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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 2 Live Recap

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 2 Recap
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 2 Recap

The first episode of Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency started out with a bang and a conspiracy right off the boot! We have double deaths with the King holding on for dear life until his long lost son gets back from a ten year imprisonment in another country. Only – assassins were waiting for him at the harbor! So he had to fight his way to the woods and his ride. However, as soon as they got to the horses, one last dedicated assassin was there, in the trees, and delivered that one last piercing arrow straight to the princes heart. Man. What a way to start the show.

We then start another normal day that might have been the next day, or it might have been a week later, the times lines are fishy in dramaland this year. It is a much happier time the next day as we entered the village market and see the Flower Crew Marriage Agency doing their thing of setting up love birds for a life time of compatible bliss. What they won’t do, is hook a person up with a person of that man or woman’s choosing. Because they don’t believe in love. And by they, I mean Ma Hoon. But through a long list of things that happen in episode one, we find out that not only is Ma Hoon breaking his rule and hooking Lee Soo up with Lee Soo’s life long love, he also might have just fallen in love with her himself. And on to episode 2!

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We open at the fall where Ma Hoon says that he is there to make a proposal to Gaedong. Gaedong is so startled that she falls off the wall and into his arm. They both fall to the ground in an embrace. But then she head butts him and hops up. She asks him why he lied then, he says that he did not lie. He has Kim Soo’s marriage proposal to you!

He hands it over. She takes it and looks at it quietly, then we see a bit of time passing as she walks to a spot in the woods where Kim Soo is. She hops at him and asks what he is doing there. he sees the envelop in her hands and it is a little awkward.

They both sit on a stone bridge, but they don’t talk. Finally, she starts to talk.

GD – Soo, I can’t get married. I have no money to find my brother and I have to find somewhere to stay together when I find him. I live paycheck to paycheck. How can I live? I don’t want to give you this much burden.

LS – Gaedong, do you know why couples are two? Each of them has their own weight. It is so difficult to carry alone. You can put your burden on my shoulder also.

He looks at her hand and touches it.

LS – Then, we can live together.

GD – Soo…

But she doesn’t finish her sentence and just looks at him and smiles.

The next morning be see several servants preparing for a wedding. This wedding is at the Flower Crew House. Ma Hoon walks around giving orders to all his staff so that everything will look good. Lee Soo’s father comes up and thanks Ma Hoon for everything. Ma Hoon tells him not to worry about anything.

Inside, Gaedong gets her makeup done by Young-soo (usually a woman does all of this, lol). He is serious about his work and has her looking gorgeous for her wedding day. Montage of her makeup falling perfectly into place at the expert hands of Young-soo.

In his room, Lee Soo paces nervously. His father comes in to greet him. Lee Soo tells his father that his heart is going to explode. His father asks him if he is that happy? But then Lee Soo remembers that he needs his  mothers hair piece, so he runs off to get it. His father tells him to hurry!

In the wedding area, the Flower Crew all talk about things going well with the wedding. Young-soo asks if he saw the fake woman (Gaedong). Ma Hoon says she is just a stone head. But Young-soo says that she looks really good! She looks real, you should go check out my skills!

Ma hoon walks off reluctantly. Then we hear Gaedong saying that it feels good. Young-soo and Do Joon are all like, um…~. But when we cut to the room we see that Ma Hoon is scratching a spot on Gaedong’s back that is hard to reach and she doesn’t look all that comfortable in all these clothes.

He thinks she will never be a lady. But they start to talk about her friends problem. She thought that he would not look into her friends issue at all and then that made her think that a person like him would process a good marriage. So that is why she agreed.

However, it starts to rain suddenly. Gaedong looks nervous. Ma Hoon tells her that it is okay, they have a shade and continue the wedding. But Gaedong says that rain brings her bad luck. Ma Hoon asks if she thinks that her groom will run away? he pulls her hands to the rain and explains that it is just a shower. Rain is just passing by to celebrate your marriage. DOn’t worry, if something happens, then I will take care of it. You have the best marriage consultant in Joseon.

Gaedong asks him, really? You promised so you can’t take it back. He doens’t smile and walks away which makes Gaedong think that he is kind and an a-hole. 


