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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 12 Live Recap

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 12 Recap
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 12 Recap

I thought Soo might turn evil, but it looks like he is still the good guy we all know and love. His father has come back triumphant after his battle and he has the 2nd prime minister owing him a favor. Everything is working out except his love life. Which never will because he is the second lead.

Ma Hoon has his world crumbling around him, though Gaedong has told him that she loves him, so there’s that. Though he turned her down and is ignoring her and was threatened by Soo to stay away from her, he still has 4 episodes to make it right. That kiss yesterday might be a step in the right direction or it might make things way worse, we shall see.

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Ma Hoon serves Gaedong, Aster tea and tells her that the flower tea will make her feel warm. She drinks it slowly like a lady.

Ma Hoon then says that she wants to be a young lady to get her brother back, is that it? She nods and says yes. If she is recognized by everyone at the team party then she can have her brother back. 

He asks when the tea party is, Gaedong says that it is in 2 days. There is no other way to get her brother back then that. Ma Hoon tells her not to hold things in. If it is too difficult then you will cry and if it is still difficult then you wait until you get better.

She starts to cry some more so he gives her a hug. He tells her that he will stay next to her until she is okay.


The next day, Yongsoo walks the market area fretting and worrying about Soo being King and how he said all sorts of messed up things to him and about him. He thinks that he should leave the village.

But then he sees a sign put up saying that no one can get married until the King is married. Gaedong sees the sign as well and asks Youngsoo, what if we go bankrupt? He tells her to think of her own proposal to the King.

Gaedong wonders why she should? He says that all the young noble ladies have to put their name in the pot, you are not an exception. 

A random man says that it does not matter who puts their  name in, the Queen will be the 1st prime ministers 2nd cousins daughter. Gaedong is all like, ah, okay. But Youngsoo thinks that this is big trouble if they already decided someone. He hurries off.



Ma Hoon talks to Do Joon in their office and says that they have to follow the national law, but are there any exceptions? Do Joon says that it depends on the crime that was committed.

Ma Hoon thinks that it wasn’t his anyway, so I didn’t steal. Do Joon asks what he stole? Ma Hoon says it was something from a very high official, but I didn’t steal it. Do Joon tells him that he has to put it back. Ma Hoon says he didn’t steal anything.

But he also thinks that Youngsoo might leave the city, perhaps I should go with him. But before that he has to rescue someone for a tea party.

Youngsoo runs in looking horrible and tells them that they cannot marry anyone right now. Ma Hoon says that this is happening quicker than expected. Youngsoo mentions that the queen is already picked.

Gaedong comes in and wonders what the deal is with the three of them. They tell her not to worry about anything and focus on the team party.

She leaves. Do Joon thinks that things are getting more and more suspicious between Ma Hoon and Gaedong with this team party.


Ji-hwa’s maid wonders if she should tell Ji-hwa about Kang and Gaedong. She goes into the silk room where Jihwa is and asks if she is really going to sell Kang? Ji-hwa says that the property is only worth something when it has value. We shouldn’t keep that stupid guy.

The maid goes back and feeds Kang dduk and wonders why she did that. If she told the young lady, then at least she would get used clothing from her. She tells Kang to listen to her, from now on, don’t ever talk about Gaedong. Otherwise you and Gaedong will both die.

He says that gaedong is his sister. She tells him that this is the limit of her friendship.


The 1st and 2nd Prime Minister greet each other in a courtyard area. They talk about the queen picking event. Bong-deuk tells Mong-koo not to make Daebi unhappy. Mong-koo tells him that he spoke to a man that said something strange about changing Joseon’s history. Do you think I won’t catch the criminal? Bong-deok tells him to not delay and catch the criminal.


In the city, the assassin talks with a man about how he thinks he saw Gaedong with a handsome guy. If he can walk around a bit then he can do it but he can’t close his blacksmith shop. So the assassin throws him some money to look for Gaedong.

In the city, Gaedong is looking around once again. A man comes up to her with interest but Youngsoo casually pushes him away and says that he is rescuing him from having 3 generations of his family getting killed. Gaedong wonders what is going on.



Do Joon thinks that they should tell Gaedong the identity of the King. Ma Hoon tells Do Joon that he needs to tell hisself to the young lady. Do Joon says that she will get angry, you know her. Ma Hoon says that he has to do it after the tea party.

Do Joon wonders how they got like this. Ma Hoon tells him that he should have known that this would happen. Stop meeting with her and stop saying that you are the King.

