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Fight For My Way Live Recap: Episode 12

Ssam My Way Live Recap Episode 12

Will Ae-ra take Dong-man up on his offer to spend the night? Let’s find out! Welcome to the live recap of episode 12 for Fight For My Way, we are happy to have you here. Please make yourself at home, look around, and say hello. Definitely overlook typos and errors, we will fix them when the episode finishes airing. We try to catch as much as possible, but it goes by so fast so we might miss some things. A Full recap will come later with all the Easter eggs, shooting locations, music, pop-culture, and other little nuances.

HOW IT WORKS: We will start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We will update scene-by-scene about every 10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links. The recap starts at 10 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

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SHORT HAND: D or DM = Dong-man | A or AR = Ae-ra | S or SH = Sul-hee | J or JM = Joo-man | C = Coach | H or HR = Hye-ran | T or TK = Tak-su | I or Intern = Ye-jin | O or Owner = The owner ajumma of Namil apartments, Kanako Hwang | N or NI – Namil, son of Kanako Hwang | TSC = Tak-su’s coach | M or TSM = Tak-su’s manager

——– = ~10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change


[COMPLETED – Updates are at the end!]


They are back at Namil Bar and Dong-man is telling Ae-ra how much he likes her and how he drives her crazy. Ae-ra tells him that she always like him. Dong-man tells her if it’s all or nothing, let’s do all, tonight, would you like to sleep at the place in front of your place? It fades out

Joo-man is helping the intern carry all of her boxes inside and one drops on his toe, it looks bad it’s bleeding and everything. Now the doorbell rang and her mom is there.

Dong-man and Ae-ra left the Namil bar and Owner and Son saw them!! Now they are interrogating them about it. Owner is saying that they can enjoy themselves when they are young but you play like young people who are honest, but you have to go back to your own room. Ae-ra is super annoyed.

Ae-ra – We kissed all the time up there!

Joo-man is hiding in the closet. Intern wants him to hide there but he wants to come out. She tells him to just hide in the closet and closes the door. Umma comes in and immediately turns on the TV. She said she has to watch the TV show. The Intern is holding Joo-man’s shoes to hide them.

Ae-ra and Dong-man are walking back to their places and Owner Ajumma and Nam-il are walking down with them. Owner Ajumma and Nam-il confront them and then Ae-ra whispers in Dong-man’s ears and goes to her door.

Owner Ajumma – You, you just said you are going to wash and go back right. I know what you think.
Ae-ra – When someone says no, then I really want to do it.
Owner Ajumma – What do you want to do?
Ae-ra – You are pushing us to do things.

Dong-man goes into his place and a MacGyver song is playing. Dong-man takes off his jacket and changes his password (maybe to Ae-ra’s birthday?). Ae-ra is getting all her sexy clothes out. Dong-man is making his bed level so it won’t make noises and sprays some Febreeze on the bed and his body. His doorbell rings. He rushes out and opens it then walks back kind of sad. Ae-ra comes in. They are super awkward and quiet.

They are sitting in the dark on Dong-man’s bed and drinking soju without any side dishes. They don’t know what to do. Ae-ra is trying to make a move and they kind of kiss, but then they don’t kiss.

Dong-man – That is not my mouth.
Ae-ra – (coughing)
Dong-man – Do you like kissing between the nose and lips?
Ae-ra – you should stick your lips out
Ae-ra – (her stomach growls)
Dong-man – As you said, I am like a little boy, but we are dating now and we are here together, I don’t want to be a man with manners in front of you. But this is not homework. Without this kind of turning point, you are not some ugly man to me. You are a pretty woman and I want to hug you all night. Tell your sensitive stomach to calm down.
Ae-ra – Think these things, don’t say them.

He cuddles with her on the bed and they back hug cuddle on the bed. She turns to face him and they cuddle and start to sleep.

Ae-ra – Hey, you look like you are almost dead.
Dong-man – Do you need to pass gas?
Ae-ra – I can’t breathe anymore, I am about to die, my heart is pumping out of my chest.


It looks like it is a lot later in the night. Interns mom is asleep and The intern goes into the closet to look for Joo-man. Joo-man has fallen asleep in the closet with his bloody toe. Someone is calling. Sul-hee is calling Joo-man’s phone, but he isn’t picking it up. The intern picks it up.

Dong-man and Ae-ra are still cuddling in the morning and someone is knocking at the door.

Sul-hee – Ae-ra, are you here???

They are frozen and start to hide all the soju. Sul-hee goes inside and Ae-ra is putting water in the cereal. Sul-hee is crying.

Ae-ra – Why are you crying?
Sul-hee – Joo-man didn’t come home last night.

I think they move locations to Ae-ra and Sul-hee’s place and Ae-ra is grabbing something that is sturdy. It looks like a plunger?

