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Fight for My Way Live Recap: Episode 16

Ssam My Way episode 16 recap

THE! LAST! EPISODE! Are you ready? Because I don’t think I’m ready. I’m kind of scared actually. This is THE last chance to tell us how you liked the live recap of Fight for My Way (tear) and what you liked about the show in general. Also, this was our first time live recapping a drama and we have no idea if the live recapping is going well or if it could be better. We really want to know if you have any suggestions on how to improve it or if it’s cool the way it is or anything. It will really help us out in the future.

I might be too sad at the show ending to post updates (or upset? Depends on how the show ends, it is so up in the air right now! You better not La La Land me show!!!), we’ll see…I’ll probably post them though. I mean, what am I saying, I will most likely definitely post them (maybe). Just kidding. I will post them. I might be blissfully happy as well and float on cloud 9 all day, I JUST DON’T KNOW. I am so confused. Show, I want to love you, LET ME LOVE YOU.

It has been a fun ride! Thank you for reading along with us! ^_^


[Completed airing…editing]


It is a happy scene and it looks like it is the begining of the fantastic four. It’s a flashback with the little kids and SH and AR and some other kids are getting on a ferris wheel. All the fantastic four are there. JM, DM, SH, and AR are there. They take a photo but they don’t know each other yet.

It looks like SH’s business is going well. AR and SH are prepping some drinks for SH to mail to customers. AR asks how she knew to make them and SH said everyone she knows loved it so she thought it would be good. AR said they did like it when they all would drink it together.

JM is making his own lunch and DM is over there wih his as well. SOme fun music is playing. So far everything is light and happy. They leave and walk down the stairs and then hit the girls places and the girls come out as well. Now is becomes awkward. The boys are trying to talk to the girls and the girls don’t want to talk to the boys. But they still have some fun music playing. It looks like JM made a lunch box for SH and gave it to her.

JM bought a car and takes SH to it! He leaves DM and AR alone.

SH – what is this?
JM – his coworker went abroad so he bought it.
SH – I’m not riding
JM – I made it all pink inside

JM starts to drive off, but he doesn’t know how to drive it, lol. SH looks at him kind of concerned. She knocks on the door and tells him to get out. Now she gets in and starts to drive the car. She is a great driver.

JM – I didn’t know you can drive
SH – I deliver jokbal
JM – you look cool now that you have your own business
SH – not before?

AR – eat the frozen food in the fridge
DM – how come your so cool. Im not cool. When I see you 2 weeks before and now the same. I want to hold your hand
AR – just eat from the fridge
D – don’t be around because I can’t stand it anymore, if you don’t date me then don’t talk to me
R – wow, he is breaking up so straight

They are at Kanako Hwangs place and AR made some food for her to eat. They start bickering back and forth about that and AR asks if she has breast cancer. Kanako says it is all cleared. AR wanted some cool air and Kanako turned off the AC, lol.

mini flashback with AR and her dad when she was little. AR is talking about how she doesn’t have a mom and everyone has a mom.

AR – i want my mom, is she dead?
dad – mom went to heaven and she is protecting you
ar – halmoni’s friend told me that she was kicked out
dad – who said that?
ar – I have never seen her, so I don’t know about her. So just take this out and throw it away (a teddy bear that she made and a letter that says merry christmas omma)
ar – I made it just in case mom comes back
dad – can I make you something to eat?
ar – okay

Aera sees the teddy bear she made when she was little. SHe presses it and it says “I love you, I love you, Aera loves you omma!”

Kanako hops up and then Aera sees some photos of herself as a baby. She recognizes that it is her and turns to leave

R – something is strange. I would understand if you were dead, but ajumma is pretty and aging well, why?
K – Aera, I – I didn’t abandon you
R – so you were watching me as a house owner? You weren’t there when i needed you. I really wanted to see you. i feel like I am an abandoned girl now. I will just remember that you are alive, but I don’t want to see you.

Kanako lets her go and Kanako is crying.
Dongman starts to eat the food Aera told him to eat and complains about how she can make it and still be broken up with him. then the bell rings and it is HR. HR brought some juk and tells DM that AR always made this juk for him when he went to the army and when he was in the hospital and stuff. They do a tiny flashback of the scene where AR hurt her arm delivering juk to DM.

A new flashback about AR trying to stop HR from marrying the rich guy. AR is telling HR that DM is a great guy and AR shouldn’t marry the rich guy. HR is also crying and saying that she can’t stop now. AR tells HR to just not see DM and to leave. HR wanted to see DM the night bfore she got married and was outside his door. But AR kept her from ringing the bell.

another flashback about aera bringing DM food after HR got married. She keeps knocking on the door and making sure he is okay and bringing him all this juk. AR was really worried that DM is going to hang himself or something in the bathroom or hurt himself in some way, so she was always coming over to check on him to make sure he was still alive. Even when he was on the toilet, lol.

