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Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Episode 1 Live Recap

Episode 1 recap for the kdrama Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency
Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Episode 1 Recap, image JTBC

The delightful cotton candy sageuk of the fall has arrived! I am ready for a fun fluff romantic comedy with a palace political thriller way in the background (way way way in the background) to take over my Mondays and Tuesdays!

Is anyone else watching this show? If you are, let us know what you think of it so far!

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Shorthand Character Chart: Flower Crew Character Chart

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We hear a thunder beat as a man in all white steps in the rain up to the harbor. Several people bow and say, your highness, your highness and appear to be crying as they bow to the palace. The camera zooms in on the man in white as he looks toward the palace.

Inside, it looks like the King is on his death bead, they are waiting for the prince to come back. A woman is bowing in front of the King, perhaps his wife. The second prime minister says that the prince is almost here, he is here after being hostage for 10 years in China. Hold on a little bit your highness! He is at the harbor!

Outside in the rain at the harbor, the man in white walks up to the palace with a large group of men behind him. He is greated by a guard who says, you arrived, hurry. They all turn to walk him to the palace. 

But then several people with bow and arrows appear out of the water and shoot at the crowd. The princes hat gets hit off. But he continues to walk to the palace s if nothing is wrong. He has his head down and walks calmly with his bodyguards around him. He also is able to get a sword and deends himself from one of the assassins.

they are able to escape and try to run through the woods. But the assassins cach up to them, so the prince has to fight them off with only a few of his guards left.  This might not have been the best route though, because it looks like a lot of booby traps are set up in the woods. But it is night so they are hard to see. Several guards fall due to these booby traps or are strung up.

The prince finally gets to the place where the horses are. But several more of his guards fall. There is a snipper in the trees that is shooting arrows at the guards and killed them both. the prince turns and sees the sniper in the tree. The snipper leases an arrow straight at the prince.

It hits him dead in his chest! The prince slowly falls backwards as soft music plays. Blood fills his white clothing as he slowly dies.

In the palace, the King is barely hanging in there as he waits for the prince. he whispers, Prii-i-i-i-nce as his life slowly goes away.

Everyone starts to say King! King! And the entire Kingdom grieves at the news that the King died. A man on top of the palace throws the Kings robes and says, The King has died!


We time jump to a happier time with the sun up and a group of men shooting arrows in the woods. One of them gets a bullseye and everyone cheers. Then we see a group of girls walking in an area rich with plants and flowers. The camera highlights two people one man and one woman, teenagers, who do not believe in arranged marriages. We see their images as drawings.

then we cut to the very active village and see Ma Hoon who was also walking around the man and the woman earlier, though from a distance. he looks at the people in the market and thinks that they need to look at the sky in order to catch the starts (they need an action). So he raises a red flag.

Do Joon comes out and says that he will finish it! he goes to the women who are looking at merchant items and asks one of them if she will help him. All the girls says that they will help him! So he takes all the girls away and leaves this one girl. 

Ma Hoon then says that they need to catch the star! So he puts up a blue flag and we see Young-soo smile and then go to an area, he cuts the wires on and emtpy drum, that makes the drum start to roll into the village toward the woman.

The young woman is still upset that her girlfriends left her alone, but then she sees the barrel barreling towards her. She gasps. But the man that does not believe in arranged marriage grabs her and twirls her out of the way and into his arms in a dip. He asks her if she was surprised?


They fall in love with each other and decide to get married. they also thank the marriage agency for helping them hook up. 

The marriage agency nods and then turn. The three of them put their fists together (Ma Hoon, reluctantly) and say their motto. “Good Luck —— Everything Goes Well —— We Can Do Everything” and they raise their fists to the sky.

Then Young-soo wonders if he can get another hat. Ma-hoon thinks that Young-soo has too many hats already. But Young-soo says that they are all different. Do-joon corrects one of their Korean with the right meaning and says he will go see some women. Young-soo says Do-joon will destroy his life by drinking so much. Do-joon corrects his Korean again and then happily floats off. Young-soo goes off as well.

