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Fight For My Way Live Recap: Episode 11

Ssam My Way Live recap episode 11
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They finally kissed! Now what? Friend language is over – lover language BEGINS (Game Of Thrones voice). Welcome to the live recap of episode 11 for Fight For My Way, we are happy to have you here. Please make yourself at home, look around, and say hello. Definitely overlook typos and errors, we will fix them when the episode finishes airing. We try to catch as much as possible, but it goes by so fast so we might miss some things. A Full recap will come later with all the Easter eggs, shooting locations, music, pop-culture, and other little nuances.

HOW IT WORKS: We will start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We will update scene-by-scene about every 10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links. The recap starts at 10 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

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SHORT HAND: DM = Dong-man | AR = Ae-ra | SH = Sul-hee | JM = Joo-man | C = Coach | HR = Hye-ran | TK = Tak-su | YJ or Intern = Ye-jin | O or Owner = The owner ajumma of Namil apartments, Kanako Hwang

——– = ~10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change



We are at the moment from the last episode when they kissed.

Dong-man – I am not going to let you go anymore, let’s stop detouring, stand strong, we already kissed, I don’t know some or whatever, when we kiss, that means it is the first day, let’s date. Let’s date, let’s date. Because we are dating, I am going to do it again.
Ae-ra – Huh?
Dong-man – I want to do it again.

He kisses her and she closes her eyes as they kiss and she puts her hands on his waste. It fades out.

They are both sitting on the sand and looking at the ocean. Some firecrackers are going off near them.

Dong-man – They should stop shooting firecrackers, they are doing it to appeal to women.
Ae-ra – Why are you all impulsive all the time?
Dong-man – It wasn’t impulsive, it’s been a long time since I only saw your lips.
Ae-ra – Is it really day 1?
Dong-man – Using kiss among friends is illegal, it’s not good, so don’t ever date anyone else and don’t sit next to a guy on a bus. Don’t think of other guys, especially your first love wrist guy.
Ae-ra – It’s all you.
Dong-man – What, what?
Ae-ra – My first love, my first crush for 20 years, that thug, was you.
Dong-man – (cough, cough)
Ae-ra – You are like some acne on my face (she shows him the pimple), sometimes it hurt, sometimes it doesn’t hurt, sometimes it goes away, sometimes it comes back, you were like that for 20 years.
Dong-man – That’s me? (nervous) If you like someone you look like you can just kidnap them.
Ae-ra – Stop guy-friend stuff, we even kissed, so if you become like a male friend again, then I can’t stand it, i really really like you
Dong-man – Stupid, you should have just tried to kiss me.
Ae-ra – Did you really like it?
Dong-man – Do you want to do it one more time?

They kissed again and she closed her eyes. They are looking at each other and then they kiss again and the firecrackers go off. OMG they are right next to Coach-nim and Owner Ajumma on the beach, lol.

They are shooting firecrackers and coah-nim looks like a puppy dog around her.

Owner Ajumma – Can’t you shoot it now?
Coach-nim – I didn’t miss fire this time.

Someone is moving in.

Ae-ra is at her apartment with Sul-hee and they are talking about what Ae-ra is about it do.

Sul-hee – Did you do something in Daechon with Dong-man?
Ae-ra – I didn’t do anything.
Sul-hee – What didn’t you do?

They all walk outside and Ae-ra is taking out the trash looking super sexy and showing her waste and popping her chest out. She throws the trash and all 4 of them are talking.

Sul-hee – Are yall going to stick together all day today?
Sul-hee – Don’t do it, don’t do it…
Dong-man and Ae-ra – (cough cough)
Sul-hee – Don’t open the drink.

Sul-hee and Joo-man leave for work and Owner Ajumma walks up on Dong-man and Aera, they are both startled.

Owner Ajumma – New girl didn’t give you one on one
Dong-man – Maybe it is a celebrity.
Owner Ajumma – It’s an announcer.

They are wondering who it could be, but they think they know. They see Hye-ran walking down the steps.

Ae-ra – Why are you here?
Hye-ran – I can live here, I moved here to see Dong-man every day like you.
Dong-man – We are really dating, 
Hye-ran – I know, that’s good, you lost your friend so I can be your femalE friend, so you guys will know how bothersome it is.
Ae-ra – I’m his friend and girlfriend.
Hye-ran – When you break up you are not friends anymore.

