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Fight for My Way: Episode 6 Recap

ssam my way 쌈 마이웨이 live episode recap
[We’re trying something new over here with live episode recaps! Here’s how it works: I am going to post this article empty, then we are going to constantly update it as the episode airs live. Afterward, we will keep filling in all the empty spaces, correcting English, adding photos, adding links, etc until it looks like a normal recap (adding photos will probably take one week because I add a looooooooot).] (Soooo, it is taking us way longer than expected to update the posts, and I lost all my photos of episode 4…arghhhh…which I think is a sign that I shouldn’t update my live posts. Plus, I kind of like our live posts. So, we are going to correct the English and fill in information on the live posts, but then we will have a separate detailed recap post with all of the images and links and everything.)

Refresh note: We will be updating the post around every 10 minutes, give or take. Whenever you see (——) it means ~10 minutes has passed.

Tak-su rap song (Episodes 3 and 4)

Namil Bar song (Episode 3)

Wake up song (Episode 3)

*Seoul 10pm* | New York 9am | Chicago 8am | Albuquerque 7am | Los Angeles 6am | London 2pm | Berlin 3pm | Nairobi 4pm | Mumbai 6:30pm | Hong Kong 9pm
(Let me know if any of the time zones are wrong or if I should add any)

DM = Dong-man
AR = Ae-ra
SH = Sul-hee
JM = Joo-man
C = Coach
HR = Dong-man’s ex-girlfriend, Hye-ran
TK = Dong-man’s arch nemesis, Tak-su
——– = 5-10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change

Alright, make yourself comfortable, look around, chill out, and then at 10pm let’s go!



They are at a hospital and Ae-ra is crying like a baby, she is balling. She is at the hospital with Dong-man, he is laying in a hospital bed. Some funny music is playing. Dong-man is looking like her like she is making him embarrassed. He looks okay, just beat up. He said no-one is dead. Area said Don’t do MMA, if you do it one more time then we aren’t friends anymore. Area said when Dong-man cries she has some monkey nose (her nose moves a lot) She told him to shut up. He is tired and his voice is pretty low and quiet. He is telling her to not eat her hair and it is okay. He is comforting her more than she is comforting him.

Hye-ran came! She is crying and is telling Ae-ra that she is there so Ae-ra will leave. They are all standing over Dong-man. They are arguing and telling each other to leave. Dong-man told Hye-ran to leave and is holding Ae-ra’s hand. Dong-man told Hye-ran to not text or call him anymore and to not come to their home anymore. She is terrible. Hye-ran said she is leaving for now because she got to see him, but they have a lot of days left. Hye-ran said to Ae-ra a lot of bad things like how Dong-man is holding her hand, not because he wants to hold her hand, but only to make Hye-ran jealous. Hye-ran said if you don’t take my calls then I will come to your home.

Dong-man is looking at Ae-ra and she pulled her hand away. She yelled at him, why did you hold my hand? He was like, I don’t care, and laid back down.

They are talking about Hye-ran. Dong-man said Hye-ran waited for him when he went to the army and Ae-ra said she was dating other guys. Dong-man said to not talk about the past. Ae-ra said she can see the future. They are continuing to talk about those things. Ae-ra said she doesn’t care if Dong-man dates Hye-ran.

Coach showed up and he is walking toward Dong-man. Dong-man is stammering because he is scared that coach is coming to be mad at him, but coach just gives him a big hug and tells him it is okay because he isn’t dead.

Coach bought Dong-man something to eat. It looks like Ae-ra might have gone home. They are looking at the match and wondering who uploaded it.

SK and his manager are speaking English to the Brazilian fighter. It looks like they are paying for the fighter’s wife’s hospital bills. It’s a pretty funny scene.

Coach knows the Brazilian fighter and said that the Brazilian fighter is not an amateur, he was a super professional!!! It is great that Dong-man even hit the other guy once. Hitting the other guy once is like Dong-man winning the fight because the Brazilian is from a fighting family.

The coach of the bad guys said Dong-man broke two ribs of the Brazilian with a right hook!!! They are talking about the fight and about how strong Dong-man is. The coach is worried but the other guys don’t care. SK is going to the hospital to get Botox.

