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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 16 Live Recap FINAL

Recap Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency episode 16 Final
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Recap episode 16 Final

It is the finale, though it doesn’t really feel like a finale somehow. Perhaps because they threw in that whole new storyline at the end of the last episode? I don’t know. But, to all that are here to complete this drama, I welcome you! Let’s see whatever is going to happen.

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We will start this recap at the noon CST!

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Kang stands at the entrance to a gate and draws something on sheets of parchment on the door.



Gaedong helps the men clean up the flower Agency. Ma Hoon sits Gaedong down and asks the servant to give them pricacy. Then he leans in and whispers into Gaedon’g ear. He tells her that she still has a little fever, so don’t move.

They start to talk about how he is moving shop. He says that wherever he moves, that place is the best marraige agency on earth.

He pulls out a world map and points to where they should go. Do Joon comes in and says that Germany looks good. he smiles to them. Then he tells them Gutenmorgen. Gaedong tells him that he has no use of that language.

But then a servant runs in and says that Ko Young-soo is gone. He gives them a letter that says thank you and don’t look for me. Ma Hoon thinks that they should find him. Gaedong says no, she and her brother were going to die because of him. I won’t find him.

She stomps off. Ma Hoon tells Do Joon that they need to look for him. And think aout the places he could be.

Gaedong goes goes outside with her brother and says that she won’t help Youngsoo. Her brother happily smiles and draws.

Young-soo is in the city thinking about Ma Hoon rescuing him. He followed him around the city after that. ma Hoon asked him how long he was going to follow him. Then he takes Young-soo in to his place. he starts to wipe off all the blood on his hands and face.

Ma Hoon tells him that he is a bit cleaner now. You will be clean from now on. take a good bath and change into those clothes. he leaves. The clothes look clean and pretty so Young-soo smiles as he looks at them.

So he takes a bath and we see him all clean and looking super fresh in all white. He asks if he looks strange? Ma Hoon tells him he does. But everyone is a little strange, so that is why it is fun. You have good ability of wearing clothing.

Then he gives him perfume and tells him that it smells good right? You are a good person with good clothing so you should have a good smell as well. There was someone called Ko Young-soo who hated Joseon and left with a Globe. he will never come back to Joseon, so would you like to be Ko Young Soo? Welcome Ko Young Soo.

In the present, Young Soo remembers pointing to Gaedong and saying that it was her. Then armed men surround him to take him away.



Bong-deok and Mong-koo talk about the coup. then Bong Deok drinks tea in his house as he thinks about it.

In the town, the assassin tells a dozen people or more to spread rumors. if they do that then they can keep the money.


Meanwhile, a play is going on in the city that talks about the King marrying a low class woman. Do Joon is watching it. While watching, he listens to the people in the audience talking about the play and how the King wants to marry a low class person.

Do Joon sees Ji Hwa in the audience. He walks to her and she stands to smile but he keeps walking on by. She is affronted. Her maid asks what happened? She says that he has never ignored her before.


Gaedong and Ma Hoon sit in the library. Do Joon comes in and says that something is wrong. he tells them that the people in the town say that the King grew up low class and is trying to make a slave class woman into the Queen so another prince should be King. o these are all the lies that Bong Deok wanted spread.


Soo talks to Moon Seok about the rumors. a lot of people also heard him say Gaedong after she collapsed. Moon Seok tells him not to worry about it. The prince is back. That is where the 1st and 2nd prime Ministers private soldiers secretly move. 

Soo asks if he is a coup? Moon Seok says, yes. Soo tells him to call the 1st and 2nd Prime Ministers.


Meanwhile, Ju hwa sees he blue shoes that Do Joon got for her and tells her maid to leave them there. Then she notices that she sees guests often. The maid says that these guys give a lot of orders to clowns and merchants.


Cut to Ma Hoon telling his Dad that he knows the flower that poisoned Gaedong is something he uses for his medicine. BD tells him that it is a coincidence. Ma Hoon asks if it is a coincidence that the Grand Prince died with that same poison?

Ma Hoon unwraps the arrow head and presents it to him. he says that this arrow head is the same arrow head for when the prince died. It is the same ID number as well. Bong Deok tells him that this is not evidence.