Do Joon says that this is between him and the King, it has nothing to do with you. Ma Hoon tells him to stop liking her, we see the ending of this already. Do Joon says that he does not think about what will happen later because he has no future.

Yongsoo and Gaedong hurry in later. Youngsoo has a lot of name cards from men who were attracted to Lady Soo-yun (Gaedong’s new name).

Ma Hoon looks at all these cards and then looks at gaedong. He yells, how come you received all of these! She stutters that she did not receive them. Do Joon whispers to Youngsoo that they should leave. So they walk out.

She says that she took them to put them in their customer list after marriage is allowed again. Ma Hoon says that it is not accepted. She asks if he is jealous. he says that he does not like any of them.

She thinks back to their kiss and smiles to herself. Then she tells him, well, what happened yesterday. 

He says that it was his mistake. 

She asks, was it like that?

He turns and tells her, it was my mistake that made this issue like this. The person who did not understand my own heart. I should not have ignored it. i will do what I want to do now.

He slowly walks to her and tells her that he will hold her hand when he wants and he will kiss her when he wants. She waits for her kiss, but he smiles and tells her that he can do it after everything ends. This is enough for now. We have to rescue your brother first.


Ma Hoon then asks what a package is on the table. Gaedong says that it is the information abuot the women participating in the queens event. She got 5 coins for writng the documents and submitting it for them. So you should write.

Ma Hoon asks, me? She says yes, you have the prettiest handwriting in Hanyang. So he happily sits to write.


Moon-seok tells Soo that it is not enough to remove the Queen from helping him. He needs to press the Ma family more. Soo tells him that this time they are just stepping back a little bit. Moon-seok asks him if he is okay. He has only worked ever since meeting Gaedong, so Eunuch jang is worried about you.

Soo asks him if he hated his father? To protect him and his  mother he had to abandon his family and didn’t even get married. Moonseok says that it was a happy life for him. Everyday was a happy day because he was able to protect Soo and his mother.

He was also happy because he had a little boy who was proud of him. So, your highness, don’t be unhappy because you are afraid. My proud boy didn’t grow up that way.


the assassin goes into the jail to kill the nephew. He walks in and easily ties him up to kill him. But then a sword get drawn on him. It is Moon-seoks sword. The assassin runs away and throws some sand to aid in his retreat. So the nephew lives.


Daebi gets word about the assassination and wants to go see her nephew. Bong-deok tells her to abandon him. He says that he will abandon anyone, even his son. He tells Daebi that she is not the exception either. Understand?

She falls to her seat in nervous realization.


Gaedong tells Ma Hoon that the Kings life should be easy. He can just post the he wants to get married and all these ladies line up. Ma Hoon says that he does not think it is too happy. He shows her his calligraphy and she smiles and folds the paperwork up into a wrapped package.

Ma Hoon tells her that they have to tie the knot. It is a dong-shim-gyeol knot. So he gets red string and gives it to Gaedong to show her how to tie it. they go through all the motion together in tying it and jokes that she does not do anything properly. So he helps her.

She tells him that his smile makes her soleda (pitter patter). He smiles more and asks why she is looking at her like that. She asks how many women he seduced doing this. He says that she is the first.

She asks why they tie it like this. He remembers what his brother told him about the marriage knot. it is a promise to live well as one knot because this knot is difficult to untie. So he tells Gaedong that this knot is difficult to untie.

Gaedong says that it nonsense, just because this is difficult to untie does not mean that someones heart can be untied. He agrees. She tells him not to put this knot during her proposal. She heard that it is the law that all noble ladies need to put their hat in the ring. Even though she heard it is already decided, she does not want to tie her heart to a King that she does not know.



The maid comes in and gives Ji-hwa something that the man living in the gisaeng jip wanted to give to her. She thinks about Do Joon and then goes outside.

He asks if she is looking for him? He walks up to her.

She says, well, how did you come here? He says that he has to tell her something. Today is the last day I have to be brave. She asks what that it.

He takes her hand and says that he missed her. She asks if that is what he wants to say? He says that he saw her today, so that is good. You can go back.

She nods and heads back. He tells her, if I am not the King, would you still look at me? She says that there is no if like that. You are the King and it will never change. He asks, so it doesn’t change?


Young-soo goes to a tailor with gaedong to get a dress made for her. She has her measurements taken while he goes to get some perfume.

