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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 11 Live Recap

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Recap Episode 11
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Recap Episode 11

Soo overheard Gaedong’s confession to Ma Hoon which probably broke his big ol heart and could possibly send him into villain land. I welcome Soo villian because I need a reason to not root for him anymore. Though, I could root for his as a villian which might be strange.

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We open right were we ended the last episode. Gaedong tells Ma Hoon that her heart is not wrong. I like you, I started to like you Marriage consultant.

The wish lantern floats between them and the camera scrolls to Soo who drops his own wish blanket. His wish was to marry Gaedong. A lonely tear falls.

Gaedong asks Ma Hoon if his answer is yes? he says his answer is no. If you get another no, then you are out. he starts to walk away. Gaedong asks if he heard what she said? She starts to hop after him.

Soo is left on the bridge thinking about all this.

Elsewhere at the fair, Do Joon and Ji-hwa run into each other. She tries to ignore him. He asks how she has been. Then a gisaeng walks up to talk to Do Joon and holds him by his arm. She tells him, lets go before the lamp runs out.

They walk off together. Ji-hwa’s maid comes up and asks if she knows him? She says that she does not and continues walking. Do Joon looks at her walk away.

In another area Yong-soo sits looking bored at the fair and complains about being alone all the time.


Gaedong goes back home and is relieved that Ma hoon is not there yet. She sinks to the floor and thinks that she was so nervous. But she also wonders what she should do now.

Ma Hoon is outside thinking about Gaedong’s confession. Then Do Joon walks up to him and sits. Ma Hoon asks if he has anything to drink? Do Joon says yes, he always has some ready. He wants to have an answer before they drink though. He does not want him to marry the 2nd prime ministers daughter.

Ma Hoon sighs and drinks. Then he throws away the glass bottle into the grass. It hits with a thunk. He asks Do Joon why he is so interested in her. Just accept that she has high standards and is greedy. No man would want her as a wife. She will not be satisfied even if she is married to the King.

Do Joon says that she is not greedy, she is a high achiever. She is not cocky, she is careful. Not even the King deserves her. Ma Hoon says that it sounds like he knows her well. he says he does. he knows everything in hanyang. 

Ma Hoon says he will buy his lie this time. Do Joon asks which side he is on for the Queen ceremony? The woman the King wants the most or the woman that matches the King the most? Which one do you wish for?

Ma Hoon says that he thinks he paid enough for the drink. If you are curious, then you should go and ask the King. By the way, what happened to that dog and cat in the end?

Do Joon says that he does not know. Whoever does not let go first, they both will die.




Mong-ko goes to see Soo, he asks if he was looking for him? Soo asks if two times is enough? Mong-koo says yes, your highness, if you see my daughter then I will do my best. Soo says that if you see her twice then I will~.

But Soo cuts him off and says that it his job to stop the Queen from participating in politics.

Flashback to the throne room. Moon-koo said that if his daughter does not get this by herself, then how can she be qualified to be the head of the palace?

In the present, Soo says that he will meet with his daughter. He asks what he wants? Soo thinks about Gaedong’s confession to Ma Hoon. He tells him that he wants him to process the national marriage as quickly as possible. I have another condition.


Gaedong stands outside in the courtyard looking around when Youngsoo comes out and says that he made her pretty for months and she ditches him, Is that how you repay me? She asks about Ma Hoon. Youngsoo says that he volunteered to go do something marriage related. Though he didn’t have to go there. We are busy enough here.

Gaedong thinks he is avoiding her. She sulks away.


Bong-deuk and the Queen watch a parade of women walking by inthe palace. One of them gives him a look. Daebi tells Bong-deuk that he should not do this to the poor King. He tells her that she is too naive. The investigation for the last prince is not over yet.

She asks about the queen selection ceremony. he says not to worry, I will pick who will be his wife.


Gaedong sits with a plate of tea in front of her and thinks that her teacher is not coming so why should she study. Do Joon comes in and says that he will be her temporary teacher. Ma Hoon is busy, or is at least pretending to be.


