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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 13 Live Recap

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 13 Recap
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Recap Episode 13

I am ready for this Queen tea party battle to the death to begin. Two women enter, one Queen leaves.

The recap will start at the top of the hour, around 1pm CST!

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In the outdoor pergola sitting area, Ma Hoon tells Soo that he will cancel the marriage arrangement, he i snot going to send Gaedong to him. 

Soo asks if he started liking her? Do you know that punishment for humiliating the King is shredding your body?

Ma Hoon asks how long he is going to keep that he is King from Gaedong? Someone should tell her.

Soo stutters about it Ma Hoon says that he knows that Soo is worried, but she should know. Because I owe you, I am giving you a chance to be forgiven my Gaedong first.

Soo – You just opened the door for Gaedong, but Gaedong should choose it herself. Until Gaedong can decide, lets wait a little bit.

MH – What if I say I can’t? What will you do?

Soo – I am your customer, don’t make me be the King

MH – Lying only takes one second, but it takes your entire lief to be forgiven. I hope it is  not too late for you and me.


Ji-hwa tells Gaedong at their private tea that she needs to prove herself at the Queen picking ceremony where all the good noble young ladies get together. Then I will gie you my apology and the slave, what do you think? Do you want to challenge for that?

Gaedong asks what she is talking about? This is not what she promised, stop joking around and keep the promise.

Ji-hwa asks if she is afraid that her fake young lady game will be revealed, Gaedong? 

Gaedong says that her name is Yoon Soo-hyun.

Ji-hwa tells her that if her identity is revelaed at the palace then it will be big trouble. DO you care if he is even sold or not? You decide to come or not, but remember that I own that slave. See you at the Queen choosing ceremony.


Yoon-soo walks back to the flower agency thinking about his meeting with Mong-koo. Mong-koo tells him to tell him everything about the Flower Crew, you do not want to go back to where you were do you?

Yoon-soo has a flashback about being all bloody and smelly and walking through the town with everyone yelling and hitting him. They call him an animal and tell him, how dare you come through the city!

Yong-soo keeps walking and finally gets away from them. Though he sits against a wall and smells himself and starts to scratch a festering sore on his arm.

In the present, he tells himself that Chil-ung already died, I am Ko Young-soo. I am Ko Young-soo. Do Joon is sitting in this alley and tells him, of course you are Ko Young-soo, who else would you be?

Do Joon is pretty trucnk so Yong-soo sits with him and asks why he was kicked out of the Gisaeng house? Do Joon hugs him and smiles drunkenly. Then he is about to throw up.

Ma Hoon shows up at this time. Yong-soo tells him to do something. So MH asks DJ why he is so drunk? Young-soo goes inside. A man watches them, this might be the man that was paid to find out information. He hurries off.

Do Joon hugs Ma Hoon now. Ma Hoon tells him that he cancelled the marriage. Do Joon drunkenly tells him that their chance to get the rookie is completely gone, that smart woman knows everything now. Gaedong should go to the palace because she is very angry right now. The person you love has to go to the palace to marry someone else.

Ma Hoon was away with determination.

He goes to a pretty area near a creek and wonders where Gaedong is since her event should have ended. She comes walking behind her and says that she is back.

He hugs her and asks if she is okay, she hugs him back and says that she has to go to the Queen choosing event. She wonders if she should run away. He wonders if they should? Where?

She says that they should go near the ocean. I heard that the sea is big so no one will be able to find up. he tells her that they should go now.

But then he tells her that she said something she does not mean, which is why she can’t move right now. What about your brother? Don’t say things you don’t mean, you should be next to me. So he pulls her away and she says, where else can I be if not by you.


Cut to Ma Hoon looking at a drawing of a young lady, it might be Gaeong. Young-soo tells Ma Hoon not to worry, he will make her into the best young lady in town.

Ma Hoon thinks about what Soo told him, until Gaedong can decide – wait.

Ma Hoon says that they do not have enough time. We need to use the painter to paint the young ladies face first. They start to argue over how they dont have enough time to do something, it would be much better if we had Do Joon come with all the information.

Do Joon throws them a book of ladies and asks if he can join them. Ma Hoon tells him that this marriage is different from the kind of marriages they used to take on. They are lying to Joseon itself. If anything goes wrong then we will all die.

Do Joon thinks it will be fun, lets vote. Young Soo says he is in and Do Joon is in. YS says that Ma Hoon is the one that started it, so he should be in.

Gaedong comes in and says that she is in. She is into whatever they do.

They all stare at her so she asks what they are doing? they hide what they are looking at and motion for Ma hoon to handle this. Ma Hoon steps forward and tells Gaedong that she has somewhere to go this evening so get ready.

