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Find a Seat Because the 1st Teaser Trailer is Released for JTBC’s Run On Starring Im Siwan and Shin Se-kyung

You have your seat? Because we don’t want to cause any accidents walking and watching a screen – you set? – alright, let’s get ready for some cute because the teaser trailer for Im Siwan and Shin Se-kyung’s newest drama Run On is out and looking adorable.

This teaser starts with Shin Se-kyung typing with her fingers almost moving like a runner jogging, then we see Im Si-wan running forward along a city park path. They typing and jogging moves to a split screen with a lovely engaging beat attached. Im Siwan starts the narration with:

I am Ki Seongyeong, a National sprinter who should run only looking forward

Then we see Shin Se-kyung sitting and looking at her screen. She rewinds her video (which has Im Siwan running, stopping, and basically rewinding though actually running backwards, teehee) and says:

I am Oh Mi-ju, a movie translator who always has to look back

They both start talking next and say:

With their own language
With their own speed
A romance moving towards each other from start to finish

Finally we see Im Siwan running up to Shin Se-kyung at her sitting place on the grass. They already look like they are dating and comfortable with each other. They both chat a tiny bit, he asks what she’s doing and she says she is working on something (which is the airing date for their show, of course!).

Oh Mi-ju?
Hey you came.
Yes, I am here. What were you doing?
I was working
What work?
Run On December 16, first airing, please watch live.

I just love how she lightly rests her head on his shoulder to explain what she is working on! I am hoping for good chemistry, y’all, that is all I truly ask for in a romance. Give me good chemistry and truly nothing else matters.

Run On starts airing December 16th on JTBC (as she said so well in the teaser, lol). It will replace Private Life on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Poster and teaser trailer translation for Run On
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