Ma-hoon opens up their clients profile as he stays standing there and chuckles that both of them did not believe in arranged marriages, only in fate. He chuckles, shreds the paper, and throws it into the air like confetti.

The three Flower Crew Ageny men then walk through the confetti and into the street with ladies smiling and waving at them as they go. They even somehow walk on a red carpet at some point, lol. A random man smiles at them as well, Lee So is standing next to him.

Lee Soo asks this man who they are. The man gasps theatrically and asks, how don’t you know about the Flower Marriage Agency??? they are the most handsomest men in Hanyang (Seoul). they are marriage agency Old Men Under the Moon (a kind of joke with the Korean name). Lee SOo says they are so young, how can they be old men? The man says they are like the gods that match men and women. Now it isn’t only one, but three. Lee Soo is amazed that the match makers are men.

First, the cutest guy. he likes vintage over new items. We then see Young-soo looking at a vintage hat. he says the person who wears it looks smart, like me. On the screen it says he is the cutest guy, Ko Young-soo.

The man holds his heart and a ton of people start to buy vintage things. The man says that this guys clothing and shoes and accessories, he makes everything sell out.

Next, the guy that lives only for today. They start to walk to Do-joon who is entertaining several women with his piano playing near the pond. They all gasp and squeel in delight next to him. the man says that Do-joon has a good look and knows how to enjoy life. He has so many women around him all the time.

DO-joon then looks at a woman and says that she looks like she is not thinking (her mind flew away), did you drink too much last night? She is embarrassed and is about to leave, but he holds her hand and says that it does not matter and smiles at her. His description says “The man that only lives today, Do-joon.”

The man says that the last person is the smart guy who can read peoples mind. His eyes can look through their heart. They are in a bookstore looking at him. The man says that Lee-soo should not touch them at all because he is so smart. Ma-hoon looks at them looking at him. His caption reads “Very Smart Guy, Ma-hoon.” they both smile at him.

Cut to the three Flower Crew men walking through the market again. The man says that they are more beautiful than flowers. The marriage agent association. Ko Pa Rang, people call them like that (Flower Crew Agency). 

Lee Soo asks why they became like this? Th eman says that the relationships that they make never break, they last forever. Looks at this. Good luck. He hands him a flyer. On the flyer it says, “Ko Pa Rang 90% success rate, we personalize the match”.

Lee Soo smiles at the flyer and then looks at the flower crew walking away.




We see Lee Soo fixing something outside while some other kids are studying in school. The teacher asks them what something means, outside, Lee Soo answers the question as he polishes a metal harvester. he says, don’t worry if you don’t have knowledge – make sure you have an ability to stand on foot where you are.

But then his father comes and tells him E-Jasik! And pulls him away by his ear. He asks him why he is at the school all the time! Mr. Lee is supposed to be there. Do you have that much time to oil the equipment at the school and not or blacksmith shop? Lee Soo says that he can learn something. But Lee Soo tells him that he is just a blacksmith! Why does he need to learn anything!

Lee Soo asks why they can’t learn how to read as a blacksmith? His father says that it is no use, dont’ come here, just learn how to be a blacksmith. Lee Soo playfully says okay, I won’t go there anymore. Then he happily tells his father that he wants to marry Gae-ddong. he found a matchmaker! His father is all like really? E-jashik! He holds him playfully by the shoulders and pulls him away.


Meanwhile in a hospital, a medicine man explains a herb to several nurses and says that it is good for headaches, but if you give too much then it will paralyze the patient. he will show them how to do it.

Gae-dong is the practice patient but says that she needs 3 more coins to do this! You did nto tell me that it is dangerous! The doctor tells her not to worry, don’t you trust me? I have so much experience. Gae-dong is all like nope, I’m leaving. So the doctor gives her 3 more coins.

