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Fight for My Way: Episode 5 Recap

[We’re trying something new over here with live episode recaps! Here’s how it works: I am going to post this article empty, then we are going to constantly update it as the episode airs live. Afterward, we will keep filling in all the empty spaces, correcting English, adding photos, adding links, etc until it looks like a normal recap (adding photos will probably take one week because I add a looooooooot). The first go at it last week went relatively smoothly. Hopefully, this one goes smoothly as well!]

Refresh note: We will be updating the post every 5-10 minutes. Whenever you see (——) it means 5-10 minutes has passed. We try to wait for a stop in the action before updating.

Alright, make yourself comfortable, look around, chill out, and then at 10pm let’s go!

Some music to set it off
Tak-su rap song (episodes 3 and 4)

Namil Bar song (episode 3)

Wake up song (episode 3)

And of course Whitney Houston (episode 3)

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(Let me know if any of the time zones are wrong or if I should add any)

DM = Dong-man
AR = Ae-ra
SH = Sul-hee
JM = Joo-man
C = Coach
EX = Dong-man’s ex-girlfriend
TK = Tak-su
——– = 5-10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = location or scene change


[THE EPISODE HAS AIRED – currently editing to add songs, pop-culture references, and images. This usually takes about one week.]

Aera is saying that Dong-man is easy, but everyone is backing him up. Hye-ran tells them not to go overboard, but Aera tells them she will go overboard from now on. She has to step over her body to get to Dong-man. Hey-ran said Fighting! and she is leaving. Dong-man is looking around and Aera looks mad. Dong-man goes back into his room and answers his phone. it is from EX, she says she misses him a lot. He kicks something. Coach calls.

She is brushing her teeth. “Dong-man, is he laying in your bed?” She is looking at the Naver #1 search from the last episode and realizes it is Dong-man.

Dong-man meets coach, Coach came to pick up Dong-man. Dong-man asks Coach why is he speaking quietly and Coach says, “The crazy microphone girl lives here right?

Cue crazy girl; Aera comes out and she is ready to give it to Dong-man: “You, what did you do in that video? Are you a thug? Are you going to hit people? I know who pumped you up! You did it Ajushi!!!!”
Coach – “I didn’t do it, I only attract women, not men.”
Dong-man – “It was Coach.”
Aera – “Come to my department store, don’t go to ajushii’s MMA gym. If you don’t come then I will go to your gym and invade it.”
Coach – “Go to Aera’s department store.”

Kim Tak-su is sitting in a chair and getting his hair and make-up done. He is looking at the viral video. They are all very embarrassed by the video. Tak-su has a pictorial today, but he lost two commercials because of that video. His coach said he needs to work out for the pictoral, not just take care of his hair. It looks like the viral video is a big issue online. The manager came in and is talking to Tak-su about it. Tak-su said you are not so smart.

It is Tak-su’s pictorial/interview now. He is saying he doesn’t have to respond to the viral video. He doesn’t fight thugs, he is a professional fighter

Dong-man is watching the interview on TV, he is upset because Tak-su is saying Dong-man is a thug. Tak-su said if Dong-man wins a pro fight then Tak-su will fight him. Coach said to not watch it and just do some jump rope. Dong-man hasn’t worked out for 10 years so he needs some conditioning. Dong-man said he never stopped exercising because he worked for movers and all those odd kinds of jobs. Coach hit him upside the head and said he will get hurt if he goes to the ring like this. Coach said listen to coach! When Coach says no, it means no! Coach gave Dong-man gloves and told him to run around the trash 10 times.

Aera is applying for the KBC job online. It is asking her to confirm. She is debating it. She confirmed! So she applied for the KBC position. (Tiny flashback) Area is taking her photo (from the last episode) the photographer is asking her what type of photo it is, and she said it is an announcer photo.

Back to the present, the manager came in and asked Aera what she was doing. She said she is just surfing the internet. He gave her a drink to cheer her up. She is all like, what is this? He said it was just something. He said if they have another announcer job then he will just support her because the announcer they have now will probably get married soon because she is pretty. Aera said, it’s okay, once I decided to roam outside, I will not come running back. It is a playful moment between them. At the end she asks to see the security department at the mall.