DM – your heater isn’t broken right, your watching me because you think I will kill myself right? Your not so smart, it is already May. Why are you staying at my place all the time
DM – I am dumped, why are you staying over here

Back to the future.

HR – you are both stupid, you leave room for me to get between you two. So just go grab onto her.

The boss is telling JM that he is another candidate for the position. He runs to the copier and another girl is looking pitiful with the copier. JM says, “Okay, stand up! I will tell you how to fix it! Don’t make this mistake again!” army style.

SH is talking to her manager and it looks like she is quiting? SH said her meshil drink is selling so well so she is quiting, but she is sorry that she is quitting all of a sudden. Her boss says that this is the best resigntion ever! She tells SH to be very successful and to launch it at her home shopping network so she will be the boss.

Namil and Kanako are talking and Namil wants to know what is going on.

O – go find my flip phone
O – lets go back to Japan.

talking to coach-nim

K – by the way, what is in there, money, documents
C – you should know the pasword, it is my daughter and my sons birthdays. It is her will when she had cancer.

Namil is looking at the photos and there are photos of Namil and AR in the phone.

namil brings the phone to AR and gives it to her at AR’s place. AR doesn’t want it, but she takes it.

Aera goes to a bus and looks through the phone. Then she calls her dad on the bus.

AR – appa, i saw something, what is this

at appa’s house

AR – what is this
dad – this is not everything. You school entrance and all the events, she came back and she disquised herself. Your grandmom ditched her.
AR – so everyone knew
Dad – Mom sent you money
AR – she sent me a lot of money, i never got any
Dad – SOmetimes I only sold two dishes all day, but ai sent you to college and you made a lot of trouble when you were at school and cost a lot.
AR – okay, you can stop
Dad – you were super high maintenance, your mom supported everything

Aera left and changed Kanako Hwangs phone number from Owner to Omma. Dong-man runs up to her

DM – you have a new omma becaue you went to your dad
AR – how do you know
D – i know everything about you. Wait for to months and don’t date
AR – I am going to a club

Aera becomes a successful announcer
SH becomes a succesful entrepreneour without any mans help. She has a business tax ID and everything.
JM has been begging SH for 61 days. he is begging her outside her house right now. He brought her a family sized pizza and said he doesn’t think she can eat it all by herself. But she closes the door on him.
DM is preparing and working out hard to be a monster that will hatch and be upgraded, like in video games. He is training very hard with the Brazilian jujitsu coach and the coach wants him to master 3 jujitsu moves


O – I regret that I you are like my kid, but I didn’t raise my real daughter. I lived because of you. You rescued me so I am not going to dump you.
N – don’t make me cry.
O – when are you going to leave
N – I am going, but you should stay longer. I spent many years with me but only one year with her, so you can stay here much longer
O – why are you doing things you have never done before. (smiling and they cheers.)

They are talking about SH’s brothers and Jooman is saying that his back still hurts and will go rotten. Ah, this looks like it is when JM crashed SH’s dads birthday party! SH starts yelling for her dad, lol.

takso wants to fight DM again because DM became super famous now. that manager wants to know if he will cheat again, but Taksu says he will fight fair this time.

They are saying goodbye to the Brazilian in English and it is hilarious. DM says “thank you bro” lol. it is really funny but they are mostly speaking in English here. The Brazilian said, “See you in the ring”

Aera instroduces everyone and Dong-man walks out to the clown song that Aera was always singing to him. Aera’s lullaby.

The plan – 1st round, stand up fight, 2n round – ground, no, the plan is just to fight. To fly.

C -you are standing here, so you are already a winner.
DM – I don’t like open endings, if I win, then I will just win.

He goes into the gym and yells. Then Taksu comes in with his song.

They start to fight and AR is not watching. SHe has to sit right at the cage as the announcer though. But then she opens her eyes and starts to watch the match. TS is trying to take DM down, but DM trips TS and TS falls onthe ground. DM tells him to stand up. TS starts to kick dong man a lot. It is a good back and forth match. DM goes to the ground by slamming TS down. and it looks like he is going for an arm bar and then they reverse it. and Dm gets a back mount and rear naked chock! But TS is saved by the bell.

TS’s corner is confused that DM can do ground now.

They start to fight againa nd TS is just throwing some wild punches and kicks. DM – I told you that if you try to do my signature kick then you should do it right. DM does his signature kick and TS dodges it, but then DM does another roundhouse kick and knowcks TS out.