Dong-man is working gout outside. Ae-ra said Dong-man should get hit more so he will quit. Sul-hee said she is going somewhere with a dress. Sul-hee and Ae-ra are talking about how pretty they are and they don’t need any pretty clothes because they are both pretty. They look like a kitty, meow…meow…meow. They are having fun with each other.

Sul-hee is like a doggy and Ae-ra is like a cat. Dong-man said he can’t talk to dogs and cats. The girls walked away and Dong-man said: “Wait up!”

Dong-man and Ae-ra are not sitting together because Ae-ra is still made at Dong-man. They are both eating by themselves at tables next to each other.


Ae-ra looks at her phone, she passed the first step of the announcer test! She isn’t mad at him anymore. They are both celebrating and hugging each other. But then Dong-man starts acting weird and standoff-ish, he says, “Um, no bra……” they are both weird now. Dong-man’s legs are wobbly, lol.

Sul-hee is talking to either her mother or her mother’s friend. She has a lot of luggage. They are walking somewhere, they prepared a lot of food.

They are still weird. Ae-ra forgot she wasn’t wearing a bra. Dong-man said she is crazy. Ae-ra kicked him. The owner is walking down their Namil apartment steps and stopped to talk to them. The owner said she is not an ajumma and she hates people who don’t work during the day. She is telling them to pay their rent on time and to not sleep together even though they are so familiar with each other.

Dong-man – “I am more honest than a temple monk! I will never sleep with her.”

The owner left. Dong-man said he wants to have stick coffee with Ae-ra. Ae-ra blocked him from coming in and said something about how Dong-man said he won’t ever sleep with Ae-ra. She closes the door on him.

Umma is using a thick saturi. Umma doesn’t want Sul-hee to work at the telemarketing company anymore. They are standing outside somewhere and talking about going inside or not. It looks like they are going to the 1st-year-old birthday party they mentioned in episode 5.

Hye-ran is there again.
Ae-ra is inside her apartment and preparing for her interview. It looks like she is surfing the internet not. She is reading an article about Hye-ran on the internet which says Hye-ran is going to be on TV again.

Hye-ran was going to ring Dong-man’s bell but decided to ring Ae-ra’s bell instead. Ae-ra thinks it is Dong-man and is telling him she is not giving him coffee. She opened the door and is shocked to see Hye-ran there. More annoyed than shocked actually. The announcer goes in and makes herself at home. Hye-ran sees that Ae-ra is reading about her and comments about it. Ae-ra closes the laptop. Hye-ran said Ae-ra’s conversations always sound childish. Hye-ran is saying that she is going to date Dong-man again.

Dong-man is on the steps and looking at AR’s house, he is thinking of knocking on the door, but he leaves instead.

Hye-ran is talking about Dong-man and saying how Dong-man is not married and Hye-ran is famous and has social status. She just needs Dong-man (she doesn’t need Dong-man’s money), Dong-man doesn’t need to be anything. Hye-ran told Ae-ra to not be pitiful anymore and to stop pretending like she is a friend to hang around Dong-man. Ae-ra is asking Hye-ran if she ever won against her.

Dong-man is back and said he is canceling what he said about the temple thing and is telling Ae-ra to do something she has never done before.

Ae-ra goes outside and tells Dong-man that Hye-ran is there and for Dong-man to take her with him. Dong-man doesn’t look happy, but Hye-ran is putting in a lot of Aegyo and saying that she is concerned about him. Dong-man said that when he found out that Hye-ran was divorced, he was kind of relieved, and when she called him, he couldn’t breathe anymore. Ae-ra heard that part and is upset in her apartment. Dong-man said he thinks he was afraid because Hye-ran would act in this way again and told Hye-ran to just leave him alone. Dong-man walks down the stairs alone.

Sulhee is having a hard time pleasing Joo-man’s family. She prepared so much food (with her mom). Sul-hee is being very delightful to Joo-man’s family.

The copier exploded or something. The intern is there and she thinks she broke the printer. She is looking at Joo-man like some little kitty cat. The intern is saying things the same way Sul-hee says things, so it looks like Joo-man wants to help her because of that. He starts to help her fix it.