Dong-man is running and the bad guy’s manager came and looks shady. It looks like he is pretending that he does not know Tak-su.

Alright, now we are back to the Mall in the security room. Aera is talking about Dong-man to the other two men and she is really making him look great. “Dong-man is a teakwood 5th degree black belt!” It looks like Aera is trying to get Dong-man a job in the security department. They are interested and she continues pumping Dong-man up. She said he is handsome, he isn’t smart, but for security, it is better to have a handsome guy. The two guys are talking back and forth like they are good friends (they are using banmal to each other).


The bad manager is having a sit down with Dong-man and Coach. He wants Dong-man to debut tomorrow. He said if it isn’t tomorrow then Dong-man will not be able to debut. Coach is all like, “What are you trying to say?” The manager said Tak-su is blocking Dong-man everywhere so Dong-man won’t be able to debut anywhere. It sounds so shady.

Coach knows it is all fake and doesn’t like what this guy is saying. He said he used to be Tak-su waiter and wants to have a new face to be the manager of. Coach said he is taking care of Dong-man’s life and they will not fight that match because Dong-man is not ready. Red suit said he is only betting on someone who can be successful. Red suit is betting his life on Dong-man, just come with him and trust him.

Area is texting Dong-man and telling him to show up. Dong-man said he is not showing up at Aera’s work. All three of them are watching the security cameras and they see a shoplifter. Dong-man showed up at Aera’s information desk and they are talking/arguing. Aera wants him to go to the security desk and get a job there. He wants to do MMA. They are still arguing over that. He says, have a good time.” and leaves. Aera is about to give chase with Dong-man, but then she sees the shoplifter ajumma and chased after her. She said, “Customer, did you have a nice time shopping? Was is great?”

Shopper – “Do you want to talk to me? Just go away.” (all of her belongings fell on the floor)
Aera – “I’m sorry, I am so sorry.”
Shopper – “Put it all back inside.” (She gives Area her bag). Did you see a watch? A watch?” (uh oh, the customer busted herself. Area knows it too).
Aera – “Customer I did not tell you it was a watch.”
Shopper – “You made a big mistake!”
(Aera found the watch in the customers hat!)
Aera – “It wasn’t a mistake.”

Dong-man saw this entire scenario unfold and is wondering why Aera is being reprimanded. Dong-man wants to know why Aera has to say sorry even though she caught a thief. The shopper said “THIEF???” She is irate, so they all went to the VIP room. Aera told Dong-man to leave (or stay there) and not come inside, because she knows what is about to happen.

Aera is being yelled at by the Shopper. Her manager is being yelled at too. The shopper said she is the second wife of a rich man and she just wanted to show the watch to him. Aera said, why did you hide it in your hat if you wanted to buy it? The shopper is saying she won’t buy anything from them anymore. The manager is telling Aera to apologize now. Aera doesn’t want to, but she does. The shopper is still yelling at her.

Shopper – “What should I do to her to make me feel okay?”

Dong-man is still wondering why Aera is not being rewarded for catching a thief. (Dong-man is so straightforward. It is as if he doesn’t fit into society very well). Aera comes back out from the VIP room and looks somber. The shopper is still yelling and saying to train your people well. Dong-man saw some dust on Aera’s knee, which meant she had to kneel to that woman. He has seen enough and pulls Aera away. Dong-man is yelling at the Ajumma and said, “How can you treat another human like that. VIP or whatever, you are a thief! And she is an employee who caught the thief.”

She is telling him that it is not a big deal. She just kneeled once, it is not a big deal. She can just stand at the information desk again. Nothing happened. No-one knows that she kneeled. Aera is tearing up while she is explaining this to Dong-man. She said she has to go back in and get all her belongings (if she quits or was fired) and it looks like she doesn’t want to quit. He is just standing there looking at her, but she keeps telling him that it wasn’t a big deal, but because of him, she is fired. He hugs her and she cries. Dong-man is patting her on the back. The writing says: It’s okay if you don’t have a job

He is the only one there (no wonder he doesn’t go to the Namil bar, he is worked to death). His cell rings, and it is his girl Sul-hee. She asked if she is still at work and he said yes. Low and behold, the chaebal intern showed up! She is dressed down and she said she heard he worked late today. It looks like she brought some food for both of them to snack on.