Mini flashback about the match where DM lost 10 years ago. He is remembering everything that happened and all the road that led him to this place and it is really touching. He is crying in the ring as he things about all those things. He is on his knees and crying and then yells! he is the champion now! Everyone is in the crowd and cheering for them. Everyone is crying and cheering and the fight upbeat music is playing. It is a super happy moment. HR says DM looks cool, she is watching from home. Coach-nim is crying and hold up the championship belt.

AR goes into the ring and has to interview DM.

AR – this it the real win after 10 years, how to o you feel DM
DM – so I like this game because I showed my ground game. Thank you everyone.
AR – so we will do a detailed interview in the studio. DM I am really happy for you. (but she doesn’t look at him)

Everyone leaves, but they both stand there.

DM – why are you crying. I am only your ex
AR – we shouldn’t have dated
DM – AR I am, I can’t leave without seeing you. I can’t say date again
AR – I should have listened to SH
DM – lets forge about dating and breaking up. Live with me.
AR – what?
DM – just live with me.
AR – lie toether
DM – 1st day kiss is dating, live together means marriage. I can’t live without you. It was like that for 20 years. If I see you everyday or not see you at all. Then I will pick to see you everyday.
Ar – what about fighting
Dm – you you you, it is you for me. Let’s get married.
AR – why are you asking me that?

They hug and evryone cheers! Kanako is happy in the crowd.

K – noone can stop love
Appa – this jerk
appa2 – why are you calling my sone a jerk

JM and SH are in the audience and it looks like they are dating again too. JM wants to hold her hand. They are back together
So many envelopes are infront of them to mail to everyone. It looks like tey are at AR’s place and they hear something going on upstairs. They go to JMs place. JM is peeling meshil and AR asks why he is peeling meshil.

JM – itt is my parttime job, i get paid for it.
AR – SH went to AR house a lot, do you know what I did when she came
JM – waht are you talking about

AR looks around the room. Then she opens a box and SH is hiding inside! Lol.

AR – you said you aren’t human if you date JM.
SH – we aren’t dating, we are just peeling meshil.
AR – just dump him! start a new life
SH – I want to kill him but…
DM – (kick)
AR – (kick)

Kanako was singing the clown song as she sat next to AR. This scene is pretty playful.

AR – I will just call you omma.
K – huh
AR – it is awkward, but I will call you omma. I saw your movie and it was really good, I am proud of you.
K – don’t watch those things…
K – all the men in Seosan liked me back then. He wasn’t handsome enough to talk to me.
AR – that’s good. So I have a rich mom now.
K – I did things my way forever but I failed 3 times and am under big debt, but I bought this business with a loan
AR – so it’s nothing..I wanted to have a cinderella story that changed my life. Why am I Namil? I am a girl.

Coach and KANAKO
Namil was her baby name when she was pregnant. Kanako and coach are talking and drinking. It looks like Aera was concieved at Namil Inn so that is why her name was Namil. She asks Coach if they should start a business together.

She is leaving a not on everyones door and telling them to have a handsome life and marriage. and if they have a free room to accept her back.

Very adorable posters are on teh wall with coach-nim and DM, they look almost like valentines posters. It looks like coach-nim and dongman are starting a business together, so they own the gym together now. Coach then says DM will only fight in the fighting season, but will train students later. Coach says they will see each other a lot, like maybe he will be her step-dad in the future, lol!!!!!

The fantastic four are drinking and talking about everything like preparing a new house for the wedding and DM and AR living together. DM isn’t preparing anything, they are just living together. Ar doesn’t know why she is marrying him.

DM – if I didn’t fight then you wouldn’t be an MC and SH wouldn’t be a business owner and JM wouldn’t be promoted.

GAMBAE!!! CHEERS!! They all cheer and start to talk again.


Aera wakes up in the morning on their namil bar.

AR – today is our marriage, why did we sleep here.
DM – you are uglier today
AR – we are not getting married today
JM – huh
SH – massage me
AR – so it’s not happening, it was all a dream!!!!!
DM – (kiss) yay, you are not awake yet. I am super happy to make fun of her my entire life.
AR – so today is my marriage? Why did we sleep here!!!!

Then they all turn to the camera


And it fades out.




Dialogue is from the Soompi FFMY forums
I’m happy that we have a happy ending and a wedding to celebrate. Too bad that we didn’t have the wedding scene. I feel the ending is a little bit rush and the final episodes are cramped, but I still feel happy.

I can’t promise that I can translate all the clips that are uploaded, but I will try my best as this is the final episode. We won’t see our fantastic four anymore 🙁

not 100% accurate

AR: Eat the porridge that I left in your fridge. You just need to heat it up
DM: How can you be so cool like this? We had only broke up 2 weeks ago but you can just talk to me as if nothing happened?
AR: Who says that nothing happened?
DM: I’m not cool at all about it. If I see you, whether it’s 2 weeks ago or now I still feel the same. When I see you, I want to hold your hands and bring you into my house. But then I remember we have broken up
AR: Can’t I just remind you to eat the food inside your fridge?
DM: Yeah, don’t do it. If you keep showing in front of me and talking to me, I don’t think I can hold back myself. That’s why, if you don’t want to start dating me again, don’t even talk to me (he left AR)
AR: That punk, why does he still stay the same after we broke up?

