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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 10 Live Recap

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 10 Recap
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 10 Recap, image JTBC

With her brothers life on the line, Gaedong has started her Lady training again, though she is reluctant to put her all into it and constantly complains about doing this thing or that. The good news is that she has a new name and can pass as a noble on paper. In person? That’s a whole ‘nother story.

We will start this recap around noon. For anyone waiting for The Tale of Nokdu, yesterday’s episode was cancelled due to the Korean national baseball league final playoff game and should air today. Though we are not sure if today’s Tale of Nokdu episode will air today as well.

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Ma Hoon asks Ji-hwa what the reason is that she came there. She asks him if he would like to marry her. Gaedong and Do Hoon both hop back in shock. Ji-hwa notices the noise and looks off to where Do Hoon is hiding.

Ma Hoon tells her that they should move somewhere else, they have a lot of rats listening. She asks if they have rats there? Ma Hoon does not respond and just tells assistant Tae-soo to prepare snacks in his room.

Ma Hoon and Ji-hwa then leave to go to his room. Young-soo tells Taesoo to come to him and tell thm what she looked like and what was going on. Tae-soo says that she was pretty. Geadong sulks. 

Do Joon is still in the library thinking about how Ji-hwa wants to marry Ma Hoon but she did not want to marry him.

In his room, Ma Hoon says they can do it, they can get married, but he wants to continue his consultation business. He has to pay back the money he borrowed for 3 years and he has no support from his family. He sees that she wants to try which fish is better before the queen candidate ceremony.

Jihwa thanks him and leaves. Though it isn’t really clear if she is going to go through with the marriage yet.


The widow tells Soo that it is her honor to see him and bows to the floor. She kneels after and he tells her that it is an honor to see her. Soo asks if she abandoned her family and left the home? She looks up and says that she did. She lives in the gisaeng house now.

Bong-deok looks like he wants to rip all her hair out. In a flashback, Ma Hoon told the widow that she should go to the palace and keep her fathers dignity. So she tells the King that her uncle let her go. He wanted her to marry again and found a place for her in the gisaeng jip just in case rumors spread.

Soo thinks that must be why the 1st prime minister refused the honor. Soo tells him that he would like to help his niece in law get married again. But some of the politicians think this is not a good example for the people.

Soo asks the widow if she wants anything. She says that she does not want her daughter to be in trouble because of her choices. He tells her that if her daughter has anyone she wants to marry, I will process the marriage so then you will not have to hide at the gisaeng house anymore.

Bong-deok tells him that his mercy is like the sky. They all bow. But Bong-seok looks over at the widow as if he was betrayed.

Later on, he sits outside with his assassin and says that woman humiliated him. How dare she. He tells his assassin that today is a very nice day, but you can also have an unnexpected accident. I worry what might happen to my neice in law who is not that healthy. The assassin says that he will prepare for it.

Elsewhere, Mong-koo meets with his people and says that it is there time now. The King can deal with his own politics from this point on. But they need to bring in new people who have everyones respect including the Sungkyungkwan scholars. 


In the agency, Gaedong and team talk about how the marriage is gone and no one hates them. But they also want to know if Ma Hoon will marry that woman? Ma Hoon says he might. Gaedong looks at him as if she wants to say something, but she doesn’t Do Joon says that he has something to say about the King, so they go somewhere to talk.

Young-soo mummbles about why they are going away to talk by themselves. Gaedong thinks to herself that Ji-hwa is pretty. 

Outside, Ma hoon and Do Joon talk about how they are going to proceed. Do Joon starts to talk about what happens when dogs and cats stay together in the same hat. if the dog likes the cat, then it will embrace the dogs scratches even if he does not like bleeding. So do you think you can withstand sending her to the King with your own hand? 

Ma Hoon sighs and wonders what he can do, that is the safest place.



