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Fight for My Way Live Recap: Episode 14

Ssam my way live recap episode 14

Happy 4th of July Y’all! We already started partying, hence this post being super late today. But we’re awake now! Let’s find out what happens when Dong-man opens that closet door, shall we! Will all the family secrets pour right out? I have to know. Welcome to the live recap of episode 14 for Fight For My Way. Please make yourself at home, look around, and say hello. (Also, we might try to live recap Bride of the Water God after this finishes airing, but no promises. Since it is a holiday for us (in the States) we’re going to try and make it happen. If you see the post link pop up then that means we’re giving it a go.)

HOW IT WORKS: We will start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We will update scene-by-scene about every 10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. We try to catch as much as possible, but it goes by so fast so we might miss some things. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links. The recap starts at 10 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

UPDATES: There will be soooooo many updates at the bottom of the post (photos, gifs, previews, dialogue, etc), so come back to check them out throughout the week.

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SHORT HAND: D or DM = Dong-man | A or AR = Ae-ra | S or SH = Sul-hee | J or JM = Joo-man | C = Coach | H or HR = Hye-ran | T or TK = Tak-su | I or Intern = Ye-jin | O or Owner = The owner ajumma of Namil apartments, Kanako Hwang | N or NI – Namil, son of Kanako Hwang | TSC = Tak-su’s coach | M or TSM = Tak-su’s manager

——– = ~10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change


[Fixing typos — Updates are at the bottom]


There is a police car/ ambulance! What is going on? AR is in the background and coach-nim is there too. Aera is wearing black and white.

Caption – all the thunderstorms come when you are not prepared in life


They are looking at the closet and Dong-man is approaching the closet with the golf club. he sees the foot and he is going closer to the closet to open the door. AR yells.

AR – hey go dong-man, no one is there, just come out.
D – I saw someone!

AR pulls him out of the apartments

D – I saw 5 finger socks
R – That is her private life, I saw her putting on lipstick, why is she putting gon lipstick, boyfriend
D – Ahhhhhhh
R – So you would interfere
D – Ahhhhh
R – Have you seen PHR coming out of her apartment, I never saw her.

AR follows DM to his place.

D – Don’t come, you make it difficult for me
R – Why?
D – Man and women, just sleep, this is not GDM hardcore training

DM leave to go to his place and AR goes in as well (she knows the new password, lol)

Both men burst out of the closet and NI is wondering who they are.

NI – I am her only song, Kim Namil. The two days are looking at each other like, —what??????—-

Kanako Hwang takes the two men outside and talks to them.

K – I know why you are here
M1 – You were quiet until now, why are you doing this
K – I have been quiet? I have never been quiet. I have never been mom for all these years
M2 – You shouldn’t reveal it now
K – If anyone knows that someone is Hwang Bok-hee’s kid, is it still a big deal?

They are chilling at DMs place and AR is laying on his bed and he is sitting on the floor, they are watching TV. They are talking about Dong-man fighting again and then they hear some sound upstairs, they are wondering what this sound is. They are wondering if the ex is okay.

Cut to the ex-girlfriend, she looks super sick looking and she is looking at her mirror. She is clean faced and looks pretty sick. She is looking at a letter/note/document that looks like a notary document. Maybe divorce documents.

A1 – Do you want to see the kids
A2 – you have been stupid since you were little, what are you going to tell the kids?
A2 – I live in ——
A1 – you have a car to come here

They are basically arguing about what happened.


She looks at the young photo of herself.

Aera is going to the KBC interview but she doesn’t know why they hired her. She has a mini flashback to telling them that they don’t have a right to be mean to her.

D – was your dream announcer or microphone? I am your boyfriend and friend and long-time confidant, you are not an announcer

R – why are you telling me this?
D – crazy girls should fly
R – but announcers look major, I want to do something major
D – wherever you are is major, just follow your heart
R – but I am in the finals, I shouldn’t just give it up, that’s crazy

This is a major press conference and there are hundreds of photos going off and it is super big. They see the super fighter that is training DM and everyone goes crazy about that. TS is sad because all the pictures went to DM.

They do the weight in and DM is super shredded, TS is pretty skinny. They don’t really look like they are the same weight class, lol. They have an intense stare off.

She is on a super bus as she goes tot he interview. She has some yut (sweet snack for luck) and is in a contemplative move. Cut to the KBC position finals. Someone asks if Choi AR is there?


But she is at the ring announcer finals job! Not the KBC job! She got out of the bus and went to the ring announcer job. What Dong-man said is going through her head,

DM – whatever you love to do is major.