The King goes to his rose petal bath where a lot of women wait on him. He tells them that he wants to be alone. So they all leave. His eunuch stays and brings him his clothing.

Flashback to the other condition with Mong-koo. He told him that he wanted to leave the palace tonight for a moment. There is something very precious outside of the palace. Mong-koo says he will prepare for it. 

Soo asks if there was any progress on his brothers case? Mong-koo says no. But he is still working on it.


Ma Hoon walks back to his agency and sees gaedong standing outside so he hides. Youngsoo calls for her from inside by calling her 3 months, so she yells at him that her name is not 3 months! She runs inside.

Ma Hoon thinks that a young noble woman’s voice should not be that loud, I told her that. He sighs and walks to the entrance. But as he walks in, he thinks about her confession. he told her that she does not pass, but now he thinks that after saying that he cannot face her. He feels disqualified as a marriage consultant.

Soo walks up on his so Ma Hoon turns around and says that he came here without notice. Another man watches this from the background.


Cut to Mong-koo talking to this man. This man gives him a lot of pictures of the people in the Flower crew agency with all their details. Mong-koo wonders why Soo went there, what does he want?

Soo goes inside with Ma Hoon. They go to Do Joon’s room where Ma Hoon asks him to take them to a quiet place. There, Soo tells Ma Hoon that he is going to meet the 2nd prime ministers daughter. He asks how his Gaedong is. Ma Hoon says that she might have forgotten about him now, she is having a good life.

He says that she has good teachers so we already have people that want to marry her. Soo says that if anyone marries Gaedong, he will chop them up and three generations of their family (?). But then he dryly says that he is joking, why would he have to worry about those things. He has a trustworthy marriage consultant.

Soo reiterates that he will not give up on Gaedong under any circumstances so tell all those other men that they will have to try and take her from him. They will need to be prepared to lose a lot.

Soo leaves.

Ma Hoon tells Do Joon that he said the dog and the cat will both die. So what do you think? Do Joon says that he would be ready to die if the dog liked the cat that much. The gisaeng that likes Do Joon hears this and looks regretful.


Bong-deok asks three of the possible brides what the deepest thing in the world is to them. One woman says that the former King asked this to someone so she will follow the same answer and say that a persons heart is the deepest thing.

He nods and tells them okay, you can all be excused.

His guard comes in and tells him that he shuold go to the plaalce soon.

Moon-seuk comes back victorious because he and his armies defeated all the Japanese soldiers. He bows in front of Soo who congratulates him for defeating hundreds of soldiers with only 20 soldiers.

Soo wants to give him a prize, but Bong-deuk says that he should punish him instead since they got so far into Korea. Mong-deuk says that he shuold get a huge prize. Soo says that the first prime minister is right, he should punish him.

Soo addresses Moon Seok and tells him that he needs him to work more. Because he is still young and there are a lot of issues in the palace, please be the head of the Royal guard again, that is my punishment to you. Moon Seok says that he will honor his order.

Afterwards, Mong Koo and Bong-deuk and talk aggressively yet civilly to each other. Mong Koo says the next queen is already decided so don’t be so sure of things.


Moon Seok and Soo work as blacksmiths together but at the palace. Moon Seok tells him that he is better now. Soo tells him that he should listen to his wish then, how about having a drink with you son, father. They both smile and we cut to them having that drink.

They drink outside the blacksmith area. Moon Seok tells him that he heard what happened, you did a good job. Soo tells him that they followed the military money distribution. So you think that you can fight against the 1st prime minister with this?

Moon Seok says that now is time for Soo to use his power. Are you ready, you look tired. Soo says that he is okay because his father is next to him again. He just needs to bring Gaedong back.


Gaedong is sleeping and not studying. Ma Hoon comes into the room and sees her head bobbing back and forth as she sits in her seat. he walks over to her and kneels next to her to curl up and watch her head bobbing back and forth as it almost hits the table.