Ma Hoon says that he can change the direction of the arrow from the King to him. BD tells him to give it to the King then. Ma Hoon says, please stop here father. If you go further then it is poison. Dont’ think that the wrong thing is right. This is my last request to you as your son.

Elsewhere, Young Soo is tired up in a hall storage area. Mong Koo comes in looking evil. He asks if he is waiting for the Flower Agency to rescue him? As an animal, you should have listened to humans orders? He leaves.

Young Soo mutters, eunnie I am afraid of getting tortured.

In the flower crew, Ma Hoon asks Do Joon to search info on the 2nd prime minister.


Soo asks the 2nd prime minister what happened to his brothers case? Mong-koo says that he still has not found anything. He concluded that this case if done by bandits. Soo asks him if that was the conclusion? I worried that the 1st Prime Minister was involved.’

The 1st Prime Minister is also there so he tells him that he did not have to worry. He will do his best to support you. 

Cut to Bong Deok telling nobles all that is wrong with the King and how everyone knows about it now after the Queen ceremony. He is trying to convince them all that the King is not fit.

In the palace, Soo talks to Moon Seok about the coup. Can we win? Moon Seok tells him that in war, even if you know you will lose, you have to fight like you are winning. Soo tells him to prepare the war. I have to win this fight.

Moon Seok kneels and tells him that he honors his order.


Soo meets with Gaedong, they go to their little bridge where he gives her something. She opens it and sees a letter. He reads it to her. It says, I grant Yoon Seo Yeons marriage. Then he tells her that because she is ugly, she is out.

She laughs and tells him that he told her she is the prettiest. He says that he has so many pretty women int he palace. Don’t worry about me. Leave happily. If someone gives you a hard time then come to me. I am the King. He smiles and says Goodbye.

He starts to walk away and thinks that he will be a good King because he wants the world that Gaedong lives n to be a better place.


Meanwhile, Do Joon conveniently listens in on a conversation at Ji hwa’s house. They ask if they take the executioner back? The other guy says that he got the order to kill him after the coup.

Do Joon sees Jihwa and walks away. She looks up right then.


Yoon tells Gaedong that he is okay if she lives as his daughter. She tells him that she likes Gaedong the best. So, Master, you can let your daughter go. He smiles and asks where she is going? She says that she has not decided yet, but she has decided who to go with. She thanks him for all his help.

Yoon tells her that if Soo Yeon was alive, she would be pretty like you.

Ma Hoon waits outside for Gaedong, but the assassin comes in and steals her away without Ma Hoon noticing.

But then the assassin goes to Ma Hoon and tells him that his father is looking for him.


A man tells Mong-koo that the plan should go accordingly. hen Ji-hwa bursts in and asks what is going on, father? I want to be the highest woman in Joseon, but I do not want to turn Joseon over. He tells her to just sit there an be under his shadow.

She says that she decides where she is. He asks if that is why she fell in love with that guy that can’t even take the exam? Do you think I did not know about it? You think you are smart but you are the same as all those other dumb women who fall in love.

He tells his guards to not let Jihwa leave her room at all.

Meanwhile, Ma Hoon’s father tells him to be on the families side. It you want then I will make it so you can marry that woman. This is my answer as the head of the family. Save the King and kill her or Kill the King and save her?

Ma Hoon goes back to the flower agency and thinks about this when Do Joon comes in. he tells him that Young-soo is captive by the 2nd prime minster. Ma Hoon tells him that Gaedong is also kidnapped.

Do Joon says that he will use his people to find out where they are. But Ma Hoon says that they should not be somewhere where they can find them. Otherwise they would not have done this at all.

Ma Hoon thinks that she should be somewhere at the 1st prime ministers place, somewhere only family members know about.

Cut to Gaedong being thrown in the same hay place as Young-soo. So they are forced to talk to each other.


Ji-hwa’s maid tells Jihwa that she told him not to come. Then she shows Do Joon in. The maid says that she sent the outside guards away for a snack, so finish this quickly.

Do Joon sits in front of Ji Hwa. She asks why he is there. He says that Gaedong is arrested by your father’s people. She asks why he is telling her that? Do Joon asks if she knows where they are. She asks if he thinks that she will tell him that?

He asks if this is really want she wants? I hope we have the same answer.


Soo tells Moon Seok – finally, it’s tomorrow. He tells Moon Seok to please not get hurt, father. He nods and tells Soo to be safe, my son.

