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Fight For My Way Live Recap: Episode 10

Ssam my way live recap episode 10

Wow, just wow, what happened at the end of episode 9?!? We’re about to find out! Welcome to the live recap for episode 10 for Fight For My Way, we are happy to have you here. Please make yourself at home, look around, and say hello. Please overlook typos and errors, we will fix them when the episode finishes airing. We try to catch as much as possible, but it goes by so fast so we might miss some things. A Full recap will come later with all the Easter eggs, shooting locations, music, pop-culture, and other little nuances.

HOW IT WORKS: We will start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We will update scene-by-scene every 8-10 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability. The recap starts at 10 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

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SHORT HAND: DM = Dong-man | AR = Ae-ra | SH = Sul-hee | JM = Joo-man | C = Coach | HR = Hye-ran | TK = Tak-su | YJ or Intern = Ye-jin | Owner = The owner ajumma of Namil apartments

——– = 8-10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change




We are at the end of the last episode, someone is calling the room and a cell phone. Ae-ra is waking up. She sees that she is naked and hits Dong-man on the head. Ahhhh! My head! He looks at her, wait a minute, she still has her clothes on!!

Dong-man – Don’t you remember? Are you pretending like you’re not remembering? I remember your nose air on my face. Why did you do that?

Mini flashback. They are sleeping from last night and she is touching his face. He is asleep. She says he looks so handsome and makes her heart beat. She is touching is lips and looking at his lips. She is thinking about something. She is about to kiss him! But she doesn’t, she backs off and just looks at him again and shakes her head. She turns around and sleeps. Dong-man wakes up! He wasn’t sleeping. He looks at her.

Dong-man – Did you fall asleep? How can you sleep like this so well?

Ae-ra starts cuddling with Dong-man and Dong-man is all frozen, he can’t move. Ae-ra is sleeping and cuddling and Dong-man is looking at her. He is about to touch her hair, he softly touches her hair and exposes her ear. Ae-ra kind of wakes up and Dong-man stops touching her ear and freezes again. A
Dong-man – ah, she has no fear.

He is about to touch her again, he wants to kiss her, he kisses her on the forehead and Ae-ra is still sleeping, but she kind of wakes up. He puts his hand on her shoulder and kind of pats her shoulder, he falls asleep like that.

It is morning and she is sleeping on his arm. They are both sleeping and Dong-man rolls over to the other side, he takes off his shirt and throws it somewhere. They go to sleep.

They are back to arguing in the room.

Dong-man – Why did you blow on my face with your nose! Does that make any sense? You were touching my face.
Ae-ra – I didn’t do that.
Dong-man – Your nose was in my face.
Ae-ra – Just shut up, where is your shirt?
Dong-man – Maybe I just took if off while I was sleeping. Maybe youuuuuu did it…
Ae-ra – Crazy…(phones ringing) Did you ask for a call. Is someone knocking on the door? Who is that?
Dong-man – Is it coach? Ah, I feel a little strange.

He opens the door and is shocked!!!

Dong-man – H-H-How did you know we were here? (Ae-ra is shaking her head like ~ nooo)

Ae-ra – The timing in life is all thugs (she said yanghatchi, like gangpae – small time gangsters).

(The music from the last episode is playing. The song is Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood sung by Esmeralda Santiago. It was also in Kill Bill during the showdown at the motel. Fitting for the showdown in Daechon.)

Sunbae PD, Hye-ran, and a mystery woman are all there. Appa is not in the hotel, he is calling from the beach. She is not answering.

Appa – Where is she? Is she already there?


He is arguing with the Other PD about something to do with their performance. Ae-ra’s dad shows up and says he is with Ae-ra.

Hye-ran shows up and is looking at all the motels. She drives off, though she was just in front of the right motel. It looks like Owner Ajumma is inside the motel.

Coach-nim and Appa are walking to the motel that everyone with the Taekwondo performance is staying at.