She looks annoyed and she is talking about what Hye-ran was talking about. Someone is knocking on her door. She is looking at the mirror and trying to fix her hair to look pretty. Dong-man is outside so she goes outside and he tells her to change her clothes so they can go out. He is talking pretty weird. He said he has a shooting so let’s go on a date.

Dong-man – Why aren’t you saying anything…you look like a real girl.
Ae-ra – WTF?
Dong-man – when you don’t say anything then you aren’t fun, you have to be fun, you are way cuter than other. She hits him in the chest and smiles.


The kimchi failed. Intern is gone and her family isn’t giving them anymore business.

Ae-ra is talking about how Dong-man is too strict and all those things. She is telling him that it will take about an hour and a half to get ready. He is all like, huh, how does it take that long? And she says he doesn’t know the mind of a woman. She is annoyed and goes inside. Then she comes outside looking gorgeous and he claps at how pretty she looks.

Ae-ra – Do I look super pretty?


She also walks like a girly girl. But Dong-man tells her to go back inside and change because she looks too pretty and she is showing too much leg and her legs are so pretty! He is going to hit all those guys looking at her legs so go change your clothes! She said he shouldn’t tell her what to do aaaaaand he used to carry her bags…..

Dong-man – Change into pants!!!! Change into Pantsss!!!
Aera goes inside to change.
Dong-man – Wow, those are some real deal big trouble legs.

Joo-man is looking at a baseball game on his phone and is ignoring Sul-hee. Sul-hee is talking to him about it. Why is he looking at that instead of talking? He puts it away.

Joo-man – We dated for 6 years, we don’t have much to say. You make me tired.
Sul-hee – Really? Why, why are you so tired? You don’t date me or talk to me or kiss me or sleep with me, what makes you tired?
Joo-man – I am tired because I am a bad guy with you. You are so lovely and always in love and I feel like a bad guy dating you.

Sul-hee gets up to leave. Joo-man follows her out.

Joo-man – Why are you doing this?
Sul-hee – Did I ask you for a lot of things, I ask you for nothing, can’t we live like before?
Joo-man – We can’t be the same for 6 years.
Sul-hee – I like you, my hearts beats when I’m with you, I want to be with you.
Sul-hee – I am always nagging and you are always sighing.
Joo-man – What…
Sul-hee – Are we breaking up? I feel lonely when I am with you.

He wants to hold her hand, but she said her hand is sweating. Dong-man is smiling super big, but he is trying not to smile so large. He moves to hold her hand again and she takes it.

Ae-ra – By the way, are you going to tell the kids?
Dong-man – Joo-man will make fun of me a lot.
Ae-ra – Sul-hee always told us not to date, we can fight, but we can’t date. So we should keep this a secret.
Dong-man – Is this a proposal…(like a marriage proposal)
Ae-ra – Do you want it to be….


Coach-nim and Dong-man are rolling around practicing fighting. Dong-man taps and Coach-nim said he shouldn’t tap, he should just take the pain until his arm is about to break off. Ae-ra tells Dong-man to tap right away.

It looks like the young fighter is about to fight Dong-man. They go to the bathroom and Dong-man and the young fighter are talking. It looks like both of coach-nim’s long time fighters left without talking to coach about it. The young fighter said he needs money and he is crying about it. He said Tiger gym is a good gym. He cries and looks so sad, like he didn’t want to switch gyms.

Back at the weigh-in area, Tak-su and Coach-nim are talking. Tak-su is smug as always. Coach-nim said people know everything, they know that Tak-su is trash. Tak-su said they shouldn’t talk to each other anymore. Coach-nim grabs Tak-su’s shoulder and said it isn’t fun to squeeze him if Tak-su acts like a little boy.

Now Tak-su’s coach and Coach-nim start talking. Tak-su’s coach is apologizing to Coach-nim and Coach-nim said to nurture the young fighter (whose daughter has skin problems) and take care of his family.

The young fighter is really upset and crying and said his family needs money because his daughter has skin problems. If he didn’t need the money then he wouldn’t have moved gyms. He is crying a lot. He knows that Tiger gym wants to hurt Dong-man and close Coach-nim’s gym. Coach-nim comes up and yells that they shouldn’t talk to each other because they are fighting tomorrow. He looks really upset, but then he softens and tells the young fighter that if he needs soondae, then to come by the gym anytime.

Ae-ra and Dong-man are walking through the building’s garage area and talking to Coach-nim. 