Dong-man – Why do you have this here, are you going to hit someone?
Ae-ra – Why, I am not going to hit someone, just go to the gym.

It looks like Ae-ra wants to go to the intern’s house and beat her with it. Coach calls Dong-man and tells him to go to the gym. Dong-man tells them to not make any trouble. Ae-ra grabs Sul-hee and pulls her out. Ae-ra yells at Sul-hee to not let things go this far and Sul-hee said she was scared to bring it up before because she didn’t have confidence to win. Ae-ra tells her that she is okay, she knows him for 6 years. Sul-hee says that they became a little cold but Joo-man has some fire with the other woman. Ae-ra said she is going to just kill Joo-man. They go to the Interns house and it is some super huge high-rise condo.

Ae-ra – Just call that B**.
Sul-hee – No, it hurts my pride.


Tak-su is wearing a suit and talking to his manager.

Tak-su – Do we really have to do this?
Manager – People will know your story soon so just release it.
Tak-su – I didn’t do the press conference ten years ago…
Manager – doing it now will make you sympathetic.

They are inside the intern’s place and Joo-man is finally waking up. He is disoriented and he doesn’t really know where he is. But then it all starts to come back to him. His phone was ringing but then it stops. The intern is telling Joo-man some lies about last night.

Ae-ra and Sul-hee are outside the building and Sul-hee is saying that Joo-man is not picking up his phone. Ae-ra keeps telling her to just kick him out and find your own dream but Sul-hee doesn’t know what her dream is.

Inside the apartment, Joo-man is yelling at the Intern about all her lies. That he didn’t drink or anything that she is saying. The intern is saying that he hugged her and turned off the light. Joo-man has 42 missed calls

Outside Sul-hee is saying that she had a dream since she was 6 years old until now. Ae-ra wanted to hold microphone but Sul-hee had a quiet dream. Her dream was to be a Mama, her dream is to be a Mother. She always played Mom and wife whenever they played as little kids. She just wanted to marry him and have kids. Ae-ra said that isn’t a dream. Sul-hee said why do you always have to improve yourself, I just want to live for my family, I don’t want to have my own dream. Ae-ra said to find another man, but Sul-hee said Joo-man isn’t just a man, he is her entire world and she just wants to go home and cry.

Joo-man is leaving and Ae-ra and Joo-man see him and they are confronting him about coming out of this building.

Joo-man – I just slept here…
Ae-ra – You just slept here?
Joo-man – Nothing happened
Intern – Here is your sock!…..(she sees everyone) you left your sock here
Sul-hee – Why did you take off your sock, why did you just sleep, but you took off your sock?
Joo-man – I didn’t do anything…
Ae-ra – If you did it then it is a mistake, if not then it passed.
Sul-hee – It doesn’t matter if you slept or not, it is the same, you killed me every second all night.
Joo-man – Sul-hee, please…
Sul-hee – Let’s break up (Sul-hee looks so destroyed).
Ae-ra’s voice over – Sul-hee’s world collapsed.

He is telling all these lies about what happened 10 years ago. He is saying he gave Dong-man money to be nice, but it just became bribery money on accident. Kind of like Dong-man made it into bribery money to make Tak-su look bad.

Coach is telling Dong-man to not fight Tak-su. Dong-man said he won’t fight him, he will fight him next season after he gets better and becomes a better fighter. Dong-man said Tak-su thinks he is stupid, but he isn’t some tiny tiger, he is a full-sized tiger.

They are sitting on a bench and Ae-ra is trying to comfort Sul-hee.

Ae-ra – When you told me your dream was to be a mom, you were to coolest. Actually, being a mom is the coolest job.

Flashback about Sul-hee taking care of Ae-ra as a child. She would go to Ae-ra house early in the morning and make Ae-ra look presentable and do girly things. Sul-hee would go to their house 1 hour early and play with Ae-ra with her beautiful heart. (This scene is so touching). Sul-hee was like an ocean to Ae-ra.

Grocery store.

Dong-man – Joo-man just slept?
Ae-ra – It doesn’t matter if he slept or not.

They are arguing about the importance of just sleeping together or SLEEPING together and they bring up Hy-ran and Moo-bin. How would Dong-man feel if she just slept over at Moo-bin’s? Dong-man is all like, “*%!$*”

Now they are walking outside and Ae-ra is telling Dong-man not to fight Tak-su. Dong-man is telling Ae-ra that he will just win. Ae-ra is telling him that she loves him a lot and if someone shoots him 3 times then she will take 2 of the bullets, it is true so she won’t carry everything from him, but if he has 3 hardships then she will take 2.

Dong-man – You are a really nice girl.
Ae-ra – Because I love you this much, so can’t you just stop fighting.
Dong-man – I don’t want you to protect me, I will be a very strong guy and no one will touch Dong-man’s girl.