Uh oh, Sul-hee is coming too!! She just showed up at the company and brought some homemade food. Dong-man and the chaebal intern are eating together with the food that the chaebal intern brought for him. They are talking and chaebol is smiling at him. She said she isn’t working for a hobby. She said she wants to work there just because of Joo-man. It was awkward, but the chaebol burps and they both start laughing. Sul-hee walks in just at that moment so it looks like Joo-man and the intern are having a wonderful time together. The other girl said hello and Joo-man is like “??!!??”

They are walking Sul-hee out and Sul-hee and Chaebal intern have on the same hoodie. chaebal said she bought it overseas but she is sad because a lot of people are wearing fakes. (She isn’t referring to Sul-hee’s as fake, but as an audience we kind of get that it is). Chaebol interns phone starts beeping and she tells them she has to leave now. Sul-hee and Joo-man are together and they start talking as if the night is theirs.

Their landlord sent them a message that they need to pay their rent. Aera showed the text to Dong-man and said, “Why are you making so much trouble?” Dong-man said he will take care of Aera and make her his manager, his sports manager. He said he is looking for one. Aera says, “You got me fired and you are talking that BS now? Shut up (beep) (beep) (beep). She was cursing up a storm.

They are making the rich announcer work the information desk until they find another one. The manager liked it when Aera quit, it seemed like it was something he wanted to do. Moo-bin came in to see Aera all bright eyes and bushy tailed. But when they told him that she quit his face went from happy bunny to terrified bunny.

Area and DOng-man are outside their respective apartments and talking. Dong-man says,”Want to drink together, us unemployed people?” Aera told Dong-man to just go to bed early. She is treating him like a little kid, pulling/petting his jean jacket collar, talking sweetly, and then she patted him on the booty as if he did a good job. He was like, “???” so he hit her on the booty and ran to his apartment. Aera was like, “This crazy fool.”

Sul-hee is in Joo-man’s apartment and looking at a text message. It is from the intern. Ah, it is to Joo-man’s cell phone! The intern is saying that she wanted to have a date with Joo-man in Yeoido, but he ignored the movie tickets. This time he should not ignore the tickets. Sul-hee is a bit taken aback by the texts, but she doesn’t bring it up to Joo-man when she sees him. Instead, she brought up going somewhere on the same day the chaebol intern wanted to have her date.

Instead of agreeing, Joo-man said he is busy Saturday. She said don’t lie to me. He said an intern told him to help prepare their presentation, if I help this intern they she will buy me food and stuff. He said the intern is actually not good. Sul-hee said, just help them. Joo-man said, we can have our date the following week and we can eat something nice.

Okay, now it is night time and Joo-man is curled up and texting on the bed. Sul-hee is looking at him as if she is wondering who he is texting with. Joo-man said he is helping some guy intern. Sul-hee is sad and concerned, but instead of confronting Joo-man with her concerns, she just opens up her Instagram and starts looking at her photos (her photos are so pretty, maybe it is her real life Instagram?). Joo-man turns and cuddles up to Sul-hee on the bed. Sul-hee looks really concerned as if she wants to cry, but she is trying not to cry. She might be tearing up.

It is super-fabulous-full-course date day so Aera is putting on a lot of facial products and cosmetics. Joo-man is watching the soccer match and Dong-man is looking at Aera. Dong-man is laughing at Sul-hee and Aera as they do cute girl things with their hair and makeup. They are flipping their hair around and are playing hand fighting and doing cute girly things. Dong-man and Joo-man are talking about them and telling them to surf the internet.

Then the conversation turns to Moo-bin. DOng-man immediately gets defensive as the girls have girl-talk about Moo-bin. Dong-man said Aera needs to come home by 19:00. Aera was all like, I’m a grown A-woman. she said, “I am Choi Aera, I am up here and you are down here.” Dong-man retaliated by saying that he will call your appa if she doesn’t come back on time! “I will tell your appa that you sprayed perfume on your chest!!!!” Lol, looks like Aera’s appa is always a good weapon to use on Area.