Coach-nim – Ae-ra will win over Ronda Rousey so you don’t have to worry about her. I am the most afraid of Ae-ra. Here we are.
Appa – What kind of title is this (We had an accident Hotel)

Owner Ajumma hides when she hears them coming. She is crowching in the booth with the owner of the motel and looking around. (The motel has a little sign that says, men and women, before the year 1999 should not sleep together, lol). Owner Ajumma has all these photos of Ae-ra and Dong-man. She is asking the motel owner all these questions and wants the regional phone number to call the crime reporting hotline. The motel owner calls the room. The Owner Ajumma doesn’t know that she doesn’t have to press the local number to dial the crime reporting hotline.

They are talking about something. Other PD says Dong-man will be a big star soon. [INTERNET PROBLEMS] Sunbae PD said we are making a TV show and all that stuff, but he looks super evil.

Coach-nim and Appa are trying to find out where Ae-ra is. They see the young fighter coming out of his room.

Coach-nim – Didn’t you sleep with Dong-man yesterday?
Fighter – I thought I slept with you coach?

It hits Appa that Dong-man and Ae-ra might be sleeping together. Appa starts banging on the door.

Appa – Hey!! Hey!!

Appa is knocking on the door and Dong-man opens it. Oh nooo! Appa sees Dong-man and Ae-ra in the room and Dong-man still has his shirt off. Appa goes into the room and the music is in slow motion. (the music is Holiday by The Bee Gees). Appa is taking off his watch and his clothes! He takes off his shirt and has a tattoo with Ae-ra’s birthday on his shoulder.

Everyone is frozen. Dong-man looks super scared. Appa is very muscular and looks like a gangster. He really looks like some retired gangster. Dong-man says that he will leave and go do some taekwondo??? He looks sooo scared! Appa says Dong-man come in here. Dong-man looks like he is accepting his fate and says, “You go first” to Coach-nim and the young fighter and closes the door to face his fate with Appa. He is really scared. It is only Appa, Ae-ra, and Dong-man left in the room. Dong-man gulps as he looks at Appa’s back. He is about to get it.

Back at the performance the Other PD is talking to his workers.

PD – Maybe we should ask Ae-ra to perform all day? (Hye-ran hears them say this)

Owner Ajumma and Coach are listening in through the door.

Coach-nim – How did you get here (their ears are pressed to the door)
Owner Ajumma – Maybe we should call the police? Maybe room 102 will get killed.

They continue listening in.

Dong-man might have just gotten a bunch of licks by Appa with a hanger (Damn). Dong-man is yelling that Ae-ra hits him and Appa hits him. Dong-man is on the floor and looking at the wall, his back is all red and he has something like a towel covering him. Dong-man is saying that Ae-ra is like a monkey or something like that. If they were on an island together then he would just see her as a monkey, he would never touch her at all.

Appa – What is wrong with my Ae-ra! (he picks the hanger back up and points it at Dong-man)

Coach-nim – Why did you come here
Owner Ajumma – Sleeping together is banned
Coach-nim – Why are you using jondemal to me? (speaking informally)
Owner Ajumma – I am noona (older).
Coach-nim – Have we met before somewhere ~
Owner Ajumma – No, we haven’t seen each other before, just eat (Coach-nim immediately starts eating, lol)


They are eating with Sul-hee’s parents and talking about getting married. They are eating steak and Sul-hee is wondering why they are eating steak. Sul-hee’s parents are talking about an old family friend who got married. Omma is bragging about this guy and how he is rich and all that. Joo-man gets a phone call/text from the Intern but he ignores it.

Sul-hee is wondering why Umma is talking about that other person. They are talking by themselves. Umma gave Sul-hee a big block of gold or something like that. It belonged to her grandmother. She said dump Joo-man if you don’t like him. Be brave! The money will make her brave.

Outside Joo-man is talking to Appa and Appa is cutting some food to sell. Appa is talking about Sul-hee and about how he only has Sul-hee and stories about Sul-hee. He had three sons because he wanted a daughter so badly. Sul-hee is very precious. Joo-man said uri Sul-hee is precious. Appa said she is not your Sl-hee yet. If you don’t treat her well, then I will just kill you. And don’t give people your phone number if you are going to just ignore their calls. He is swinging his knife. (Appa knows what’s up!)

