stay with him. But he is shocked that he said it and turns his head away to think up an excuse. So he tells her that he has to get the money. But then he thinks about all the signals of lying like eyes shaking and biting your lips, he is doing all of them right now.


Gaedong looks closely at him and says that he is lying. You were worried about me. Then she tells him that they can go together.



Lee Soo plays a game with his maid that is a bit like peekaboo. His eyes are covered and the maids say, your highness as he tries to find them. But they all bow as Bong-deok shows up. Bong-deuk wants Lee Soo to focus on politics and not games. Lee Soo tells him that he can focus on politics, Lee Soo will just do fun things like this.

Bong-deok is happy with this (though he pretends like its no big deal). Lee Soo told this to him in order to protect the people around him. His father told him that he has to hide himself, so that is what he is doing.


A boy goes up to a little boy in a noble house (ah this is Ma Hoon) and tells him that he is not going to take the National Exam, he is going to be a match maker, just like with that couple that I connected.

His father, Bong-deuk comes out and tells the older brother that he needs to lead the country and get the highest score on the exam, otherwise, do not come home. The older brother says yes and heads out. But then we see that he came home in a body bag (a straw bag?).

Ma Hoon wakes up from his dream calling for is brother.

Later on, the three flower men and Gaedong all sit around their living room area. Young Soo thinks that Gaedong should not stay there for free. Gaedong tells him that it is not free, she will pay for her rent as soon as she gets a paycheck.

Ma Hoon gets the conversation going in the proper direction which is to get their client successfully married. But Gaedong does not want him to marry anyone but the maid he likes. Yongsoo is all like, why are you talking? You just started working here. But Gaedong is adamant about her beliefs. 

Ma Hoon tells Gaedong to persuade them then. You are the one that said marriage agencies connect fate, even if it is difficult, so if you persuade them then do it. Youngsoo thinks she should be kicked out in 3 days if she can’t. Hoon thinks that they should hire her as a regular if she is successful.

Gaedong agrees, she will find that aristocrat! She happily goes off. Ma Hoon shakes his head as he wonders why she is so happy? She is about to be fired.



Do Hoon is talking to a gisaeng at the gisaeng house. He is looking for a woman that does their washing and maid service. The gisaeng does not know, but she says she will find out and runs to the ajumma network to find out all that she can about this woman. the ajumma grapevine network gets to work and fins out that she actually lives outside the wall. The gisaeng happily tells Do Hoon and Do Hoon thanks her with a smile.


Daebi and Bong-deuk talk about what happened to the prince? Bong-deuk says the case will close soon, they will make it that he was murdered by bandits. Daebi is worried about the 2nd prime ministers daughter becoming queen.

At the 2nd Prime Ministers house, Mong-koo instroduces a cousin to Ji-hwa and says she will stay with them for her wedding, so please show her around Seoul.

Ji-hwa does not look that happy to do this, but she does what her father says and shows her around Seoul. The cousin is excited to see everything, but Ji-hwa is bored. The cousin sees something that she loves so Ji-hwa is going to buy it for her, but then she gets accidentally pushed by her cousin which makes her head cover fly off her head and into the wind to who knows where.

But then DoJoon catches it. He is standing just right behind them and presents it to Ji-Hwa. Ji-Hwa thanks him and immediately remembers him from their first meeting when he dipped her. He asks if they know each other? She says no, but he says that she should remember him, then he leans his face close to hers.

She clears her throat and heads away. Her cousin wonders if he is married? Ji-hwa tries to say that she does not care.

Do Joon sees something pretty that unmarried women wears, so he buys it and then goes back to Ji-hwa and sees if it matches the tie on her hair. He tells her that red fits her well. She tells him that he should ask for her permission to touch her hair. He says that he has to have an occassion to talk to her. Then she leaves.

JiHwa starts to hiccup and tells her cousin that they should go. Her cousin is smitten.



Meanwhile, Mong-koo and Bong-deuk meet at Mong-koo’s house to talk. they talk in banmal to each other. Bong-dek asks him why they don’t just become inlaws? 