Aera is talking to the new apartment owner. It looks like this is the first time she has ever seen her. They are talking back and forth. The owner asked Area if she saw her text message about the rent. Aera told the owner that she had a big life change, can she give her the money later? The owner said to just give her as much money as she had at the moment. Afterward Area was like, “Was I just mugged?”

Moo-bin is in his car waiting on Aera and someone is texting him dating tips and telling him how to place his arm when he backs up the car. He practices it a few times before he sees Aera. Aera shows up and gets in. Hilariously, Dong-man is looking at them from the apartment like some psycho, lol. They are in the car now and Moo-bin is doing the cool thing his friend told him to do. It looks like he is pulling it off perfectly, but he was holding the back of her head not the car seat!!! Aera said he backs up very strangely.

They are going to nephews 1st-year birthday party together. Sul-hee is asking the details about the “guy” intern. Sul-hee has an excellent memory and is repeating everything that Joo-man said to her. Sul-hee said she will tell that guy to not bother Joo-man and for that guy to do it himself. They make it to the birthday party and Sul-hee is doing most of the work. Joo-man’s sisters are not good to Sul-hee at all. Poor Sul-hee, she gives and gives and gives and never receives, yet she also doesn’t want to receive. I hope receiving is part of her characters growth.

They are cooking together and talking about dating plans. Joo-man is like “Ahhhhhhh, we can just eat at work. We should eat with all the interns.” But Chaebol intern (I really need to learn her name) responds with, “Are you just ditching me? I will prepare the presentation.” And she leaves.

Okay, so it turns out that Joo-man didn’t lie. He is really helping with a presentation. the intern starts talking to Joo-man again and says that she likes him because he doesn’t flirt with her and is hard to get. She dumped her last boyfriend because he is a playboy, but Joo-man isn’t like that. She ends by saying she wants to date him, does he have a girlfriend? Of course, their boss comes in and spoils the mood. Perhaps Joo-man was a little bit grateful.

(One thing I love about this show is in how forward and confident the women are in terms of their interactions with men….well, all accept Sul-hee, but she will get there. Other than Sul-hee, most of the women are interacting with guys in a refreshing way, not an off putting way. Like with how Aera tells Dong-man to stop touching her because it gives her the feels and in how this Chaebol intern is really going after Joo-man in a confident/polite way. Even in how Dong-man’s EX, Hye-ran, approaches Dong-man. All the interactions feel real and refreshing.)

Aera and Moo-bin are sitting down somewhere and Area checks her phone.
Sul-hee – did you use the perfect hair flip to attract him?
Cue gorgeous hair flip. Aera flipped her hair like Beyonce and is looking very pretty and innocent. She flips it again. She said very coyly, “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”
Moo-bin – “Are you uncomfortable? Why is your neck like that? Your bone is sticking out!
Aera – “This is my muscle.”
Moo-bin (touching Aera’s muscles) – “Ah, you have some strong muscles!”

Sul-hee AT HER JOB
She is texting Joo-man and asking him who he is going to lunch with? Joo-man said he is not eating much. Sul-hee does not believe that and sets out to find him. Sul-hee is looking all around the company for Joo-man and finally see’s him in the kitchen with chaebol intern. Chaebol intern is cooking with Joo-man. The intern is asking how to do things and Joo-man is telling her. All of a sudden Joo-man spills something hot on himself, possibly burning himself and the Intern starts frantically is wiping his chest, lol. She does look concerned though. Joo-man said she shouldn’t rub his nipples (it’s inappropriate to rub his nipples?).

Sul-hee has seen enough and makes herself known. Sul-hee steps into the kitchen and said she wants to taste what they are cooking so she can sell it better and to please give her some food. The other guy there was the man intern Joo-man was helping (I think). Sul-hee wants to make Joo-man jealous (maybe) so she is giving a drink to Kim chan-oh (male intern). She is asking him lot of questions and smiling. I need to rewatch this part.


Dong-man showed up and told the intern that they need to prepare their presentation. The man intern told Joo-man that the chaebol intern said she will do all the work. Joo-man is annoyed and gave the man-intern a lot of work to do.

