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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 3 Live Recap

Episode 3 recap for the kdrama Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency
Episode 3 recap for the kdrama Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency

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Brief recap of the previous episode. The assassins are trying to find Gae-dong because they know that Lee Soo liked a woman and had one he wanted to marry.

Ma Hoon got to Gaedong’s home first and protects her by hiding in a back room. Then he yells, how dare you come to my house! Ma hoon steps out and asks the assassins/thieves if they think they will be safe going to a nobles home!

the assassins all decide to run off. it is also not clear if Ma Hoon recognizes one of them which is why he was so bold. He definitely didn’t come out until he looked at one of them closely.

After the men in black leave, Ma Hoon tells Gaedong to come out from the back. When she comes to the front he tells her that he is there to get her for her debt. She asks if he is going to sell her to the gisaeng place?

He tells her no gisaeng house will accept her based on her temper. She asks what he wants with her. He says he is going to use her in the marriage agency. She is all like, yeah, I told you! So I passed?

He says no, you did not pass. Your hands that can do any jobs and your forehead that will bump into people without thinking and your hairdo that looks as much a man as a woman, it is all a fail. But, your truthful manner to take care of the customer is a pass.

Gaedong tells him that he spent a long time telling her that she passed, so, can I start tomorrow? He tells her that he has one condition, she can only work at the flower agency, no other side jobs (but chopping wood is a lot of money!). Second, you need to listen to my orders, third, (ah you have another one!) If you make trouble during your 3 month internship, then you are fired.

She isn’t so interersted in it anymore, but he says he will help her find Soo. This interests her, but she has her own condition.

Meanwhile, we see Lee Soo running to his old house and looking around for Gaedong. he hides his face from everyone else and overhears two women talking about how Gaedong was kicked out and doesn’t have any money because the father and son left and took all the money, poor girl, where is she now?

Cut to Gaedong walking to the Flower House. She is immediately impressed with how huge it is, she didn’t notice it before. She is also amazed that they have flowers inside their house and nice pillows and furniture and walls and everything. She happily looks at and touches all the things she can.

Ma Hoon leads her to another room. She asks, ah, is this my room! I didn’t expect this big and nice room even though I told you my condition was that I had to board here.

But then he opens another room which is basically like a storage area. But it is a nice-ish size so she accepts. She tells him, when her brother comes, she will leave. He will be back soon. He nods at the realization that she has a brother and then leaves.

Gaedong thinks back to the assassins and thinks that without him she could have been in big trouble that night. She tells the empty room thank you and closes the door to her small room.

Meanwhile, Ma Hoon thinks about the assassins and thinks that they were trained killers, why were they there?




Ma Hoon looks up the street and sighs. Young-soo comes out with sunglasses on and wonders what Ma Hoon is looking at and why it is so dark? Ma hoon tells him to take his sunglassess off, then looks up the street. they don’t have any customers.

They go to the next marriage agency that was almost out of business because of them, but now they have a lot more customers.

The flower crew, plus Gaedong, looks at this agency and start to talk about an exam. Gaedong asks what that exam is? Young-soo says it is a government exam and congratulations for the new King. gaedong nods, but Young-soo did not know that this was Gaedong and asks why she is around them?

Hoon asks them what they think the best way for a poor aristocract to become high class is? Marriage. Because they have the title of passing the government exam, they want to get married right away while the interest is high. the people who want to sell and the people who want to buy are here at the same time, so it should be easy.


They go back to their library where Young-soo puts drawings of all the women that Ma Hoon truned down on the table and says they could have picked any one of them, but you picked that woman? We have to maintain our dignity. All our customers left because they said we were unlucky and now you are hiring the cause of this mess?

Do Joon says that it is not Gaedong’s fault. Young-soo thinks she is so unlucky, that is why the groom disappeared! Ma Hoon calls Young-soos name in a way that makes him stop talking. he tells him to stop doing this.

Young-soo says that it is him or the stone head. Do Joon corrects his English again. Ma Hoon tells Young-soo that it is only thre months, if you still don’t like her then I will kick her out then.