Gae-dong smiles and then tells the nurses that if they want to practice on someone then she will only charge 2 coins. The doctor whispers that these nurses are students, if anything goes wrong then he can not guarantee her safety. Gae-dong tells him that if she is selective then when can she make money? So she starts to collect a lot of coins from the nurses. The doctor asks if she will make money like that and get married? Gae-dong says that she has no time for marriage.

The procedure continues with theh doctor who says that this is their new drug with a fly and a little bit of poison from centepedes. Gaedong says that 4 coins is not enough for this one, she needs 5 coins in advance. he says that he will give her 5 coins and then mutters that her nicname is 5 coins. She smiles and drinks the medicine. Then promply passes out.

then she blows air at them (or burps) and smiles as she stands up, she was only joking. She asks if they have anything else for her?

Cut to her walking away with acupuncture pokes in her arm. Another nurse looking person comes up to her and says that she has a job for her for 5 coins! Want to hear about it? it is a bit dirty. Gaedong sys that she super loves dirty, difficult, and dangerous work. But you have to pay in advance. What do I have to do?

The nurse says that she has to sit for one hour and not do anything. Gaedong is all like okay, that’s cool.


Meanwhile, Young-soo and Ma-hoon are peeking over a fence. They wonder where everyone is and if they should really go inside. Ma-hoon says that they got the invitation so they should go inside. But Youngsoo says that they know master Oh, everyone knows that the daughter is ugly. Master Oh always says no, but now he sent us a letter? It is a little fishy. Lets not do it.

But Ma-hoon shakes Young-soo’s arm away and reminds him that before they take the job they have to interview them first. Young-soo says that he told him they need a female agency for this kind of work. You know. Lady Oh is not a good match for young master Lee at all. But Ma-hoon asks how they know without checking.

Do-joon shows up like a vampire and says that they can know. he heard that the masters type is a first, pretty woman…second, a nice and pretty woman….third, an innocent and pretty woman. Let’s go, I have nothing else to do.

They go inside and a woman greats them and says that she is sorry, but she has a cold. She has a mask over her face. Ma-hoon asks where everyone is. The woman says that the master had business and took all the slaves with him. Young-soo and Ma-hoon look around and see thta Do-hoon is missing.

Young-soo thinks that guy lives only for today. Then he starts to talk about how he smells good right? I am wearing a perfume from Russia. But Ma-hoon looks like he is curious about this maid. 

The maid leads them to the young lady, a shade covers the two of them. Ma-hoon asks to remove the shade. The person behind the shade is Gaedong. So Youngsoo thinks that this is wonderful, at least she is not ugly. But Mahoon still looks skeptical and looks at the maid again.

Ggaedong asks if she can lower the shade now? Her young lady is tired. But Mahoon says that she is all the way here so he needs to check things properly, but he talks to the maid and not Ggaedong.

The maid asks why he is asking her that? Gae dong says that if you want to see me more, then come closer. They both lean in. So Mahoon asks her if she had medicine? Gaedong says that she is weak. Mahoon says tht this medicine is poisonous centipedes. Gaedong wonders how he knows.

Mahoon then says that this marriage will not work. The two ladies are stunned and look at each other. gae-dong asks why they cant get married. Mahoon starts to say that, based on these medical books, the centepeded is used for people who are under the attack of ghosts or who are paralyzed. In your young age you body is already this weak and you already have a lot of acupunture.

Gaedong covers her arm and says that she is very healthy. But Mahoon says that she cooks her own fish. Gaedong tells him that she never cooks her own meals. So he asks about this fish smell that is mixeed with the centepedes. She says that she had fish for breakfast so he asks if she ate the fish with her hands? You should not take care of the fish yourself as a precious young lady.

he then asks the maid how long she will do this con job? The maid is tunned and is about to ask how he knows but then her fae mask falls revealing a normal looking woman. Gaedong tells them, how dare you! You are harrassing me and making me look like a con artist!