Lee Soo gets to his home and fins the hair ornament. He thinks that his mother should have seen this day. Then he sees that it is raining and thinks that his Gaedong is scared of rain. But several men dressed in black show up and aggressively take Lee Soo away. One person asks him to please forgive his rudeness and Karate chops his neck. That makes Lee Soo pass out, so they put him on their back and take them with him.

At the wedding, everyone is waiting for Lee Soo. They think it has taken too long for him to come back. His father says that he will go check on him. When his father gets to his place, he recognizes the signs of a struggle and starts to call his sons name as he runs thorughh the house and then across the village. he sees the men in black and a symbol of the national guard so he starts to yell Lee Soo’s name at the cart.

Lee Soo wakes up and peeks out of a window. they both see each other. But the bad assassin guy that killed the prince runs out to fight the father. It is a stand off as the father tells the assasin that he cannot take his son! They start to fight and the father proves more adept than the assassin  expects. But the assassin gets the upperhand when the father dodges a sword swing and falls into a little dried up creek. The father hops out and thinks that he needs to go to the palace!

Back at the wedding, everyone wonders what is happening. Ma Hoon looks at Gaedong and says that he will go find out. When he gets to the house, he sees that a struggle or something might have happened there. He grabs the belt and immediately thinks that he needs to go cancel the wedding!

He goes back to the wedding and tells his team that they need to cancel the wedding the groom and father are missing. Youngsoo thinks that this wedding is so much money! Who will pay for it! Ma Hoon says that that is not important!

Gaedong comes out and asks what is going on? Youngsoo lets it slip that the groom ran away. But Do Joon covers his mouth right away. Everyone hears it though, so they all run to the house and see that the groom and father are gone. The blacksmith and his people try to look through the house because the father has all his money! He wants his money back! he knew he should not have trusted anyone!

The man blames Gaedong and says they did this because they were marrying her! Young-soo also complains about the money with the wedding, who is going to pay for all of that. Everyone is bumbed and depressed. Then it starts to rain again. Gaedong tells Ma Hoon, I told you, rainy days are unlucky for me.

TITLE: SHYNESS (Hydrangea flower)

The father runs into one of his friends who is ridding on a horse. he says that he is going to his sons marriage. But the father asks if he can borrow his horse? the man asks why? The father hops on it and rides off like a pro. The man tells him that the wedding is not that way! Then marvels at how well the father can ride a horse.

Back at the Flower Crew House, Do Joon tries to calm down Young-soo with all the money they lost. They tell him to stop worrying about that, just take some deep breathes. Gaedong tells them that she will pay for it all, just give me a little time. If it is true that my Lee Soo ran off, then I will do it.

The man shows up who gave his horse to the father and asks what is going on? I thought this was a wedding! they ask him if they saw the father? The man happily says that he borrowed his horse, is he not here yet?

Gaedong immediately goes to rent a horse. But she does not know how to ride it. Ma Hoon is there and takes the reigns. He tells Gaedong that in their rule book, from today, we pay in advance. She tells him that he speaks so much. He hops on the horse and puts his hand out to Gaedong. Then he asks her what she is doing, take my hand.

She reluctantly takes his hand and hops on the horse in front of him. He tells her to hold the reigns tightly and then giddy-ups.


Elsewhere, Lee Soo has arrived where the assasins have brought him. He asks why he is there, what is going oN! Bong Deuk calls him your highness and tells him that he is greating him as his royal servant. But Lee Soo tells him that he is not his highness, he is Lee Soo who works at the blacksmith office. I want to go home.

Bong Deuk tells him that he is sorry but he can’t. Bong Deuk then slaps the assassin and tells him that he told him to bring him here nicely. Lee Soo is a bit alarmed and tells Bong Deuk that he just wants to go home. Bong Deuk tells him that he is in the palace, this is your home from now on.

In the palace, all the politicians talk about how it is nonsense that a prince would grow up in a blacksmiths house. This is nonsense. Just bring our prince that is hostage in China to stabilize the country. Bong Deuk tells him that he is nonsense, we have royal blood here. Kang Mong-koo asks how this blacksmith can be royal blood, do you have evidence. How can you just bring anyone?

Bong Deuk tells him that he is not just anyone! You should watch your mouth!

But then Moon Seok comes in (Lee Soo’s father). He says that the evidence is here. People now him as the head of the royal guard that disappeared 20 years ago.