Ae-ra – Are you pissed? You’re a martial artist.
Coach-nim – I am not pissed, you just go and eat.
Dong-man – We are dating
Coach-nim – (pulls Dong-man to his side) do you have a secret, did you have an accident, do you owe her a lot of money?
Ae-ra – (she is angry)

Coach-nim leaves and they stay and wave bye-bye to him like some cute couple. Dong-man gives her a back hug and Ae-ra is like ummmm…. why are you hugging me like a dog? Now they are back home and Ae-ra makes Dong-man some kimchi bokumbap (fried rice) with a ketchup heart on it, she puts it in front of Dong-man. Some boom chica boom boom music is playing, lol. He said she used to feed him like a dog, but now the food is like kings. They show a mini flashback of Ae-ra feeding Dong-man some messed up looking food straight out of the pot.

After dinner they feel awkward, Dong-man is on the bed and Ae-ra is on the floor and they are watching TV.

Dong-man – Why are you on the floor?
Ae-ra – Because you are on the bed.
Dong-man – Just sit on the bed.
Ae-ra – When we are on the bed…
Dong-man – Guys just sit on the bed together, I am not a thug, I am not just going to jump on you.
Ae-ra – Guys don’t think….(or guys are stupid)
Ae-ra – Today is day 1, but it doesn’t mean today is day 1 and we kept our virginity for 20 years, you regard me like Fedor Emelianenko (an mma fighter) but I am not like him.

Ae-ra slowly gets on the bed, they are super awkward sitting on the bed. It looks like she wants to get something started, but she is hesitant.

Ae-ra – It was our first kiss after 20 years so maybe we should speed things up? Dong-man is so awkward and timid but Ae-ra looks confident. There is a kissing song playing (Blink | Kiss Me Tonight), the lyrics are like, “kiss~, kiss~,” Dong-man is looking at her and is about to kiss her, it is in super slow motion. They are about to kiss…but then Joo-man comes in, (loooooool). They pretend like nothing is happening. Joo-man jumps on the bed between them.

Ae-ra – I told you to change your password (angry)
Joo-man – Are you guys….don’t you want to drink some Chinese alcohol
Dong-man – I want to hit this guy with Chinese alcohol (Joo-man looks drunk)


All 4 of them are walking. Owner Ajumma talks to them and Ajumma said fighting to Dong-man.

The fantastic four are all at the fight. Joo-man is in the back with Dong-man and Sul-hee and Ae-ra are in the stands. Ae-ra is looking at the announcer in the ring. She asks someone in the crowd how she can apply to be a ring announcer. She is really interested in the ring announcer; her eyes are focused on him, she looks mesmerized with it.

Ae-ra goes to Dong-man waiting room and she is thinking. Dong-man is laying on the floor stretching, he doesn’t notice her. Ae-ra yells – GOOOOO DOOOOO MAAAAANG like a ring announcer. Dong-man hops up and she is shocked. They are both shocked, lol.

Dong-man – You want to see me this badly? (lol)

Ae-ra leaves quickly, she is mortified. She looks back at Dong-man’s room and sees the bad Sunbae PD go inside.

The sunbae PD sets up his camera and is doing an interview of Dong-man, he gave him something to eat. Dong-man doesn’t want to eat it but the PD keeps telling Dong-man to eat it.

Dong-man – It is my mistake.
Sunbae PD – Don’t you want to be famous?

Ae-ra bursts in through the door. She tells PD that they are dating and she is really backing him up!

PD – What, all this all of a sudden?
Ae-ra – Beware of the dog. The black dog doesn’t bite, but if you bother the black dog then the white dog will bite you. (Ae-ra looks like crazy Ae-ra)

The PD leaves and Dong-man is happy.

Dong-man – Wow, she is super tough.

Ae-ra is walking down the hall and sees a cage announcer poster. They are looking for cage announcers. Sul-hee meets her at the poster and they both look at it together.

Sul-hee – You really want to yell in the ring?
Ae-ra – Not that, I want to stand in the middle of the ring.
Sul-hee – It’s only for men though, right?
Ae-ra – That’s why I want to do it more, I want to be the first woman ring announcer.

They are walking to the ring in the normal way. Joo-man is bouncing down the hall wearing a T-shirt that he just made, lol. Joo-man looks really cute right here.

