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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 15 Live Recap

Recap: Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency  Episode 15
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Recap Episode 15, image JTBC

After a delightful trip to the beach, Gaedong decided to leave Ma Hoon for the palace in order to fulfill an obligation to Soo. It was a tearful goodbye as she stepped inside her carrier and was lead away with a sobbing Ma Hoon unable to stop her. Now the question is if Soo can love someone enough to let them go.

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Ma Hoon stands in the rain like a statue. Do Joon walks up to him and stands there as well. Ma Hoon tells Do Joon that he knew that she would leave him. Do Joon tells him, lets go, you will get cold. Ma Hoon pulls his sleeve away and asks Do Joon if she went to their flower house?

Flashback to Moon Seok meeting with Gaedong to politely guilt trip her into staying with Soo. Gaedong then goes to the flower house where she sees Do Joon. He told her to take Ma Hoon with her. She smiles and says that he will be happy without her.

Do Joon asks if she is going, even if they try to stop her? She asks if he thinks she is stupid also? But then she says that she can’t help it, her life is just extra. Her life was saved because of her brother and Soo gave her a family and Ma Hoon protected her as well. So this all added to her life. She does not want to affect Ma Hoon as a burden eventually.

She smiles and tells him that she has her own pride even though she is a burden, so can you keep it a secret that I came here today?

Cut back to Ma Hoon and Do Joon standing in the rain. Ma Hoon starts to slowly walk away.


Ma Hoon gets home. Young-soo asks why he looks like this? But Ma Hoon ignores him and goes to his room. Young-soo mutters to himself that he has something to tell to Ma Hoon.

Flashback to Mong-seok giving Young-soo orders to lie about the Flower Crew. Say that everything is done by Ma Hoon who got the order from his father. Okay?

Yong-soo asks, can you stop me? Please stop me eunnie. he hangs his head outside Ma Hoon’s door.

Ma Hoon sits in his room and softly cries as he thinks about Gaedong. We hear a voice over from Gaedong about not wanting to be a burden.

In the city, Gaedong is carried to the Palace. She opens the carrier and feels the rain. She remembers Ma Hoon asks she does it and repeats what he said about the rain, “It is just a shower, it is just visiting, it will all be okay soon.”



The Queen candidates sit under a pergola. Two of them talk about how the King sent a gift to Master Yoon’s home, so the Queen must already be picked. Being in a good family does not matter if he already has woman.

Ji-hwa shows up and tells them they may as well speak louder. She then sits by Bong-deoks relative. BD’s relative tells Ji-hwa thank you. Ji-hwa thinks that BD’s person should be the Queen because she is so nice and calm.

Then Gaedong comes in so they all mutter, the Queen is here, must be nice. Gaedong sits quietly and ignores them.

With Soo, a maid tells Soo that the time for the Queen choosing is here. Soo wants to wait because Gaedong is not there yet. But then his eunuch comes in and says she is here so Soo stands quickly and heads out.

Meanwhile, Bong-deok gets word from his assassin about information that his spy gained.


In the flower house, Ma Hoon gets a letter, but he tells his servant that he does not have to recieve letters anymore. I think we will close our business soon.


The potential Queens walk inside and bow to the Daebi from behind the curtain. Daebi tells them to remove the curtain. She tells them that she has good tea for them, enjoy.

They all drink the tea. But we area sent into a flashback as Gaedong remembers Ma Hoon explaining how to drink tea. She also remembers their kiss. She does not end up drinking.

Daebi asks all three how they like the tea. She asks Gaedong if she is sick. Ma Hoon tells her what to say (in her head) so she says no, I am okay. She takes a sip of the tea.


The politicians talk to each other as Soo sits on the throne room. Bong Deok pressures Soo to get this meeting going, we have already waited for one hour. They talk about calling a trust worthy person in. Soo tells the guards to let them in.

Then he remembers what Moon Seok said, the first Prime Minister bought off the fortune teller so you need to arrest him and torture him. But Soo says no because he knows Gaedong’s secret. it could hurt Gaedong. So call that person.

Moon Seok pleads not to. Lets get another face reader. Soo asks if he knows anyone who is not bought by the first or second Prime Minister? Do you think he will come?

Enter Ma Hoon into the throne room. He kneels in front of everyone and bows to Soo. Then he introduces himself as a marriage consultant.

Flashback to Ma Hoon reading the letter that came to him. He looks up with determination.