Mahoon switches to banmal and says that liars say too much, like you. And look at how you sit, your body is turned to the entrance which means that you are ready to run away if we figure it out. Gaedong says tht is not evidence, but that also means that she confessed. She puts her hand on her face. He asks if she thinks that she can be a young lady so easiy by just wearing good clothing? Do you think I am too dumb? This was so sloppy.

He gets up to leave, but looks at the “maid” before he goes and asks her if she thinks that this will work? I will cancel this marriage. he walks away. Young-soo looks kind of sad about it and says that she looks much better than the rumor, fighting. Then he runs off to Mahoon.

Gaedong looks at the maid sadly. then she runs off after Mahoon and Young-soo, angrily and tells him that he should apologize to the young lady. Young-soo runs off. Mahoon tells Gaedong that he was the one getting tricked. Gaedong says that the young lady likes the young master, she loves him. That is why she did it. Mahoon asks how she thinks it is love. Ggaedong says that he saw it on her, she is crying now as well.

Mahoon starts to talk about their rule book, chapter 2: what to be careful of. Only believe what you see when you process the marriage. Do you want me to beleive a love that I cannot see at all? gaedong asks if he beleives it because of the face? But not the heart? You are the marriage agency aren’t you? Are you ashamed of yourself as a match maker?

Mahoon tells her that he is not a match maker, he is a marriage agent. He does not look for love, he finds the right person, not love. Gaedong exclaims that that is the same thing! He tells her that he believes what he sees but she beleives what she does not see.

That is when she jumps and head butts him, lol. He tells her that she likes money a lot but she has never seen an A-hole like him before. then she tells him that this was for her young lady and walks off. Mahoon is so stunned that he just tries to call after her, but stays on the ground in a daze.


Meanwhile, all the politicians are in the throne in all white. But they are still in their funeral gear, so the King did not die all that long ago (mourning period is 3 years, but they still don’t have a King and are looking for who murdered the Prince, so that much time should not have passed). The politicians talk about how they need to find out who killed the prince with an arrow! 

Bong-deuk is another politician and speaks up, he says that the people of Joseon are already in chaos because the King died. We need to think about the people first. he looks at the queen (who is his daughter). The queen says that she agrees. So Bong-deuk says that they should tell the people that the prince died, but we should keep it quiet as to how he died. The Queen says okay, though it kind of looks like she does not know anything.

Right afterwards, the Queen (Daebi) asks Bong-deuk what she should do? What if people know that the prince died? What about the next King? We bought a little bit of time, but? Bong-deuk says that they will call for all the nephews on the Kings side. Daebi wonders what they should do. Bong-deuk tells her that he has already thought about that, he just needs to find that person.

Daebi asks, that person?

Bong-deuk explains that it is the head of the royal guard that disappeared 20 year ago. I have something to get from him.

Cut to Lee Soo’s father in his blacksmiths office making something. A man comes to him and gives him money that is used for some kind of payment for something. Moon-seok (the father) asks him why he is giving that important money to him. The man says that he will be out of town, you look the strongest among us also. Moon-seok says he will take the money.

But then everyone starts to cry as they read a post. the Post says that the King died and the prince! They both died like this at the same time? They  all start to cry and bow in front of the sign. Moon-seok starts to fret.

Elsewhere in the market, Gaedong gives a smarmy looking man some money and asks if he can find her brother. He non chalantly says that he can, he can find anyone. She smiles and says she knows by can you really? It is kind of unstable around the country. He gives her money back, but she says no no no, just take care of my case and find my brother.

He says he will, she almost found him already, Just trust me and leave. She happily leaves thinking all is well. But the man looks like he is really just pocketing her money.