Mong-koo asks, for which son? The first son you killed or the second son that left to be in a marriage agency? Bong-deok is upset at this, but mutters that it would be his second son. Mong-koo tells him that he should be greedy enough, are you afraid that my daughter will become queen?

Bong-deok says that Mong-koo should be afraid, Daebi is the one that controls finding the next Queen. Why are you so nervous?

BD says he just wants to hold his old friends hand again. Mong-koo tells corrects him and says he wants to break his hand.


Gaedong meets with the noble man to ask him a question. Is it really okay with him to marry anyone his mother picks? What about that lady? Are you okay to break up with her? he says he does not know what she is talking about, never come to me again.

He walks to the school, but gaedong waves and says that she will see him again. She mutters to herself that she did not think it would be that easy and that he should be ready becasue her life depends on him.

Back with Bong-deok and Mong-koo, Ma Hoon shows up at his place and introduces himself. Mong-koo says that he saw him when he was little, no one expected that you would become a marriage consultant because everyone talked about how smart you were.

Mong-koo says that he called Ma Hoon for his neices marriage, but he had to wait for three days. I envy you, you have a very famous son. Bong-deok excuses himself. Mong-koo continues to invite Ma Hoon in. Bong-deok is upset, but still heads out.

Inside, Ma Hoon and Mong-koo sit for tea and talk. Ma Hoon asks him if he did that on purpose? Mong-koo says that he is not that bad, he called him about aristocrat Lee who got the first prize in the government exam. Ma Hoon asks if he wanted to get the first vote from the scholars.

Mong-koo says he is smarted than his brother. If he was not Bong-deoks son, then he would want him to marry his daughter. Ma Hoon sits his tea on the table and says that he also has his criteria. 

Mong-koo’s criteria is that there should be at least 3 ministers in the family and at least #3 in the government exam. So, no marriage agent can find that. Mong-koo tells him that he is just like his father. Ma Hoon tell shim that he will ask aristocrat Lee first.

Meanwhile, Ji-hwa thinks about Do Hoon, but is upset at herself for thinking about him. Then her maid comes up and says that her father talked to someone about her marriage. Ji-hwa tells her to investigate that guy to see if he will be her husband to be.


Back at the flower crew, Ma Hoon talks about how they might be hired by the niece of the second prime minister. YoungSoo is happy to hear this and think that they might survive now. Do Hoon comes in with other news about the maid at the gisaeng house. She was a family friend, three years ago they decided to get married.

Flashback to the scholar telling the maid that he will pass the exam and they can get married. But after he passed the exam, there were a lot of marriage proposals for the scholar, so the maid was kicked out of the house by the mother. Whe nthe scholar returned home successfully, the maid was already gone.

Gaedong asks how things can be like this? Young soo says his futre is like the highway, so of course that will happen. Do Hoon knows where the maid lives and asks if they would like to see her?

Cut to them meeting with her. She says that she is okay. Gaedong thinks that the maid should not give up, you supported him for three years. She says that she did not do it to expect anything from him and does not want to make him unhappy due to her, so please stop coming.

They all leave thinking that the maid and scholar shuold be connected. Ma Hoon says that the both say that they are okay with it, which leads to a flashback of Ma Hoon with his brother saying the same thing to Hoon. 

Ma Hoon thinks that they should proceed as planned. But Gaedong thinks that they should not, she will still convince aristocrat Lee. She walks off.



Moon Seok sits with Lee Soo while he is studying in his room. Lee Soo starts to ask him about the princes murder case and wonders if it was his step brother? He hands him a scroll.

Moon Seok tells him that it says that they caught the head of the bandits that murdered the prince. This is the message that says how you have to punish them, harshly.

Lee Soo is suprised to find out that only bandits killed the prince of the country. he reads the scroll again.


Ma Hoon looks at his wall and thinks that Ji Hwa would be the best candidate for aristocrat Lee, but he loves lady Chae. He thinks about this and thinks about what gaedong told him. He also thinks about the flashback of his dead brother and his brother telling him that he is okay, if they are happy then I am happy. Which makes Ma Hoon think that that emotion they have will extinguish quickly.