AR went to Lady Hwang house

LH: My goodness, why and what are you doing here?
AR: Why didn’t you give back my pot?
LH: Did you come because you want your pot back? Why would you come inside my house?
AR: There’s only that one big pot in my house
LH: So, do you want me to eat those too? Why would you bring that to me?
AR: But ahjumma, do you have a cancer?
LH: Why do you suddenly ask a question like that?
AR: You did the treatment so that it won’t relapse, right?
LH: My breast cancer is all gone. It’s all clean
AR: Well, good to hear it then
LH: Thanks. Aren’t you going down?
AR: Let me enjoy some cold air from the AC then I will go
LH: Do you think my house is a bank?

AR found a doll, the one she made when she was a child for her mother *flashback to her childhood days when she asked her dad where her mom was and he told her that her mother has gone to heaven*

AR stared at the doll. LH was suspicious that AR suddenly stayed silent. AR press the doll which had her child voice recorded *I love you I love you. Ae Ra loves mom*AR stared at LH in shocked
AR: Ahjumma, who are you? *she saw child pictures* Those pictures, the baby was me, right? *she started to walk away*
LH: *stop her* I can explain it all to you. I can explain why it turned out this way
AR: Something is strange. I was told that my mother has died, but it turns out that you are still alive and grow old well. Why?
LH: No, Ae Ra. I… I have never abandoned you
AR: Are you staying as this villa owner to look out for me? When I needed my mother, you weren’t there but now you are here and looking out for me. It’s unfair
LH: Because I missed you much
AR: Somehow it feels strange that I was abandoned. It’s enough for me to know that you are still alive. But, I just don’t want to see you *and she left the house*

DM tells AE to stay away from him if she’s not going to date him. AR takes more food up to the landlady.

(AR and DM, while DM is lifting boxes on staircase landing)
AR: The things I had put in the fridge for you, you should eat them. You just have to boil them and eat.
DM: Can you be so nonchalant about everything? It’s been two weeks since we broke up, and we can just chat?
AR: Who is saying we’re chatting?
DM: I’m not feeling cool about this at all. When I see you, whether it was two weeks ago or today, it’s the same. When I see you, I want to hold your hand and take you home with me. However, you told me that we had to break up.
AR: I can’t even tell you to eat the food in your fridge?
DM: Yes, don’t do it. If you hang around near me, and even talk to me, I won’t be able to restrain myself. So, if you’re not going to date me again, then don’t talk to me. (walks away)
AR: *sighs* That guy, how is it that we are broken up, and he’s still talking so bluntly (about what he wants to do with her). (walks to landlady house)

(AR at landlady’s house)
Lady Hwang: So suddenly. (walking back from door with AR behind her) What? Why?
AR: Why aren’t you returning my pot?
Lady Hwang: You’re here because you’re afraid that I’ll steal your pot? Why do you keep coming here as you please?
AR: That’s the only big pot we have in our apartment.
Lady Hwang: Hey. Are you expecting me to eat that? What are you thinking?
AR: Does ajumma perhaps…have cancer?
Lady Hwang: How can you just bluntly ask that?
AR: Unsuitably to you, it’s not a terminal cancer or anything, is it?
Lady Hwang: History of breast cancer, now clear. Entirely gone now.
AR: That’s a good thing.
Lady Hwang: Thanks. Aren’t you leaving?
AR: I just came. I’m going to feel some of your air conditioning, then I’ll go.
Lady Hwang: What? Is this a bank? (turns up the a/c)
AR notices the doll.

DM’s proposal.