Dong-man is sitting outside Ae-ra’s house. He wants to talk to her, but she is still made at him. Moo-bin calls Ae-ra, he is at the department store. Dong-man is telling Ae-ra to just yell at him and not to be pissed off at him and not talk to him. Ae-ra is talking to the doctor and telling him, okay, let’s see each other. She goes outside and Dong-man grabs her arm. He says he wants to talk to her. He looks sincere. Dong-man is saying he didn’t call Hye-ran, he doesn’t know why she showed up. Ae-ra is telling them they don’t like each other so they should just keep their line. She is saying that Hye-ran told her she is pitiful, so she is upset and leaves. Dong-man sighs.

Joo-man fixed the copier and the intern touched her mouth and put ink all over her face on accident. The intern wants to treat him. She is trying really hard to set a date. SHE KISSED HIM SUDDENLY. Now she is yelling at him that she told him she liked him! The title of today is HEY GIRL, DON’T KISS ME. The intern ran away.

Dong-man is texting Ae-ra that he is sooooooo sorry. But he erased it. Coach and Dong-man are putting up posters of Dong-man around. They are putting all his details like height, weight, foot size, and everything. Coach wants to use Dong-man’s look to market to more women, lol. They are hanging up flyers everywhere.

Coach is so happy that Dong-man broke the other guy’s ribs. They are setting a trap for Kim Tak-su by showing that Tak-su set up that revenge to Dong-man. They have a reporter at the gym and the photographer is taking a lot of fighting photos with Dong-man. The other guys want to be in the photo too and are photobombing the pictures. LOL, this scene is pretty funny. Their poses are hilarious.

The mean guy wants to fight with Dong-man again. He is asking Dong-man why he has an interview. He shouldn’t have an interview because he is just a beginner. The mean guy is saying Dong-man should quit. The mean fighter said Dong-man is his sandbag (he wants Dong-man to hold mittens for him) and they are sparring with Dong-man as the punching bag. But Dong-man is super strong so when the other guy punches one of Dong-man’s mittens, Dong-man puts a little force behind it (as you should) and the other guy falls to the ground

Sul-hee’s mom sees that Sul-hee is basically a maid to Joo-man’s family. She is pissed. Sul-hee’s family is talking about how poor Sul-hee is and that Joo-man should marry someone else. They are talking about how Sul-hee does whatever they ask because she is poor. They are saying that Joo-man has a blind date with a restaurant owners daughter. Sul-hee’s mom is super upset, but she isn’t confronting them about it. She is holding an envelope and crumpled it up.

Ae-ra is holding her side (it hurts). She is surprised to see Moo-bin. They are talking outside by his car. Moo-bin is wondering why she is wearing her regular clothes and not her working clothes.

Cut to the NAMIL owner leaving the Mall, she looks super rich!!!!!! She is talking to the manager about the shopper that was a thief and how they fired the info girl. The NAMIL apartment owner is pretty much going off on them in a sophisticated way. She wants to eliminate the other bad thief shopper from the VIP list or she will do something. (I really like this woman).

Ae-ra said when she is stressed he has a stomach pain. They are in MB’s car. Ae-ra said when MB shows up it makes her stressed. MB said he does that because he just wants to see her. MB said he likes surprised (in his super cute way). He said he will call her from now on. Ae-ra said she didn’t want to tell him because it was embarrassing, but that the quit the department store. She is telling him that she wanted to do something else, she wants to be an announcer. MB is impressed and supportive. Ae-ra is telling him that she passed the first round so she is going to have an interview somewhere. MB is telling her that she is super cool and he is really happy that she told him honestly. It is personal so he is so happy that they are closer now and not strangers anymore.

Umma secretly puts all the trash away for Sul-hee. Sul-hee is wondering who did it. She is asking if someone did it. Sul-hee is talking at a woman with a cute baby (maybe Joo-man’s mom). She is asking when they will have a meeting of the parents. Joo-man Umma is avoiding the question and telling her later…later. Sul-hee is not stupid, she knows what is going on, she is just too nice.

The son of the coach is doing 100 kicks again, lol. Dong-man is looking at Tak-su on the phone. Coach is telling him to not look at Tak-su stuff and to not look at Tak-su’s pictures. Dong-man is sitting and said he is so angry that Tak-su set him up. Coach is saying Dong-man is always like this. Dong-man is really angry now, like almost crying angry, and is very quiet. Coach is asking him why his is thinking, that he shouldn’t think much because his brain is not for thinking (more like he is great with action, not thinking)

TS is having an affair with a woman in a club. It looks like he might have sooooo many girlfriends and he is texting one girl while going on a date with another girl. Dong-man showed up!!!! Dong-man found the manager and is confronting him. Dong-man looks calm and asked the manager where Tak-su is. The manager said he is down there…..Dong-man is asking the manager if he is going to go down there or not. The manager said no.