Dong-man is in his Taekwondo uniform an Ae-ra is there with Appa. Dong-man told Ae-ra’s appa to not tell Dong-man’s father that he is doing Taekwondo stuff. If you tell him that then I will tell him that you hit me over the back with a hanger! Appa is ignoring Dong-man and is just taking photos of Ae-ra.

Dong-man – Please don’t tell my appa.

Appa just looked Dong-man up and down and then scooted over. He is happily looking at Ae-ra, but he is holding the camera phone wrong, lol. Ae-ra is helping and Dong-man said he can help, but Appa just gives him the once over. The Sunbae PD shows up. He pretends like it is an accident, but he looks evil. (Ae-ra somehow attracts jerks).

Bad manager shows up and is talking to the young fighter. Bad Manager says that the other fighter went over to Tak-su’s team, Tiger gym. They are talking outside. It looks like he is trying to take the young fighter away from Coach-nim’s gym. The young fighter’s daughter has skin trouble so he should go to Tiger gym and get more money.

Appa and Sunbae PD are trying to shoot the camera and cell phone to get a good shot. Appa is trying all the same angles as the PD. The PD is trying to talk to Ae-ra and show off to Ae-ra. Ae-ra is looking at him like WTF. He tells her he can help her out and get her a job as an announcer. She cuts it and tells him not to ever talk about her to anyone. Appa notices that Ae-ra doesn’t like the PD.

Dong-man and Ae-ra are talking as they sit off to the side under a canopy.

Dong-man – Are you surprised, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen him.
Ae-ra – I can live forever without seeing him again. Why did you call him?
Dong-man – I didn’t call him.
Ae-ra – Why did you agree to that show?
Dong-man – I didn’t tell him I would do it.
Ae-ra – Did you contact him first?
Dong-man – He called me first…
Ae-ra – Huh?
Dong-man – Sogeting (blind date).
Ae-ra – Huh, he did that? Did you do it? Sogeting? Did you have a blind date? You did it, ah, this fool, hey, get it together…That guy is the same as always.

Ae-ra is super suspicious of the PD, it looks like they have some bad background or history.

Some of Sul-hee and Joo-man’s friends are getting married and they are all talking and drinking. One of the friends was promoted at work. They are asking if Joo-man and Sul-hee are still dating secretly at work? Sul-hee says they finally came out with it and will marry soon as well, as soon as Joo-man gets promoted. But Joo-man doesn’t look confident about it. Joo-man leads a toast (to change the subject) and everyone congratulates the friends about the wedding and the promotion.

Joo-man and Sul-hee are walking outside and eating ice-cream. They are talking about the other couples. It looks like Joo-man’s friend is getting married, but he dated another woman before. The other woman was older and they dated for years, but their friend is marrying this younger woman after only 4 months. It looks like his friend is marrying a rich woman? Joo-man wants to know what is so wrong with that. Sul-hee thinks Joo-man is annoyed today. He is looking a little annoyed because he isn’t promoted like his friend. They are talking about this. Sul-hee said it is okay to not be promoted. She doesn’t want Ye-jin’s family to be involved in his promotion anyway, but Joo-man said he can get it with his skills. Sul-hee just wants to stay with him happily, small things and small joys are okay. But Joo-man looks like he wants to say something and is stressed about something.

Joo-man – Why should our happiness be small for us? When I get promoted, I want to get rich and buy a big car and drive. I don’t want small happiness, I want to show off.
Sul-hee – Are you changing?
Joo-man – We can’t be the same all the time, we are growing up. (Sul-hee gives him a big hug, but it doesn’t look like he hugs her back).

Ae-ra only has tthe clothes from yesterday and wants to know how she looks. Dong-man says she looks pretty. Ae-ra has a bump on her head (possibly where Dong-man kissed her?). He starts to give her a pep talk.