(DM raises his championship belt. Then hands it over to his coach who raises it as well. Coach is teary.)
DM: Oh, this man. Again, his chin, chin, chin, chin, chin.
Reporter: In my assessment, I don’t think there is any athlete in this country who can touch athlete Ko Dong Man now.
(AR climbs into the ring next to DM.)
AR: Finally, after ten years have passed, we can say that he’s really won victory. How do you feel now, please give us a word. (holding mic to DM)
DM: Uh, yes. Uh, that I was able to use my weaker ground game to win was very satisfying. Uh. And, to everyone who cheered me on, I give my sincere thanks.
AR: A more detailed interview will be done in the studio. Athlete Ko Dong Man, I sincerely congratulate you. (tearing up)
(Everyone else leaves the ring, but DM grabs AR’s wrist to keep her from leaving.)
DM: Why are you crying again? Your nothing ex-boyfriend, you should care less whether he wins or loses. Why would you cry?
AR: I should have never dated you from the start.
DM: Ae Ra, I don’t think I can live without seeing you, but because I’m afraid that you’ll want to break up with me again, I don’t think I can even ask you to date me again.
AR: I should have listened to Seol Hee.
DM: So, let’s forget all about dating and breaking up, and just live with me.
AR: What?
DM: I said live with me.
AR: You want us to cohabitate?
DM: Yah. If you kiss, Day 1. If you want to live together, marriage. Marry me. I can’t live without you. It’s been that way for 20 years. Whether to never see you again or to see you every day, if I have to choose between the two, I just want to see you forever.
AR: Then what about MMA?
DM: You. You. You. You. You. It’s you. Even if I die, it’s you. Marry me. Hm?
AR: What’s the point of asking?
(DM hugs AR)

Could DM be any more swoony?
NM gets some evidence of his mother’s love. AR finds out about her mother.

(Coach gives NM Lady Hwang’s phone.)
NM: So, what in the world is in here? Money? What? Documents? Something like that?
Coach: You should be able to figure out the passcode.
NM: Yes?
Coach: She said it was her daughter and her son’s birthdays. It’s the will that sister made when she had cancer, she said.

(Later in the car, NM looks through the photos on the phone, seeing himself as well as AR)

(NM goes to AR)
NM: They say this is yours. Mom is giving it to you.
AR: I’m not accepting it. Whatever it is, I’m not curious and I don’t want to see it.
NM: Mom was by your side constantly for 30 years.
AR: What?
NM: It is the phone that she left because she wanted you to know that, so have a look. (hands AR the phone) I’m leaving.

(AR looks through the phone while riding a bus, calls her dad)
AR: Dad. I just saw something. What is this?
AR: What is this? (showing her dad the phone)
AR Dad: This isn’t all. Whether it’s the first day of school or graduation, athletic day, or picnic, whenever it was an event day, she would come find you. Even wearing sunglasses and a hat, she would just stand out even more. (handing the phone back) Your grandmother really did a lot of mean things.
AR: Then, it means that other than me, everyone else knew.
AR Dad: Don’t blame your mom too much. In Japan, when she would earn $10, she sent you $8. Later on, because of her business, she couldn’t send that to you. However, when you were growing up, you got a lot of money from her.
AR: What money? I never received money from mom.
AR Dad: Sometimes, I would sell only two bowls an entire day. How could I make enough to send you to university? And, are you that easy? Growing up, you caused a lot of accidents as well.
AR: What accidents did I cause?
AR Dad: When you were at university, while you were riding a scooter, you scratched up another car, didn’t you?
AR: That little thing. How can that even be called an accident?
AR Dad: And, in middle school, while you were playing with fireworks, you burned up that farm. They said it was 300 hectares or so. You were about to go to jail then, you.
AR: Stop with that now.
AR Dad: You’re a kid who cost several hundred of thousands of dollars. Several hundreds of thousands.


DM: Oh my, look at him, overacting like that
Man: Like we have said before, we would never see any other athlete like Go Dong Man

AR went inside the ring to interview DM
AR: It took 10 years for you to reach this stage and win the match. Please say something about what you feel right now
DM: Uh, yes. I feel happy that I can overcome my weakness for ground. To everyone who cheered up for me, I felt really thankful and thank you
AR: We will have a complete interview in studio later. Go Dong Man athlete, congratulations for your win

AR wanted to leave the ring but DM held her back

DM: Why are you crying again? Why would you cry whether your ex-bf win or not?
AR: We shouldn’t date at all
DM: Ae Ra. I can’t live without looking at you and I can’t ask you to date me because I afraid that we will break up again
AR: I should have listened to Seol Hee’s words
DM: That’s why, let’s just ignore the dating and breaking up period and live with me
AR: What?
DM: Live with me?
AR: Are you asking me to live in your place?
DM: Hey, if we kissed then it means we are dating. If I want to live with you, it means I want to marry you. Will you marry me? I can’t live without you. I have been like that for 20 years. If I have to choose whether I have to see or not seeing you at all, I will choose to see you forever
AR: Then what about MMA?
DM: You. I choose you. You. You. Even if I die, I would still choose you. Will you marry me?
AR: Why do you need to ask?

They hugged and the audiences cheer

LH: Who can stop them now?
AR’s dad: That punk. Why did he make AR cried?
DM’s dad: Punk? Why are you calling someone’s son punk?