The other MMA guy is jealous of Dong-man (the burly guy from episode 2 that DOng-man fought in the ring). He kicked him and said, If you don’t want to do it then just leave. Dong-man said anyone can play an immature match, why are they stopping him. Coach said it is because Dong-man is acting stupid and is stupid.

While they are arguing Tak-su shows up as if he is the best thing in the world. He wants to talk to Coach. Tak-su said his manager came here, he knows why he came here, do you know who he is? Are you about to debut? Are you still honest?
Coach – Are you still behaving badly?

Tak-su’s coach steps in and tells Coach and Dong-man that if their past is revealed then it will big a big deal for Tak-su’s father (perhaps the father is a politician now). Tak-su Appa does not want it to come out and said he will give Dong-man a big job for the rest of his life if he never debuts in Mixed Martial Arts. Tak-su is smug as ever and said Dong-man should just give up and accept all the crumbs that Tak-su gives him. A mild fight broke out, but it was nothing. Tak-su blazes out the way he came. However, Dong-man looks very pissed. It seems like Tak-su wanted to get under Dong-man’s skin and it worked.

They are at a gorgeous and possibly very expensive restaurant. Aera is super confused, she doesn’t know how to order anything. Aera said she can pay for it. Moo-bin said he will pay for it because this is important and Aera can pay for something else. Aera and Moo-bin are kind of arguing a little bit. Moo-bin said she wouldn’t tell Dong-man to pay for it and other things about Dong-man. Aera said she likes living there. Moo-bin wants her to move closer to his place. Moo-bin is asking about her job.

Moo-bin asked about Aera’s mom. Her mom is dead possibly? She is thinking that she doesn’t want to be like her Mom because she wants to live long. But she said she liked her, she was a regular mom. She feed her and fights with her and is a regular mom. Moo-bin said it looks like she receives a lot of love. Aera said she will go to the bathroom, but she is a little sad and is looking outside. She is wondering why she lied. It doesn’t make her feel good to lie about it, it makes her stomach feel bad.

Why did you look at my cell-phone? Don’t you trust me? Joo-man said he lied because he knew Sul-hee would worry. They are arguing over his white lie. He said he is not going to date the intern. Sul-hee said to just date her, don’t lie about it. Joo-man said he isn’t. Sul-hee said it is not because of the intern, Sul-hee is sad because Joo-man lied. He never lies to her, but now he is lying to her and is acting strangely. Joo-man is apologizing and saying he is the bad guy and is crazy. He says he is crazy. They hug.


The red suit guy text Dong-man and told him that it is time to debut at 8:30 that day. Dong-man text Aera to go to the gym he will fight at because his debut is at 8:30. (UGRHH, Dong-man is seriously dense when it comes to certain things).

Aera is in the car and saw the text. She said she has to leave. Can they do the highlight of the date another time? Can he just drop her off? She has to go to Chongdam.

Dong-man is fighting a Brazilian fighter (they are really good). Dong-man said he didn’t tell his coach about the fight. It looks like they have some time because they both step outside.

They are talking about watching MMA and being playful outside. Aera is all like, I can handle it. Dong-man is all like, you came here to see my game. Aera said she came because it is his debut AND his retirement. “Kids who don’t listen should be hurt, then they won’t do bad things anymore.”

They went back inside and Dong-man is kind of warming up. It is time to seriously prepare and Aera is using this moment to kind of look around at the guys there. It is pretty empty in there with only fighters. She gives Dong-man his mouthpiece and he goes inside the ring/Octagon as confident as can be.

The fight starts. Dong-man and the Brazilian are fighting and Aera is eating something and watching the match. The other guy is really good and Dong-man is getting hit a lot. Aera starts getting more and more concerned as the seconds tick by. Dong-man looks really bad, he is in a lot of trouble, he is basically a punching bag. the Brazilian takes advantage of Dong-man’s inexperience and puts him in an easy rear-naked choke. Dong-man has no clue what to do. I don’t even think he knows that he can tap the canvas 3 times to stop the person from choking him. Instead, he is choked unconscious. The fight was very short, maybe 20 seconds?

The red suit manager shot it all on video and quickly leaves the building. He hops in Tak-su’s expensive looking suped-up van and starts making jokes with Tak-su. They are going to quickly upload it online to make Dong-man look ridiculous. It was their plan all along.