Dong-man – Just be yourself today, don’t be extra.
Ae-ra – Will you really do nothing if we are on an island together? Am I like a monkey?
Dong-man – Ae-ra, drinking saved you last night.
Ae-ra – Huh?
Dong-man – Do you want to go to an island with me? (he steps closer to her and puts his hands softly around her neck/face)
Ae-ra – Um…we are not just-just-just friends, any more right?
Dong-man – Huh?
Ae-ra – Are we some~? (alluding to some-man/some-woman slang for dating before officially dating)
Dong-man – (He pinches her cheeks) Hey, don’t talk nonsense, just go rehearse.

She hits his hands off and they go back to being awkward.


Appa is taking photos of Ae-ra and smiling. Creepy PD is also taking photos of her. Ae-ra is rehearsing. Other PD looks shocked/startled and is talking about if someone texted Ae-ra or not. It looks like Hye-ran is taking over the mic job!! OMG. She is really bad.

Ae-ra – Why are you here?
Hye-ran – I think I am really bad (yes), I really hate you being happy.
Someone – Time to rehearse.
Crowd – Wow it is Park Hye-ran!

Ae-ra takes her appa away and they leave. Dong-man wants to know what is going on. He runs after them, but before leaving he sees that Hye-ran is on the mic. Appa is in front of his car, he is saying his goodbyes to Ae-ra.

Appa – I didn’t just come here to watch you. I came to give you this as well (he gives her some food).
Ae-ra – Just go home, just go.
Appa – Let’s go eat something. This is my first time seeing you in a while. Let’s eat together.
Ae-ra – I’m not eating, just hurry up and leave Appa.

Poor Appa looks so concerned over Ae-ra. It looks like he wants to say something, but instead, he just agrees with her. Dong-man goes off to the side with the food.

Appa – Okay, appa is going home.

He pulls out his wallet to give her some money and it makes Ae-ra angry.

Ae-ra – I’m too old to get money from you. Why are you making me embarrassed? Why did you just show up and embarrass me?
Appa – It is nothing embarrassing for appa, appa is fine
Ae-ra – Just go home, I am crying when I see you
Appa – People have their own ground to play.
Ae-ra – Are you telling me not to do this?
Appa – You are much bigger than this, you are the real deal, I am not satisfied when you perform on a little stage, are you satisfied with it? You are still growing, you are not matured enough. (He looks at Dong-man up and down) Dong-man you rotten guy. (He gets in the car).

This is a touching scene. Ae-ra goes over to the window and Appa looks nervous at what she might say to him.

Ae-ra – Next time I call you, come back.
Appa – Huh?
Ae-ra – Next time I will be on a big stage, when I call you, come and see me.
Appa – I will come see you. Even if you perform in North Korea, I will cross the 38th parallel line (the border) and just go there and see you. I will go wherever you are. Appa is leaving now. (Appa looks so proud, I love this scene).

Ae-ra is happy/sad and Dong-man is holding all the food that Appa brought for Ae-ra. Ae-ra is crying and uses Dong-man’s sleeve to wipe her face. She told Dong-man to leave as well. She doesn’t want to cry in front of him anymore. She is going to go back to Seoul. Don’t worry about her.

Dong-man – Let’s go back together tonight.
Ae-ra – I am just leaving by myself

She takes her food and other things from Dong-man and leaves.

They are eating and not talking. Joo-man is reading an auto magazine. He gets a text and ignores it. He gets another text and says he is going out (the text is from the intern). Sul-hee wants to go out together. Joo-man does the classic guilty man “Huh?” Sul-hee is crazy suspicious – let’s go together – let’s eat and take a walk – it’s too hot to go out – she doesn’t Want him to go out without her.

the young fighter is looking at a photo of his daughter, her face has some skin problems. He is talking to Dong-man about some stuff. He thinks Dong-man is a great fighter. Coach comes and all three are talking about things that are annoying them about this showcase. Something annoying is going on with the performance. Hye-ran shows up, but Dong-man ignores her and she walks off. He says that everything about this place is stupid (the announcer and everything).