Cut to Mong-koo who says that the day is tomorrow. But Bong Deok says no, it is today. We will strike tonight when the head of the guards leaves the palace. When I attack the King, you take over the palace.

Outside their home are dozens of men with torches. Mong Koo tells them not to have any mistakes.


Gaedong and Young-soo sit quietly. She asks her if she is okay. She turns away and says she is fine. He says that is good. Then he tries to tell her something. She gets up and tries to get out.


Somehow, Ji-hwa sneaks out of her home and makes it to the Flower agency easily. She gives Do Joon the information he needs about heir private place.

He tells her that they should go together. She tells him that she will be Queen if he is successful, if it is not then she is the daughter of a rebel. He says that to him, you are just you.

She starts to walk away. He tells her, whatever it is, I will go and find you.


The coup starts. The guards all go inside the palace. Ma Hoon is at his fathers side. They are all wearing black. They walk calmly through the onslaught as they go to the palace. Blood is spilled everywhere. there is blood all over the steps to the throne room (even thought here are no bodies there?) so Ma Hoon and Bong Seok walk over the bloody steps to the throne room.


Soo waits for them while on his throne. Bong Deok tells his guards to bring her in. Then Daebi comes in looking scared. Bong Deok tells her to read the order. She is terrified so he has to ask again. But she does not so Bong Deok reads it himself.

The order says everything that is wrong with the King which is why they started this coup. he throws the letter at the foot of the steps. Daebi crumbles to the ground and tells Soo that the 1st Prime Minister killed your brother!

Bong-deok tells Soo to come down. Soon the young prince will be here. Before we drag you down, just come on your own two feet. Ma Hoon also tells him to come down. And then he throws his sword on the ground and looks at his father.

Several more guards run in. These are the palace guards. They surround Bong Deok and Ma Hoon. Moon Seok comes in with the head assassin who is tied up. He says that they arrested them all.

Bong Deok asks his son how he can do this? Flashback to Ma Hoon explaining to Soo how they will handle things. he also says that Gaedong will be okay, she is stronger than what you think.

Cut to Gaedong sleeping in the hay room. Yuong-soo keeps looking at her as if he wants to talk to her.

Ma Hoon holds the second chances wooden piece and thinks about saving the King or saving Gaedong.

In the place, Bong Deok is surrounded and outnumbered. He draws his sword and kills his assassin. Then he turns it on himself. But Ma Hoon holds the sword with his bare hands. Blood drips on the floor. Ma Hoon tells him to stop, are you going to make me shameful to the last moment? Can’t you live as my father and not the first prime minister? That is how you can apologize to me and my brother.

Bong Deok says that his only sin is not becoming the King. he pulls the sword away and kills himself.

Ma Hoon starts to cry over his father.



Young Soo is taken from the room and told that today is his funeral. gaedong is able to break out by attacking one of the guards with her signature head butt.

She is about to run away, but hears Young-soo pleading for his life and decides to help him.

So she hits the assassin over the head with a pot which knocks him out. Then she tells him, lets go, we are family.

She gets him to his feet and dusts him off and tells him to have a good life. Live righteously. He starts to correct her so she tells him that eh is so smart. But then several guards come in and draw their swords.

But the Royal guards come in as well along with Do Joon. It is a happy reunion. Young-soo tells him he was so late, we were about to get killed. Do Joon tells them that he will take care of this place, go ahead and go, someone is waiting on you.

Gaedong runs off to look for Ma Hoon. He is not at the flower Agency so she continues running around town. 

Ma Hoon is walking through a field and then goes to the beach. Gaedong finds him on the beach???? It is a really pretty shot, but it takes a full day to get there in Joseon time right?…. 

She calls his name and they hug. he says that she was almost killed because of me, how can I stay next to you? She says that she stayed alive because of him. You rescued me after my husband left and taught me how to love. You saved me.

He tells her that he has nothing now. She wipes her tears and then looks at him and says that she started with nothing, what more do we need?

They hug again, she tells him, if you have nothing then I am okay. We can start over. She pats him on the back.

Back in the city, Mong Koo gets taken away. he is sent to the countryside jail. The son and daughter tried to stop their parents so I will not ask for their sins.


Soo sits at his desk reading all his scrolls and manuscripts as he works hard. His eunuch comes in with a picture of a woman. He rolls his eyes.