Until finally it falls on the table. He quickly puts his hand out to soften it before it hits. He sighs and says that she is a stone head that always makes trouble with her head. Then he rests next to her with his hand still there. he wonders to himself what he can do with her.

But the there is a sound outside so he removes his hand quickly and Gaedong’s head hits the table hard. She wakes up and asks fi he hit her? he says no. But she says that his lips are trembling so that means it is a lie.

He tells her to wipe her face, you want to be a noble woman but look at yourself!

He tries to leave so she grabs him and asks why he is running away.


They go somewhere to talk. She says that she wants him to do her lessons again. he says that he has three weddings to process. he stars to leave. She tells him that she misses him. It just happened so she has to take a moment to process this in her heart. Don’t run away, don’t go anywhere, just stay next to me.


A maid hurries into Daebi’s quarters and tells her that someone has been arrested.

Cut to the throne room where Moon Seok tells Soo that this person that was arrested sold military things for himself and kept the money. This is dangerous for the country so you should find out what is going on and clear it up.

Bong-deuk says that this general is his nephew in law and Daebi’s cousin. he takes the blame and says he will be responsible. Mong-koo tells him no. Soo tells the 2nd prime minister to investigate since the 1st prime minister has a conflict of interest.

In Daebi’s room, she looks like she is about to fret herself to death. She asks Bong-deok why he didn’t do anything. The money was not just used for himself, it was used to kill the Prince. I almost raised him, please do something for him.

Meanwhile, Mong-koo meets with her father, he tells her that she can meet with the King twice for two hours. She says that seh will get ready for it. She starts to leave. he tells her that this is the last time she will threaten her father. You don’t like being a woman but you were born as a woman. I will give you big shade.

She says that she will provide her own shade. he tells her not to destroy the family.


Youngsoo starts to run his mouth about Soo and how he should not get the things he wants and all that. he still does not know that Soo is the King. So they tell him that it is good that he does not have three generations of his family to kill. be sure to watch your mouth. They head out.

Gaedong asks where they are going, Ma Hoon tells her that he heard she is going to see Soo.

Meanwhile, Mong-koo meets with a man who accidentally says that he was the assassin for the prince (I changed Joseons faite with my own hands!). Then he sighs at the realization that he just implicated himself. Mong-koo smiles.



Gaedong finds Ma Hoon outside and asks if she is really going to meet Soo? She grabs his hand and puts it on her heart. She asks if he feels it? It is pumping. You said that this place is equal for everyone. She confesses that she is just a woman that likes him. So answer me here.

She touches his chest and says that his heart is pumping heart. You are not my teacher or a noble you are just a man standing in front of a girl who likes you (this feels so much like Notting Hill). 

Ma Hoon thinks about Soo and pulls Gaedong’s hand away. He turns harsh and asks what she wants? First you said that you want to live as Gaedong for your brother, then you said that you want to change your identity to marry Soo, and now you say that you like me?

She stutters that it is not like that. He asks how he can trust her? I told you that I only believe what I see. Your light heart moves here and there easily. Is this really your true heart?

She hits his chest and says that he really doesn’t have anything there, I mistook it. She walks away. He touches his chest were she hit him.

She walks off to the planned meeting with Soo, they meet on a bridge and he gives her flowers from the palace. But he has to say it was a pond near the palace. Ma Hoon is behind them. Gaedong looks at Ma Hoon.

Soo asks why he is still there, you don’t have to worry about Gaedong, you can leave. ma Hoon says that he will pick her up one hour later. Soo says that he will take her there. Ma Hoon leaves.

Soo asks Gaedong how she likes the flowers, she says that it is pretty. They walk off together and Ma Hoon looks at them walking away.

Elsewhere, Do Joon meets Ji-hwa. He says that she said she wanted to meet with him. The King of Joseon. She says that this shouldn’t be. He asks her where she thinks all this information came from? She thinks back to all the things he told her like how he can’t take the exam and all that.

She also remembers that she spoke bad about the King so she drops to her feet and apologizes for her rudeness. He says he will give her punishment.