Sul-hee is looking at the intern’s Instagram. Joo-man and the Intern are talking outside on a bench (the one the intern passed out on the last episode). For some reason, Joo-man is fixing her skirt with a safety pin. They are taking about the way the intern is acting. Why didn’t she go to work? She knows that she is a bad person, those kinds of things. Joo-man is telling her to stop calling him out. The intern is yelling and crying that she really likes him. This is reminding Joo-man of Sul-hee. Everything the intern does reminds Joo-man of Sul-hee (mini flashback about Sul-hee saying the exact same things the intern is saying). The Intern is crying. Sul-hee comes outside at the worst possible moment and watches Joo-man wipe the intern’s tears away.

Ae-ra is sitting at a bus stop. The Sunbae PD stops and says he will give her a ride. Ae-ra looks like she doesn’t want to ride with him, but maybe she will.

Hye-ran is criticizing the show and saying that no one will do this without a script. PD says he knows someone who did it without a script. He asks where Area is.

Ae-ra is inside the car with the PD and reads a text from Dong-man. He tells her to not leave and to go back with him. The PD gets in the car and gives her some suspicious drink. She doesn’t take it. He locks the door. They are talking about Chang-sook and her wedding.

Sunbae PD – How was Chang-sooks wedding? I didn’t get an invitation…
Ae-ra – Why would she give you one? How did you know I went to her wedding, how did you know I was at this festival?
Sunbae PD – Dong-man told me
Ae-ra – He didn’t tell you
Sunbae PD – He told me indirectly…
Ae-ra – You look at my social media, right?
Sunbae PD – How would I do that?
Ae-ra – (She is looking at his navigation and all that, he goes everywhere she’s at) because of you I really don’t like ponngmool-pae (mentioned in episode 1 during street fighter scene)

(They go back and forth about him not being the same person and she says he will always be that person).

Ae-ra – Open the door.
Sunbae PD – Ae-ra…
Ae-ra – Open the door.

Ae-ra gets out of the car and leaves.

Sunbae PD – I am not the jangmo guy I used to be, I am not an easy guy like before (um, maybe he is crazy)

Joo-man gets a taxi for the intern. Sul-hee stops the taxi. They go somewhere to talk, like an alley or something like that. Sul-hee confronts the Intern after Joo-man left. They are arguing about Joo-man and how they hate lying or hiding their feelings about it. Sul-hee said to not come and not call and not do anything. To just give us space. the intern says that she doesn’t want to do it. She wants to continue pursuing Joo-man because she wants to shake him. She said he is wavering anyway which gives her more strength to shake him. She will continue trying to shake him. A FIN.K.L song is playing (I can’t cry). The song matches the scene perfectly.

Joo-man is in the room, he looks exhausted. He is sitting on the bed and looking at his cell phone. He sends Sul-hee a text. Sul-hee is still outside the apartment. She is crying on the steps. Poor Sul-hee. The song sings, “I can’t cry, I can’t cry.” Sul-hee keeps crying.

Sul-hee – Why did he give her the safety pin? That was mine. (crying)

Sul-hee is working at a burger place or something like that. A customer is annoying her. Sul-hee-s shirt is opening a little bit. Joo-man steps in and fixes everything and adds all the discount and all that. He fixes everything. He talks to Sul-hee in the back and is scolding her. He scolds her in the back and says he put her there because she is Dong-man’s friend, but she isn’t doing a good job. Sul-hee smiles cutely and says she can switch to the cleaning team, but Joo-man says cleaning is too hard on your body. She says it’s okay, she can clear her mind. He wonders aloud how a person like Sul-hee can exist in this world. He gives her a safety pin to pin her shirt closed. Joo-man said he makes her worried. Sul-hee said she is quitting, maybe. Joo-man said, what will you do if you quit, you should be around me. He walks out.