Outside, Bong-deok comes to the flower crew house and commands everyone to bow to him. Gaedong does not have a clue as to what is happened. Ma Hoon comes out and asks why he came here. YoungSoo tries to tell Gaedong to be quiet and keep her head down, he does the same.

Bong-deok looks around and tells everyone to leave so he can talk to his son.


They go inside to talk. Bong-deok tells him that his father came so you should provide tea. But Ma Hoon says that tea is for customers, not intruders. Bong-deok tells him that appa is sorry. But Ma Hoon tells him that what he does is distinguish between good and false. What you said was untruthful. Bongdeok yells, how long will you waste your life hiding behind your brothers shadow? I also lost my only son. Ma Hoon tells him no, it was murder.

Flashback to the couple that the brother matched, kneeling in front of his father. the father is breaking them up and says that the woman will be the second wife of an old man. they say no, we love each other! Bongdeuk tells him not to talk about love, you are low class.

Then the older brother comes in and kneels in front of his father as well. he asks his father not to do this. His father yells that he was supposed to be studying for the exam, but he was playing this marriage game? 

the brother comes out and says that he is okay, if the couple is happy, then that is enough. The brother gives the couple the red bracelet that he made and says it is his marriage present to them. Please never separate. (So it looks like they will run away).

The older brother tells Ma Hoon that this is their secret.

But the father got word and says that he wants the head of those slaves. That is when the brother comes back dead, though the slaves come back alive. Bong-deok looks like his heart got ripped out as he tells his assassins to tell him what happened? The assassin says that the young master was disguised as a slave so he was killed, it was a mistake.

Bong-deok is all like, mistake? Mistake? He takes the assassins sword and cuts his throat with it.

In the present, Bong-deok says that no one knew that dumb guy would try to help the slaves. Ma Hoon says that if he did not do that then then slave would have been dead. You are the one that tried to kill that slave that was against you. Why didn’t you just let them get married? Hyun connected their fate. Bong-deok asks what happened to their fate that his brother connected?

Elsewhere, gaedong and Yongsoo meet with a man who has painted on eyebrows. it is so obvious so Gaedong tells him that his eyebrows are so thick. It turns out that he actually does not have any eyebrows since he was little. So ladies run away when they see him. But they also don’t like his drawn on eyebrows. that should I do?

Youngsoo says that they have to implant some eyebrows. He opens his kit and starts to get to work. He cuts some hair from the servants beard and then starts to glue eyebrows to the man. 


He does a good job, the eyebrows look really natural. the man is so happy and says he is as good as he heard, how much do I owe you? Youngsoo says it is nothing but Gaedong says 2 coins. Don’t give it away for free. Youngsoo says he is not giving it away for free, he just wants him to go to their Marriage House if he ever gets married.

They both head out with Gaedong carrying the kit. They start to talk about what happened between Ma Hoon and his family and why he left home?

Flashback to that night that the brother died. Bong-deok saw the bracelets around the slaves wrists and tells them that he heard that they would not be able to separate. So I will kill you!

But the man says that he does not need his wife! He does not need anything! Just take her and spare my life! The bracelet falls off. Ma Hoon sees it all as he cries over his brother.

In the present, Youngsoo tells Gaedong that Ma Hoon saw that love can change so easily when your life is in danger. So he does not believe in love. Do you want to be betrayed by a lover that puts your life in danger?

Back at the Flower House, Bong-deok tells Ma Hoon to forget about hus brother and come home. You are the only son in our family. He heads out. Ma Hoon is left to think about this. 

Gaedong comes running back in while Ma Hoon is still thinking about it. She says that she needs to borrow his foot, come on! He sighs and we cut to him stepping on the clothing as he tries to clean them. Gaedong tells him that he should step on them harder, that is not strong enough. She starts to show him how it is done.

While doing this, she whispers in Ma hoon’s ear that it is a secret, she does not have an ID. Her mother abandoned her when she was born so she only has her brother, but he not coming to her either. So she wanted to save all her money and meet her brother, but then she was scammed. So, now she thought that she stepped on poop. And, when her Soo disappered, she thought she stepped on poop again. 