Later on, Ma Hoon gives Gaedong everything that she needs to memorize. She argues with him about it. he tells her that she has to change the way she talks. She needs to be more polite. She practices this and changes her voice to be very polite as she complains about the book and how she has a lot of trouble. 

He tells her to summarize the book into all the necessary information and then gives her another book that she should know as a noble lady. This is a book filled with poetry. She thinks this is dumb, people will think that she is going to the Queen appointment ceremony. het ells her, if you memorize 40 poems then i will take you to a ceremony.

She gets all excited about this and says that she will memorize them all. She sits down to do this. Gaedong then starts to talk about Ji-hwa and how she is super scary and her eyes are so sharp. he tells her that she cannot get another strike otherwise you are three strikes and out. She tells him that she will give him a chance to apologize to her later. Give me the mans address who gave me the credentials.

He reminds her that she should not leave that place. But she says that she wants to at least do something. So she goes to the mans house that gave her the name. It is a place she has been to before, or at least the outside before.

This time she opens the doors to a house that looks long abandoned. But she just dusts her hands and gets to work cleaning the place and making it look lived in once again.

The owner of the house comes back looking at busted and steps into the house asking who is here? Gaedong recognizes him as ajusshi and tells him that he cannot intrude on this place. He recognizes her as well and asks her why she is here? She says that she owes something to the master of this house, so leave now before you get in trouble!

She gives him a little map and tell shim to sleep in the Flower Crew Agency if he has no where else to sleep. The man realizes that the flower crew place is Ma’s place so this girl must be the one he gave the identity to.

But he can’t think of it fog long because Mong-koo walks up to him and asks him to come bak to work. They need a new wind in the palace. the man says that wind does not have anyplace to go. Once pushing someone off, it should leave as well. he does not want to accept wind like that. he closes his door on Mong-koo. Mong-koo is left thinking that he is so stubborn.



Soo walks around the palace with his people. They get to the pond where people are writing wishes so his personal maid asks if he would like to write wishes together? 

They start to write their wishes together in a pergola. It is a pleasant event.

Meanwhile, Gaedong starts to memorize peoems. She says them in front of Ma Hoon, he corrects her when he needs to. She corrects it in her own way, so he tells her to just memorize it.

He stands with a book that gaedong asks about. He tells her that it is none of her business. But Gaedong sees the sumbol and looks around the room at the same symbol in various places so she thinks that this mst be the history book of the flower crew agency. She decides to tuck this book into her dress so she can read it later. Ma Hoon tries to stop her but doesn’t press the issue.

Youngsoo comes in talking about the event that is about to happen that Gaedong wants to go to. Youngsoo and Gaedong convince ma Hoon to let them both go to it.

Elsewhere, Do Joon has a bad dream about his mother. When he wakes up, the widow is by his side and asks if he is okay. She wanted to tell him goodbye and asks if he is okay. He says he is fine. So she thanks him for his help and starts to head out.

Do Joon asks why she did not run when she had a chance. She says that it is because she is a mom. He tells her that all moms are not like her. But she says that it should be the case, moms do not abandon their kids.

The widow heads out. Do Joon heads out with her to escort her to the gate.

Up the street, we see the assassins walking in rows behind the main assassin.

Yong-soo, Ma Hoon and Gaedong also run into Do Joon and the woman and say their goodbyes as well. But then Ma Hoon sees one of the assassins and says that they have someone following them, lets go to the gate.

They start to walk hurriedly to the gate and Ma hoon and Gaedong go in another direction to lead some of the assassins away. But then Gaedong stumbles so Ma Hoon has to hold her hand and pull him along with her.

They get to a persons house who has the doors open. This house also has various colored clothes out drying. Ma Hoon and Gaedong hide among these clothes. Ma Hoon pulls her closely to him and they wait. The assassins head out so Ma Hoon and Gaedong are safe for now.