Ji-hwa and Gaedong meet to talk in the garden. Gaedong asks why she called her? Jihwa asks how the meeting was with her brother, you missed him so much.

Gaedong tells her that she is leaving if she wants to talk about that. Ji-hwa says that she has her brother, so run away. Why are you here? Do you really want this position?

Gaedong turns around and asks Ji-hwa why she never smiles? The people who go to the flower House all leave with smiles because they are so happy to find the person of their fate. I thought you also came to find your husband. So why do you also look like a soldier that was dragged to war?

Ji-hwa tells her, how dare you. How can you low class person understand a nobles marriage. Gaedong tells her that marriage is not fighting and conquering. it is giving your heart. You do not have a heart to give, so how can you smile.

She remembers Do Joon telling her that he hopes she becomes a woman who can smile. Ji-hwa tells Gaedong that she does not know, so how dare you.


The King asks the 1st Prime Minister if he recommended his own son for this improtant matter? Mong Koo says that Ma Hoon is an un-noble marriage consultant. Please reconsider.

Bong Deok agrees as well. He is too young.

Soo asks, so you say he is not enough but you haven’t heard the rumor? He is the best marriage consultant in Hanyang. I did not expect you to try this hard for the National marriage. Then he asks Ma to evaluate three women. The future of the country depends on you.

Ma Hoon nods stoically.


Daebi asks her maid to find medicine for her brother. But the maid falls to her knees and starts to cry as she says that her brother was attacked by bandits. He died.

Daebi falls to the floor. No, it shouldn’t be. He shouldn’t be. She thinks that Bong Deok must have done it, not bandits.


Ma Hoon looks at all the drawings of the women at the front of the throne room and then returns to the middle to give his verdict. he says that Ma and Kang are very similar to what the face reader said. 

The 2nd prime minister asks if she deserves to be the Queen? Ma Hoon says yes. Mong Koo is happy. But then Ma Hoon says that, for his daughter, she will think that being Queen is not enough for her. Her fate is not supporting the sun, she wants to be the sun herself. She is not good for the palace.

For the other girl (Gaedong) her fate is that of a dead person.


Everyone starts to murmer. Ma Hoon says, but, her fate and how she looks does not match. So I have to see her in person. Please let me do that.

Soo says that he will let him. Bring her here.


The main palace woman tells them that the day is over so they can go home. They will send a letter to their homes with the final result. So all the ladies get up to leave. But then the eunuch goes to Gaedong and asks her to come to the palace. Only you.

Ji-hwa tells her that everyone thinks that she is the one, see.

The other girl remembers Bong-deok tell her to use this if you cannot win. So she gives Gaedong the lipstain that Bong-deok gave her. She tells her that her lipstick is thin now. You should look pretty to see the King. Gaedong puts it on. Ji-hwa looks from Gaedong to this other girl. The other girl looks nervous.


Gaedong goes into the throne room and is standing behind a curtain so Soo can barely see her. She sits in front of the screen for Ma hoon to look at her. But he is also behind the screen. He asks if they can remove curtain.

This reminds them both of the first time he asked for the curtain to be removed with gaedong. they look at each other, one in shock and the other in longing. The 2nd prime minister asks why he isi looking at her so directly, people will think he is looking at someone he loves. Tell us how her look is.

Ma Hoon says that she has that person’s fate. Even though life and death is dependent on the sky, if someone really wants, then their luck can change. Her father is blocking all the death that comes to her. So because of her father, she survives. It is like someone born with no name getting a name and being reborn.

They ask about her fate with the King.

Ma Hoon thinks for a moment and says that they will help each other and bring luck to the palace. But, young lady, you give luck to everyone, not only the King. All of your harsh past is for your bright future. So don’t worry and live for your will. SOmeone will take your unluckiness.

Flashback to Ma Hoon taking her back luck in his hand and giving her his god luck.


She smiles at Ma Hoon and he slightly smiles back.

At Yoon’s house, the servant tells the master that Soo Yeon prepared it to him before she went to the palace. he says that he does not want to eat it. 

Do Joon comes up and asks, can I eat it?


Ma Hoon waits for his father outside the throne room. He follows him. Gaedong also runout out to find Ma hoon. She sees him walking aorund the corner and thinks that he runs walks away too fast. He should look back so I can see his handsome face.

But then the eunuch tells her that the King wants to see her.