In a flashback, the assassin talks with Bong Deuk.

Assassin – what should I do with the head of the royal guard?

BD – Dont worry about him, he will show himself and he will give us the biggest gem.

In the present, Moon-seok starts to talk.

Moon-seok – I greet Daebi, youg highness

DB – Show me the evidence

MS – This is the letter from the previous King to take care of the prince well. He gave it to me.

Everyone starts to whisper. The letter is read.

Flashback to the previous King and Moon-seok.

King – Can you raise him as someone who can appreciate little things?

MS – Yes, I will

King – Hopefully it won’t happen, but just in case he can serve the country, then I hope you become his loyalist servant. Can you do that?

MS – Yes, your highness.

King – Like water flows, please grow up happily. That is why your name is Soo. 

MS – I will take your order, your highness.

In the present, Daebi says that Lee Soo is the only son of the previous King. So we need to follow our royal rules. He is the King. Prepare for the coronation ceremony.


Meanwhile, Lee Soo is in a room and starts to look for something. All his servants ask, your highness, your highness, are you looking for something?

BD – This is the royal palace, and your home from now on.

Lee Soo thinks that something went wrong, it should not be like this. What about father? What about Gaedong? They should be looking for me!

In the city, Gaedong and Ma Hoon look around everywhere for Lee Soo. Gaedong has a drawing of him and holds it up to everyone to see if they have seen him. Ma Hoon looks concerned for her and a bit pitied to her. They keep ruding around and looking for him.

They finally meet a woman who says that this guy went to the palace. that leads Gaedong and Ma Hoon to the palace entrance. It is night when they get there. Gaedong talks about how bad it smells outside. Ma Hoon tells her that that is horse oil that is only used in the palace. She is all like, fine fine. then she says that this person might have seen the wrong person. Moon Seok never went outside the town.

Ma Hoon wonders where they could be.

Inside the palace, Moon Seok bows to the throne while in the courtyard. But it is hard for him as all his feelings hit him at that moment. he stands and starts to talk to himself. Where you strong and healthy during that time? Your servant Moon Seok will honor your order (to be Lee Soo’s loyalist servant).

Back in the city outside the palace, Gaedong and Ma Hoon hear the curfew bells ring. So they both look to their left and see a tavern. Ma Hoon asks for two rooms. Gaedong tells him, just one room! You should not waste your money like that!

The woman who runs the tavern says that she has never seen a woman ask for one room. But then she sees Gaedong in her wedding attire and thinks that they are newely married! Ah, okay! Follow me! Ma hoon and Gaedong both sigh and let their eye rolls lead the way.

In their room, Gaedong tells Ma Hoon not to worry, I won’t touch you. The woman comes back inside with food and drink and lets them know that this is special drink for a married couple. Be sure to live well as a married couple, this is for stamina! She hits Ma Hoon on the arm with a giggle and heads out.

Ma Hoon leans toward gaedong and tells her to take that off. Gaedong is all like, what are you doing! She backs away. He sighs and says that he can take that long hairpin off. Just turn around. She turns around and he takes it out, though he tells her that the husband should actually do this. Soon, I will find a good husband for you. 

She tells him not to say that, Lee Soo will be back. Ma Hoon tells her that he will not be back, so you need to find a way to survive. he gets up and says that he will find another room. But she holds his arm and asks for him not to leave. If he leaves, then it will really feel like she is dumped.


Ma Hoon stays so Gaedong tells him that they should at least find out what the food tastes like. She starts to give him some of the drink that the ajumma made for newly wed couples. They talk about how this is for couples. The large bowl looking spoon is even made from one hobak (melon). So Ma Hoon says that they are even sharing this one thing (the melon that is cut in half). She tells him that it is okay because they are comrades. They are searching for Lee Soo.

Ma Hoon explains that he is not searching for him, he wants to catch him. She just smiles and tells him, comrade, one shot! He reluctantly drinks.

The next day, Lee Soo tells his ervants not to touch him! I have to go somewhere! He is in his Kings quarters with several servants around him. But then Moon seok comes in dressed like a Royal guard once again and tells him that he cannot leave. 