Elsewhere in the building, Gaedong is peeking her head into cracks of the only authorized personel room. The three flower boys come out so Young-soo tells Gaedong that it is only authorized people here. Do Joon tells her that pretty girls are always allowed. Gaedong says that they have a letter for them and gives it to Ma Hoon.


Daebi talks to her maid who tells her that the king is sick and is not eating dinner or breakfast. Daebi says, if that is so then I want to see him now, because hooking him with women won’t work, so at least we should use motherhood.

She stands up happily and starts to head toward Lee Soo’s room. But his maids says that he does not want anyone to come in, sorry. Daebi says she is his mother, no mother would leave there sick son. SO she pushes the maids lightly away and goes inside.

Inside, the King is completely covered in his blanket and sneezing. Daebi frowns and thinks tha the King looks super sick, I will go out. But the person under the covers is not the King, it is his eunoch who is terrified.

Last night, Moon Seok went by to talk to the King and found out that he is not there. He yells at the eunoch about it. the eunoch apologizes. Moon Seok says they cannot go to Daebi about it. We should all leave. Don’t open the door and stay here, I will go find him.

The eunuch thinks about all this as he hides under the covers.

Outside, Daebi says they need to make cold medicine. But she wants them to make it for her, not the King, she thinks she might be getting sick already. You know, older people have to be careful. She hurries off.



In the village, Lee Soo knocks on the marriage agency door over and over again. But it looks like they are not around. he turns and wonders where Gaedong could be.

Cut to Gaedong walking with the flower boys as they promenade around the town. The people talk about how the agency men are so pretty and wonder who that person is walking behind them, is that a boy or a girl?

Gaedong talks to herself and wonders why this is a three hour walk only for a meeting. Being a marriage agent is not that great of a thing. the three men turn around and are all like, say what? So Gaedong has to turn on the charm and mutter up a response quickly, she says that she just wondered what they did while dealing with this once in a lifetime event.

Ma Hoon asks her if she knows how much work they have to do to take care of this once in a lifetime event? Young-soo says that he bets she won’t last two weeks at this job and tells her to listen to him carefully. he starts to explain how they send agents to each groom and bride family to discuss the marriage. That is Euihoon. 

Then Do Hoon says that the grooms father sends the family registry and luck documents to the family and the acceptance of the marriage.  And the bride’s side accepts it. That is nopjae.

Ma Hoon explains that the groom side then sends a present to the bride side, that is napae. And Jinyoung is the marriage itself. We have to follow those four processes without any mistakes, that is marriage, so memorize this well. I will give you a test.

Gaedong mumbles about how yangban’s (nobles) like so complicatedly. Young-soo throws her some money and tells her to buy her sunbaes some cold drinks. She is about to curse at him, but Young-soo turns back around so she holds her tongue.



In his home, the assassins report to Bong-deuk about what happened with Gaedong. He tells him that Hoon was there, but there was also another person. He does not think that person noticed him. Bong-deuk tells him not to do anything until it gets quiet. Then he wonders what his son is up to.

In the village, Gaedong wathes a marriage processional come thorugh the city. Lee Soo sees that same marriage processional. This scene makes Gaedong think about what Lee Soo told her about why there are two in a couple. It is to share the burden of life together. Because it is so difficult alone. So, lets live together.

Lee Soo must be tinking something similar as he looks at this processional. His falshback is of the two of them on the stone bridge. he hangs his head as he looks at them.

Gaedong snaps herself out of her thoughts and thinks that she will find both of them, Kim Soo (Lee Soo) and her brother. She yells it as well, which makes Lee Soo look up, he notices her and calls her name. But then his father comes over right in time to pull him away.

Lee Soo says it was Gaedong! I have to go back! But Moon-seok speaks truth to wisdom and asks Lee Soo if he wants to kill them all! Lee Soo stops struggling and lets a single tear fall as he looks at his father.