In another part of the palace, BD and MH talks about Gaedong and how long Ma Hoon is going to do this? MH asks how far his father is going to go? BD tells him, if you really affect this family, then like you said, I will take you as a dead son.

Elsewhere, Gaedong meets with Soo in a garden at the palace. She tells him that he looks good in his King clothes. He apologizes for not telling her the truth sooner and making her come here. She says that she will go to him just like he wished for good things to come to her.

He asks, so, we are family? She says that we are family. Until today, lets be 5 coins and the blacksmith. But the next time we meet, lets meet as the King and Yoon Soo Yeon. 

Soo asks if she wants to hold Ma Hoon? She says that she does not want to hold him, she wants to walk the same way as him. But then the eunuch runs in and says that there is big trouble!


Moon-seok is torturing Kang at his house (or maybe the palace). The King comes in with Gaedong and a lot of people. Gaedong wants to run to her brother, but Moon Seok stops her.

Soo asks what this torture is about, it is illegal to do this! Mong Koo says that his sin is so big so I had to. He violated the common law. He used to be my slave, but he says that he is the brother to Yoon Soo Yeon. So either he tried to be a noble or something else is going on.

Soo tells him to watch his mouth. Gaedong starts to stumble. She puts her hand to her forhead. The lipstick is starting to affect her. But she straighens her back to keep standing there.

Bong Deok says that he heard in person that the long lost sister is Gaedong. Ma Hoon steps up and says that he saw it too! He calls any woman on the street Gaedong. I confirmed this.

Mong Koo pulls out Young Soo and throws him to his knees. He tells him to tell the King everything. Young Soo says that Gaedong is not Yoon. She is Gaedong, the sister of this slave.

Gaedong stumbles again as she tries to keep standing.

Mong Koo asks how he knows this? Young Soo says that they had a request to make her a noble woman. MK asks who ordered it? Yuong-soo looks aorund….

Flashback to him running away from the palace guards back when he was a newbie executioner that killed a guard. He hid out and managed to escape from them. But the guards are positioned at the exits to the palace and are checking everyone who leaves. 

Soo was able to sneak out because he smelled so bad so the guards thought a lot of poop was with a carrier of birds.

So he goes to the city and starts looking for food. That is when Ma Hoon finds him and tells him that he should steal food in a tavern. Someone outside asks what is happened. Ma Hoon tells that person that nothing is happening, I like what is in here. 

Young Soo has a knife and has it pointed to Ma Hoon. Ma Hoon takes the knife away and says that they do not have anything to eat, but they have a lot of things that smell good here. He gives him some perfume and tells him that it looks better on him than a knife.

In the present, Yong-soo whispers that he does not want to go back to Chileom. Mong Koo asks him who is behind this? he should say Ma Hoon, but he says Gaedong is behind it. She did everything, she came to me and asked me to make her a noble lady, she tricked everyone.

Mong Koo is upset and asks Kang if she is his sister Gaedong? Kang looks over at her and sees her as a little kid. He says, Gaedong-ah. Gaedong nods. But he remembers the maid talking about how he cannot talk about Gaedong, otherwise you and Gaedong will all die. So the brother says that Gaedong is dead.

But then Gaedong says, Gaedong is here! I am Gaedong. Yes, I want to be the Queen so I lied to everyone. As he said, The FLower House were all tricked by me.


Ma Hoon tells Gaedong to step aside from this matter, you went too far. Mong Koo asks if Ma is involved in this?

Master Yoon comes in and asys, I am involved in this also! Everyones eyes grow wide as they turn to look at him.

Flashback to Do Joon telling Yoon that Ma Hoon wants to ask a favor of him.

Yoon walks all the way to the front and tells them, if my daughter is fake, then am I part of the con as well? Mong Koo says that they have all this evidence, but you say that she is your daughter?

Yoon says that she is my daughter, I am her father, what else do I have to say? What better evidence is that? She is my own daughter that I carried around everywhere with me because she was so sick. She is my own daughter! Do not cross the line!

Then he turns and bows politely to the King as he says that he wants to take this slave that was tortured because of his daughter, can you grant it? Soo tells him to do it. Yoon thanks him for his mercy and Kang is carried away.

Gaedong was about to hug and support Kang, but Yoon stops her. So she watches him leave with concern.