She thinks she is an unlucky person. But if he thinks that something is unlucky, then he can step on it hard, like this! She shows him how to step on the clothing hard to get all his feelings out. he tries to copy her and asks, like this? Like this? She says yes, but then she trips and starts to fall backward, he quickly catches her in a dip and they freeze as they look at each other with the petals falling.

Gaedong looks momentarily smitten, but then he tells her that she is heavy so she stands back up and tells him that he was supposed to step harder. He asks her how she is going to sleep because she is washing all the blankets now. It does not look like she thought about that, so he smiles and tells her that she started so she has to finish. She starts to step on the blankets happily again as he pleasantly watches.



In her room, Ji-hwa is sitting at her desk when her maid comes running in. The maid has found out what they want! DOn’t be surprised, but he is the leader of that famous marriage agency, he is the most famous person in that village. Ji-hwa is not impressed, he didn’t even pass the government exam? He is just a marriage agent?


Gaedong has to sleep in Ma Hoon’s room, so they sleep head to head as a small wall separates them and talk about the scholar and the maid and how Gaedong wants them together so much. 

Ma Hoon tells her why he said no to Kim Soo when he came to him for marriage. Gaedong didn’t know that he told Soo no. Ma Hoon says he said no because Soo was not listening at all. He only wanted to marry Gaedong. But he ended up listening to him becasue he thought that, actually, I was the one that was not listening. So, don’t pity young lady Chae and think about what aristocrat Lee thinks, who is running away.

Gaedong asks what that is? But Ma Hoon does not respond and says he is sleeping.


Ma Hoon looks at Gaedong working hard at her drawing. Then Do Joon comes in. Ma Hoon asks why he is there that early and why is he wearing proper clothing? Do Joon says he is dressed tidy in order to get the information he needs from the government office since they are so strict, and he has strange information.

The money that Kim Soo’s family took from the blacksmith, someone came and paid it back twice. But how can they have that much money all of a sudden?

Ma Hoon thinks about this and looks at Gaedong who is still working on her drawing.


The politicians all meet and talk about how it is nonsense that the Prince was killed by bandits. Someone else is behind this. Please reinvestigate.

Bong-deok says no, their people are getting nervous about it, there should be no reinvestigation. You should just close the case and punish the bandits.

Lee Soo thinks about this and wonders how he can keep his people from getting hurt. He remembers Moon Seok telling him that he has to use what he has. So he speaks up and says that he cannot do that. This time, I won’t do it. My step brother and the prince of the country was murdered, if we don’t find out what really happened, then my brother will be so mad. So I can’t let this case go. I am giving you an order. Second Prime Minister, you will become the lead in this reinvestigation and thoroughly investigate it.

The minister says he will take his order. Bong-deok glares at Lee Soo. After the meeting, Lee Soo walks off and then rests against the wall and looks at his hand. He had actually written what he would say, so he looks at it and thinks that he thought he would die.

His father comes up to him and asks if he is giving up already? Lee Soo says that he is just resting. His father tells him that he showed what he thought too fast. Lee Soo says that he never saw his brother so he wants to do what he can do. MoonSeok says that, because of this, the first prime minister will be looking at you. Be ready for it.

Meanwhile, Bong-deok is glaring at where Lee Soo stood and thinks that a tiger is pretending to be a rabbit.

Elsewhere, Mong-koo sits with his people and they wonder what Lee Soo is playing at. But at least this is good for them, they can reinvestigate. they need to show the truth as soon as possible. One thing is for sure, the King and the first prime minister might not be in the same boat. So, who do you think will ride in this boat?



As the scholar walks from the school, Gaedong walks up to him and tells him not to run away, she just wants to give him this. He opens it, it is an intricate sewing arrangement. The maid gave it to Ma Hoon and gaedong to give to him. She says that she just wants the scholar to wear good clothing and have a good future and be happy.

Gaedong tells the scholar that she thought about it and knows that he also suffered a lot. He cannot cut his relationship between his family, so it should be hard for him. She says that she will not bother him anymore, so please be happy as the young lady said.