So Gaedong walks around the town happily. Meanwhile, Lee Soo follows a long line of women as he goes to the marriage agency. he goes inside the mansion sized building where there are even more women inside being doted on my women. He smiles and says that they should stand in line. So they happily run to stand in line.

Inside, Mahoon holds his head and thinks that that womans head was so hard, like a stone. Lee Soo talks to him but Mahoon tells him that this is the third time he has come, I don’t have time for your marriage. I told you many times to leave. Lee Soo thinks that he should have a little time. Mahoon asks for the next customer. Lee soo tells him that it is him. Mahoon asks for the next one. Lee Soo says he is the next one also, I really need to get married this year.

Mahoon wants Lee Soo to stop torturing him and says that he will not help him. But if you like other women then I can help you, Mahoon says that he does not take this kind of inflexible marriage. Lee Soo only wants to marry Gaedong. So Mahoon rings the bell for the next person. Lee Soo tells him that he will be back tomorrow and bows himself out.

The next person comes in, it is a woman who looks like she has a lot on her mind. Mahoon closes the doors. The sign on it says “no outsiders”. Mahoon then starts to talk to the woman and says that it appears that she will say something secret to him. This woman asks, how do you know?


That night, Lee Soo and Moon-seok work in the blacksmith area as they make harvesting tools. Moon-seok asks if he went to the marrige agency again? Aren’t you going to give up? Lee Soo says that he will not give up, he will go there again tomorrow. Moon-seok asks him why he wants to go through that agency. Lee SOo says that it is because of mom. He never told him before, but when mom died, I heard what you said. The guy that mom missed for her entire life.

Moon-seok looks off pensively. Lee Soo asks his father, why didn’t you hate my mother that loved another man her entire life? Moon-seok tells him that is all in the past and starts to work again. Lee Soo says that his mther told him, if there is a woman that he wants to live with for his entire life, then take that woman very previously. That was moms last words to me, so for my Gaedong, I want to have a marriage agency that the aristocrats use and I want to get married preciously.

Moontaek smiles, but then it starts to rain. Lee Soo thinks Gaedong is in danger and starts to run to her. Moontaek says that Lee Soo will get in trouble.

Gaedong is kneeling in the street and covering her ears as she gets rained on and the thunder sounds over head. She has a flashback about a night in the past. A man starts to bother Gaedong about sitting there. Lee Soo gets there in time and says that this is his wife. Please understand because she is weak. The man says something angrily about curfew.

Lee Soo tells the man that the rule is that you cannot treat regular people as slaves. Then he puts an umbrella over Gaedong and walks away with her.

later on, they walk through the woods on their way back. It has stopped raining. Lee Soo asks why she is walking like that, with a limp. Are you hurt? She says that she is fine, but he is not convinced and tells her that he will give her a piggy back ride.

She hops on and he starts to tell her that she is prettier than the slave that ran away, you are pretty like that flower over there. Gaedong tells him that family is the only one that thinks of her. He says that they are not family, but they will be family. However, she did not hear him because she has drifted off to sleep.

LS – (Gaedong, I am okay that you are a beggar or a slave or whatever. I want you to be next to me, so lets not be in a family like relationship. Lets be a real family.) Sigh, it is difficult to get an answer from you.

He keeps walking off and the camera fades into an image of Gaedong sleeping. he tucks her in and then sneaks out to another room where he pulls out a wrapped package. Inside is an ornamental headpiece.

Flashback to when his mother was dying. he cried over her and she touched his cheeck, then pulled outsomething for him. She tells him to keep it safely and then give it to someone you love. Little Lee Soo cries over his mother and holds the hairpiece in his hands.

In the present, he also holds the hairpiece.

LS – Mother, I think it is time to use this.

he looks up and smiles.