Lee So comes up to him and asks his appa why he is there and to tell them that he should leave and this is all crazy. But his father is pretty stern and tells him that he is the son of the King. He tells everyone to leave and then tells Lee Soo that he will tell him one last thing as his father.

MS – Lee Soo, listen to me carefully, when you wear these clothes, you cannot go back. This is your fate. It was decided when you were born, so you have to accept it.

Lee Soo asks what he is talking about. But then his father does a deep bow to him and stays kneeling.

MS – Your highness , please be a good King.

He bows his head to floor. Lee Soo is shocked as he recieves his bow.

Cut to Lee Soo walking to the throne outside in the courtyard for the coronation ceremony. he is in a state of shock. He sits on the throne and the ceremony starts. All the servants of the palace are in every courtyard of the palace praising Lee Soo as the new King. Lee Soo looks to his right, were Moon Seok stands. Moon Seok gives him a reassuring smile. But Lee Soo cannot smile back.


Back at the Flower Crew House, Ma Hoon sits in his library wondering why he brought this here. He looks at the hobak ladle. Then Young-soo comes in and puts paper on Ma Hoons book. He reminds him of the promise to find a female agent! But he makes another word mistake so Do Hoon corrects him.

Ma Hoon starts to talk about stone head. Young Soo wonders why he is talking about her! Do Joon has a bit of pity and thinks that stone head has bad luck, maybe she might kill herself?

Ma Hoon hops up and starts to look for Ma Hoon. But he does not think that she would be in the market. However, she is in the market selling all her marriage things. All the women think this is unlucky though.

She sees Ma Hoon and tells him to come buy some of these marriage items! He sighs as he sees how cheap she is selling it all for. But we also see that he bought a lot of it as they eat later on. Ma Hoon asks her if she thinks that this makes sense that she sold this to him? She messily eats and says tht it makes sense, she sold it to him at a low price. She then sees his full bowl. He sighs and says she can eat it.

She happily takes the bowl and starts eating away. He asks what the police said. She sys that they said to go to the court and the court said to go to the police. People are missing but they are tossing their work to each other. Don’t worry, I said I would pay for it.

Ma Hoon tells her not to worry, you don’t have to pay for it. She says that she will get all the money from Soo when she catches him. Ma Hoon asks why she is doing this? She grows sentimental and says that her Soo and her are family, family that are on each others side, no matter what happens. Ma Hoon looks momentarily affected by this.

Cut to Do Joon looking like a Sky god as he holds his guitar like instrument and looks out over the market. he then walks to a spot on the ground and starts to play. Woman start to crowd around with pleasant smiles and wishful thoughts as they look at him. The camera concentrates on another woman walking through the market, this woman is Kang Ji Hwa.

Ji Hwa pretends like she does not enjoy the music and starts to leave. But she walks right in front of Do Hoon, so he trips her and catches her as she falls. They both stare at each other. He asks if she is okay, she hops up quickly and says that he tripped her on purpose. He says that he should trip her so that he can talk to her (this rhymes in Korean so it is pleasant). She starts to leave. Her servant tells her that this guy is pretty right? Ji Hwa says that a pretty boy is of no use. There will be a poor girl who gets married to him.


In the palace, Lee Soo greats all his dozens of servants. They want to wash his face, but he says he can do it. They want to change his clothing, but he says that he can do it. He goes to meet Daebi in her quarters. She smiles happily and tells him that he can take her as his mother! I am like your mother okay! Ha ha. She smiles and touches his hands, but Le Soo is so nervous and uncomfortable.


Lee Soo walks around the grounds and over the stone pond. He asks his head eunuch where the north town is. The eunuch points where it is. Lee Soo thinks that it is so far away. How many steps to get there? he then looks at his robes and wonders how can he go there with this.

In the village, Gaedong looks at a room in her home and sits on the ground sadly as she wonders where her brother is. She wonders what she should do.


Meanwhile, Ma Hoon sits in his office area with all the things that he bought from Gaedong. He comes clean to his team that he bought them from Gaedong. Young Soo thinks that she should do at least this to survive. Do Joon picks up an arrow head and says he heard that she collects arrow heads from hunting zone and sells them. But you are tricked, this is black.

Ma Hoon says it is that way because of poison.  Do Joon looks at it again a bit more seriously. Ma Hoon thinks, if there was poison, that means that they did not plan on hunting animals, because you would not poison the animal that you would eat. that was for hunting humans. Do Joon thinks that is scary and interesting. He wants to find where it is from. 