He opens the drawing that Gaedong made for him as she saw him looking at the maid in the gisaeng house. this brings tears to his eyes and a sense of passion to his face as he looks at it and then looks up at where gaedong walked.

In the Flower House Gaedong is just needling around the couryard as she waits for the scholar to show up. She thinks he might not come. But then he walks in in his crispy whites.

He meets with Ma Hoon and tells him that he was very happy with Lady Chae, he loves his mom, but he also wants to be happy, so please help me marriage consultant agent.

Ma Hoon gathers his team together and tells them that the scholar will marry Lady Chae. gaedong is so happy that she hugs everyone and says that she is not fired then!  She is so happy that she is a permanent member of the team now, not an intern anymore.


In the palace, Moon Seok tells Lee Soo that he has to see someone.


In the flower house, Ma Hoon calls Gaedong out and tells her to turn around. They both sit on his patio area and he takes her hair down. She is shocked to feel her hair fall on her shoulders and starts to turn around. He tells her to just pause a moment.

Then he starts to tie her hair the way that a lady wears their hair in Joseon. She asks how it is? He tells her that she has to wear it so people will know she is a girl. 

She asks if he picked it up on the street? He says it is the most expensive thing. Then he gives her a key, possible, and says that she is part of them now. She hops up and asks if she can open it! He tells her she is in such a hurry and she runs inside.

She opens the door to their private room, which is the library, and goes inside to look in the mirror at her hair.

Outside, Ma Hoon notices a lot of fire walking along the street. He comes out to see men with torches. He is given  a blind fold that he puts on and is led away.

He gets to an empty room and his flindfold is taken off. then Lee Soo walks in to talk to him. He is wearing his old clothing.

LS – Consultant, I shouldn’t have brought you like this, are you okay?

MH – I am okay

LS – Why are you using Jongdaemal?

Ma Hoon kneels in front of him

MH – Please forgive my rudeness – your highness.

LS – How did you….

Fade Out


Okay, it looks like the show is really going to get started from this point, because this show is supposed to be about the marriage agency turning a slave into a lady. It has just taken 4 complete episodes to get to the start of it. 

Hopefully episode 5 will start out strong with the transformation, because this show is lolly gagging around with the story line. Though I am happy that they showed us a bit more Lee Soo in this episode as I spent the entire first episode falling for his cute love of Gaedong.


LS – I am going to bring her next to me

MK – I am going to put you on the list for Queen candidate

DJ – Do you want me to get a background check on the King?

VO – I am going to have that marriage agency take care of the marriage

Hoon – We have to check it, even if we disguise you as a young lady

GD – Trust me, this time they wont be able to find it out

GD – We shouldn’t have any brides who cry again

Hoon – Why don’t you actually become a real young lady? I can make you that.

Hoon – Your highness, forget about Gaedong.

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  1. Rei
    September 29, 2019 / 1:24 pm

    Thank you for your recap. I love your site.

    I think it’s refreshing for Flower Crew Joseon Matchmaking Agency to start off Hoon as an outsider to the childhood couple and probably ended up as the OTP. There should be a lot of angst to the relationship as one navigates true love versus arranged marriage.

    I also like the idea that love can creep in slowly versus the typical fall in love at first sight. It gives a depth and dimension to the love story that one can build love from the basis of appreciation and respect between the couple.

    • V
      September 29, 2019 / 5:46 pm

      So happy to have your here with us! I love slow love creeps as well, so hopefully we will get to see a lot more as the episodes progress!

  2. Rei
    September 29, 2019 / 1:29 pm

    There are three scenes I love in this episode

    1. When Hoon invited GD to live with him and pretended not to care and getting caught for his white lies

    2. Before and after her almost tripping incident, and especially his spontaneous smile after teasing her about the bed sheet.

    3. For being such a sweetheart to tie the red ribbon on her hair.. swoon…..🥰🥰🥰

    • V
      September 29, 2019 / 5:47 pm

      Oh, I love this! I need to start doing something like this in the comments section 😘

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