Bong-deok sits with Daebi as Daebi eats and eats and eats to keep the cold away. She thinks Lee Soo might have brought a disease from his house. Bong Deuk asks how he was. She says that she doesn’t know. He is shocked that she didn’t at least see his face and shakes his head at the stupidity of it all.


the flower crew finally meets up with their client (or at elast are in the area). Ma Hoon explains their clients background to them. He was the highest scorer on the government exam and went to SungkyungKwan University (the best school where the rich of the rich go). So he is a very eligible bachelor.

Do Hoon says, he is just like me. they all sigh and ask him if he ever took the government exam? Do Hoon thinks those things are unnecessary. They keep taking about the potential client. His father passed away when he was younger, so his mother raised him to get the highest score. Do Hoon thinks he did all his work and gives the paperwork to Ma Hoon to do the rest of the work because Do Joon wants to go look at flowers with a gisaeng.

Gaedong thinks that she thought Do Joon was a useless person who always goes to the gisaeng house, but he can do all these things. Young-soo tells her to stop speaking badly about Do Joon and then tells Ma Hoon that he will go get the painter.

Gaedong wonders why Young-soo is so upset all of sudden. Ma hoon fills her in and says that Do Hoon’s job is to find out all the information in Seoul. Gaedong thinks he deserves his salary and then asks Ma hoon which stage they are in marriage now? Ma Hoon tells her that they did not even start yet.

They go inside to great their client. Ma Hoon congratulates him as Young-soo comes in and says that the painter was busy. Gaedong says that she can do it. They ask her if they think it is an easy job? Gaedong is confident and then grabs some food to eat from the table. She mentions that it is so sweet. 

The mother says that she should enjoy it and then starts to talk about the kind of woman they want. they don’t want her to be from a super family, just a good woman from a nice family. young-soo thinks that they should say yes to this, this house smells like money.

But Ma Hoon thinks that people lie well. their eyes are shaking, which means that they are lying. Ma Hoon asks if the man has anyone? the mother says no, my son has never seen a woman straight at all. But she bites her lip. Ma hoon thinks that biting lips means lying. The man is touching his sleeve, which means he is nervous.

Ma hoon asks where they got their clothing, from a tailor? The mother says that they don’t have that much money, she makes all their clothing. Ma hoon says, really? So how do you manage your house? It does not seem like you have any slaves or maids. 

The mother says that she does everything, why are you asking? Ma Hoon explains that these are all regular questions, dont worry about it. They all stand so he says that they will let them know. gaedong tells the mother that the marrige consultant will find the perfect woman. They all bow and leave.

Outside, Ma Hoon thinks that they need to call Do. Ma Hoon thinks this is fishing.


Back in the palace, the queen and Bong Deok go to see the King again. The poor eunoch is still hiding in bed. But then Moon Seok comes back in and talks with Bong deuk about why he came, because the King is sick? Bong Deuk says yes, open the door.

So they open the door to the coughing King who is under his covers. Lee Soo sits up and asks why they are there. They mention that they heard that he was sick. Daebi says that he should rest, but Bong Deok noties the dirt on his foot and reminds Bong Deuk that he will be in big trouble for roaming around like that. Lee Soo thanks him for worrying about him and everyone leaves.

The poor eunoch sniffs as he hides behind a wall. Lee Soo tells him to stop crying. Then he mentions that this was all his fault (the Kings fault).



Young-soo wonders why Ma hoon does not want to take this case? He is the best bachelor in Korea right now. So many people will want this case. Do Joon corrects his Korean again. Ma Hoon says that the brides family picked them on purpose becuase they are currently famous for being bankrupt.

They picked us because they know that we are going out of business so we will find the best bride for them. They knew that. Gaedong asks why they don’t just find the best one? Ma hoon says that he already has a woman.

Gaedong wants to know how he knows. So Ma Hoon gets into it.

MH – Mom and son had a different style of sewing and a different way of organizing books and there was a ring mark on his ring finger. We have to find that woman first.


Meanwhile, the second prime minister, Mong Koo, is meeting with his people as they talk about how they have big trouble with the first prime minister. They need to do something before he becomes too powerful. Mong-koo thinks they shouldn’t act irationally because they are in a hurry, they need to go slowly. First, they need to make the Sungkyungkwon scholars into their people in the government.