Dong-man is walking out with everyone for the fight. His music is playing and this is his professional debut (maybe the last was amateur). Ae-ra really has to go to the bathroom. Her stomach hurts. She goes out and looks back, perhaps she really just didn’t want to see Dong-man get hit.

The fight starts. Dong-man is kicking really well. He knocks the other guy down, but not out. They are fighting again, the other guy tries to take him down, but Dong-man breaks free and kicks him in the head and the other guy falls to the ground. Doctor stoppage.

Dong-man – (to coach) It looks like he is hurt a lot (he feels bad)
Coach-nim – Don’t worry about that! Just fight! (reprimanding tone)

The fighter’s wife is crying in the crowd and Dong-man sees her.

They start fighting again. It looks like Dong-man is holding back. Coach-nim is feeling something strange about Dong-man. Dong-man kicks the fighter and he falls on the floor. He should finish it, but Dong-man is not finishing the fight with ground and pound. He is just holding his fist back and lets the other guy stand up. Ae-ra comes back in to watch. They all stand back up and Dong-man keeps winning each encounter, but he doesn’t finish it. He doesn’t want to hurt the other guy too much. The match ends. The crowd is booing.

This looks like this is Dong-man biggest problem, he has a week mindset. Dong-man won, but Coach-nim is angry and the other guy is angry and everyone in the crowd is angry.

Dong-man – Are you okay?
Young fighter – Why did you take it easy, I want to be KO’d instead of not being finished (instead of being pitied).


They are looking at the fight on the phone and Coach says Dong-man’s nickname became octagon waiter. They are talking about how Dong-man didn’t hit the other guy on the ground. Sul-hee understands him, but everyone else said he should finish him. Coach was about to hit Dong-man but crazy Ae-ra comes out and Coach pretends like he was getting water from the waiter, lol. She said to not hit Dong-man, in her crazy way, lol. Coach looks scared.

They are talking about the fight and his sister is looking at the fight on her phone. She is really happy.

They are talking about seeing each other again. She is at her door and he is at his door. They talk really cutely to each other about going inside yet neither one of them wants to go inside.

Ae-ra – Can I just go to your place?
Dong-man – Huh…
Ae-ra – Let’s eat…boil something
Dong-man – boil something? Something like…
Ae-ra – Ramen…

Ae-ra – Why do you say don’t sleep together that’s over your….

Owner is saying that she doesn’t increase their rent or anything and they should just stop dating. If you want to sleep together then move somewhere with higher rent.

Owner – (walking away) ….the bloodline is all messed up… (she walks off)

Eating soondae together at his truck. They are drinking and eating together and Coach is acting like a puppy dog around her. He is telling her that his life changed because of her.

Owner Ajumma – Do you want my signature?
Coach-nim – I heard you went to Japan,
Owner Ajumma – I wanted to find Namil, my son.

Ae-ra is looking at the announcer stuff on the phone. She is wondering why the owner cares about their personal life. Sul-hee is looking in the mirror. They talk about that a little bit.

Coach-nim – You have a kid? How will you find him?
Owner Ajumma – I already found him

They are practicing ground game/jujitsu.


Tak-su is worrying about Dong-man. His coach tells him to just look at Dong-man’s ground game, it isn’t good. It is just like you were when you started, Dong-man avoids the ground. You should just fight him now, before his ground game gets any better. Once Dong-man’s ground gets better, then he will be unstoppable.

Coachnim is yelling at Dong-man to practice ground. Dong-man doesn’t like ground. Coach is yelling at him about that. He has to learn ground!

Tak-su’s coach tells Tak-su to fight Dong-man now.

Ae-ra is outside practicing announcing and yelling and all that. She sees a man walking, it is Namil, the son of the owner.

Namil – I am the son of this owner, you shouldn’t wear those things and yell (and all that stuff), stop making people uncomfortable.

Sul-hee is by herself in the car (INTERNET PROBLEMS)

Joo-man is about to go inside, but he gets a call from Intern.

It looks like the Intern got into a car accident and Joo-man goes there to fix everything. After he fixes everything he gives her a ride home. They are driving in the car and Joo-man said to stop calling him out.

Dong-man goes up the stairs of the Namil apartment and sees some food outside.

Joo-man and the Intern park at her condo. Joo-man tells her once again to stop. She says she will stop so don’t worry. They say goodbye. The Intern starts walking, but she is limping and falls. He hops out and helps her. The doll Joo-man bought is left in the car.