Drinking with friends, maybe also a flashback. Sul-hee is drinking a lot and they are having fun with their friends. They are playing a lot of drinking games with friends at a restaurant. Sul-hee is drinking too much. She looks sick. Joo-man looks concerned about her. She says she is going to the restroom. Another guy is getting up to leave as well. He confronts her outside and tells her that she is really pretty. She said she is older than him. He tries to kiss her and says he wants to spend time with her. Joo-man throws something at him! He starts kicking in the air and jumping around, lol. Cut to Joo-man looking like he got beat up by that other guy. They are yelling about fighting and stuff, I don’t think they are dating yet. Joo-man is wondering why she wears short clothes and does cute things and all that stuff. She yells that she does this for his attention because she likes him!! She likes him!!! Why else would I do these kinds of things! He says she is super pretty – and he kisses her!!!! The song by FIN.KL starts playing again

Sul-hee looks like a dirty lady who just cried a lot. She is back inside their apartment and she climbs in bed with Joo-man, Joo-man is sleeping and Sul-hee cuddles close to him, the song is saying, “I can leave you for you, I can’t cry, I can’t cry, If you like her then I can leave you” (Song: Lee Hyori’s old group FIN.KL “I Can’t Cry”). Joo-man opens his eyes as Sul-hee puts her arm around him.

They look uncomfortable to be sitting together. Dong-man looks confident, but Hye-ran doesn’t look as confident as she usually does.

Dong-man – why are you doing this? What are you scared of? Why did you go this far?
Hye-ran – Is it not like me?
Dong-man – It is too much like you. It is so much like you that anyone will know that you are scared. That doesn’t look cool at all, smiling like that. If you are sad then be sad and freak out, if you are happy then be happy and play around. If you want to do something then just say it, reveal it. You won’t look like a loser then.
Hye-ran – Like Choi Ae-ra.
Dong-man – You know that you are a bigger loser than Ae-ra.
Hye-ran – Why haven’t you dated that cool Choi Ae-ra until now? You weren’t sure right? You’re not confident right? Then that’s not it.
Dong-man – We have known each other for 20 years. What do you know?
Hye-ran – If you spend that much time with furniture you will start to like it. Don’t mistake that being comfortable with someone means liking them. If it hasn’t happened in 20 years, then it won’t happen.

(It looks like Dong-man takes this to heart)

Hye-ran – Do you think it is easy being a crazy woman all by myself? If I’m not with you then I will go crazy. You told me I was your first love.
Dong-man – You were my first love but I was 20, I was stupid. I don’t regret it as a first love, but it ended a long time ago, I only see Ae-ra now.

Dong-man gets up to leave and Hye-ran gets up as well. She grabs his arm.

Hye-ran – Ae-ra again? You are so cruel to me, I was not happy because Ae-ra was there all the time. I was insecure (she sees Ae-ra on the boardwalk). Even if I die I don’t want Ae-ra to snatch you away.

She moves in to kiss him. Ae-ra sees them about to kiss and quickly turns away.

Ae-ra – I have seen this over and over again ~

They are all sitting at a table celebrating Dong-man and Hye-ran’s 100 days together. Everyone starts chanting Kiss kiss kiss. They are about to kiss and Ae-ra turns her head. She doesn’t like seeing Dong-man kissing Hye-ran.

An old movie (Architecture). Dong-man and Hye-ran are watching the movie together. Ae-ra is the third wheel on Joo-man and Sul-hee’s date a few seats back. Dong-man and Hye-ran are doing movie dating stuff like cuddling and eating popcorn. Hye-ran wants to kiss Dong-man and puckers up, but Dong-man just feeds her popcorn and kind of looks over his shoulder at Ae-ra.

Another flashback on Valentine’s day 2010, Ae-ra said Dong-man probably won’t get chocolate because he got dumped by Hye-ran. She looks up and sees that Dong-man and Hye-ran are talking then Hye-ran kisses Dong-man. Ae-ra looks away. But Dong-man doesn’t kiss Hye-ran back, he looks at her coldly and leaves.

So, it looks like Ae-ra was mistaken a lot because she turned away too quickly. She thought they always kissed, but they didn’t.

Ae-ra – Timing in life is bad. I always ran away.

Ae-ra is walking away as she always does when Dong-man and Hye-ran are about to kiss. She is walking on the boardwalk right in front of them. Dong-man pushes Hye-ran away.