Elsewhere, the assassin that killed the Prince walks up to Bong-deuk and says, We found him. Bong-deuk then goes up to Daebi and tells her that they found him. She asks, what if the second prime minister brings the nephews/cousins first? Bong-deuk tells her to keep quiet. I told you that you shouldn’t say anything in order to keep your dignity. She calls him uncle and asks if it is true toat Hoon is a marriage agent? After his brother became like that, I thought that he would have a hard time for awhile, but now he is marriage consulting? how can’t you take care of your family.

BD – your highness, do you think you are sitting there alone? 

DB – Um..

BD – There are a lot of people that can be in your seat. I will take care of my family issue. You just sit there. That is helping me. Don’t do anything. Okay?

DB – Okay *nervously*


Meanwhile, it appears that Mahoon has drunkenly shown up at his father, Bong-deuks home and says that his second son has arrived! Bong-deuk comes out and tells him that he has great strength, you drink at your brother memorial day? Just come home first. Ma Hoon asks if he will kill him like he killed hyung?

Ma Hoon gets slapped by his father. His father tells him to stop all this and come back home! But Ma Hoon asks if there is only one son? When someone dies you should be sad, just take it as if your second son died also. he walks off.

Bong-deuk looks pretty affected by this. he mutters that his son is stupid.

As Ma Hoon walks thorugh the house, he stops when he hears his brothers voice and looks into a room. We see a flashback in that room of his brother teaching a very little Ma Hoon how to tie a special kind of knot. it is  Dong Shin Gyul knot. Which is tying love together. Ma Hoon asks why you would tie love together. The brother says that is the promose that you will live together in one heart. If you tie it like this, then it cannot be untied/cut easily.

In the present, Ma Hoon pulls out that same knot and looks at it pleasantly as he says, tying it like this won’t tie peoples hearts, because peoples hearts are so untrustworthy. 

He walks to his home, but sees Lee Soo sleeping outside. After waking him, Lee Soo says he wanted to show him something. Ma Hoon is so annoyed and tells him to go home. But he also asks why it has to be him? Lee Soo says that he heard that the relationships that Ma Hoon ties will never get broken. Ma Hoon asks if that is it? Because of that rumor? So you think your love wont get broken because of that? Just leave.

Lee Soo asks why not him? Ma Hoon says that it is funny that he only wants to get married based on love alone. With that much love, even if you go through me, it will break anyway. Lee Soo asks how he knows, how do you know you aren’t wrong? Ma Hoon says that he beleives what he sees. If someone is cornered, then their love changes. How can I trust you and process the marriage? Lee Soo says that love becomes the strongest when people are cornered.

Ma Hoon tells him to stop coming and go home. But Lee Soo says that his heart will not change, he is coming tomorrow as well.

The next day, we see Gaedong looking for herbs in the woods with two other men. One of the men says that he heard this is a rescticted area because of bandits, what if bandits come here? Gaedong says she doesn’t care, it’s three coins! Then she finds some arrows on the ground and wonders whats that.

Another man says that he heard that young Master Lee sent a marriage proposal to another family. Poor master Oh. Gaedong stands up angrily and asks where young master Lee lives! She goes storming off toward the city and starts to spread a rumor. The rumor spreads through the grapevine until it gets to the Flower Crew Agency.

The three men starts to talk about this and says that there is a rumor that because of us that the Lee and Oh marriage was broken. Do-joon asks if this is the young master Lee that only likes women’s faces? Young-soo thinks that they are done! People say that we spread a rumor that lady Oh is ugly so the marriage would be broken. They ask who spread that rumor. Young-soo says he doesn’t know, but al their contracts are ending.

Ma Hoon thinks back to Gaedong and says that he thinks he knows who did it. He goes to meet Gaedong about it. She says that it is true, do you feel bad that this is true? Master Lee has a heart, not like you. Ma Hoon angrily asks her if she knows what she did? SOmeones life might be changed because of you.

