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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 14 Live Recap

Recap Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 14
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Recap Episode 14

The tea party did not last as long as I wanted it to in the last episode, but at least our Gaedong made a positive impression on Daebi. Ma Hoon also had his own battle as he told Soo that he will not just send Gaedong over to him. In fact, Ma Hoon proposed to Gaedong and suggested they just run away together. Which I think is best considering his father killed the Grand Prince and he made an enemy of the current King.

The recap will start at the top of the hour, around 1pm CST!

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Ma Hoon ells Soo that he cannot take her. Soo tells him to let her go. He says no, you cannot take her your highness. Gaedong tells Ma Hoon to let her go. She pulls her hand away from Ma Hoon and then addresses Soo.

GD – Soo, I am sorry, I can’t keep the promise to marry you and I cannot go to you. I am not trying to be a noble lady to go to you. This marriage ended.

She then thanks Ma Hoon for helping her find Soo. She has found Soo and her brother thanks to Ma Hoon. She is not sure where she will go from here, but neither one of these places feels right for her. She tells them to talk, her opinion is not needed here.

She leaves. Soo calls for her and then asks Ma Hoon if he is happy? Ma Hoon kneels in front of Soo.

MH – Can you take this as the reason the marriage could not go forth. I can take any punishment you give me. Please let Gaedong go.

Soo – I cant

MH – the prime minister knows about Gaedong and can be behind everything including killing your brother and trying to assassinate Gaedong.

Soo – How do you know?

MH – He is my father. the closer Gaedong is to you, the more in danger she will be.

Soo – Is this only the 1st prime minister that i have to fight against?

MH – Can you, just this time, yield to me this time only?

Soo – I will take it as I have not heard anything. i will protect Gaedong, you protect your own heart. This is the Kings order.

Soo leaves. Ma Hoon says that he can’t, your highness.


Gaedong goes to the pretty pond that she and Ma Hoon shared their kiss at and sits and thinks. She remembers Ma Hoon telling her that he will tell her the truth after the Queen ceremony, whatever it is, can you forgive me this time?

Ma Hoon softly walks up behind her and says that he will take her home. She asks when he knew that Soo was the King? Was it a long time ago? is that why you decided to make mea  young lady? When I told you that I love you, how much did yu laugh at me! Why didnt’ you stop me from applying for the Queen Ceremony!

He hugs her and tells her that she wanted to save her brother, how could he drag her back!

She pushes him away and says that he still has to tell her. How cn you say that BS, you should have told me. Before, I thought that being nxt to you is the best thing int he world.

She grabs her hair scarf and throws it in a bush. She glares at him and says that being Gaedong is better than being the kings second wife who is buried in the palace. I will stop pretending to be a lady. There is no next chance for me in my life.

She angrily turns and walks away.



Young-soo walks like a zombie through the market and thinks about his talk with Mong-koo. He tries to tell him that they followed the Kings order regarding his daughter. Please don’t kill us. 

Mong-koo tells him to keep it secret that he knows about the flower agency and the girl. If you tell anyone then I will reveal your secret past as an executioner. Do you want to go back to that time?

In the market, Youngsoo talks to himself and says that another person has already decided it. Gaedong will not be the Queen so I will find another man for her, that is better.


Ma Hoon looks at the wood chip that has “next change” on it when Young-soo comes running in happily. he asks them if they heard what he did at the ceremony? I found the King since Gaedong did not have her shoes.

Ma Hoon tells him the ceremony has been over in awhile, where have you been. Youngsoo says that he is popular and hndsome so a lot of people wanted him.

But then Do Joon says that something smells and walks close to Youngsoo, but then he calls for their servant who is eating and hiding. he walks over to him.

Youngsoo is a bit rattled by that. Ma Hoon tries to comfort him a little bit.


The maid looks for Kang in their house when Ji-hwa says that he s gone, she sold him. The maid is distraught and asks why? Ji-hea asks if she needs her permission? the maid apologizes. When Jihwa leaves the maid thinks that Kang needs help, what if he dies somewhere, he doesn’t know anything.


In another house, Gaedong dresses in her normal attire of pants and shirt and thinks if she can run away like this. It looks like hse is in Yoon’s house.

She goes outside and talks to one of the slaves about all these presents showing up to this house. Everyone knows that she is the woman that is picked. Perhaps you will be the Queen.

Then the old master comes out and sees all of these gifts. He also looks at gaedong and wonders why she is dressed like that. Gaedong says it is comfortable. he tells her that she is the face of their family, so don’t taint our family name.

She says yes, father and he goes back inside.