Dong-man – What are you doing!!!
Hye-ran – If it hasn’t happened for 20 years, then it won’t happen!

Dong-man sees Ae-ra walking outside and it looks like it clicked for him. Maybe that is why Hye-ran kissed him all of a sudden. He runs outside and grabs Ae-ra, he spins her around and kisses her!!!!!! It is a big kiss. Ae-ra is stunned.

Dong-man – I am not going to let you go anymore. We shouldn’t go around things anymore, we should be direct.

Ae-ra can’t stand up straight. Her legs are buckling.

Dong-man – Stand strong. We already kissed, I don’t know some~ or whatever, but we already kissed, so that means day 1. Let’s date. Let’s date. Let’s date.

Ae-ra nods.

Dong-man – We are dating now so~ I will do it again.
Ae-ra – What?
Dong-man – I want to do it again.

He kisses her again!!!! They are kissing outside the restaurant. It fades out.

Coach and Owner are together doing some firecrackers. It didn’t work. The owner said don’t be too intense. He sits next to her like a little puppy.

Coach-nim – By the way, it is you right, Hwang Bok-hee…
Owner Ajumma – Kanako Hwang. I am Kanako Hwang now.
Coach-nim – How long are you going to stay in Namil village?
Owner Ajumma – I will stay there forever.

No preview. Will update as soon as it becomes available.
*Update* via Soompi, translation courtesy of @stroppyse

Translation via @stroppyse
AR: Why are you moving into the apartment above Dong Man?
DM: We’re dating. We’ve agreed to do that officially.
HR: Then I’ll take that place. Now since, oppa, you’ve lost your female friend.
AR: Standing there in the center, holding that mike. Doesn’t that look really awesome?
AR: Where do you apply for a job like that?
SH: Is it so hard to not change?
JM: How can a person stay the same for six years?
SH: Are we in the middle of breaking up?
AR: Should I come over to your place?
DM: Do you have something else in mind?

We missed a lot during that last part. So sorry about that! It was hard updating at the end as well. Maybe too many clicks? Stuff didn’t go throw as fast as it usually does!

*Update* – Okay, we went through the post and made it more readable. We also added some relevant links. If anyone has a question (like about a song or scene or whatever) then let us know in the comments and we’ll try to figure it out.

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Fight for My Way Live Recap Episode 1
Detailed Fight for My Way Recap Episode 1

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  1. June 20, 2017 / 9:16 am

    Thank you so much. The fans maybe little bit upset with what is really happen. Kkkkk.

  2. Mr.Penguin
    June 20, 2017 / 10:15 am

    Perfeccct ending! Thank you!
    I was scared earlier when it wasn’t updating. Huhuhu

    • V
      June 20, 2017 / 10:27 am

      Your welcome! We tried updating it like 10 times!!!! Something must have been going wrong with the server or something. I’m so glad it finally worked!

  3. V
    June 20, 2017 / 10:39 am

    Hi Y’all! Sorry about all the delays at the end with uploading! We had quite a few problems uploading today (SO ANNOYING). But we were able to get it done. OMG that ending!!!

  4. Micro-Hulk
    June 20, 2017 / 12:07 pm

    I have read all your recap! Thank you admin! You’ll definitely be busy and tired. Thanks for your big effort! How should I wait for next Monday! OMG! So sweet, DM!

    • V
      June 20, 2017 / 2:31 pm

      Yes, how can we wait!

  5. V
    June 20, 2017 / 2:31 pm

    Okay, we fixed all the slow loading and slow updating issue we were having today, so we shouldn’t have those problems next week. IF WE DO THEN ME AND TECH ARE GOING TO HAVE A TALKING TO (or a crying session..’why isn’t it working…whyyyyyy…heeeeelp.’ Hopefully it won’t come to that).

  6. Lalaloo
    June 21, 2017 / 3:24 am

    I am glad that nothing happened in the bed! Thank you so much for translating!

  7. Bubbyluvy
    June 24, 2017 / 7:42 pm

    I am so glad too! It makes sense that they would have just fallen asleep after drinking.

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