One man says that the scholars did not pass the exam yet, they are just young scholars. Mongkoo tells them not to look down on the young scholars, they will be able to shake the tree root soon.

One man asks how they can make them on their side? Mong-koo says that marriage and family are the most important thing. So he will target the head of the university scholars. you all should find out if you have any relatives that married one of the new scholars. And be patient. Then she will take us to the top. they look at Kang Ji-hwa who is in the courtyard.


In the village, Gaedong and Young-soo follow their mark around because Ma hoon thinks he will meet his woman at least once. They watch him all day long and into the evening. Finally, they see him walking into a gisaeng house. But they cannot follow because the guards at the door say that it is not for young kids.

Young-soo angrily goes back to Mahoon at their flower house and complains that they kicked him out. How dare they! I am Ko Young-soo! Ma Hoon sighs. Do Joon says that guy is famous in that gisaeng house. He goes there every 6 days and only drinks outside for 30 minutes and leaves.

Maybe he went there because he has too much stress for the exam? Does he really have a woman? No, he shouldn’t have anyone. Young-soo still wants to take on this job, but Ma Hoon thinks that they need one more day, keep spying on him. Young soo does not want to because he is afraid of those bounces.

Later on, Do Joon gives Ma hoon an arrow head. They talk about how each one has its own number and shows it to Do Joon. Do Joon says that he heard that the second prime minister is also looking for that, quietly. Ma Hoon wonders about that.

Ma Hoon goes into his storage area, but Gadong is changing so he closes it embarrassed. She yells that he should notify her when he is about to open it! She opens the door and asks whats up. He is still embarrassed and asks her where she got the arrow head from.

She tells him that it is from the mountain, she heard that bandits use it to hunt wild pigs. he tells her that this arrow was to hunt people. Gaedong thinks that is strange, but actually wants to find out about being a marriage agent more, so Ma Hoon takes her to their libray and starts to teach her the 4 steps. He walks around giving her all the books she will need in order to learn all about it.

But she tells him that she is not studying. He tells her that she wanted to learn about it. So you have to memorize all of this. She says that she always wondered why he did all this. Like with Lady Oh and the aristocrat, and my marriage, why do you look so into it?

Ma Hoon says that, In Joseon, there is no going back after marriage. The bride and groom dont even see each others faces. To find the right marriage, we have to investigate a lot. Though I could not do that for your marriage. You are the only blemish in my career.

Gaedong apologizes. Ma hoon just tells her to get out of his room as quickly as possible, you intern that can get fired at anytime. She says she will, she will, as soon as her brother comes.



Daebi, Bong-deok, and her maid talk about how someone named Kim Soo left the house early in the morning. Daebi says that is Lee Soo’s old name. Maybe he went out to find that woman? What if they have a baby? We are all screwed.

Bong-deuk says that they shouldn’t make anything happen. Where is the maid? Daebi says, the maid that went to the Kings room? He is angry so she became a slave.

They go meet with Lee Soo to talk about the maid that harmed Lee Soo’s body. One of the men looks at his neck, the scratch is still there. They ask why this wound happened.

The eunock says that he thinks it happened four days ago when the maid came to the King room. Bong-seuk slaps the eunoch to the gorund and yells, why didn’t you tell me! Lee Soo asks Bong deuk why he is doing this? Bong-deuk tells him that they need to follow the rules, they need to arrest the maid.


Gaedong leaves her small room dressed in pretty girly attire which makes Ma hoon ask if she is going out like that? She smiles and says that she is going to see someone.

Ma Hoon, meanwhile, goes to the village to find out all he can about the arrow head. A man tells him that they lost it two weeks ago. they think that the person who did it is a man that worked for him that disappeared in the last few days. He stole their product and sold it secretly. So they think he must have stole this at the same time. He was punished and yelled at for this, but he just left with the money.

Ma Hoon asks where he lives, the man says that Ma hoon should not go there. Ma Hoon goes to the mans house and sees a lot of people upset and moaning around the place. then Gaedong shows up in her nice clothing. Gaedong asks what happened, to one of the men. the man asks if she gave him money too? 