He takes her to a pottery room where they have their own Ghost scene as Ji-hwa molds pottery with Do Joon. he tells her that the vase changes with what you put in it. Don’t hate it if it is ugly, the question is if you can put good things in it. 

She leans over and kisses him and tells him that this is her answer. he tells her that his answer is not good enough. He leans in and kisses her even more.


Soo and Gaedong go to a festival downtown. Someone almost runs into her so he protects her and pulls her into a type of hug. She looks at him and says that she has something to tell him. He tells her that he feels like they went back to their old self. But she wants to tell him something. He wants her to tell him next time.

But she wants to tell him now so he hugs her to keep her from saying anything and tells her to tell him next time, not today. He does not have that much time today Gaedong.

Meanwhile, Ma Hoon is at home thinking that the King should be thinking about the citizens, not off dating someone.

Do Joon walks up to him and sits as well. He tells Ma Hoon that he is like a husband that has waited for the wife that ran away. Do Joon also mentions that he heard that Daebi already picked the candidate for the Queen, what if Gaedong and Ji-hwa fails? What do we do?

Ma Hoon says that it seems like he is happy about it. Do Joon says that is not it. Ma Hoon asks if it is okay to not tell Gaedong that Soo is the King.

Youngsoo walks up on them and finally finds out that Soo is the King. he is shocked and thinks that they are in big trouble.


Soo gets back to his room, his eunuch tells him that the first Prime Minister is there. Soo goes in and asks him why he is there so late. Bong-deok asks him where he goes to so late? Soo tells him that if he knows then it would not be undercover. He sits in his seat.

Bong-deok sits in front of him and says that he will take it as a young King that misses his old home. But, Daebi is very sad because of the general. Soo says that because of that general they did not have enough food so a lot of soldiers died. Do you still call it a little mishap?

Bong-deok stews and then asks if he knows how that Gaedong girl is? Hopefully she is okay. Soo tells him, if you miss her, why don’t you find her. If you threaten my person one more time then I will want to be a good King, do you understand?

Cut to Bong-deok in his place asking his assassin where Gaedong is. The assassin says that they are still looking for her. Bong-deok says that he will give him many more soldiers, find her before the King.


Meanwhile, Mong-koo tells his people that the King wants to be with them. This is perfect timing due to the general with those issues. Be sure to prepare your letter for the King now.

Ji-hwa gets home happily and unwrapps her already made and glazed and fired vase with the little bump imperfection in it. She smiles as she thinks about what Do Joon told her about filling it with good things.


Ma Hoon shows up at Ji-hwa’s house and hears her brother yelling Gaedong all over the place. he is led inside. gaedong is also there at the gate to visit her brother. She brought him a lot of good things to eat and tells him that this is his birthday meal from gaedong.

He tells her that she is a good person and enjoys eating it. She says that her brother is also a good person.

Inside, Mong-koo and Ma Hoon talks to each other about picking the Queen for the King. Mong-koo blatantly asks if Ma Hoon is on the Kings side or his fathers side. Ma Hoon says he is on the side of his customer. Mong-koo tells him to be careful, your father will not give you a break just because you are his son. Ma Hoon says that he thinks his father does not have a son.

He heads out and sees all the drawings on the wall. These drawings remind him of the drawings that Gaedong made with the animal blood while eating with hunters.

He walks around the corner and sees Gaedong speaking with her brother who is eating his birthday food. She tells him that his Gaedong will become a young lady and come get you.

This makes Ma Hoon think back to gaedong’s motivations for becoming a young lady. He asks himself, the person you wanted to meet is your brother? (Wait, I thought he already knew this???)

In the background we see that Ji-hwa’s maid sees all of this.

In the palace, all the politicians say that they should process the marriage quickly. Daebi tells Soo that he is already 23 so she will process the Queen choosing ceremony. Please find a woman between the ages of 15 to 25. All the politicians agree.