Appa came and Dong-man picked him up. Appa goes to Dong-man’s house and is looking around and criticizing everything. He is criticizing all of DMs things and yelling at him about his house. He is telling him all sorts of things about having a job and working hard and all those things and pointing his finger at Dong-man and yelling. Dong-man said appa never paid for his school or anything so stop yelling at him. Dong-man said he doesn’t want to have kids because he doesn’t want his son to think that he lives like this because of his father. They stop talking and Dong-man is pissed.

Joo-man is sad and crying at his place. Sul-hee ordered some nice products for Joo-man and that made Joo-man even sadder. The doorbell rings, it is Sul-hee. Sul-hee is still wearing the clothes from before and tells Joo-man to pack her things. Joo-man is saying it was a mistake and Sul-hee is saying it wasn’t a mistake. She was dying every night when she heard the cell phone ringing, she knew he was talking to the intern and she couldn’t take it. He decided to do these things. He let her hand go, not the other way around. Sul-hee is saying that he thought she would wait for him forever, but she is not going to do that anymore. He betrayed her. Joo-man is wondering why she is like this, why is she being so cold. Sul-hee said she never told him to separate from her and she tried her best to be with him so she doesn’t have any regrets, the regret is for him to have and to just take all her things from his place. She goes back to her place and Joo-man cries.

Sul-hee is cleaning and the lights go out. Ae-ra turned off the lights and gave Sul-hee a birthday cake. It is a little cake with one candle. Ae-ra said congratulations on your first day of independence. Sul-hee is saying not to do something like this because it is hard to blow out the candle. She is super sad and starts to cry over Joo-man.

Ae-ra – How can Joo-man do this to you.
Sul-hee – Joo-man cried a lot. (Sul-hee is crying a lot).

They are drinking at his place. Dong-man wants to know why Joo-man did that, he isn’t that type of person and he really loves Sul-hee. Dong-man tells Joo-man not to pour his own Soju and Dong-man pours the soju for him. They drink together while sitting on the floor in front of Joo-man’s bed.

Dong-man takes out some trash and then gets a phone call. It is his Mom.

Mom – Appa spent over $100 at a drinking place. He doesn’t normally do those things.
Dong-man – Can you text me the store name?

Dong-man goes to the store and sees some drunk people. He hides. Appa is helping some super drunk person who looks rich and the drunk person is talking about something to Appa. It looks like Appa paid for this drunk persons bill. The drunk guys is saying some annoying things about working for him and stuff and all the things appa has to do because appa isn’t corrupt or anything and all those things. Appa just has to bow his head and take it. Dong-man is thinking about his old boss mistreating him while he looks at his appa. Dong-man wants to cry while watching his appa enduring all this humiliation.

Appa is walking home with a plastic bag and Dong-man is walking behind him. Dong-man said appa never walked with his family members, he always walked in front so he could get their seats and take care of everything for them and make sure Dong-man could sit in the seat.

Appa runs Dong-man to a clinic with a high fever and yells to call the doctor.

Back to the present and Dong-man is trying not to cry too much. He yells to get his appa’s attention and wants to know if appa will want to drink some soju with him. Dong-man takes appa with him with all the bottles and they go to the Namil Bar. Appa is like, where are we going? What are you doing? Are you crazy? They go upstairs to the Namil bar. This is a big adventure to appa. While walking there Appa sees a wine top or something on the floor.


Appa is wondering why they are there and Dong-man just tells him to sit and relax. Appa is having a hard time relaxing, but Dong-man tells him to just relax. Appa finally starts to relax and they ding their bottles and start to drink.

Dong-man – Appa, what is your dream?
Appa – I don’t have one
Dong-man – You used to have one? Just tell me
Appa – I wanted to be a pilot. After watching a movie, I wanted to be a pilot.
Dong-man – Wow, that is a good dream.
Appa – I didn’t have money to go to the Airforce Academy so you guys are my dream now.
Dong-man – Father, I thought you were just appa from the beginning, it is kind of weird that you had a dream before, I feel sorry about that.
Appa – My cup is empty, just fill it up. I raised you with all my effort and you are just now filling up my cup
Dong-man – I can’t make you a pilot, but I will fly you in first class!
Appa – (he’s happy)

Ae-ra shows up and smiles super big to appa and appa is very happy to see Ae-ra.

Dong-man – You should smile like that to see me.
Appa – You two, still no dating…
Ae-ra – (coughing)
Dong-man – What did we do?
Appa – You and Sul-hee and Ae-ra…..Sul-hee is the best

Dong-man is taking appa to his gym and looks at the warehouse looking place with apprehension.

Appa – What is this place?
Dong-man – I work here.
Coach-nim – I made Dong-man do it.

Appa goes inside and sees all of Dong-man’s pictures on the wall. Appa decides to just leave.