Meanwhile, Soo sits on the throne and thinks about Gaedong saying that she cannot come to him. His eunuch says that they sent the gifts and spread word to kids on the street that Yeon is the one that is picked.

The 1st prime minister comes in right then. Soo remembers what Ma Hoon said about the 1st prime minister killing his brother and trying t assassinate Gaedong.

BD tells him that he worries about his health. He also says that he heard a strange rumor, that Yoon’s daughter died a long time ago. Soo tells him that he also heard a strange rumor, that the people that killed his brother were not bandits.

BD takes a deep breath and asks who did it. Soo says that he does not know. BD tells him that he heard that he really likes Yeon. If you want then you can have her. But if you put my person in front of her, then you get everything. Just give up one.

Soo tells him that that one thing is his everything. So don’t try to take the one who only has one thing.


The maid runs into the flower crew and tells them that Gaedong’s brother has been sold.

Elsewhere, Mong-koo polishes his ceramic and thinks about the King leaving the palace and humiliating him. He thinks that he needs to be ready.

His daughter comes in and sits with him. he tells her that no one should know that you met a man at night. Who is that man that you met? She says he was a stranger. Her dad tells her that he thought she was smart, that is why girls cannot do these things.

Ji-hwa leaves looking upset. She kneels at the steps and thinks about Do Joon giving her new shoes. She tells herself that she he survived because of those flower shoes.

Meanwhile, at Yoon’s place, Gaedong thinks about the marriage proposal from Ma Hoon. She takes it out and looks at it. But she thinks that he is a conman.

She opens it and look at the character written inside. She thinks that his marriage proposal is so difficult. Then she looks at the Flower Crew History book and remembers getting it from Ma hoon. She starts to read it.


Rule 14: the marriage consultant should not have any personal feelings to the client

Gaedong thinks, yes, yes, of course. She closes the book and looks at the character once again. But then a servant tells her to come outside, someone is here.

Gaedong goes outside and sees her brother Kang drawing outside the gate. She wonders if he is really here? She runs and hugs him and asks how he came there? Did you run away? How did you know I was here? Let’s go, I will take you back.

But he says that he likes it here, he will not leave.

Ma Hoon comes up and says that she does not have to do that. he walks out to her.

MH – He is free now.

GD – What are you talking about?

Ma Hoon takes out the paperwork and rips it up.

Ma Hoon tells her that her brother is not a slave anymore. Gaedong asks what happened. Ma Hoon says that Ji-hwa sold him and Do Joon found him so we brought him back.

Gaedong picks up the paperwork from the floor and asks if he is really free?

Ma Hoon tells her that she is also free. if you want, then you can go to the Queen ceremony or not. You can live as Yoon SooYeon or Gaedong. You can go to Soo or stay in the Flower Crew. If you want, I can give your brother a new Identity as well. You can do as you want and go anywhere you want.

GD – To where?

MH – Anywhere you want to go.

GD – You should feel good now

MH – Of course, I am super duper happy.

GD – Yes, your burden will go away.

She goes back inside Yoon’s home and leaves Ma Hoon outside.

Do Joon shows up and tells him that contemporary love stories say things like, Don’t Go. Why are you so gentle, that is no fun.

Ma Hoon tells him that the cat and dog story is all wrong. When the dog loves the cat then the dog will open the door for the cat because he is the most afraid that the cat hurts because of the dog. Ma Hoon walks away.


Soo speaks with his team while on his throne. They say that they have found problematic women. Yoon Soo Yeon who is master Yoon’s daughter and BongDeok who is the second cousins daughter. They are problematic based on fate.

BD speaks up and says that this is only based on a procedural thing. How can this affect the countries future. It is against Confucianism.

MK asks if he is opposing the work of the face reading department? Soo tells them to let him finish.

The face reader says that Yoon Soo Yeon should be dead already, she is very sick. I dont know what happened. Is that really young lady Yoon’s? But the good thing is that one of the women has a very good match to you.

He says that Kang’s daughter has the fate of the King or the general. She has this fate but was born as a woman so she deserves to be a Queen.

BD says that they cannot trust that. But Kang loves it. Soo tells them that he is not taking these things lightly, but what the first Prime Minster said makes more sense to him. He is picking his first wife so this is important. Maybe we can talk more after the picking ceremony.

He asks for the face reader guy to come to the ceremony.


Later on, BD talks about Mong-koo badly and wonders how the face reader was bought off by him. He wonders what he should do. He knew he did not have any roots, but he did not know that he would come up with that cheap plan.

The assassin asks what he has to do? BD tells him to stop the face reader from coming to the palace.