SH: Why do you only hold my hands? Even back then during the world cup, you only held my hands. Anyway, you have to know that I have yet to forget you and I don’t have any thoughts to date you *JM kissed her* Aigoo. *hit him all over his body* Why did you kiss me? Why? Why?
JM: Even if you hit me until I die, I will be happy
SH: Geez
JM: Seol Hee, are you cursing silently? *she hit him again*

AR: It’s not small wedding at all but a big one? Why the groom didn’t prepare anything at all? Do you think marriage is a joke? You should have planed it
DM: Believe in oppa. I have my plan
AR: You shouldn’t have thinking hard. Your head isn’t for thinking
DM: Understood
*sound from JM’s place*
DM: What is that? Joo Man, are you peeling garlic?
AR: Why would he peel garlic? Wait, I think I’m familiar with this sound
DM: What is it now? What?
AR: Stand up and let’s go upstairs

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    July 11, 2017 / 10:46 am

    It was a happy ending! I’m super happy! Thank you for reading with us everyone!

  7. FFMY fan
    July 11, 2017 / 10:54 am

    Thank you so much! I have really loved these live recaps. I can’t even imagine how hard they must be. No need to change anything. I like them as they are now!

  8. Bubbyluvy
    July 11, 2017 / 11:36 am

    You two are seriously amazing. And to keep it up for all these episodes…it was my life’s blood! Thank you so much!

  9. Micro-Hulk
    July 11, 2017 / 12:06 pm

    Finally, our show has ended…. You worked really hard during this time, Admin. Thank you so much. It’s the best recap I have ever read. I want to meet you again, admin! Fighting for your page! I will visit here ever….^^

  10. V
    July 11, 2017 / 2:19 pm

    Thank you FFMY fan, Bubbyluvy, and Micro-Hulk! I will try to post some more updates as they come out. I’ll also try to post some more images and maybe some gifs.

  11. rnia93
    July 12, 2017 / 8:54 pm

    Thank you so much for all the live recap and other things about FFMY, I really thankful and appreciate this place a lot because I’m very much in love with this drama.. Here is very comfy place and lots of goodies, I followed you guys on IG too so that I could always remind to go here whenever you guys updating.. Thank You once again, and I hope you guys will still updating about FFMY stuff ?

    • V
      July 13, 2017 / 12:09 am

      We will! We plan on posting some shots from the party and maybe translating some of their closing comments! Probably not for a couple days though.

  12. rnia93
    July 13, 2017 / 4:07 am

    Thanks V! You two are the best..
    I’m overflowing with the feels right now seeing the casts and staff photos on IG heading to Jejudo.. So I’m high on mood and ready to typing my opinion based on watching and fangirling FFMY while it was still on going drama. In short,it’s an amazing experience to experience a very good drama once again, I drop every drama I currently watching that time and focus on FFMY but it was still very tiring and unbearable sometimes to have to waiting the next episode..

    The reason FFMY is amazing,… This will be a bit long, sorry in advance to take a lot space on comment section, the words just pouring out I can’t stop typing hahaha..

    Why is this drama have to be so relatable in many aspects of our ordinary life, with badass scripts and superb casts to deliver the lines and all the feels, I still feel all those exact feelings like the first time I watch no matter how many time I rewatched the episode ? why is this drama have all sort of that qualities and making me going through drama widrawal again..

    1. the casts, from the main to supporting, and the guests they are well chosen.. My ultimate pleasure is the casts for ChoiGo couple, they both are such a treat on the eyes and their height difference is adorable..excuse my preference, I have things with this kind height difference between couple.. And both are provenly versatile in acting.. (P.S who is this genius behind the decision to pick this combination, PSJ and KJW as DM and AR? Whoever you are, you deserve a Daesang for your keen eyes and hunch on casting department),they have amazing chemistry (even from the stills photos or their teaser back then, why so overflowing with chemistry, show? You ruin me with the feels). This drama will be a complete disaster if the leads AR-DM does not have great chemistry like PSJ-KJW to deliver their story as childhood turn lovers.. And will be unbearably painful if JM-SH doesn’t have the dynamic like AJH-SHY to portray the 6 years lover going through breaking up..