Flashback to the woman that came to talk to him that day. It was the same woman that hid her identity. they talk then. Ma Hoon says that it was strange that her father let them see her when all the people where gone from the house that day. I knew that you picked that day that your father would be out of town and sent me a letter. I wondered if there was something that you had to hide. The person that you are hiding. When we had an argument, you protected your stomach first. Also, the perfume smell was uncomfortable to you.

The woman says, yes, as you said I will cancel the marriage to master Lee’s family, but can you keep it quiet? He asks if she will put a marriage proposal somewhere else through another agency? She asks if he can give her a break? I have a person that I want to marry. if my family knows about it, then this baby is dead. Can you please keep it secret?

Ma Hoon looks at her seriously and says that it is not a sin, but she should make the right decision. She tries not to cry.

In the present, Gaedong tells her that if she wants to help someone, then she should know things first and then try! Gaedong asks why they are so angry. Young-soo tells her that the young lady needed to get married first becasue she is pregnant with someone elses baby. Gaedong looks alarmed and worried and the same time. She wonders what she should do.


Later on, we see Young-soo going to their offices. Lee Soo is waiting for them there as well. He gives Young-soo the ornament in a box and asks him to give it to Ma Hoon. Youngsoo opens it and immediately thinks that this is so expensive! Don’t worry about him, I will make it happen!

In his office, Ma Hoon sees the hair ornament and immediately knows that this is reserved for palace people, why does he have it? But he also knows that normal people are allowed to have it for when they get married. In the note, Lee Soo wrote that this was the most precious thing he has. Ma Hoon thinks back to Lee Soo telling him about love.

But Ma Hoon does not want to take Lee Soo’s case. Young-soo thinks that they should take it because they don’t have any customers now. Lets take it. Do Joon walks in and says that they only like once, lets take it. Young Soo says that they should do it, hyung. Ma Hoon reluctantly tells them, okay, only this once.

They go meet Lee Soo where Ma Hoon tells him their rules. First, they get paid after the marriage. It will be expensive. Then he asks where Gaedong is.

Cut to Ma hoon walking thorugh the market area. In a voice over we hear Lee Soo says that his Gaedong helps out at the fish market during the first time of the month. So she should be there.

Ma Hoon asked him what she looked like. Lee Soo says she is skinny and very innocent. She is the prettiest woman in Joseon.

In the market, Ma Hoon looks around and sees Gaedong, but he wonders, is it her? Is she the prettiest in Joseon? What? The rock? he tells her to come here! We got on so much trouble becuase of you!

She throws a lot of fish or something at him and starts to run away. He yells for her to stop and starts chasing after her. They run al through the market as he yells for her to stop! Hey stone head! Stop! But of course, she keeps running.

She is able to get away momentarily, but runs into a dead end where none of the doors open. However, she does not give up and tries to hop the stone fence. Ma Hoon tells her to give up. Just come down, I will support you. he says he is not here for her, he is there to give her a marriage proposal. She is so shocked by that, that she falls off the stone wall and into his arms. 

He dips her as he catches her weight  and they fall to the ground. Soft music starts to play as they look deeply into each others eyes as they lay on the ground. Flower petals start to float over them as he protects her head from the ground and the song keeps playing.

Fade Out


This was an adorable first episode that set the stage nicely for our leads. I feel like I know all the main characters well and also understand the history. The only strange thing was the time lapse from when the Prince was killed. It appears that only maybe a week passed or less, maybe a month tops, but not any more time than that.

So, it looks like we will have a triangle love affair between Ma Hoon, Lee Soo, and Gae Dong. But, from the character chart that JTBC released, it seems like Lee Soo has a one sided love affair with Gae Dong, but Ma Hoon and Gae Dong might have a mutual love affair going on. Oh Nos! Poor Lee Soo. My heart breaks for him already.

Is anyone watching this yet? If so, what did you think of the first episode?


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  1. Tutti
    September 16, 2019 / 9:49 pm

    It was a nice first episode. I hope they don’t put too much of their sad background story to justify their behavior. Just make a fun drama!

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