In the street, the widow and Do Joon get stuck at a dead end. He tells the widow not to be afraid, he will protect her. He starts to fight the men. But this sends him into a memory of his mother saying the same thing. That she will protect him. In the memory, his mother is all bruised as it looks like his father has been beating her.

In the same flashback, she tries to run away with her son, but he does not want to leave, he wants to stay with his friends and not leave. Then his uncle shows up and says that they have to leave now! But Do Joon does not want to leave. So she tells him to stay and play with his friends if he wants. Come to this certain place tomorrow. Then the uncle pulls her away.

In the present, Do Joon realizes that he is the one that abandoned his mother, not the other way around. He keeps fighting the men and is able to pull the widow away to hide in a safe place. While there, the widow bandages his wound. He tells her that she was right, his mother did not abandon him.


In the street, they all come back together at the gate. Young-soo complains about how they all abandoned him. Then he daughter and her lover come to meet them. She tells her that she is safe because it is the Kings order so no one will affect them.

The widow thanks Ma Hoon and team and they all head out. Ma Hoon tells them to have a safe trip.

Young-soo complains to Ma Hoon about paying for something. ma Hoon tells them all that they should have a drink. So they all decide to go, except Youngsoo who wants to stay upset. But he changes his tune and heads out with them.

Elsewhere, when the assassin reports back to Bong-deok he gets slapped for his troubles because he could not kill the widow. He tells him that the widow was with his son and master Yoon’s daughter. 

Bong-seuk thinks about this, Ma Hoon and Yoon’s daughter? Hmm…


Gaedong, Young-soo, and Ma-hoon start to head home. Gaedong has a hard time walking, so Ma Hoon tells her to take her shoes off, then he kneels to take them off for her. He wraps a scarf around her ankle and then puts her shoe back on, saying that his scarf is not as important as her foot.

She tells him that this is the first time hearing that she is more important than an object. He stands and tells her, from now on, you are first in whatever it is. You are the first. He walks away.

Meanwhile, Do Joon walks somewhere and thinks about what she told him to. he should play with his friends and then find mom in their play space. So Do Joon is at this place spot right now and remembers playing hide and seek with his mother. He thinks that this time he will search for her and he will find her.

But then the mom from his dream calls him over to them. Do Joon starts to walk to them, but they disappear.

At the flower Crew Agency, Gaedong thinks about the scarf that wrapped her foot and thinks that he should not be too nice to her. She just wants to stay next to him like this. She fixes both their shoes outside and dusts Ma Hoon’s shoes off.


Elsewhere, Do Joon sits in his room when Ji-hwa shows up. She walks into his room. He asks why she is there. She tells him that he can stop looking for information on the King, she does not think that she needs ti anymore. She bows and starts to leave. 

He gets up and asks if she is really marrying Ma Hoon? She asks if he always asks questions? He says that he is very curious about her. She turns to leave but he gives her a light back hug. So she stops. He tells her that today he needs comfort more than her cranky voice. Can you come to me?

She tells him that he is the information person in the gisaeng jip, what else can you give to me? Will you apply for the government exam? he says it is not like he isn’t taking the exam, it is that he cannot take it.

She removes his hands from her and walks off. When she leaves the room, she looks back and wonders why she cares about him.


Mong-koo finds out that Bong-deok’s son snuck out the widow along with his agency members. Mong-koo wants his person to investigate this flower crew place to see if they will be on their side or the other side.

Then his daughter Ji-hwa shows up and comes in. He tells her that he heard she was busy lately, what is up? Ji-hwa asks for a request, she would like to see the King. Just two times. He asks why. She says that on the first time she needs to make a decision, the second time she needs assurance. he tells her that she cannot see the King for private reasons.

But Jihwa says that some people get married and some become monks, which do you think is better? He asks if she is threatening him? She says yes. She heard that a woman’s life is like a ladle. Their luck changes depending on what they put in it. I need to check what I am going to put in my ladle.