He takes her to meet with the man that gave her her new name. She thinks of this person as just an ajusshi and asks why he is here you will be in trouble. But Ma Hoon tell sher that this ajusshi will be her father from today.

Gaedong is shocked and bows to him. Ma Hoon says that they will prepare all the slaves and servants and equipment. He just needs to let them borrow his place.

The man says that they are equal with this. Don’t bother me anymore, okay? ma Hoon nods. The man leaves and goes to his room. Ma Hoon tells Gaedong not to worry, he is a quiet guy.

Ma Hoon tells Gaedong that she needs to be careful and think that she is a noble woman from now on. Gaedong says okay, she will not be a source of shame for the old master.


In BD’s house, the assassin tells him about Gaedong and how she is the same as the noble lady. Your son took the marriage deal for the King when he was not the King. This woman became a young lady.

Dong Deok thinks that they must have played him. He thinks back to Soon telling him to find her if he wants to see her. BD says, yes, I found her your highness.



Young-soo is in the market and accidentally bumps into someone. He drops his shades. The man he bumps into puts them on and tells him ah, it is nice to see you again. He calls him by his old name Chil-om. He reminds him that he will never be a normal person. Okay?

The man leaves and Young-soo falls on the ground and starts to smell himself and scratch his arm. He might have even scratched a mark into is with all that scratching.


Ji-hwa’s maid asks her if she will see the King again if she goes to the palace? Ji-hwa says that she won’t see the King because the ceremony is controlled by Daebi.

The maid thinks that Ji-hwa saw the King so she has an advantage. Ji-hwa says it was all lies and thinks back to Do Joon telling her that his heart was true. She calls him a conman.

But then she hears a thumping on her window and comes outside. it is Do Joon. She asks if she is there to apologize to her or make her angry? Whatever it is, it is too late.

He says he is here to declare war. He asks her how she likes his clothing, he picked it for her to like it. She tells him to go back. he grabs her arm and tells her that he will try his best of the first time in his life to fail her from the Queen ceremony.

She asks if he thinks that if he fails her then she will date someone that lives in the gisaeng jip? 

He says that even if she does not come to him, they will see each other outside the palace at least once. For that, he will do his best.

He pulls her to sit in a spot near him and then opens up a pair of shoes to give to her. He puts the on the floor and changes her shoes out with them.

She asks what he is doing. He says that tomorrow is the event. He hopes that she does not get hurt during that difficult task. They both look at each other earnestly.

But then we cut away to Young-soo who looks like he is spying around the Flower Crew library for something he can give to Mong-koo. While doing this he has a flashback about the lady book and of Mong-koo asking him if he wants to return to that life.

Young soo takes the lady book and says that he will only borrow it for a moment and will then bring it back.


Ma Hoon and Gaedong meet. He gives her the marriage proposal, it does not have the not on it. He says that this marriage proposal is from marraige consultant Ma Hoon, who has nothing, to Gaedong. is your answer yes? She says it is yes….and no.

He tells her, just in case you don’t come back because the palace has a lot of nice things. She asks if he is really worried about her becoming the King? Why do you worry so much?

Ma Hoon says that the King has weird taste and might say that he likes you. Gaedong says that she will dump him and says that she already has someone. Ma Hoon tells her, just in case, please come back.



Mong-koo tells Young-soo that he heard flower crew had the best information people, it was not an exaggeration. he opens the book of ladies and flips through it. But he wonders why Gaedong’s alter ego Yeon’s spot is not filled in.

Young soo says that she is new, that is why. Mong-koo takes that as an explanation. Then he says that he heard that something important is in the flower crew, what is it?

Young-soo says it is Ma Hoon, he and Soo where best friends before he became King. Mong-koo thinks that the King might be lonely in the palace. Then he tells Young-soo that they need to continue with this slowly, his sentence is not light.


Gaedong bows to her fake father and tells him that she will be back. She heads out.

Ji-hwa heads out as well and decides to put on the red shoes instead of the blue shoes and walks off. her father tells hre to have a good result today.

Gaedong gets inside her carriage and Ji-hwa gets inside her carriage and they head off.

Split screen game face for the two ladies as they are carried away.


All the carriages get to the palace. The camera focuses on three ladies. One of them might be Bong-deoks pick.

All the ladies have to step one foot on a post at the entrance when they come in and they are all dressed in pretty similar attire.

Back at the masters house, one of the servants tells him that the young lady wanted him to serve this food for him. But the master does not want to eat it and tells him to take it away.

In the palace, all the ladies sit at the outside tea ceremony. Their names are on a pillow. Gaedong sits behind Ji-hwa. Ji-hwa tells hre that it is nice to see her like this. Gaedong tells her that she needs to keep her promise this time.

Cut to some men walking in. Gaedong sees Youngsoo among them. She thinks back to Ma Hoon telling her that he will give her a gift at the ceremony. Then we see a flashback of Youngsoo being talked into becoming a Eunuch at the ceremony.