Meanwhile, Gaedong walks along a street as Ma Hoon follows very closely behnd. But she does not notice him. He grabs her arm and twists her around to him. She asks when he came there?

He asks if she wants to be a lady becuse of her brother? Why didn’t you tell this to me?

She says that she liked him so much so she didn’t want to tell him. She did not want to leave his place. Just in case you said that I should stay. I am already a burden and I did not want you to say that you would take care of both of us. I like you and don’t want to be a burden to you!

He kisses her suddenly. 

She is stunned but then seh tells him that he should not make he surprised. She starts hiccuping. He says, when you are surprised then you hiccups will stop. He kisses her again.

She drops her shall as they kiss for a long time.

Fade Out


So Do Joon is just going to lie to Ji-hwa like that and have her think he is the King? Do they really just want me to despise everyone in this show? 


GD – About yesterday

Hoon – It was my mistake

Hoon – I will do what my heart says

GD – Soo, I have to tell you something

Soo – You promised me!

YS – No marriage now!

YS – What are you going to do with Gaedong?

JH – Whatever he is, I will show it to the world

VO – I will arrest him right now!

JH – All the young ladies that gather together for the Queen appointment ceremony, prove yourself.

YS – You still did not tell her about the King thing?

MH – Gaedong, I have to tell you something.

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  1. Rei
    October 21, 2019 / 12:25 pm

    My data was refreshed last night so I watched last three episodes..what will I do without dramamilk *hugs*
    I love the show….
    I am starting to be interested the supporting characters too
    Glad they took a backseat to the arrow killer stuff
    Most of all I really really like the interactions between Gae Dong and Ma Hoon
    Oh yes… I love all the soundtracks and background music….
    And the production colors are amazing …
    Okay I agree maybe too many subplots…. But I forgive you show coz I just wanna be in Gae Dong’s shoes… kiss and hug Ma Hoon

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:38 am

      Yes, they need more interactions between Ma Hoon and Gaedong so their story and grow and grow and grow and overcome my love of poor Soo in the castle 😁😁😁

  2. Rei
    October 21, 2019 / 12:26 pm

    Thank you dramamilk … I really hope you can build more fan base soon

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:40 am

      Us too! Though tt is nice talking with everyone who comments, more is always merrier. Spread the word! 😘😘😘

  3. Rei
    October 21, 2019 / 12:47 pm

    Oh I just read your recap. I love it… I know the main plot might be draggy at first… But I think it’s improving
    Please bear with it
    You are doing an amazing job dramamilk *hugs*

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:41 am

      We are bearing with it and will stick to this show until the end! So don’t think anything about my comments on it. 😅😅😅 I love it when other people love a drama so keep telling me about how much YOU love it! That makes recapping worthwhile.

  4. Rei
    October 21, 2019 / 12:54 pm

    Do you think it’s a trend in kdrama land to get the girl kiss the guy first?
    Han Hyo Joo in W: Two World’s
    Suzy in Vagabond
    “Miran” in Melting Me Softly
    And now Gong Seung Yoon or Gae Dong in Flower Crew: Joseon Matchmaking Agency

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:43 am

      I think so. It seems to happen a lot lately. I think it might involved the #MeToo movement hitting Korea and women wanting to control the narrative a bit more.

  5. Rei
    October 21, 2019 / 3:10 pm

    I am gonna faint…. He finally kissseeed her….

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:45 am

      Ma Hoon is finally accepting his fate. He needs to pack up and leave Hanyang with Gaedong and her brother and call it a day.

  6. Rei
    October 21, 2019 / 3:12 pm

    Ok … What Do Joon did was bad… But let’s hope she will forgive him ….

    This is gonna be a sad king coz he is not gonna get Gae Dong and Ji Hwa is already in love with Do Joon… Hmmm

    • V
      October 22, 2019 / 10:46 am

      Do Joon’s storyline is so messed ip right now. I’m not so sure she will forgive him for pretending that he is the King. Though it kind of softens it a bit because it seems like Soo asked him to pretend to be him?

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