Yong-soo wakes up early to go somewhere. Gaedong asks where is going. he says that the early bird catches the worm so he is leaving to get a good product. 

Young-soo goes to a certain merchant and is shown his newest bags. He barters with him on the price and is them given his pick. But then the merchant is chased by guards. Young-soo tries to tell them that he is a customer! But then don’t believe him and drag him to jail. 

Young-soo tries to tell them that he is a customer! His clients father is the 1st prime minister! You will be in trouble! The guard thinks that he does look familiar.


Mong-koo talks to Soo in the throne room and tells him that he will end his mother doing politics. But of course he would like something in return. Soo asks if his daughter wants to be a candidate? that is her choice, what is your request? He asks to see his daughter twice. That is the deal.

Eunuch Jang listens in on this conversation. 

Later on, Bong-deo and Daebi talk in her quarters about the widow and how they need to show a bit of strength. 

Cut to a woman that has been bound and masked. It is the maid that is always with Soo. Bong-deok and Daebi are in front of her. Bong-deok tells them to start. So they start to torture the maid. Bong-deuk asks her what the King is doing every night. What does he talk about? Tell me everything he says about the prime ministers.

She says that she does not know. He tells her that he will ask her parents tomorrow. Do you still not know? The maid begs Daebi to help her, Daebi looks like he really wants to help her.

Later on, we see the maid putting a noose on her neck and apologizing to Soo. 



In the morning, Soo gives Eunuch Jang medicine to give to his sick father. He wants him to take it to him the next time he goes home. He is sorry that he did not know before, but he really wants to take care of him. Eunuch Jang cries and is about to tell him something. But then another person calls to tell him something. They both look to the door.


Ma hoon and sit down in front of each other. She wants to take it right now before she forgets. But he wants to take it later. Young-soo comes in just then looking all grumpy about being arrested. ma Hoon tells him that they can talk about it later and hen tells Gaedong to come to his room.

She goes to his room late and starts to get beautified. He plucks her eye brows and tells her that they determine how a woman looks. if you cannot withstand this then you cannot be a noble lady. So Gaedong tries to withstand all the plucking.


Soo runs into his hallway as he is off somewhere in a hurry. But several guards block the way. he tells them to let him go. But then Bong-deok comes out and asks him where he is going. He asks if Bong-deok did this? Bong-deok tells him that he should have done nothing, then she would still be alive. From now on, these people will serve you. 

Soo tries to talk but Bong-deok tells him not to do anything, then at least Gaedong will stay alive. he tells his people to serve the King well.


it is nightfall and the festival is in full swing. People are all about dancing and singing and enjoying all the lights. Gaedong walk into the festival with Young-soo. She looks pretty so every man turns his head to her. 

One man gives her a letter, she asks Young-soo what this means. he says that this is some, it is a special event in Korea where men and women should not communicate, so if you like someone you give them  a card. Cut to a man giving another woman a card.

Ma Hoon and Do Joon are also at this event. Ma Hoon sees Gaedong and pauses in his tracks. Do Joon tells him that it is not too late to stop. How can you send her off with this deep look of yours. Ma Hoon starts to talk about an old Korean story of a bridge and a magpie collecting lovers, so he should stop now.

Gaedong and Yong-soo walk up to Do Joon and Ma Hoon. He smiles at her and she smiles at him and then they enjoy the dragon parade that is walking over the bridge. 

But Gaedong has to hop out of the way and hops into Ma Hoon. She looks at him deeply and he looks at her the same way. they share this moment as the dragon parade continues going by the bridge and the camera zooms away at the two of them looking at each other.



Lee Soo looks at the note that the maid left. Her wish was only for him to be happy. He starts to cry as he reads the letter and thinks that she never got to meet her lover on the bridge. He should have protected her. He cries thinking that he did not protect his own person.

Eunuch is there as well and says that this is all his fault because he told all his secrets to the prime minister. You should go. I will be here for you. Soo looks up at Eunuch Jang.