AR is doing her interview in the ring and telling them that if she doesn’t get this job then she will apply to the other one and they will have the honor of having the first woman ring announcer.

J – You are hired! You are spicy! You are hired! I have a mastered degree, but you don’t need a degree for this. You need spice!
J2 – but we already hired someone

In walks HR (argghgghghghghsdkhjsjk).

They are arguing about John Carlos and how he is training DM. TS is super mad about it. TSC said he is quitting. He saw DM’s talent, but TS pays him a lot. he said he became a thug trying to help TS so he can’t help TS anymore.

They are going back and forth about HR or AR. They want an audition for HR. The one who wants AR wants HR to do an audition. He said HR is super expensive. HR left. The owner is from the USA so he didn’t know who was more famous or anything and wanted an interview with HR. But HR didn’t want to do an interview so she left. It looks like AR got the job!!! It looks like HR doesn’t have a job because she is being blocked by her chaebol husband’s company. (on of the other judges told this to AR)

AR is outside waiting for the bus with AR. She is ignoring AR though and gets on the bus, but she doesn’t know how to ride the bus properly. Everyone is excited about having her on the bus, but HR is just looking out the window sadly. AR is looking online at all the gossip about HR. She is basically being hated online about being a girl who dropped her boyfriend for a rich man. HR is pretty poor now, she can’t even get her nails done.

They are sitting on the steps and talking about telling SH that they are dating. SH came and they both stood up. they have some small talk about food and SH wonders why they are outside. AR says, Yeah, let’s go.”

They are about to go inside without telling SH, but then DM grabs AR’s hand and tells SH

D – I will sleep with AR tonight. I need her to recharge me because I have a fight. Can I borrow her for one night?
SH – Okay, you can borrow her from me. (smiling) Go.


They are talking at the soondae truck and Kanako says she has something to say to him. She gives him a cell phone with a teddy bear. A very old cell phone and tells him to hold it (intense).

JM comes back home with some pears and a teddy bear and listens inside SH’s apartment and then he rang the bell and ran upstairs (ding dong ditch).

They are talking about the fight and winning and being nervous.

R – Are you nervous?
D – I am not going to lose because I spent 10 years to get this 15 minutes, so don’t worry
R – Dong-man, I will watch you without blinking, I will protect you.
D – A little girl always says she will protect me. Everything will be over after 15 minutes. When you open your eyes, I will be in front of you
R – I want to anesthetize you while you sleep, so you won’t wake up tomorrow
D – Don’t cry, I don’t want to lose because I don’t want you to cry
R – if I just like you then it is okay, but I really really love you so it is not okay.
D – You are super cool.

They kiss and it is very soft and nice, but DM stops.

D – Sorry, I love you a lot, but I can’t do it
R – So you love me so much so you want to just protect me?
D – (He lays her down on the bed and looks deeply in her eyes) no, I like you so much that I can’t stop tonight.

They kiss very deeply on the bed and she puts her arms around his back!

They are still in bed.

A – You are like some little doggy.
D – You just put me to sleep with anesthesia last night
R – Are you going to sleep, I will take care of coach-nim
D – I really liked you a lot recently, I never knew a human could love another woman this much


D – I love you 100times more today than yesterday
R – how can you be so honest?
D – missed this
R – Do you really like me more today?
D – yes, I like your belly and your arms and your miyukguk (seaweed) smell. (they cuddle)
R – why are you telling me that I smell like miyukguk

Then they leave and AR is about to go to her place, but she is scared to tell SH about it. DM said it is between women so she has to tell her. AR goes inside like nothing is different and says, wow, it is so hot. SH laughs, she senses what has happened.

SH – you waited for 20 years and now you had an accident (laughs)

DM comes inside JM’s place and JM is sloppy and sleeping on the floor with a bunch of liquor around.

DM – you cried
JM – I just yawned
DM – I have known you for 10 years but I now SH for 20 years, I am on SH’s side
JM – get out
DM – I don’t want to give her to you, but you are the best among other guys, so go down there and beg her
JM – to that house? AR is there…

They are eating but AR isn’t giving JM eggs and gave him stick chopsticks, not steel. Then SH sees something online and wants to know if it is voice fishing. Someone wants to buy her her drinks that she makes like mesh cha. It looks like a lot of people want to drink her drinks. They start talking about how much money she should charge. This part is pretty funny. SH says 70c? and everyone is like – ahhhhhhhhh, don’t sell it— they think it will cost more to mail it.