    2. The story has solid core, it is well written. I love the characters, humour,story flow, and the conflict! There is something about watching FFMY’s character struggle to find their footing to achieve their respective dream once they experience the “life’s happen” moment, ordinary life isn’t exactly dull but not full of rainbow at all times either, at least once in the lifetime we experience hardship..and it’s strange how soothing it might be to have that relatable moment on our life overcomed by the characters.. When we are laugh n cry with them, means we get involved, and once you got involved you are being invest with their story and willing to rooting until the very end..FFMY is that kind of romcom drama because they are doing it a great work to make the story of ordinary people that much relatable but still has something as it factor to continually spark viewer interest to follow through their journey else the drama doomed to fail in the middle for the lack of fantasy. Romcom is addictive because usually it sell the fantasy to entertain viewer, easily sold like pancakes when the hero or heroine or the story has that fantasy element where something literally ideal exists, fantasy is bound to gives us fluttery and dreamy feeling. Hence the drama about 4 ordinary people with just ordinary backgrounds and spec struggling, failing in life and falling in love with their friends could hardly succeed as Romcom without a solid story. FFMY doesn’t have character like Prince charming nor damsel in distress involved, no chaebol nor geniuses who will help you out of trouble, no extraordinary person with power, no dramatic coincidence,etc all of usual quality to satisfy the fantasy for its romance department like other Romcom. Instead they offering new kind definition of charming straightforward male character like DM, one of a kind strong crazy girl in town salt but sweet personality female character like AR, ordinary but kind and sweet guy male character like JM and one devoted sweetheart but tough when it required female character SH, the 4 create an unique dynamic for story premise the fourmance, the Bromance, the Sismance, and Romance of 2 different couple..The show doing their things “My Way” attitudes all the way to the end.

    3. The setting. It stick through the plot, they are 4 ordinary people, hence the show stay true to really depicted how ordinary people life is, from the ordinary lifestyle, ordinary fashion, ordinary neighbourhoods, ordinary job, all kind of ordinary in slice of life story of ordinary people.. They approach the story with dedication as real as possible.

    4. How the characters portray their love. Ordinary people with their love story. Very relatable. DM-AR is such a friendship goal.. And it is full of joy and humour seeing their comfortable ” just friends” life, but it’s a pleasure to watch their journey when they change themselves accordingly fit to be label as lover, the bickering still there fun as usual but DM completely change as dependable BF and AR change to become the girly girl in front of DM.. DM tease AR because she is the cutest thing in his eyes and AR able to become honest of her feeling to DM.. It’s very satisfying too to saw SH-JM unhealthy relationship end with SH standing up for herself and breaking up with him, but it’s such a great pleasure to watching the two change and finally get back together because they greatly love each other. It’s cute, sometimes painful to watch but it’s deliver the message clearly. No matter how and when,if 2 people are means to love each other for life, they will be together in the end. Sometimes we are too skeptical to believe it..

    5. The life leasons is everywhere and deliver beautifully.. The relationship between the parents and their kids all kinds of different dynamic but it’s all come from the same place: Parental Love, struggling between pursuing dream or making money, stay in comfort zone as friend or come forth to be lover, choosing the love of your life or career, stay true to your feelings or keep it down deep inside. All kind conversation with a punch lines and great acting to deliver the feelings to the max.

    6. The OSTs (especially Good Morning by Kassy in my case) is just perfect.. I’m still playing it on loop to overcome my withdrawal ???

    7. Happy Ending. No matter how relatable it is to real life but this is required for Romcom..and What’s the cherry on top for romance if not officially dating or getting married.. But FFMY keep us on toes all the time in their every episode cliffhanger ending.. I should have know better that the show will crazy enough to even pulling break up move 1 episode before finale (with so many to wrap up) and make us anxious whether it will end with happy not to exactly give us that (proposals for the weddings) It’s not perfect and feel rush and a bit pity, but that’s why it works the way it is, that “My Way” attitudes of this drama work the magic in the best way possible actually, pull the “everybody is a good people” card and tie all the loosen end with never-ending closing.. “My Way” all the way. Epic.

    Beside all that pleasure Kdrama addict like me feel for watching FFMY, I have a lot of wondering and reflected on things happen on my life till now through watching this drama, meaningful moment for me to become a year older tomorrow too, ..

    • V
      July 13, 2017 / 8:45 am

      OMG, I love all your feels!!!! Your thoughts are on point. I love it for so many of the same reasons. My #1 reason for loving FFMY was that they were normal people trying to make it. No Chaebols or Super evil people or any of that craziness. Just simple people and a simple story.

      I loved the OST and all the little songs they put throughout the show. They were so good. I had to buy a few of them on iTunes 🙂

      The only unlikely thing was the super happy ending, but I agree with you, that is pretty much a requirement in romantic comedies 🙂

  13. rnia93
    July 13, 2017 / 8:02 pm

    Yeah that super happy ending part maybe didn’t quite hit us hard as realistic as many other things this show has portrayal before to showing “this is how real life really work, you either happily accept it or just grit your teeth, suck it up and moving on”, but I learn that this show is pretty much consistent with “My Way” style and I’m very pleased with it..

    tbh isn’t we all agree that thankfully they always remember this drama is a Romcom, in so many ways they manage to turn any kind of accident, tention, bad things or unexpected cliffhanger with comedic relieved or with the least result damage as possible.. Actually with “My Way” attitude of doing things all or nothing savagely they can even make DM character end up with some kind disability just to remind the viewers even if you are the main characters for your story in life but unexpectedly good/bad things really can happens when you less expected it.. that will be a little sad twist n makjang for supposedly romcom drama. But what kind of rookie fighter for barely a month end up as lucky as DM without any permanent damage fighting against highly skilled fighter for many years from Brazil or even Taksu.. It is way more realistic if he end up in hospital for a good few weeks with broken ribs and legs.. but we will surely hate to see it. Screaming “Romcom?! my foot!! I didn’t sign up the drama for this sh*t!”