Yoon gives Gaedong a letter and tells her that she made it to the second round. It is in 3 days.

gaedong goes to her desk and looks at the marriage letter from Ma Hoon again as seh asks him what she should do. She wonders what is written there and thinks that the person who wrote it should read it to her.

So she goes to the Flower Agency. it is empty there because all marriages are postponed until the Kings marriage. Then she sees youngsoo and asks if he can read it to her. 

Cut to him looking up what the character means in a dictionary. He finds out that it is Yeon. It means Love. I think someone really loves you. But who gave this to you? The King?

She says that it is not like that and folds the letter back up and tucks it away. Youngsoo asks if she came all the way there to ask about that only? She says that she has not been there in awhile.

Youngsoo starts to think about his meeting with MK about how his secret might be revealed. YS tells Gaedong that she should run away. if you become the Queen then you will be in trouble if anyone knows your identity. So I think that being the Queen is not a good thing.

She smiles and says that everyone tells her to leave, no one tells her to come (except Soo!). Ma Hoon comes in then and asks her what happened? Gaedong tells her that she left something there and then walks off.

She goes to the library and gets a bottle with alcohol in it. She says that this is the drink that noble women drink after suppressing themselves. It is the drink that the cousin/mother gave to her awhile ago.

She reminds Ma Hoon that she is a fee person now and heads out. he holds her arm and asks her to drink her drink tomorrow. Let’s run away somewhere no one can find us.

Cut to gaedong finding something great to wear. But then the slave comes into her room and tells her that someone came from the palace.

She goes outside and sees Moon Seok. She tells him that he looks wonderful like that. He tells her that she is a lovely young lady. MS tells her to come to the second round. The King is not sleeping. Not only him, if you do not come then your father will be in trouble. And do you think that the King will leave the Flower Crew alone if you do not come.

Gaedong says that Soo is not that kind of person. Moon seok says he is not Soo, he is the King. he put everything on the line for you. There are a lot of lives on the line. I know it is not your choice, but becoming a King was not Soo’s choice. Please help the King just once.


Cut to Ji-hwa telling her father that she was stupid to sell the slave. That slave is Gaedong’s brother. He is the best evidence in this situation.

Her father calls someone in to find the slave and tells Gaedong that she is prepared for the second round. Don’t worry, I will take care of everything.


Gaedong comes out to meet Ma Hoon. They both tell each other that they don’t look bad. He asks if she has anything in particular that she wants to do? She says yes.

So they go to the sea and Gaedong and Ma Hoon run in the water and have lots of fun.


Mong-koo finds out that the slave was taken by a famous information guy in the Flower Crew Agency. 


Ma Hoon and Gaedong sit on the sand. He pulls out the drink and their two spoons. She says, you still have this? he says that they have it because she only got one room. She mentions about how it takes a lot of time to make money and no time to spend it.

He asks for her hand and puts the knot that his brother made on her wrist like a bracelet. She asks why he is giving it to her? he says, Gaedong, you can be anyone and go anywhere, can you be next to me? Give me the next chance.

She smiles and tells him that they should have a drink and mentions him hiccuping again. They toast with their couple spoons.



Mongkoo asks Young-soo where the slave is and tells him that he has to find it out now. You need to have a fair return.

Then we are privy to Yong-soo’s flashback where he has to hold someone who is being killed in front of the palace. There is another executioner there who tells Youngsoo that he has to watch everything because he will have to do it next time.

The executioner does a little execution dance and then chops the mans head off. Blood splatters all over Youngsoo and he soils his pants. The executioner beats him up in a shack and tells him that he should not pretend like he is human, they are not human. You will be ab executioner until the day you die.

Young-soo sleeps in a shack with several other boys. the executioner might sleep there as well. he wakes up and starts to leave. But the executioner stops him and then ties him up by the arms and hangs him like that from the ceiling.

The executioner says that tomorrow is the execution day, so where are you going? Don’t try to run away. If you do then I will kill those guys one by one and hang their heads on a stick.


On the day of the execution, the executioner prepares Youngsoo and tells him that he will have no second try, he needs to do this once. It appears to be Youngsoo’s first time. The executioner ties the sword onto his hand.

The person that should die is a pretty young boy. He begs for youngsoo not to kill him. Youngsoo back away from him and trembles. The other executioner tells him to kill him. Proceed! Everyone tells him to hurry.

Finally a guard tells youngsoo to hold it properly and says that he should not be like this and you should not have been born. Youngsoo yells that he didn’t ask to be born and he kills the guards instead of the boy.