The ring judge says thank you so much for your cooperation to the bad PD.

They are talking about fighting. They are at the fight and AR is talking to DM before the fight. She is in her ring announcer outfit and he is in her t-shirt and shorts.

I – last week I drank with JM until 11
SH – don’t tell me
I – he told me that he only wants to be with you. If the richest person comes, then he will still be with SH, SH is prettier than Kim Tae Hee and looks like Lee Young-ae.

Flashback about their conversation with a drunk JM.

I – So because of you, he said no all the time.

Another flashback about JM saying no to the rich intern.

I – He told me, no, but I thought he was just saying it.
SH – What do you want to tell me.

The intern pulls out a present for her. SH looks at it and it is a cartoon that the intern drew of SH and the intern.

SH – Why did you make this?
I – I wanted to make myself feel good. I don’t want to be punished for ruining your life.
SH – Are you going somewhere?

Cut to the rich interns going away party. She is going to England. SH starts to cut the meat, but JM took it from her and start to cut it.

Man Intern – Sulhee-nim, when are you going to go there~ next time we should go there together. It’s fun to go there together
SH – Okay, if I have time
JM – Meat, meat
Man intern – I think I will die if I eat this
JM – just eat it.
MI – of course, you have a boyfriend right…
SH – you don’t know, I used to have a boyfriend, but we broke up
JM – waiter, I need more soju!!!!


Aera goes into the ring and introduces the fighters. Kanako Hwang is there and she is smiling brightly and AR. Dong-man comes in with his music.

C – DM it is not your last fight, it is your first fight, don’t go to ground
D – It took me 10 years, I will not fight with regrets.
C – (He nods to AR)

Nam-il to Kanako – Who is the real Nam-il? DM or AR?

TS comes in with his music.

The fight is about to start!

The waitress comes out with something and takes the charcoal out, but then someone bumps her and it flies in the air. JM runs and protects AR from the charcoal and gets burned himself.

They are fighting but it looks like TS knows how to block DM’s signature kick? He kicked DM’s lead leg or something. They have the end of the round and I think the manager told TS to go to the ground or something like that.

The next round and TS is trying to get DM to come to the ground. But DM doesn’t take the bait. TS pretends like he is rocked to go to the ground. The announcer says TS doesn’t want to fight on the feet and DM doesn’t want to go to the ground. TS is trying really hard to take DM to the ground and they are yelling at each other in the ring about it. TS said DM’s sister sits all the time so he doesn’t like ground. That made DM mad so he takes TS to the ground, and Coach-nim yells NOOOOOOOOOO. While going to the ground DM gets head butted by TS! But that is illegal! It was planned by the bad manager. DM has blood pouring out of his head.

AR kisses everywhere and says he will not get hurt where she kisses him because she is giving him a good talisman. She kisses him everywhere, even the forehead and they are super happy. But she didn’t kiss his eye.

DM’s eye is all bloody. It is the only spot she didn’t’ kiss. AR says that she can’t stand.

JM’s back hurts and they are sitting separately

The doctor wants to stop the fight but DM is yelling that he can fight. He yells that they shouldn’t stop the fight. He is yelling a lot that they shouldn’t stop it and that he can fight. He is freaking out. They make the fight a draw and he starts crying while he is yelling. He is saying they shouldn’t stop it and he will fight until the end and he is really breaking down in the ring. The bad PD is there and he is filming it. Kanako Hwang leaves.

NI – Umma, are you sad, by the was umma, when I call you umma, you don’t like it anymore. there are a lot of abandoned dogs around, but they were abandoned for one bad reason. Couples abandon their dogs when they have kids.
K – What are you trying to say? Don’t touch them.
NI – By the way Umma, where did you hide the flip phone?


Everyone is still there and DM is in the ring and sad. It is a bit of chaos, but then TS passes out! He has some blood from his nose.

DM comes out with a bloody eye and coach yells at him.

C – follow me you jashik, let’s go to the hospital.

AR is looking at him but she is piiiiiiiissssed. She walks away and then DM grabs her and hugs her.

R – Coach said no ground and to tap!!!
D – I’m sorry, I’m not that injured (but he has a huge headache and a ringing in his ears he can’t hear her.)
R – I don’t want to see you getting hit, I can’t….

DM is going really weird and he can’t hear and he is looking at her strangely and hitting his head, it looks like he can’t hear anything. He is freaking out and saying, why are you speaking like that?