In the present, he motions for Gaedong to be quiet about it.

A lady starts talking and tells the ladies to wait until they call her name. She calls five girls to come and the rest have to wait. they all relax their posture and stretch as soon as the ladiy leaves. But Ji-hwa and gaedong and the other girl stay straight.

Ma Hoon told her that all that she did was recorded as soon as they sat there. In the background Youngsoo makes sure that the other eunuch marks what all these girls are doing, like blowing their nose and showing bad posture.

But he says nice things about Gaedong, she is so graceful, look at how straight her back is. She should get a high remark. the eunuch is all like, um, how come I have never seen you before? Young-soo tells him, well, I am from the flower department, the King appointed it!

The eunuch has never heard of it so Youngsoo says it is a new department. The eunuch reminds him that he should not play here, this is serious work.


Back at the flower Agency, Ma Hoon and Do Joon fret about how the ceremony is going. They each talk about their own woman. Ma Hoon talks about Gaedong getting picked and Do Joon talks about Ji-hwa getting picked. they finally ask each other who they are talking about. But then someone yells, big trouble! And their heads turned.

In the ceremony, Youngsoo tells her that the woman next to her is Lady Ma, she is in the 1st Prime Ministers extended family. So you need to stand out. he starts to reapply her makeup.

Gaedong does not think it matters because she will not be the Queen. But he says that she must be the Queen. If you knew who the King was then you would know.

Ji-hwa sees them and thinks that she has seen him before. She thinks back to the Flower Crew Agency and realizes that they are together.

Meanwhile, Ma Hoon speaks with his father and tells him that he will not give him any breaks anymore. He wants to know why he i against him. Ma Hoon wants to leave. But his father tells him, how dare you.

Ma Hoon tells his father about all the dastardly things he has done. he assassinated the Grand Prince and picked his own King. His father asks for evidence. Ma Hoon asks him if he thinks he does not have evidence?

His father asks him if he likes that girl? Ma Hoon asks what he wants to say? His father says that he needs to stop here, then he will save his life. Ma Hoon tells him that this is the last chance he will give him as his son. he leaves. His father says that Ma Hoon also does not know how to stop, because he is his son.



The last three ladies are called up: Gaedong, Ji-hwa, and Bong-deoks neice.

They all put on their shoes, gaedong looks for hers, but they are gone. One of the ladies asks Gaedong what is wrong? Gaedong tells her that they can go on ahead, she will use the restroom. The lady tells her that she will be back.

Youngsoo comes to her to see what the problem is. Gaedong tells him that her shoes are missing. He goes to the steps to look for them but does not see them near there. So he looks through the bushes for them around the ceremony.

Cut to the maid running off with the shoes and hiding. She thinks that she is just following her orders, so don’t be too mad at me. Otherwise I will die. She hides them in a bush.

The lady comes back and tells Gaedong that they cannot delay this anymore. Gaedong says, okay, I will come. She starts to walk down the steps in slow motion and touches her feet to the dirt ground. The woman is all like, um, what is this?

Gaedong gets to her and tells her, lets go. Then she walks on ahead.

Meanwhile, Soo is pacing as he wonders how he can show up to the ceremony naturally. His eunuch tells him that there is no way to show up naturally.

Yongsoo runs by and sees Soo so he bows in front of him and then smiles when Soo comes to him. Soo recognizes him and thanks him for coming. He asks him why he is looking for him like this? 

Cut back to the ceremony. 

The ladies are brought in front of Daebi and bow to her. Gaedong is not there yet. They sit behind a curtain.

Daebi tells them to remove the curtain, she will look at them by herself.


The curtains are removed. Daebi tells the girls that they are very nice and pretty and perfect for the King. though she is mostly talking to the 1st prime ministers daughter. Then she asks where Yeon is.

Gaedong comes in right then with her dirty feet and bows respectfully. Daebi tells them to remove her curtain.

Daebi asks why her socks where so dirty. Gaedong says that she lost her shoes. Daebi asks, how can you be the mother of the country if you lost your shoes. Gaedong says that she is glad that she lost her shoes. With her socks only, each of her steps hurt while walking on the dirt. So each step she thought about the things that she takes for granted. She lost her shoes but she had good realization.

Daebi tells her that is interesting. Not keeping your shoes is a blemish for today, but I like your thoughts so I will give you a break.

Ji-hwa tells her no. Daebi is all like how can you talk back to me?

Ji-hwa says that Gaedong snuck in a eunuch today. Everyone starts to mutter about that. Ji-hwa says that they have rules in the palace, how can she put a man in the palace for her own reasons.

Daebi asks if what she said is true?

Gaedong is about to speak but Soo comes in and says that he brought him there. Everyone bows. Soo looks at gaedong for a moment, she is bowing and not looking at him.