Everything dawns on Gaedong at that moment as she realizes that she might not find her brother. 


The maid that cut Lee Soo is being tortured outside. her legs are being burned with a rod. Lee Soo wants Moon Seok to help him save her. But Moon Seok says that they cannot do anything about this, this is the punishment for hurting the King. This is their life. If you cough or raise your voice, then they can die. That is the weight of the King. Do you feel that now? Lee Soo looks around as if he is trapped in the sunken place.


Gaedong cries her eyes out in her little room as Ma hoon tries to work. But he cant, so he knocks on her door and she lets him open it. The poor thing is all teary eyed. He asks her if she would like to take on a side job? He has a lot to do so she can do it. He also gives her an advance.

Gaedong asks what he wants her to do? He tells her that he needs her to find some things for him in the library. It is a big list. She wonders how she can find it all and heads to the library to find them. He basically told her that she had to find it all or she wont get paid.

While looking for all the things, she think sback to losing all her money and starts to cry again at the thought that she won’t find her brother. She also thinks about Lee Soo telling her to put her burdens on his shoulder and they can live like that. She cries and wonders where they are and why they left her alone. She works so hard.

She thinks about the people who are mean to her in the village and wonders why they are so mean to her. What did she do so wrong? She is balling her eyes out as she sits in the library talking to herself about her troubles and wondering what she should do now.

Ma Hoon stands outside the room quietly.

MH – Living like a stone head does not mean that the heart is also stone. You can cry.



Ma Hoon and Young-soo eat breakfast while wondering why their side dishes are like that. But then Gadong comes in happily and says that she thought of a way to find that woman! Can I borrow some clothes?

Cut to a lot of women looking at Do Joon as he sleeps out in the open at the gisaeng House. His top opens a little bit showing off his abs, so another gisaneg closes it and tells Do joon, honey, that he has to wake up. he flirts with her a little bit as he pulls her down with him and thinks that he shoudl not untie a woman’s clothing. He respects her will, so she should respect his will. He then opens his shirt again.

But he sees his Flower crew people, including Gaedong dressed like a woman and playfully says that she looks good as a man also. They all eat together which makes Do Joon so sad because there are no pretty women around them. He heads off. Youngsoo follows him because he wants to go somewhere fun also.

On a balcony, Gaedong and Ma Hoon look over the village as they try to spot their mark. They find out that the scholar is not there to see a gisaeng, he is there to se a maid. They see him smiling at a maid and the maid smiling at him.

So they meet with him and says that he is hiding a wman there. The scholar denies it at first, but then asks them to keep it a secret from his mother. She says that she will never accept that woman as a daughter in law. So can you ignore it and find a woman that my mother will like?

Ma hoon says okay and leaves, which makes Gaedong’s eyes grow wide in shock. She runs after Ma hoon and asks if they are really going to do this? Ma hoon says that he said it was okay. But Gaedong reminds him that they are the eyes and ears of the people. He says that is why he will find a woman for him. He just wanted to find out if this other woman would be trouble of not. I told you, there is no going back after getting married in Joseon.

Gaedong asks if this is what it means? I took that as, even if it is difficult and does not make much money and is bothersome, that our job is connecting those relationships, that is what I thought a marriage agency is. But they love each other!

Ma hoon says that love can change anytime! how can I process this marriage while only believeing a love that you cannot see? Gaedong says that he probably only sees what he wants to see. I thought you were a cranky person, but you just don’t have a heart.

Ma Hoon reminds her that she is an intern that can get fired at anytime, don’t get involved in business matters. She says that she does not know when she will get fired. So she will just tell him this now before she gets fired. Some day, you will be in trouble because of your heart. Don’t forget that! I am quitting!

While walking away, she grumbles that it does not matte that he is the best in Joseon, he is not a good human. And turns to yell, go bankrupt! Then she kicks some rocks as she walks away. he thinks about this.


Elsewhere in the village, a young man starts to draw Gaedong in the sand. He draws her smiling and crying. Then a little girl runs up and calls him brother! This sends him to a flashback of him and Gaedong, so he runs to the girl and says, this is your brother! Gaedong!