D – why don’t you speak up!!! WHY DON’T YOU SPEAK UP!!!! WHY WHY WHY IS EVERYTHING SO QUIET.

Voice over: the world sunk after the storm

Warning 15: We have to keep under 15 (younger age people) safe. Se we don’t show that bad scenes. (maybe a joke about AR and DM’s night together)

No preview


Watch Link: On Demand Korea

Dialogue Updates
From the Soompi Forums
(they work super hard over there!)
So, kisses every episode it is. DM and AR talking on the bed, then leading to passionate kisses.

(AR and DM are sitting on the bed talking)
AR: Dong Man, during the 15 minutes that you’re fighting, I’m not going to flinch once and just continue to watch you. I’m going to be right below the octagon, and so that nothing happens to you, I’m going to watch over you.
DM: Pea-sized kid that you are, why are you always saying that you’ll watch over me? Whatever you do, exactly 15 minutes later, fight is finished. When you open your eyes, I’ll be just in front of you.
AR: The way I feel actually…actually…so that you can’t get up tomorrow morning, I want to shoot you with a tranquilizer gun… (crying)
DM: (holding AR) Please stop crying. Because I’m afraid that you’ll start wailing, I’m not going to lose. (hugs her)
AR: I also, if you were just any good guy, then I would have tried to cooly tell you to go for it, but it’s not that I like you just a regular amount, I really…really like you a scary amount. So how can I do that? How can I tell you to do it?
DM: How can you just suddenly confess like that? And, in such a darn cute way. Really. (kisses AR, then lets go and sits apart) I’m sorry, but because I like you too much, I don’t think I can do it.
AR: Because you love me so much, you’re going to try to protect me?
DM: No. Because I like you so much, I don’t think I can stop. (AR just looks at him and slips down a bit on the bed. DM goes back to her and kisses her again passionately)

Ack. So, this is the cliffhanger for the episode? After the fight.

(DM walks outside the arena where Coach and AR wait for him.)
Coach: Follow me, bastard, so you can go to the hospital. (walking away)
(DM looks at AR who just walks away. DM goes after her, and holds her.)
DM: You were shocked, weren’t you? I’m sorry.
AR: (pushes away) I told you to tap, didn’t I? Coach said not to go to the ground, didn’t he?
DM: I said I’m okay.
AR: If you’re just going to do everything your way, then why date me? Why did you say that you loved me?
DM: I’m sorry. I was wrong. However, I wasn’t hurt very much, so it’s okay, isn’t it? (DM’s ear rings)
AR: Didn’t you see Kim Tak Su being carried out? Can’t you just not do this?! You’re really being too cruel to me, aren’t you? (DM’s hearing is going) Dating you, anyway I look at it, I don’t think I can do it…(DM’s hearing is near gone.) If you continue to do this, I’m not dating you…
DM: Ae Ra. Ae Ra! (starts hitting his head)
AR: (grabs his hands) Why are you doing this?
DM: You. Why are you …speaking like that?
AR: What?
DM: Why aren’t you speaking up?! Why isn’t anything making any sounds?! (crying) Why?! Why?! Why is everything quiet?! Why?! Why?!
DM voiceover: The storm had passed, and everything has shut off.

not 100% accurate

AR: Hey Go Dong Man!
DM: You scared me! I told you to be quiet
AR: Who do you think will come out from there? Stop it and come with me
DM: But… but

DM: Whoa… whoa… I’m sure there’s someone inside that closet. I saw someone’s foot with socks
AR: Why are you so ignorant?
DM: What do you mean?
AR: You almost intruding her private life
DM: What?
AR: That ahjumma has put on something on her lips. Why would she put it on when she only stay at home? It must be because her lover
DM: Ah…
AR: So why are you so ignorant and acted like that?
DM: So she put something on her lips. Whoa this must be something that woman does
AR: By the way, have you seen PHR come outside? I have never seen her outside
DM: Why would you care about her? Go inside *she follow after him* Why? Why are you following me? From now on, don’t come to my house. It’s tiring me
AR: Why? People will thing that I was doing, you know, that make you tired
DM: You did make me tired. Do you think my house is a barrack? How can man and woman (stay together) Why? Until when? Do you think my house is a boot camp for Go Dong Man or what? Go to your room and sleep *go inside and close the door. AR follow him immediately* (DM must hold back himself to not do anything naughty every time AR sleepover at his house XD )