Appa – Oh, yeah, you are wearing sweats to come here every day
Dong-man – I don’t have a regular job now, but if you trust me
Appa – I didn’t live like this, I worked early in the morning till late at night
Dong-man – I know you worked hard…
Appa – Don’t live like me.
Dong-man – What?

Appa – If you lived like me, then I think I would hate it. I can’t be a pilot now, but you can do something big. You can have an accident.
Dong-man – Really? Should I really live the way I want to live?
Appa – I think I was a stupid guy because I didn’t do what I wanted to.
Dong-man – …..
Appa – Because of me, you had to carry all the burden of our family and you didn’t fly and you carried all the family burden and it made me unhappy.
Dong-man – Just be quiet…
Appa – When I see you doing this, it makes me so happy, my heart is pumping
Dong-man – I didn’t give up my dream because of you…
Appa – Dong-man you are not a poor person, I can keep making money for 20 years, you can do what you want to and I will take care of you. You are young, just try and have a life as you want!


She is talking on the phone and trying not to cry. She tells the customer to have a good day and the customer tells her, “Eunnie, you have a good day too!” which makes Sul-hee cry even more.

Oh, no, Sul-hee meets with the Intern. The Intern is sorry about everything that happened. Sul-hee said you can just date him, we are not married. OMG, SHE THROWS WATER ON HER. Sul-hee is super cool now, she is so calm and telling the intern that she shouldn’t be this way, she should be in her position (she should see things from Sul-hee’s perspective) so she won’t be this way.

(Sul-hee’s voice-over and montage of all of Sul-hee and Joo-man’s happy moments)
Sul-hee – Joo-man really loved me. Joo-man is just a little feeling to you, but Joo-man really loved me like crazy, when I was young and pretty like you, we spent all of our time together and Joo-man remembers everything. If you date Joo-man then all those memories will haunt you forever. I really wish that upon you.

She gets up really coolly and walks out. Wow, Sul-hee really changed.

Appa is waiting for Dong-man and then Dong-man runs up and gives appa a black bag. Appa gets on the bus and Dong-man waves at him but appa didn’t look at him. Then appa turns and looks at him. Appa opens the bag and inside are cosmetics for his Mom and money for Appa. Appa is super happy. He says, who is he looking after?

Appa cleaned up Dong-man’s house and Dong-man is wondering how appa could clean it all. Then he sees money, appa left Dong-man the exact amount of money. He told him to buy a new chair because the one he has in all broken. Dong-man says the same remark Appa said on the bus about not having sense. They are so alike.

Dong-man is talking to Coach and he is saying that he has been thinking about the incident 10 years ago and thinking about Tak-su is really making him sick. It really is heavy on him. He can’t wait. He can’t just wait. He wants to do things his way. He wants to just kill Tak-su. Let’s break free from our time 10 years ago. Let’s EXPLODE. Coach is telling him, yes! Let’s do it! Let’s really take him out!

Dong-man runs and runs and then runs into Ae-ra. Ae-ra is wondering why he is so excited. Dong-man tells her that he is going to fight Tak-su, it doesn’t matter if he wins or loses, he will just enjoy it. No one can win over someone who enjoys what they are doing and he is going to enjoy his youth and that is why he ran right to her. He will not grow up. He will be a young immature boy. He wants to reveal what he wants to do, so he is going to do it now.

Dong-man – I love you. I really love you. I love you Ae-ra. I am going crazy. I really love you (they hug).
Ae-ra – Me too. I also love you, you little boy.

They are looking at each other and kind of talking and Dong-man is having a hard time saying something and then he yells…



Ajumma is on the Namil bar area where the stairs are and then she sees someone coming in and she hides. But the whiskey top fell and that is what appa saw at the Namil bar, but then he continues up to the actual Namil bar.

Ajumma sees him and says…. “Oppa, Hyung-shil oppaya…”

No preview
*Update* (Thank you Mr. Penguin!)

A post shared by HanLam (@hanlam1210) on

TS – is it true that only Hwangjang ho (Coach-nim) is at Dong-man’s gym right? Are you setting things up now?
AR – Kim Tak-su is not just a regular thug
DM – Do you think that I am that bad that I can’t even compete against him?
AR – If you really fight him then I won’t see you anymore.
Boss? – Wake up, how can you make this basic mistake, where is your mind?
DM – Does he try to speak to you? (Is he interested in you)
AR – His gaze is on me~
NI – Hop in.
AR – Why?
NI – Because I am interested in you.

Wow, I loved this episode soooooo much. I love how Sul-hee was so badass in her way. I love how Ae-ra was so forward yet still nervous and Dong-man recognized that and told her they should just sleep and cuddle instead. I love how Dong-man’s appa told his son to just do what he loves and I love how Dong-man took that to heart. Ah, I just loved everything.

On demand Korea episode 12 is up here.



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