Mong Koo tells Soo that these are all lies. Soo tells him that he tortured innocent people with his power for his own benefit. You are the one that tried to trick the King himself. I will not ask for your sin this time because of what you contributed to the country. Mong Koo bows deeply to the King and then backs himself out of the area. he gives Young Soo a scary look.

Then Gaedong passes out.

Soo yells Gaedong!

Ma Hoon yells Gaedong!

Ma Hoon tells Gaedong that he will treat her and carries her out.

Everyone hears them say Gaedong but all the main people left so I guess it doesn’t matter?


Gaedong sleeps. A doctor tells Ma Hoon and Do Joon that she was poisoned with Wolsbane. But he gave her the antidote so she will be okay. It was also a tiny amount so she will recover.

Soo is told by Moon Seok that Gaedong will be okay. He asks if he woul dliek to go see her. Soo thinks back to moments when he and Gaedong where happy as a family with his father.

Soo says that he thinks she is spoken for someone else now.

Bong Deok barges into the throne room and tells Soo that he cannot ex out his second cousins daughter, it was a young girls childish mistake.

Soo asks if he killed his brother because of a childish game? Bong Deok asks how he can say that cruel thing? Soo asks how many innocent people he killed for the country? Your position is to take care of the citizens for the King, not in using the Kings power to fulfill yourself!

Bong Deok says that he is being misunderstood. Soo calls the royal guard and tells him to call the prosecution department to go over all the suspicious cases. If they need anything then they can torture anyone. Bong Deok tells him that he will regret it. Soo says that he only regrets that he did not do it before.



Ma Hoon watches Gaedong sleeping. he asks who granted to her that she can go on her own? He holds her hand and says that he didn’t catch it, you did it, not me. He might be referring to their hands squeezing each other.

He calls her stonehead and says that she cannot take back a promise that was already made.

Meanwhile, Yong Soo thinks about going into Ma Hoon’s room to possibly apologize.

Elsewhere, Jihwa hears from her maid that the other lady is in trouble for what she did. Jihwa thanks her and excuses her. then Do Joon comes in oh so easily. 

Hi-hwa and she talk and glare at each other. He asks if she really wants to go high up there? She says yes, of course. It will be wonderful if she just died.

Do Joon walks closer to her. She asks what he is doing. He tells her that he did not give her those shoes to put other people in danger, he just wanted her to walk on flowers, not to give someone else trouble.

You won, when you go to that place you want to go to, no one will be there for you. She asks if he thinks she can’t go there? She pushes out of the way and leaves. A lonely tear falls from him.


Gaeong wakes in a bed. She is at the flower house. She wakes up looking for her brother. Ma Hoon is there and tells her that her brother is safe and the flower house is fine. that is your question right? How do you feel?

She nods that she is okay. He holds her hands and says that he thinks her hands are fine, and her shoulders are fine, and our fever is okay. Everything should be okay.

He hugs her and says that he will never let her go.

Outside, Young Soo sits and thinks. Kang comes up to him and says that he smells good. Young Soo says it is not from him, it is the perfume bag. But Kang says it is from you, a good smell means that you are a good person. 

Yong-soo thinks back to Gaedong telling him that he is a good person. He whispers for Kang not to smile like Gaedong. Kang smiles and then happily walks off. He is perfectly fine after the torture.


Meanwhile, Bong Deok sits on the throne. Mong Koo goes there to meet him. BD says that the little prince is back from CHina. If this is successful then he can be the King, if we fail then we are a betrayer of the country.

Mong Koo says this is a coup. Bong Deok says it only is a coup if it fails. And I do not play losing games. Mong Koo asks if he wants to break his hands, Bong Deok says that he wants to hold his hands.

Bong Deok stands and tells Mong Koo, I am going to fire this King who is not following the rules and put the young prince on the throne. Prime Minister, do you want to change the sky with me?

Fade Out


So I guess that means more characters will be introduces in the last episode along with a brand new storyline? This show…


Final episode preview (thank you Shannon!)

BD – You don’t earn peoples love. You create peoples love.

DJ – Something looks suspicious.

Soo – It is a coup

JH – I wanted to be at the top of Joseon, but not to save Joseon

MK – Dont let her go out at all

Man – Agent Ko disappeared

GD – I don’t care. Don’t include me.

Man – When the coup ends, I have an order to kill…

MS – See you under a new sky

SM – Please be safe, son. 

BD – Be on your families side

BD – Either save the King and kill her or kill the King and save her

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