AR: I mean, what should we tell to Seol Hee? It’s not like I don’t have my own room and this is also not my first or second time to sleep outside
DM: Tomorrow is my match, should I sleep alone? Are you not going to recharge me?
AR: Should we tell her?
DM: Do you want to?
AR: You are a coward, aren’t you?
DM: To be honest, you are braver than I am
AR: You are just still like an immature child
DM: You aren’t supposed to call your boyfriend like that
AR: Is it plum?
SH: No, it’s peach
AR: Nowadays I like to eat plum so I think you buy it
SH: I told you that it is peach. But what are you guys doing outside?
AR: I’m going inside now. Let’s go

DM: Seol…
SH: Yeah?
DM: I want to sleep with Ae Ra tonight. Tomorrow is my match. I need Ae Ra to recharge my spirit, so please let me borrow her for one day
AR: Well, Seol you know…
SH: I will let borrow her. Take her with you

AR: Dong Man, every minutes during your 15 minutes fight, I won’t close my eyes and will be watching you. I will be there near the octagon, and I will protect you and make sure that nothing will happen to you
DM: Why this small child always talks that she wants to protect me? Whatever you do, it will end in 15 minutes. When you open your eyes, I will be in front of you
AR: What my hearts really want to do is… that to make you won’t be able to stand up for tomorrow, I really want to shoot you myself while you sleep
DM: Stop crying. I told you that I won’t lose
AR: To me, you aren’t just a normal guy. I don’t just like you but I like you so much. So what do you want me to do? What should I do?
DM: Why do you suddenly make a confession? You are look very cute *kissed her*
DM: I’m sorry but because I like you so much, I don’t think I can’t do it anymore
AR: Are you going to let me to protect you because you love me so much?
DM: No. Because I like you so much, today I don’t think I can stop

Heartbreaking scene of TS’ deliberate head butting foul that leads to DM’s injury. Even more poignant given the happy scene of AR and DM the night before the fight.

(DM and TS are fighting. TS puts DM into a clench to try to take him down.)
Coach: Dong Man, don’t do it!
(DM and TS go to the ground where TS head butts DM. Btw, intentional head butts are illegal in MMA fighting.)

(Flashback of TS and Manager conversation)
TS Manager: The thing about headbutting is that if you do it just right, you can completely take the opponent out. Just in case, if you start losing, just headbutt him. At least, let’s do it and see.
TS: Aish
TS Manager: If you do and finish the fight; then what comes after, I’ll take care of it.
(End flashback)

(AR is horrified, watching bloody DM. Flashback AR and DM sitting on the floor, cuddling, eating, and watching tv.)
DM: Ah (feeding AR)
AR: Ah
(AR kisses DM’s hand, then knee.)
AR: Where else could you possibly get hurt?
DM: What are you doing?
AR: Talismans. So that you won’t get hit wherever I kiss. So that you won’t get hurt. (goes to kiss his ear, but is stopped by DM)
DM: Ouch. My ear already hurts.
AR: Then… (kisses his eye) Don’t get hit in the eye either.
DM: (chuckles) Here. (points near the corner of his mouth)
AR: Here also? (kisses him there)
DM: Here, too. Here, too. (pointing to his forehead)
AR: Here, too? (kisses his forehead)
DM: Here, too. Here, too. (pointing to his lips)
AR: There as well?
DM: I think I’m going to get hit there. (AR kisses him on the lips.)
(End flashback.)

(Horrified AR watches bloody DM.)
AR Voiceover: I couldn’t take even one step forward.

(SH and JM at a bus stop. Bus comes, and they get on.)
JM: Two people. (paying for both of them automatically, then stops realizing what he had done)
(SH, JM sit in different seats. JM reacts in pain at a sudden stop of the bus.)

(DM is being looked at by the doctor in the ring.)
Doctor: It looks serious.
DM: (to Coach) Coach, I’m fine. (to doctor) I’m really fine. I said I’m okay. Don’t stop the match! I can fight! I’m going to fight! Coach, tell them not to do it.
(Doctor calls off the match. Match is ended.)
DM: Tell them not to do it. Tell them not to stop the match. Don’t let them stop it. I can fight!
Announcer: This fight, in the first round in 2 minute and 17 seconds, because of Athlete Ko Dong Man’s condition, according to the doctor, will be recorded as a no contest.
DM: (crying and screaming) I said I can do it! I said I’ll do it until the end no matter what! Why?! I said I can do it, so why?! Tell them not to stop it! They can’t! They can’t!


DC Inside
(Had to remove these because the site was taking forever to load)

from @jeonghyang on Soompi!

DC Inside
(Had to delete these because the site was taking forever to load)

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