Ji-hwa comes in then so the tailor gets her dress ready. Ji-hwa asks how her preparations are. Gaedong says that she does not need to prepare anything, she can just do what she always does. Ji-hwa says that she hopes her brother is not sold yet. Gaedong says that it won’t happen. J-hwa asks if she is preparing for the Queen event? You do not deserve it.

Gaedong tells her that they need to try it first. Ji-hwa tells her to apologize to her. If you kneel and apologize then maybe you won’t have to go to court. Gaedong tells her that she will go there to get her apology, so keep your promise.

Meanwhile, Youngsoo is outside to get his perfume. He mentions how pretty the bag is and how lovely the smell is. But then an older woman yanks it from him and asks the merchant how much it costs. he takes it back from her and says that it is so precious.

So she calls her husband over who looks like a big ol thug. They beat up young-soo in the corner somewhere but he has a death grip on his perfume bag and won’t let it go. So they start to tell him that he smells so bad, what is this smell?

They yank the perfume bag from him and we also see a flashback of Yongsoo as a beggar. Yongsoo yells for the men to give the bag back to him. Then Gaedong comes running up and jump kicks both men and takes the perfume back from them. She tells them that she called the police already! The men runs away.

Gaedong helps up Youngsoo and looks at his arm to see if it is okay. It looks like he has a burn on his arm but he says it is just a scratch. He asks her if she thinks he is weird? She says yes, everyone is a little weird in their own way, thats why life is fun. He tells her that she is the second person to say this to him. She asks who the first is? He does not respond and tells her, lets go!



Daebi thinks that her Uncle will abandon her brother (her brother but his nephew). She thinks that if another assassin comes in then he will die. So she tells her maid to get ready, she is going to see the King.

She goes to see Soo and begs him to take care of her brother. He kneels as well and asks for her to stand up. She asks him what she should do? He says that he will conduct the investigation according to the protocol.

She says that he will die in jail! I will to whatever you ask, please save my brother!

Elsewhere, Mong-koo looks at the people on the flower crew team. A man who does makeup for women and a guy who cannot be promoted. Why does the King go to a place like this?

Someone comes in to talk to him. He gives him some more drawings of women. These are the women that are on the list of potential queens that are related to the first prime minister. Mong-koo thinks that he is finally sending his second cousins daughter.

The man says that he will bring more information when he receives it and asks if he will remember his family. Mong-koo tells him that his son will pass the government exam and I will find a good job for him. the man thanks him.

But then he sees a drawing of Youngsoo and remembers him in the jail yelling about how he knows the 1st prime minister. But at that time he thought that he knew that guy. he remembers that he was a fugitive that has a big prize on his head.

He just so happens to have the fugitive flyer on his person so he pulls it out and says that it is this guy. I wondered where he was hiding. I can get him. Mong-koo tells him not to tell anyone.

Cut to Young-soo hoping around happily and heading to the Floewr Crew building.

Inside, Ma Hoon tests Gaedong’s knowledge. She answers well so he tells her that she sounds so nice. Gaedong tells him that she actually likes being Gaedong. So he calls her Gaedong.

He also tells her that he has to tell he something. But then Youngsoo comes in with her new clothing so he happily shows it off to her. he is about to say that it is for the King, but he says it is for her future lover. She sulks as she thinks that it is already the time. He tells her to go change into it, so she sadly heads out.

Youngsoo asks Ma Hoon if he still hasn’t told her about the King? Ma Hoon says no. Youngsoo says that 3 months needs to know about that in order to prepare. He says okay, lets not mention it. But then he says that he will do it, in a few more days when the tea event ends.



Soo and Moonseok talk about showing an example to people who abuse their power. Soo wants to set examples but Moon-seok wants to work with Daebi. 

In the throne room, Daebi says that she will announce something important. They have passed 100 days for the King to be the King so now I will give him the burden of politics. So she is removing herself from the room.

Bong-deok is alarmed and tells Daebi that the King grew up outside the palace so he needs to learn more. Please reconsider it. Daebi says that he is already big, he is 23 so he can make his own decisions. So I will stop helping him as of today. Please conduct the countries politics well.

Later on, we see Bong-seok throwing things and freaking out in his study. He is yelling, how dare she be the most important woman in Korea! the assassin says that he will bring Gaedong in front of him.


The gisaeng that loves Do Joon waits for him as he walks up the street. She asks why he is not coming to the gisaeng jip anymore? It is okay to marry that woman if you want, but come visit me as well. He tells her that he is sorry, I cannot visit you anymore. He walks away and into the gisaeng house.