    For their efforts to stay out from that kind of plot, so we could always remember this drama as a feel good drama is very endearing for me.. The last time I’m so crazy about drama romcom (with additional label fantasy n drama), the writer manage to kill the female lead in the second half of finale episode (for a reason and stay true to the plot) and ending it with the couple reunion after the female lead reborn in her next life just because the male is kind of immortal…(i’m looking at you, Dokkaebi!??) super bittersweet ending but it’s kinda serve the original purpose and the writer just stay true to her original plot..Took me days to accept there is no happy ending that time. So I guess I have to be very grateful to FFMY after my previous drama because this time I did not fall in love with drama that has a bittersweet ending again..

  14. rnia93
    July 13, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    And can I talk about that barely 2 minutes epilogue on finale episode? Because I think the writer is simply nut job genius!

    I actually live streaming the finale episode, and very much left dissatisfied for a minute for a no final kiss in the last episode.. We have been pampered by a lots and many kind kiss scene from episode 10-14 so isn’t it a given for us to expect one final proper heart fluttering kiss? I practically left disappointed for a minute there when the camera pan out the night they drinking before marriage Oh well, that’s it? Ahrggg what kind of ending is that noooooooo ..?? (still unaware of what to come)

    Turns out there was still epilogue and I really didn’t expect anything mind blowing could happened because I still feel betrayed (excuse me for this thirsty-for-one-last-kiss, hahaha).. Well AR angry they are overslept But alas… What? DM called aera ugly and like that chwebaba or something? And AR said something like am I dreaming? And SH-JM said who’s going to wedding? Does AR has bf? my reaction there was “WHAT THE….. A’@*dfgjs is this ???!!!”
    For a few good second they got me there ?? until I saw DM mischievous look, Hah! They even manage to practically trying to trolling us (and Aera) in that very last minute finale epilogue into thinking all about marriage is just a dream when it is just kind of preview about DM-AR marriage life where DM will have a very fun life to tease AR all his life just because she is the cutest thing ever on his eyes! Going in for fast cheek kiss and little hug from DM and SH n JM there just sheepishly smiling looking at the two love bird while JM massaging SH…A total nut job, but brilliant surprise nevertheless..

    I’m Rotfl and lowkey cussing because cant believe the show got me again in the last minute.. But my dissatisfaction for no final kiss is gone.. it is not fair because I can’t even angry for the lack of kiss in finale after that little preview of that supposedly nut-job’s life (re: DM) who will have new hobby of teasing the ddorai (re:AR) for the rest of life, that’s so simply adorable and cute but it’s strangely satisfying, I hate myself to easily being pleased! All we know AR-DM would be late and a bit drunk to attend their own wedding, living up to their own motto of being a youth means to create trouble and that wedding isn’t even showing in the drama.. But they managed to give preview or clue of how JM-SH marriage’s life in the future can be in that good few second JM messaging SH. Theirs totally will be the-queen-of-house wife and never-demanding-never-complaining wife-lover husband

    Totally “My Way” style all the way to the end, a happy never-ending..

    Not only that, they even manage to throw another surprise in the 5 last seconds with sudden wave goodbye and thanks the viewer for watching while they are a few second before still in the character..I left dumbfounded for a while (what am I watching a while ago?) and start to LoL LoL..that was hectic n crazy 2 minute for me.. Very unusual but very hilarious.. Yup.. Okay, show, I admit defeat.. You Win!

    Now if I think bout it again, It is actually work the best because if we remember the series, we will only said the ending feel rush and it is a bit unfortunate we hope they extend the episode, but whatever it’s been a lot of fun and a very joy roler coaster ride while watching the drama and I feel good!

    • V
      July 14, 2017 / 7:45 am

      I liked the ending too. I think they put that “Was it all a dream” joke in the end epilogue because a lot of Korean people online were speculating that the writer would make the entire drama a dream in the end. So it was a joke to all those people who thought that.

      I also loved how they broke the 4th wall. That was a really sweet way to end the show 🙂

  15. rnia93
    July 14, 2017 / 9:51 am

    Ohh, the netizens did? So they keep a close tab on what theory circulating online, not only for monitoring the feedback to keep the tention high but also manage to pull out a joke of it and throw it on viewer face for a good last minutes? That’s just so savage, I love it ???

    • V
      July 14, 2017 / 10:33 am

      Yes, I think so!

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