Ma Hoon says okay. But Young Soo thinks there is no use to investigate that kind of product. The conversation changes to when a certain interview is. Young Soo says that it is around noon!


In the Palace, Daebi says that everything is fine, we have the King here. Bong Deok thinks that he does not want to be there though. Daebi says that this is normal, he was taken on his marriage day. But we can replace one woman with another woman. She then tells her head maid to gather all the women!

Cut to Lee Soo walking around the palace with dozens and dozens of women doting on him everywhere he goes! He cannot get away from them. Daebi thinks that they have the prettiest girls in Joseon, sigh. She starts to eat some kind of snack and says that she has another way.


Do Joon walks around the market with Youngsoo and thinks that they have the best view in the village right now. It also looks like they are sampling perfumes? They talk about the smells around and it looks like one of the women is selling perfume bags.

Do Joon sees Gaedong walking around with a super big package on her back. He gives her the flyer they have. Gaedong doesn’t really want to see it because it is the a-holes place, but then sees that she can get 5 coins in advance! This is it!

Cut to the FLower Crew House were there is a line of women out the door, old and young alike. Inside, girls are dancing in front of the three flower boys in a type of audition.

the next person to come in is a grandmother who is hard of hearing, so she is out.

Another woman is a person who does a dance, but she is out by Ma Hoon, thought the other two like her.

Another woman does another dance, she is out by Ma Hoon

Another woman does drums, but she is out by Ma Hoon

It looks like Ma Hoon is saying no to everyone. Do Joon and Youngsoo ask him if he really wants to hire someone?

The next person in is Gaedong. Ma Hoon asks her why she is there? Do Joon explains that he gave her the flyer. Gaedong says that it is written on the flyer that they need a pretty person who can work hard. I want to have this job, I can do my best. The other two think she is pretty, but Ma Hoon tells her to leave. He will pay her for the interview. 

He asks her if she knows what a marriage agency is? She says that she does not know, but she does know how a dumped woman feels. you don’t know what it feels like, I do, so I can do my best so no one will be dumped on their wedding day. Is my determination not enough?

Youngsoo says that she can leave and they will notify her later. He then calls Ma Hoon eunnie (they said eunnie in the past instead of hyung) and asks to talk to him. Youngsoo takes Ma Hoon to the back and asks him why he was a little shaken by stone head? How can you mix private life and business? Ma Hoon says that this is a logical decision. Youngsoo says that they cannot hire an unlucky dumped woman like gaedong, if she joins then I am leaving. For real.

Ma Hoon thinks about this.


Elsewhere in the village, the bad guy that took Gaedong’s money is peeing on a wall when his people come and tells him that they have to leave. Someone is quietly looking for where the arrow head is from. The bad guy says not to worry, he has someone to use for it. It is only a few arrow heads. But his guys says that is not easy, that arrow head has poison on it.

the bad guy looks startled. The other guys start to ask about Gaedong’s brother, but the bad guy says that he can’t find a slave that ran away 10 years ago. And Gaedong burned her slave documents, she can’t talk about her brother, that is why she asked me. Lets go.

They start to run away, but they run right into Gaedong. She asks where they are going and if they are going to find her brother? they patronize her and head off. She is none the wiser.

Meanwhile, Do Joon seeks answers about the arrow head from a woman assassin. She says it is from a factory, mass produced. He asks her how come she is so smart, is there anything else? She smiles and tells him that the second prime minister also asked about this arrow head. Do Joon thanks her and then heads out.

But then he sees Gaedong knocking on the police doors and tells them that someone is missing! You can’t send me to the court again! You have to go searching for him! How many times do I have to come here!

Do Joon looks at her with concern, but walks away. He goes to the flower house and tells the others that he worries about their pretty lady. It might rain and she had rain on her marriage day also. Ma Hoon says that he is talking about stone head? Do Joon says yes, she was protesting at the government office. They both sigh.


It starts to rain. Lee Soo holds his hands out to the rain and thinks that his Gaedong is afraid of the rain.

In the market, Gaedong is huddled into a ball in the rain as she tries to wait it out.

Ma Hoon is at his home in the Flower House looking out over his courtyard.