Elsewhere, Ma Hoon walks with gaedong over a creek and tells her not to meet with Soo. He created this problem, so he will meet with him. But Gaedong says that she can do it. Soo is her family. When her brother wasn’t there, he became my brother and my friend.

Ma Hoon tells her that it will be more painful. She says that she will do it. Then she asks if he can come half a step closer to her. So he moves closer onto another rock. He asks if that much is okay?

She holds out her arm and tells him to come this much closer. Then she says that this much is enough for her.

He thinks and says her name, but she asks him why he hesitates so much, did you do something wrong? If you have something, then tell me. It only takes a fraction of a second to lie, but your entire life to be forgiven.

He says that he will tell her after the ladies tea. Whatever it is, can you forgive me?

She asks for his hand and gives him the second chance wish that Ma Hoon broke off for her. She tells him that if he needs another chance then she will give it to him. But you have to tell me quickly.


Then Gaedong goes to meet with Soo. he is dressed in his normal clothing from before. So he doesn’t look like a noble. He is happy to see her and pulls her away but she says that she wants to tell him something. He says that he wants to tell her something as well.

He takes her to their old home where he has a meal prepared for her and tells her that they used to eat together all the time. We ate fathers dishes together. She tries to tell him that she has something to tell him. He wants to keep saying all the things they had that were great and he tells her that she promised to be his family forever. 

But she says that they changed, she changed. He says that everything changed, but he made it the same as they were before. We can go back. I can make it like that.

She tears up and gives him the hair piece back. She apologizes and says that she can’t. He asks why? because you like that marriage consultant so much?

Through tears she says no, she wanted to go to him because that is where she belonged, but she can’t now. She knows that God will punish her. She knows she is bad, but…but…I can’t control it. Sorry.

She falls to her feet and apologizes to him as she cries.


Meanwhile, the gisaeng meets with Ji-hwa outside Ji-hwa’s house. Ji-hwa recognizes her as a gisaeng next to Do Joon. The gisane says that she has to tell her something. It is about the con man that you are about to see. He played you.

Ji-hwa goes to meet Do Joon in the library and asks him if he is a gisaeng house person or a marriage consultant that plays with peoples hearts? Are you going to get paid for this? Will the King give you a lot of money? What did you meet me for?

He says that he did it for her, he did it because he missed her. She tells him that he lies. She says that the person that she made this promise too is not a dirty marriage consultant, but the King of this country.

He asks, if I am not the King then I mean nothing to you? She says nothing. If you are not going to be the King then let me go. Then she tells him, what woman met the King instead of me? How much are you going to humiliate me?

Do Joon tells her that it was Yoon Soo-yeon who met the King (ah! DOnt tell her that!). 

Ji-hwa pulls out the vase and tells him that he can’t put ugly things in this vase. If you want to be a noble then you have to put noble things in. Don’t be born as a useless man who cannot even take the national exam. She breaks the vase they made together and leaves.



Soo gets back to the palace and looks at the throne and thinks, I am going to put her next to me. I am going to be strong so that no one can hurt Gaedong. I will find a way to come back to you. 

He thinks about all his moments with Gaedong. He thinks that all of this was for one person, but that person does not want to be here. Without Gaedong, what am I doing here? What do I have to do?

Ji-hwa is thinking the same thing in her place. She feels betrayed about Do Joon and grips her hair scarf tightly as she says that she will ruin that woman, whoever she is, she will show it to the world.


Gaedong looks inside the house for Ma Hoon but he is not around. Yongsoo says that he went to meet an important person, though they don’t have any clients since no one can get married now.

Gaedong heads out to her tea party. Youngsoo waves her away but then gets kidnapped by the second prime ministers people. he is brought to Mong-koo’s house.

Yongsoo bows and asks why the second prime minister called him. he says that a lot of people are looking for him, then he shows him the flyer. But he tells him that he won’t get anything if he turns him into the police. But if he does a simple favor then he will ignore his past so that he can maintain his happy life as a yangban (noble).

Youngsoo asks what he needs help with? Mong-koo tells him to tell him everything about the Flower Crew Agency, everything that goes on there unless you want to go back. Young-soo starts to scratch at his arm.


Gaedong goes inside the tea part house and walks to the outdoor pavillion where the party will be. Ji-hwa is already there. She tells her to sit. It looks like it is only those two for tea.

