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Fight for My Way DC Inside’s Gift Cake and a Lettuce Bouquet

Fight for my way wrap party

Stopping in real fast to post a cake that the fan gallery at DC Inside gave to the cast and crew of Fight for My Way! This isn’t all they gave the cast. I will post some more of that next. But for now, let’s check out the cake!

There is romaine lettuce around the middle layer of the cake because the DC Inside Ssam My Way gallery call themselves sang-choo (romain lettuce in English). So they would say, “Hey, Sang-choo friends, how did you like the latest episode?” or something like that while talking to each other. That is also why Kim Ji-won got a bouquet of lettuce at the wrap party (I’ll put that picture at the very bottom).

(Each DC Inside forum calls each other by a different name. For instance the 7 Day Queen name is paut which is the type of bean they use for filling in Korean bread and traditional dduk).

Back to the cake. The board next to the four main cast members says “Ssam My Way” in Korean. The writing on the 2nd layer of the cake says “DC Inside Ssam My Way Gallery.” And the writing at the very bottom is a play on words with what Dong-man said to Ae-ra under the cherry blossom tree’s in the 1st or 2nd episode. “Can you just not leave. Play with me for 50 episodes and I will play with you.” On the sides are all of the characters that appeared in the drama. This cake is insane, thoughtful, and I love it.

Fight for my way wrap party

Fight for my way wrap party

Fight for my way wrap party

Fight for my way wrap party

Fight for my way wrap party

SOURCE DC Inside Gallery

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  1. rnia93
    July 14, 2017 / 1:59 am

    I saw this cake photo on IG, but only at front.. Haven’t see it from side like this, it looks amazing with all characters there, and so many details everywhere.. so heartwarming that fans not only paid attention to fantastic 4 but also to all of characters.. And finally I know the reason why KJW got that lettuce bouquet. Her face when they give the lettuce was so cute.. ?

    And Dongman with Aera under cherry blossom tree was from the end of episode 2.. I’m certain because right now I’m doing another round of rewatching. Hahaha. I was reading your full recap of episode 1,epic..so many details, and so think I need this another round of rewatchin.
    . I really missing many amazing details ???

    Thank you for this news too..

    • V
      July 14, 2017 / 7:47 am

      I need to do a full recap of all the episodes!!! That was my original goal, but I got so swamped with work. I might end up putting all the details at the end of the live recaps. I’m not too sure. But I really want to do a full recap with everything!

  2. rnia93
    July 14, 2017 / 9:10 am

    Awesome V ?!I really love what you’re doing for the full recap episode 1, with all the movie, song, place and culture references, the link for reference, and the Easter egg! That is such a detail and very good.. one of a kind recap. honestly.. I never seen such full recap like that before and I’m so impressed, but I bet it is a very tiring and time consuming work.., as reader I could feel your level of endearment to the drama for your high quality recap.. ? but even if you might not be able to continue the format like episode 1, I’ll be very grateful and excited for the details nonetheless.. 화이팅!

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