A woman runs up and hits him off and tells him that she told him to clean the bathroom! Why are you always yelling for Gaedong! But then Ji-hwa comes up so the maid says that this guy is a little crazy, he is always calling for Gaedong. Mong-koo (2nd prime minister) comes up and says that they should sell him if he does not do his job.

Ji-hwa says no. Mong-koo tells her that she needs to learn how to throw away things that are not needed. Ji-hwa says that slaves are always a little bit unsmart, it is there job as their superior to educate them. You gave the authority to me so I am their superior.

Her father says that she can take care of something bigger now. He walks away thinking that Ji-hwa could have been so big (important) if she was born as a man. Ji-hwa turns to her servants and berates them for making her get yelled at by her father. She then tells the maid to put the brother in a shed and not give him anything for three days.

Elsewhere, Gaedong draws the same kind of drawing in the dirt, but it is of her brother. She has a flashback to herself breaking something on accident and getting punished for it. Her brother draws something happy for her, it is a smiling gaedong. This makes her smile a little as she has to have her hands raised.

Gaedong smiles at her drawing and then wonders where her brother is, are you still alive?


Lee Soo paces in his quarters until Moon Seok gives him news about the maid. She will be kicked out of the palace, but fortunately she is not dead. Lee Soo asks how he can keep his people safe? Moon Seok tells him, if you don’t do anything, then that is enough.

In the throne room, Lee Soo sits on the throne, but Daebi still does all the official political duties. Right now, she is appointing all the duties. The first task at hand is to make Bong-deuk as 1st prime minister (ah, so he wasn’t first prime minister yet). Mong-koo whispers that this makes no sense, how can he jump so many steps?

they all look at the King, Lee Soo looks like he wants to throw up, but somehow manages to tell them to proceed.


Young-soo runs into the house and tells Ma hoon that Gaedong was dragged to a house! Ma Hoon takes off running to the house and looks around for gaedong.

VO – I saw some guys drag her to a drinking place!

Ma Hoon opens the door to a room and sees Gaedong there with three men. There is also blood around and some meat. Ma Hoon grabs gaedong’s arm and starts to pull her away. The men ask what he is doing? he yells that he is her husband!

Fade Out


This story is moving a tiny bit slow for me. I don’t know what exactly feels slow though because a lot of things continue to happen. Maybe it is just that the love story doesn’t feel like it is coming together? Or that I really just want gaedong with Lee Soo, and he is all the way in the palace. That might be it.

At least the love story between Ma Hoon and Gaedong is growing on Ma Hoon’s side. He has seen her hidden vulnerability and tried to let her get all her emotions out in his library without letting her know that he knew she was crying a river. It really appeared as if he wanted to comfort her as he stood outside the door, but he could not take that last step of opening it. I think the realization that she was a normal person with feeeelings was enough for him to look at her differently though.

Gaedong is still as clueless as ever and will probably remain one of those clueless heroines throughout this show. Though i hope she gets a clue, I just don’t see her changing any time soon. At least we do know that her brother is okay. But it does appear that her brother is lacking brain power which makes me think that he was born with a mental disability or perhaps had some kind of fever that led him to have a mental disability or something else.

I still feel for Lee Soo in the palace. Out of everyone here, he is the story line that I care about the most. So hopefully we can see more of him and his father as they navigate Palace politics and keeping the people next to Lee Soo alive as he fumbles around with everything.


Translation for Episode 4 of Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage agency

MH – We will proceed with the marriage with the aristocrat

GD – Are you going to separate them like that?

MH – Why don’t you do it? Pursued?

YS – If you are not succesful in three days, how about you get fired also?

MH – You don’t know how long that emotion will last

DB – Why are you so relaxed? What if the second prime ministers daughter becomes the Queen?

Soo – I need to meet someone

BD – Why don’t we become inlaws?

DJ – What woman are you going to give it to?

BD – No matter what it takes, bring that person to me!

MH – What if something happens to you!

GD – Are you worried about me?


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