Tak-su told the girl he is going to the restroom. They see each other and Dong-man just grabbed Tak-su by the hand and flipped him around. He knows som Hapkido fighting styles! Tak-su is on the ground. Dong-man said he didn’t know jujitsu at all, but now he is learning jujitsu and he is thanking TS for that. They are standing close to each other. Dong-man is so calm, it is freaky. He is telling Tak-su to do his best, that whatever Tak-su does, he will see Tak-su in the ring. Tak-su looks very afraid. Dong-man left.

They are counting all the money. They see that Sul-hee’s mom left $300. They are pretty impressed. Joo-man is wondering where Sul-hee is. It looks like he knows they mistreat her. Joo-man finds Sul-hee and he looks angry. Joo-man grabbed Sul-hee and pulled her out. He is confronting his family and telling them not to look down on Sul-hee or he will be very angry.

He is telling them that if he doesn’t marry Sul-hee then he won’t marry anyone.

They are at Ae-ra’s place outside their apartment. They get out of the car and Ae-ra tells him he doesn’t have to come inside. Moo-bin opens the trunk of his car and has a lot of big flowers and gifts for Ae-ra. He bought her a foot massager! Ae-ra is like “Uh…………you didn’t have to do this.” MB said he wants to carry it to her place. She keeps telling him that she can carry it. Ae-ra’s stomach is hurting a lot. She keeps telling him that she can carry it while holding her stomach and bending over. She looks really sick but Moo-bin doesn’t notice. The owner ajumma is there and is asking them why they are going to the same place together. Ae-ra passes out!!!

Joo-man and Sul-hee are on the bus. Sul-hee looks pretty happy that Joo-man stuck up for her. Joo-man is still a little upset at his family and says Sul-hee shouldn’t be too nice to his family. Sul-hee said she really likes him so she likes his family as well. She said he looked sexy when he was angry. They have some cute kisses. Sul-hee is wondering why he went to the birthday party because it looked like he was busy. Joo-man said Sul-hee’s mom text him and Sul-hee was like, huh, she doesn’t have your number….

Sul-hee’s mom is cleaning everything with her bare hands. She looked around at Joo-man’s family and she is pissed. She is walking away and is talking about how horrible Joo-man’s family is. She texts Joo-man and tells him not to come to visit anymore and she won’t send her daughter to their family. But then she erased the text. She writes, Joo-man are you doing okay? It has been awhile since I saw you. Sul-hee likes you a lot, please take care of Sul-hee. Joo-man is saved as future son in law in Umma’s phone.

Sul-hee is crying. Now she knows that her Mother is the one who picked up all that trash. Joo-man is soothing her now.

Sul-hee’s mom and dad are working and talking. Umma said they should close their business and open a real restaurant. Umma said she doesn’t want Sul-hee to be a Dokbal bar daughter.

Ae-ra is still passed out/sleeping. Moo-bin is looking after her. He is talking to another doctor. Ae-ra wants to pass gas. The doctor is saying that Ae-ra needs to pass gas because she has a lot of built-up gas in her body, how much stress did Moo-bin give to Aera for her to have that much gas? Moo-bin looks sad/concerned.

Dong-man is still trying to contact Ae-ra but she isn’t responding. The owner drives up in her expensive car. She asks Dong-man which one of the girls he likes better and tells Dong-man that Ae-ra is at the hospital in an expensive suite that the Owner paid for. (or Moo-bin paid for)

Ae-ra passes a lot of gas and finally feels better. Moo-bin said it isn’t a big deal and that she needs to pass a lot of gas in order to feel better. Moo-bin said for her to stay there tonight, but Ae-ra wants to go home. Moo-bin wants to know why she always wants to go home when she is with him. Then Dong-man calls and they are both looking at the phone. It is basically the worst moment for Dong-man to call.

Dong-man is walking through the lobby of the hospital, his is upset that Ae-ra isn’t picking up. Moo-bin is telling Ae-ra that the room is super expensive and that Moo-bin wants to impress her (ah, so maybe Moo-bin got the room?) Moo-bin is saying that he didn’t even get this room for his Mom’s surgery. He wants to look cool to her and for her to like him.