Joo-man walks the Intern to her place and told her to come to work because it makes him uncomfortable with work people if she isn’t at work. She says okay and then Joo-man leaves. But he notices that the Intern has a lot of packages to carry inside. Joo-man thinks about helping her, then he decides he will help her carry them inside. The door closes behind them! OMG.

Sul-hee is looking at her phone and the other girl posts on her Instagram that she is together and puts a photo of the car there.

His dad got another job and Dong-man is talking to him about that. It looks like his appa is coming to his place to stay for one night. He is nervous because he never slept with his dad before. Ae-ra said it is his appa so just sleep.

Dong-man – Can you come see my fights?
Ae-ra – If you really want to fight then I want to see it.
Dong-man – You have been protective ever since you were little.
Ae-ra – (missed what she said here)
Dong-man – When you become a ring announcer, we are like some inner-company couple.
Ae-ra – That is not sexy.
Dong-man – We can kiss while we work, that is cool.
Ae-ra – Huh…
Dong-man – Popo, kiss kiss.
Ae-ra – Huh…
Dong-man – Can’t you hear me?
Ae-ra – Huh…
Dong-man – Are you being a little shy?

He puts his hands around her face (like softly grabbing her face) and tells her she became a really big girly girl, why are her cheeks so red. He holds her hands and she tells him not to hold her hands. He grabs both of her hands.

Ae-ra – Don’t look at me so straight like that.

He is really looking at her and pulls her closer to him, now they are really close.

Dong-man – Today, I only see your lips. We date, can I kiss you all the time.
Ae-ra – Crazy guy. You shouldn’t ask. 

He kisses her and she is super happy.

Dong-man – Are you happy?
Ae-ra – Don’t ask~

They look so happy, so awkward yet happy at the same time. He pecks her again. He said he should have kissed her before and she said she would have hit him.

Dong-man – It feels really nice, after kissing you. Choi Ae-ra, I like you sooo much, it drives me crazy.
Ae-ra – I have liked you all this time.
Dong-man – This or that, let’s do Mo (a Korean game). Let’s just…sleep at my place.

Fade out!!!!!

Joo-man is eating at Dong-man’s place and Dong-man is telling him to leave. Joo-man is like why? Dong-man really wants him to leave. (This is the behind the scenes story when Joo-man crashed Ae-ra and Dong-man’s kiss on the bed).

Dong-man – will you laugh at me if I tell you something…
Joo-man – Why (he is playing a video game)
Dong-man – I’m really –
Joo-man – Hai! Hai! Hai!!!!! Arrow! Arrow!!! (Yelling at the video game).

Dong-man shoves some food in Joo-man’s mouth, lol. He’s mad at him. How can Joo-man mess up his confession like that.

No preview

**Updates galore**

Video is up at On Demand Korea – Watch Episode 11

Text Preview
설희(송하윤)는 주만(안재홍)이 외박했다는 것을 알고 예진(표에진)의 오피스텔로 찾아가고 애라(김지원)는 격투기 장내 아나운서 면접을 본다. 한편, 동만(박서준)은 갑작스런 탁수(김건우)의 스페셜 매치 제안에 갈등하는데..

Translation via Stroppyse
Seol Hee (Song Hae Yoon) knows that Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong) slept away from home and goes to Yeh Jin’s (Pyo Ae Jin) officetel, Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) goes on an interview to be an MMA cage announcer. Meanwhile, Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) is conflicted over a sudden proposal for a special match with Tak Su (Kim Gun Woo)..

**Update** Preview via Instagram (Thank you for the heads up Mr. Penguin!)

SH – Joo-man ah, you are the one who let my hands go.
JM – It was a mistake…
SH – It wasn’t a mistake.
JM – Sul-hee, please…
TS – I am requesting a fair fight with Ko Dong-man.
AR – You’re not going to fight him right?
DM – I am not going to lose to him anymore, I will just win.
AR – I said I don’t like it so can’t you just not do it?
AR – Excuse me…
NM – Who is that girl? She looks like she is from some other world than mine.
Owner – Don’t touch her (Don’t get involved with her). You can’t have her.

We missed a bit about the part were Sul-hee was at her place and Joo-man was about to go inside but then got a text/call from the intern and went to help her. Sorry about that.

(courtesy of twitter #fightformyway)

(courtesy of @jeonghyang, thank you!)

Opening Scene

Ending Scene and Epilogue

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