Soo tells Daebi that Yeon was sick and did not have anyone to support her here so I brought my friend here to support her.

Gaedong looks up slowly and sees Soo there. She is shocked to see him. She remembers him telling her that he has relatives that he did not know about and that he is a yangban (noble).

Soo – I am here in the palace. I know no one so I pitied her, that is why I did it. So please give her a break with your big heart.

DB – Only this time. You are lucky Yeon.

Daebi then tells Yeon, how dare you look at the Kings face? She apologizes and bows again. 

Ji-hwa is even angrier now.

The ladies all leave and follow the head maid out. Soo watches Gaedong walk out. Gaedong pauses as if she knows that he is watching her. Then she continues on.

Outside, Youngsoo tells Gaedong that he stopped the King, without him she is already out. She asks if he knew who the Kign was? Youngsoo says that he knew and then tsks and says that he told Ma Hoon to tell her quickly. She asks, so ma Hoon knew about it?

Youngsoo says yes, he knew, how else do you think you became a young lady so quickly?


At home, Ji-hwa tells her father that the King already has a woman that he wants to pick. They played us. They took the Kings marriage case.

Ji-hwa heads out. Kang sees her and says that she is so pretty. She tells him that everything is hers. Then she looks at him evilly.


Gaedong gets home and remembers all the clues that Ma Hoon said while they were together. There were lots of little clues that said that soo was the King.

Gaedong can’t believe that Ma Hoon knew everything. he knew everything and he still did this.

But then behind her is Soo. he calls her name. Her eyes grow bright.


Mong-koo yells at Youngsoo and asks if he played him! Who is Yoon Soo yeon! He says that she is the daughter of the young master. he asks if he really wants to go back to his old life as an executioner? Soo Yeon is dead, did she come back to life!

Flashback to a man telling MK that Youngsoo killed someone that he should not have killed as an executioner.

There is another flashback showing Youngsoo killing this person.

Mong Koo asks again who that lady is and he says Gaedong. Gaedong who was about to get married to the King.


Gaedong asks Soo when he was going to tell her that he was the King. He says that he was going to tell her after the Queen choosing ceremony. if you knew this before then I worried that you would not come.

You said that you did not have a name when you were born. Even though i have a name, I don’t know who I am anymore. All of a sudden, people say that my father and brother died. The person I thought was my father for the last 20 years is now the head of the Royal guard. My mother never told me who I was. With you next to me, I think I will know who I am. 

You are my friend and family. What I wanted to be was to just stay next to you.

She says that he became the King. he tells her that he did not choose to be the King. Without you, I cannot be anything. So, Gaedong, come to me. This is the Kings order. he holds her hand.

Ma Hoon comes in and says, Can you take you order back?

He pulls Gaedong away from Soo.

Soo – let her go, this is the Kings order

MH – I refuse your order your highness.

Fade Out


I wish the Queen choosing ceremony was more of a big deal. They really made it seem like it would be a huge deal. But it kind of just happened and ended.


Translation for Episode 14 preview of Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency

GD – Our marriage ended

BD – If you give up one, then you will get everything.

MH – Can’t you be next to me? Please give me the next chance

YS – Yeon, of love? Maybe someone loves you.

MS – You have to come to the Queen appointing ceremony

MK – Find that guy and bring him to the palace.

MK – You don’t want to go back to where you were again.

VO – Marriage consultant, Gaedong’s brother!

GD – I will go back to where I was before.

MH – Let’s run away where no one can find us.

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  1. Rei
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    Ready and waiting….

    • V
      October 28, 2019 / 12:59 pm

      Satrting soon!

  2. Rei
    October 28, 2019 / 1:25 pm

    Great…following closely… I skipped some raw scenes and I am lost without your recap. Dramamilk you are the best!

  3. Anonymous
    October 28, 2019 / 1:51 pm

    Awwwww ma hoon already proposed to her, how sweet….. At leas he is quick to act this time…

    • V
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      Ma Hoon and Gaedong really need to run away and have a happy married time because they have so many issues in Hanyang!

  4. Rei
    October 28, 2019 / 2:53 pm

    Okay the fight for Gae Dong officially begins. I would expect Ma hoon’s dad would consent to his son marrying Gae Dong so he can place his own niece or relative as the queen… I dunno how else Gae Dong is gonna get out of this.

    My guess is that Ma hoon’s dad may step in and Soo himself let her go after realizing love means respecting the other person’s desire first… And save Gae Dong from a dire fate

    • V
      October 28, 2019 / 3:15 pm

      I almost feel at this point that Soo will try to force Gaedong to marry him and stay with him in the palace? He is still a nice guy so he might not drag her to the palace, but I think he might apply a lot of pressure on her.

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