In the present, Young soo looks at his hands, they are all bloody. But then he blinks and doesn’t see the blood anymore. he starts to smell himself and thinks that he cannot go back. He grabs his perfume and starts to rub it on himself.

Gaedong comes in and asks if he bought a new perfume. He tells her to stay out of his room so she asks him for a request.

They go sit outside where Gaedong asks him to take care of her brother because he is the most trustworthy and the nicest. He tells her that he is not a good person. She says that she knows, you try not to be a good person, but you are a good person in your heart. i will trust you.

Yongsoo tells her that he used to hate her, so it is okay to hate me as well. She tells him that he is strange today and then says goodbye. She leaves her brother with him and tells him to listen to Youngsoo well. I will be back.



BD gives his niece a lipstick case and says that he needs someone who can win. I am giving this to you to use in case you cannot win.

Youngsoo also looks at an ID that MK gave him to get into the palace. he tells him to find that guy and bring him to him.

Yongsoo looks at Kang who is running around talking about how much he loves apples.

In the marriage agency, Yoon’s slave gives ma Hoon a letter and says that he feels strange about something, their house had a carrier in front of it.

Ma Hoon opens the letter. In it, Gaedong tells him that she is leaving the love she has for him there. She is sorry that she could not keep the promise. I am sorry that we did not have the chance, but if we have another chance then I want to stay next to you.

Ma Hoon takes off running without his shoes. He runs all the way to Gaedong’s place and sees her getting inside her carrier.

She calls her name and she turns to look at him. But she get into her carrier without looking at him any more. They close her door. He tells her not to leave. You promised to stay next to me.

Gaedong thinks about Moon Seok telling her that a lot of lives depend on this.

GD – I will go to Soo.

MH – I will take care of it

GD – it is my choice! It is so nice that the five coin girl can go to the palace in this nice carrier. I considered staying next to you. But, even though you are the son to the first prime minister, you are not as god as the King. Just let me go.

MH – Did you forget, I know when you lie.

GD – I tricked you this entire time. 

He thinks about her saying that she started to love him on the bridge.

MH – I love you Gaedong. Please don’t go.

Tears are all around.

GD – It is too late.

The men stand and it starts to rain in slow motion. Ma Hoon hangs his head and lets them pass.

He starts to cry as he watches her carried away.

She also cries inside her carrier.

She think about the time she told Ma Hoon that rain was nothing and she is okay. Then the time she confessed her love for him on the bridge and the time he protected her from assassins.

He continues to cry as well and holds the red love knot that his brother made. 

VO – At first I did it because I didn’t know about it. I thought I would never love anyone.

He keeps crying and grips his heart. The rain continues to fall on him.

Cut to the Flower Agency. The book that Ma Hoon dropped is on the ground. The wind blows it open and the pages start to turn. We see little cartoons that Gaeong made while she was supposed to be studying. Or maybe Ma Hoon made these cartoons because we see Ma Hoon watching gaedong while she is sleeping. He asks her, what should I do with you.

But then Gaedong wakes up and sees Ma Hoon sleeping next to her. She closes her eyes so he does not know that she was looking at him.

She draws the two of them sleeping in the book as a cartoon.

VO – The marriage consultant should not have personal feeling to the client.

In the courtyard, water starts to fall on the book and all the ink starts to erase.

VO – The marriage consultant can have feelings toward the client.

Fade Out


Even though I really don’t care about Yong-soo’s back story, that flashback was really well done. Another thing I liked about this particular episode was the epilogue scene at the end. It was pretty adorable.

Other than that, it was more of the same with the storyline. I mean, how can they possibly go to the beach on one day in the Joseon dynasty? It takes people a full day now to go to the beach and back from Seoul. Why is the boy slave just entering Gaedong’s room without knocking? That would not even happen in modern times. And how convenient was it for Kang to be handed to Yong-soo by Gaedong, basically the day that Mong-koo told him that he needed to find Kang?

With that said, I really did like the epilogue scene and Young-soo’s flashback. I won’t even try and comment on Gaedong knowing exactly how she bobbed her head to sleep enough for her to draw it and just chalk that up to her imagination.


Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency preview translation for episode 15

MH – Marriage consultant Ma Hoon is seeing the King

GD – I will go to you like you put everything on the line for me

BD – Are you really going to make that girl the Queen?

MH – If she wants to do it then I will do it

DJ – You won, my lady. You can go to the top as you wish.

MK – Ma Hoon told you to do everything, do you understand Chil-eum?

YS – Please stop me, big eunnie

BD – Prince Yeon Woo came back from China.

MH – Wake up Gaedong, wake up!

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