Lee Soo is insidehis room now, looking at the rain

Gaedong is still huddles in the rain, shivering. But then Ma Hoon walks up to her and holds an umbrella over her head. She looks up at him. 

MH – Stand up.

GD – I am okay

MH – I said stand up

GD – I told you I am okay

MH – Why are you being stupid! I told you you are stone head, do you really think you are a stone?

GD – I said I am okay!

MH – Get real! Your husband ran away! How long will you wait like this!

GD – if he really ran away, if it is true, then I would be happy! Then I could jsut forget about him! But what if he was abducted? What if he is missing like my brother? What should I do? We have to at least check it!

She falls to the ground and cries. Ma Hoon sighs as he thinks about it. 



Morning in the palace, a maid tells Daebi that last night, one of the maids in the Kings room….

Flashback to last night. A maid went to the Kings room. Lee Soo asks who is there. The maid scratches him on his neck and then apologizes and falls to the floor. He tells her not to come near him! This is my order!

Daebi and Bong Deuk sigh as they think that the King does not need to have a one wife rule. Bong Deuk thinks this is all because of that girl at his home. Daebi asks what they should do? Bong Deik says that they will do it his way.

Later on, Bong deuk tells the assassin that he heard about the Kings woman, he needs to take care of her. The assassin nods.

In his room, Lee Soo looks at the hair ornament that he wanted to give to Gaedong. His face is serious. then we see him open the door to his room. His guard is sleeping while standing. 

Elsewhere, we see the assassins running out to find gaedong. Gaedong sighs at her home and hears something, she turns and asks if they have more things to take from her? But it is Ma Hoon. She asks him why he is here this late?

However, Ma Hoon hears something and pulls Gaedong away quickly. that is when the assassins show up outside the home. Ma oon hides Gaedong in a quiet spot in the house and the two share a heart pumping scene for a moment. Outside, the assassin tells his team to find gaedong.

Ma Hoon peeks out of a crack in the room and sees the assassin outside.

Fade Out


Lee Soo is in the palace against his wishes. He cannot even believe that he is the King right now and just has a ton of craziness hitting him right at this moment. I mean, anyone would, right? Gaedong knows her brother-like-figure and knows that he would not just disappear on her like that. She also knows the father would not do that as well, so this is suspicious. However, no one else believes her. They just think she is unlucky and basically brought it on herself.

I can understand why Youngsoo does not want Gaedong in their agency, because she is kind of a big ol ball of bad luck. Weddings are superstitious endeavors regardless of the century, so I can only imagine that it would be times one hundred back in those days. However, Ma Hoon does not believe in those things, superstitions? What? Get out of here.

So, if you watch the preview, you will see that GaeDong is actually going to start living at the Flower Crew House, can you imagine the pains she will cause living there? Or, perhaps, she will be a very useful member of the team and become indispensable. You know they are all going to fall in love with her in the end, yes even you Youngsoo, and that is about to start next week. But will Ma Hoon be able to win her heart away from Lee Soo? That is what this drama is all about.

Honestly, I didn’t like this episode as much as the first one, but I am still in there to see what will happen.


Translated preview for episode 3 of Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency

MH – I am going to hire you as a marriage agent intern

YS – Is it true that you told her that she can live here without limits for 3 months?

BD – you didn’t see his face ( he said dragon face, because the kings face is the face of a dragon)

GD – Someone is hurt? who?

MH – You are just an intern that can get fired at anytime, so don’t matter with this

GD – Well, someday you will be in trouble because of your heart

LS – Where are you Gaedong?

GD – That bad guy Kim Soo!

LS – Gaedong ah!


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  1. Previewqueen
    September 17, 2019 / 12:00 pm

    Thanks for the recap!
    It looks like it is going to be an interesting story for sure.
    But even though it shows that GD will not end up with LS, with his position as king now, it is not going to work out for her. She is too innocent and impulsive and if she ever married him, she would be whacked off faster than she could blink. I mean, she already has assassins after her and she doesn’t even know yet!

    • V
      September 18, 2019 / 12:36 pm

      Yep! I agree, she is very innocent and impulsive. It will be fun to try and get her whipped into the shape of a lady, but in so doing, maybe Lee Soo will realize that the palace is not a place for her 🙂

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