Gaedong asks if today is the event day? Ji-hwa says that she cancelled it. That was actually too small of an event. So why don’t you get qualified at the National event for the queen ceremony. Then i will give you my apology and the slave. How do you like that? Do you accept?

Gaedong asks, what are you doing?

Elsewhere, Ma Hoon drinks tea on the water front when Soo comes up to meet with him. Though it looks like Soo is in dark mode.

Ma Hoon tells him that he brought a lot of friends with him this time. Soo asks why he wants to see him, marriage consultant? Did you submit Gaedong’s proposal for the Queen choosing ceremony?

Ma Hoon says that he is not going to submit hers. Your highness, I am cancelling the marriage. I am not going to send you Gaedong.

Fade Out


Do Joon just gets worse and worse. How can he out Gaedong like that? He could have said that she didn’t have to know about it or he could have said it is the King’s secret or something. But he just offers it up right away? And now Yongsoo is about to be a turncoat as well. The poor flower crew is falling apart.

Though I do appreciate that the stake are building, it is just so convenient. I mean a guard just so happens to keep Yong-soo’s old picture in his jacket and pulls it out right when Mong-koo asks about it and says he has been looking for that guy! Way way too convenient. There are others, but that was the sorest thumb of them all. It just stuck out so much.

One thing that makes absolutely no sense is how no one knows about the Flower Crew and yet they are supposed to be the most famous marriage agency and beautiful men in the city. That was in the opening episode when normal street people were explaining who the Flower crew were and how just seeing them made someone almost crap their pants or something. And lines formed around the block to get wed by them.

But now they want us to think that no one knows who they are at all? Come on now, son.


MH – Ma-hoon, who is a marriage consultant who owns nothing, this is a marriage proposal to you.

DJ – I will fail you from this marriage event, with all my effort

MK – Who is Yoon Soo-yeon! Do you want me to take you back to your old life!

BD – Someone reported it. Take him to the police!

LS – Until Gaedong can choose, just wait.

MH – What if I can’t? What are you going to do?

LS – Don’t make me be the King

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  1. Rei
    October 22, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    Ooooh I can’t wait for your recap. Thank you for being so faithful dramamilk

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 2:23 pm

      ☺️ ☺️ ☺️

  2. Anonymous
    October 22, 2019 / 1:03 pm

    You’re the best! Thank you so much for doing this!

  3. Rei
    October 22, 2019 / 1:35 pm

    Hmm I had hope they will make Ji hwa more likable in these last few episodes… But she doesn’t seem to …

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 2:24 pm

      They have a really big uphill battle for making her likeable. I almost feel like she and Soo are going to team up and go straight to the dark side together. Though Ji-hwa is pretty much already on the dark side.

      • Rei
        October 23, 2019 / 5:19 am

        You are right. Our poor matchmakers ….

  4. Rei
    October 22, 2019 / 1:48 pm

    Whoa the final scene. Ma Hoon is literally challenging the King. But that is really who he is. Determined all the way, and always protecting his loved ones even against the most powerful people in his life. How can we not love him. He is one of my favorite kdrama heroes now

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 2:25 pm

      In that last scene I really expected Soo to say, OFF WITH HIS HEAD! Or something like that.

      • Rei
        October 22, 2019 / 11:13 pm

        Yes it was a really big risk…
        Shows how much Ma Hoon likes Gae Dong
        At this point of time the King / Soo only knows Gae Dong’s love for Ma Hoon but he may not be certain of Ma Hoon’s thoughts or feelings

        I can’t wait to find out how these two matchmakers are gonna solve the problem
        The problem of both vying for the two potential brides of the King

        • V
          October 23, 2019 / 10:43 am

          Yes, because it is a big problem to fix!

  5. dils
    October 25, 2019 / 1:18 am

    I really loathe Ji Hwa and the thought of Do Joon being so smitten by her is really making me loathe her more. She is so cruel can’t he see it? Yikes. Also I love that actress so much in Strongest Deliveryman and Waikiki, so she must be doing something right in her acting.

    I also thought it is very convenient that the poster just happen to be there. I guess they want to speed it up but it looks like sloppy writing! LOL.

    I continue to love Gong Seung Yeon here and Ma Hoon have the most loveliest smile.

    Keep up the recap!

    • V
      October 25, 2019 / 10:36 am

      I did not even realize she was in Waikiki until you just wrote that! I loved her in Waikiki! Wow, she must be an amazing actress because she is super different in this show.

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