Ae-ra thinks Moo-bin is so sweet that it makes her sick (she is thinking this). She is thinking that MB makes her feel strange and that she is sick. Moo-bin is still saying lots of wonderful things about her like she is his goddess and his heart pumps, she drives him crazy. Ae-ra is like uh………… She said Moo-bin shouldn’t do this when someone is sick, it is cheating. Moo-bin just tells her that he wants to be a cheater today. HE KISSES HER!!!! But she isn’t into it. He kisses her two times and on the second time, Dong-man burst into the room. He has a stunned face. Ae-ra said it isn’t what he thinks. Dong-man is stunned, he doesn’t know what to say so he just leaves and the camera follows him walking down the hall. Then he stops. He stops and is looking at nothing, but he is thinking. HE TURNED TO GO BACK. He is walking back to the room. He is determined!!!! Fade out…

They are kids and have to take shots. Ae-ra is stressed because she has to take a shot and passed gas. Dong-man is standing behind her and passed a lot of gas to protect her from getting laughed at. It looks like this might be how they became friends. It looks like Ae-ra might be super poor. Later, Dong-man comes back and farts in her face and asks for some of what she is eating. Ae-ra hits him, lol.

It will probably come out in a few days

We have to go to work, but we will still try to update the English and fill in some scenes that were too fast to explain. As usual, the full recap should be done in about a week! (clearly it is taking us way longer than a week. We think we will just do a really detailed recap later of each episode and make it a seperate post!)

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  1. Bubbyluvy
    June 6, 2017 / 6:47 am

    Excited for this to start! Thank you admins!!! Also, thank you for the songs!

    • Buhdoop
      June 6, 2017 / 7:35 am

      You’re welcome Bubbyluvy. Also, you can find the names of the songs and the links to their youtube in the episode 3 recap. I found the songs on iTunes under either the bands name or the songs name. 🙂

  2. Lalaloo
    June 6, 2017 / 7:22 am

    So ready for this one! Does anyone think Ae-ra will become Dong-man’s manager now? Maybe this was the catalyst for Aera to stay by Dong-man’s side as his sports manager.

    I also wonder if Dong-man will listen to his coach more now. I agree with you admin. Dong-man was a super star in Taekwondo, but mma is totally different so he needs to learn how to transition his skills from the Taekwondo world to the mma world to keep from getting chocked and all that stuff.

    • Bubbyluvy
      June 6, 2017 / 7:28 am

      Hmm, that’s a really cool thought. Maybe she will think that she needs to protect him from his own stupidity at times 🙂

      • Buhdoop
        June 6, 2017 / 7:37 am


  3. Buhdoop
    June 6, 2017 / 7:33 am

    1.5 hours to go!!!

    Lalaloo, I love your question. It would be really great if Ae-ra decided to stick by Dong-man. I will be interested to see if Ae-ra will double down on her dislike for the sport, or if she will 180 and support Dong-man wholeheartedly. I think it might be part of her character growth to go from hating mma to trying to understand it, and then to loving it.

  4. Anonymous
    June 6, 2017 / 8:33 am

    I’m curious to how this episode will turn out, and how Dongman and Aera’s status will be after that fight, and not to mention his ex visiting Aera’s house >.<

  5. Anonymous
    June 6, 2017 / 10:27 am

    this episode got me shook. I hate moobin for always guilt-tripping aera

  6. Bubbyluvy
    June 6, 2017 / 10:33 am

    I know right!!!! Mooning guilt trips a lot!!

  7. Bubbyluvy
    June 6, 2017 / 10:34 am

    Oops, I meant Moo-bin. I love how Dm turned around at the end!!!

  8. FMW forever
    June 6, 2017 / 10:47 am

    Coming over from Soompi to show some love. You type so fast, I am so appreciative for your live recaps. Thank you so much for the recaps.

  9. Snuggles41
    June 7, 2017 / 2:56 pm

    Can’t wait!! I really want to see what happened between Dong-man and Ae-ra after he passed out after MMA fight. I wonder if Ae-ra will support him more or want him to quit more. I also what to know what Dong-man will think. Will he want to do MMA even more, or will he be scared to do it now? JHis coach will probably be so mad at him too. So many questions!

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