Gaedong and Ma Hoon have fun walking around the festival. they get to a wishing booth, so she writes her wish on it happily. He watches her happily. Then she motions for him to write his wish. But he says he is fine, so she says that she will write one for him also. She starts to write it and motions for him to turn around.

Later on, Ma Hoon tells her that he will lift her wish up and she has to recite her poems. If she cannot recite it then she will fail. So this is her exam. She looks around and then at Ma Hoon. he is looking at the wish. 

GD – On a deep night when all the movements stop…

She thinks about Ma Hoon wrapping her foot with the scarf

GD – The pretty moon in the backyard….

She thinks about Ma Hoon giving her a name

GD – My heart is cleaned…

She thinks about their library kiss

GD – I see my heart of love

Ma Hoon tells her that she is wrong. It is that you see your self. She says that she is not wrong. her heart is not wrong. I like you. She smiles and says that she has started to like him. 

The wish goes up as he looks at her, shocked.

Note on wish – Let me live with my brother

2nd note on wish – Please don’t let Hoon get married

They keep looking at each other and we see Soo standing next to them and tearing up. He is really standing so close to them. He drops his wish, his wish is that he really wants to marry Gaedong again.

Tears start to fall.

Fade Out


They put Soo in this show way too much. the goal is to get me to care about him less, not more. Yet, Whenever I see him, I care about him. But instead of showing that he is doing great in the castle, they make him suffer and lose people and always worry and wonder about Gaedong and do everything he can for all the people around him. He feels like the lead whose side I should be on to write all these wrongs that has happened to him from the beginning.

Ma Hoon should be the one that cares about his people around him and gets all the great scenes of being understanding and loving behind his callous cold exterior, but for some reason they give all those to Soo and just sprinkle in one moment with Ma Hoon wrapping a scarf around Gaedong’s leg which is supposed to encompass all his caring traits. I don’t think that can pass as a caring person in a 2019 drama.

On the other side of things, Gaedong almost looks like she doesn’t care about her brother or Soo at all. She is always complaining about doing this or that task and how it is too hard and being a lady is dumb. And yet her brothers life is on the line? In the opening episodes, she would do anything for 5 coins, ANYTHING and she didn’t complain about it either. Just pay her and she did it. But now she is a ball of complaints with people that basically give her everything. I just don’t understand her at all and she kind of annoys me.


VO – Please process the national marriage quickly

MH – What can I do with you stone head?

DJ – you said you want to se me

YS – He is crazy right?

Soo – You wanted to have the Kings woman. So just shred the body and kill three generations of family members.

YS – Why do you look like that? You are going to see the Soo you wanted to meet so much.

GD – As a man who loves a woman, can you tell me I really have to go?

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  1. Rei
    October 15, 2019 / 1:29 pm

    Wow ok… Things appear to be moving along at a faster pace than before…..
    I am glad she is looking pretty as she should be in the first place…
    And I am surprised she revealed her feelings first to Ma Hoon
    I think Ma Hoon is the actual stone head coZ he appears to like her first but didn’t make any confession

    • V
      October 15, 2019 / 1:39 pm

      Yes, they finally had her looking really pretty with her makeup, I can understand why a lot of heads turned in her direction. It is also a surprised that she revealed her feelings first, but it kind of goes along with her character of just saying whatever she feels.

      • January 5, 2020 / 11:45 am

        I kinda wanted to know what was the piano ost used on the part where mh & gd stare lovingly to each other? behind those fabrics that was hunged.

  2. October 16, 2019 / 11:42 pm

    I am also annoyed on how much she is complaining but I guess because she is used to getting her own way so all the restrictions is not to her liking.

    I am so torn up on how I like Soo as the King. I feel like we are watching 2 different shows when they shows the flower crew vs the palace politics.

    But I still stan the leads though, just Soo is so darn likable.

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