Even though the evil guys are laughing about Dong-man getting chocked out, Tak-su’s coach looks concerned and asked if they called an ambulance for him (Tak-su’s coach seems like a nice person and like he is caught between a rock and a hard place with Tak-su, I am actually pretty interested in his character).

The manager and Tak-su don’t care and didn’t call an ambulance. Dong-man is still out cold and Aera is super concerned about him as she peers through the cage, her fingers wrapped around the fence. No-one is helping Dong-man. He is just laying there.

Dong man and Aera are hiding behind a car, but a security guard spots them. They said they don’t have a job and come out from the car, but they are hiding something. The security guard looks at the car and then yells after them, but they are happily running away now. Ah! They wrote something on the car! They wrote that that woman is a Thief! Thief! Thief! The husband comes out to look at the car with the woman. He knows she is a thief and yelled at her.

Joo-man is angry that the company people do not treat Sul-hee well.

Dong-man’s EX, Hye-ran makes an appearance and told Aera that Aera is poor because she always hangs around Dong-man, but is not his girlfriend. Hye-ran said a crazy girl is better than a poor girl.

Aera told Dong-man that they should stay as friends. She doesn’t want to hear crazy things from Hye-ran so she wants them to maintain their line and no touchy touchy and all that stuff.


Dong-man fought a Brazilian fighter and Brazilian fighters are know for having AMAZING Juijitsu so they are always submitting people on the ground with arm bars or rear naked chokes. Dong-man is a stand-up fighter so he knows nothing about Jujitsu or ground fighting, that is why his coach was telling him that he is not ready, because even a white belt jujitsu person would be able to beat Dong-man by putting him in any kind of submission. Poor Dong-man, but hey, you don’t know what you don’t know. I think this will be a learning experience for Dong-man and he will start to learn some takedown defense in the next episode!


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  1. Lalaloo
    June 5, 2017 / 8:01 am

    I am excited! I am awake! Thank you for recapping early in the morning.

  2. Anonymous
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    Oh my! Thank you so much for keeping this up ^_^ Fighting to the admins!

  3. Buhdoop
    June 5, 2017 / 8:32 am

    Since it’s a party, we’ll try and post some music (from the first 4 episodes) while we wait.

  4. Buhdoop
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    The music is up! Let’s go! Fighting!

  5. Anonymous
    June 5, 2017 / 10:09 am

    The last scene hurts so much, I hate Taksoo, he’s a coward, always hiding behind his father’s name, and using Dongman’s sister to provoke him. The preview for the next episode though T_T

    • Buhdoop
      June 5, 2017 / 10:13 am

      I KNOW! He is the worst! That was so horrible! I am kind of mad at Dong-man for taking the fight, but why does Tak-su have to be so psycho? His manager is psycho as well.

      • Lalaloo
        June 5, 2017 / 10:16 am

        He is so horrible! I am mad at Dong-man for taking that fight, but he isn’t the brightest light on the tree.

    • Lalaloo
      June 5, 2017 / 10:15 am

      I know that preview looks like it will be great!

      • Anonymous
        June 5, 2017 / 10:18 am

        A-little bit of Angst >..< I always adore Aera for making things clear between them, and for always drawing a line between what their relationship is, the sad thing is that Dongman doesn't seem to realize what his true feelings yet that's why he can't quite defend/explain himself to Aera :'(

    • Lalaloo
      June 5, 2017 / 10:25 am

      Oh, just thought of the other time he suddenly wanted her close, when they were at the Namil bar in the last episode and they had that awkward hug!

  6. Lalaloo
    June 5, 2017 / 10:23 am

    I totally agree! Dong-man knows he has feeling for her, but he has a hard time placing those feelings. I love how he just reacts when he wants her close to him. Like when he suddenly hugged her under the cherry blossom tree and then when he was touching her face on the Namil bar and then when he pulled her closer to him when they are with the doctor. There are other times too, I just can’t think of them now 🙂

  7. Anonymous
    June 5, 2017 / 2:55 pm

    Omg! Recapping like this seems so hard! But ya’ll are good at it:) keep it up! I’m relatively new to Korean Dramas and am always looking for addictive TV shows:)

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