The eunuch says that Soo has refused all the marriage proposals for a year so I cannot take this one back. he tells Soo that he is giving him a hard time. You are not as fresh when you came to the palace. You are a grumpy old man now.

Soo tells them that he is married to the country.


The flower agency is still there. The sign on the door says that they are not working today. Inside, they are greeted by a couple that has a baby now. It is the woman that Gaedong pretended to be. She has had her baby now and she married the man. She thanks them so much. Without them she would have given up her life.

Ma Hoon tells her that this is the miracle that they made because they did not give up.

They start to conduct the marriage and Young-soo holds the baby.

Do Joon works for the government now because the King gave him a chance.

Ji Hwa is writing a letter at home. She tells her maid to tell him that if he memorizes this then he will pass the exam this year. The maid hurries off with it. Jihwa is living in an old simple house on the edge of town.

Do Joon comes to see her then and carries the hat you wear when you score #1 on the exam. He tells her that he has a chance to be a top minister. Will you marry me now? She looks at the blue shoes that she still has and tells him to wait. I will go all the way to wear you are with the flower shoes that you gave me.

He tells her that he is the best at waiting and gives her a kiss.

Kang and the maid look at them happily. She says that they are pretty, right? He tells her that she is pretty also. She tells him that he is also handsome. He draws the two of them kissing.

Elsewhere, Ma Hoon and Gaedong walk along a pretty tree lined path. Gaedong and he talk about how the couple found there own person. He tells Gaedong that she also found her own person.

He puts the red knot around her wrist and then a ring on her finger. She is shocked and happy. They hug pleasantly and then they kiss.

In the city a young man in all white walks to the marriage agency. This guy is a foreigner who looks like he is from Germany. the flower crew sits with him wondering why he is here. So Do Joon asks him in German why he is here. He says that he was going to Japan but hisi ship wrecked so he is here.

They tell him Gutenmorgen and ask what kind of marriage he wants. He says that he has someone he loves. So Do Joon relays that message to the others. The man pulls out a scrolls of her so Do Joon opens it for everyone to see.

But she is the previous Kings second princess so it might be an issue. The German starts to speak Korean then and says that it is kind of weird to speak German, I haven’t spoken it in awhile. He starts to say in Korean that he loves this woman, she drives me crazy. Please let us marry.

He gives them a small gold statuette. They all say that they should take this case. Ma Hoon tells them, we will take this marriage case.

They all happily stand and do their Flower Crew Motto along with the German.



What even is this ending? Once this show fell off, it fell way off.


Flower Crew Marriage Agency Group Photo
Flower Crew Marriage Agency Group Photo
Flower Crew Marriage Agency Group Photo
Flower Crew Marriage Agency Group Photo
Flower Crew Marriage Agency Group Photo
Flower Crew Marriage Agency Group Photo
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  1. Annis
    November 5, 2019 / 4:37 pm

    I am gonna be miss this drama… :'(

  2. dils
    November 7, 2019 / 8:00 pm

    I am feeling quite the second lead syndrome here. I think they featured Seo Ji Hoon so much and he is so effective at conveying emotions using his puppy eyes that my heart breaks he is not with Gae Tong! LOL.

    I agree that the show progression is not what I expected it to be. Too bad since the leads are all quite compelling.

    • V
      November 8, 2019 / 1:23 pm

      The cast was great. I hope to see them all in another drama soon!

  3. Anonymous
    January 11, 2020 / 4:18 pm

    Wow this movie is fantastic

  4. alarik
    February 20, 2023 / 1:07 pm

    This is an excellent story line and emotional roller coaster…who gets who?
    BUT they never explained Gaetongs family history especially since she was hidden with noble clothing! she and her brother could have been something special that comes out at the end that changes things significantly.

    also, so many kdramas wrap up super fast after the audience has engaged greatly in the characters and are left with not enjoying the outcome…just a few quick shots of each person…a real disappointment…like losing your best friend and then no real outcome to enjoy

  5. Anastasia C Pingkan
    April 15, 2023 / 7:00 am

    I don’t like this drama. So simple for a period drama because only focus to Ma Hoon and Gaeddong. I still get the storyline even though I fast forward all the scene of Ma Hoon – Gaeddong conversations…

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