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Fight for My Way main character breakdown

Ssam my way Korean Drama

We have detailed character descriptions for the Fantastic Four! KBS released this leading up to the premier, but we just got around to translating it over here. I’m happy we waited because it gives us something to hold us off until the next episode.

These little tidbits are soooo interesting. I for one love the UFC and martial arts in general, so I love that this show is going that route in a fun way. One of the sponsors of Fight for My Way is Road FC, which is the biggest fighting league in Korea. So I expect that we will see a lot of actual fighters who are acting in this drama. I definitely think the guy Dong-man fought in the ring in episode 2 is a fighter because of his cauliflower ears. Having cauliflower ears basically screams that you are a fighter (they are usually ground fighters with specialties in Judo, Wrestling, Jujitsu, etc). I mean, Ronda Rousey even has cauliflower ears.

I hope you enjoy the character descriptions. The full breakdown is below.

Translated by Bah+Doo


Ssam my way Korean Drama

학창시절 태권도 국가대표를 꿈꾸던 천방고 옹박.
훤칠하고 쌈 잘하니 어딜 가나 스타였고
그의 인생도 그 끝내주는 발차기처럼 쭉쭉 뻗어나갈 줄 알았다.
그런데 동만은 딱 한 번 실수를 했고 너무 일찍 고꾸라졌다.

He dreamed of joining the Korean National Taekwon-do team when he was in high school. He was Chun-bang high school’s Ong-Bak (from the cult famous Thailand movie Ong-Bak)
He was a star everywhere because he was tall, handsome, and could fight.
He thought his future was a highway just like his bada$$ kicking.
But, he made one mistake and became a loser too early.

하지만 동만이는 우울한 루저가 아니다. 천성이 호쾌하고 단순하다.
인생 팍팍한 와중에도 흥과 드립력을 잃지 않는 개구진 머슴애.
눈치도 없지만 머리 쓰고 비열할 줄도 모르는 천진한 사내.

However, he is not a sore looser. He is up for everything and simple in nature.
His life is not easy, but he is playful and still has fun.
He behaves tactless; moreover, he is a naïve and honest person who doesn’t use his brain or behave like a bastard. (This actually explains a lot from the first episode)

스물아홉에 냅다 쳇바퀴 박차고 나와 대뜸 꿈 찾아 돌격!
태권도 유망주에서 격투기선수로 전향. 다시 한 번 날아보려는데-
아차, 뜻밖의 하자가 파이터 동만의 발목을 잡을 줄이야!

At 29, he is throwing away his mundane life and trying to live his dream.
He changes from a Taekwon-do prospect to an MMA fighter. He wants to fly again ~
Alas! An unexpected defect drags him down!

지난 연애에 호되게 당한 동만은
애라와는 절대 남녀로 엮이고 싶지 않다.
동만에게 애라는 잃기 싫은 여자사람친구.
이토록 든든하고 속 편한 된장 뚝배기 같은 애라와
불편하고 복잡스런 까르보나라 같은 사이가 되고 싶진 않다.

He was burned by his last relationship, so he doesn’t want to get tangled up with Ae-ra.
Ae-ra is a female friend that Dong-man does not want to lose.
His friendship with Ae-ra is so comfortable and fulfilling, like Korean home cooked bean paste soup (Dwen-jang ddookbaegi); he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship and have it become an uncomfortable and complicated foreign dish like Carbonara.

때론 폭풍질투, 때론 일촉즉발 베, 베…드씬?!
간당간당 썸과 쌈을 넘나들던 이 스릴 넘치는 남녀!
둘 다 속으로 내심 깨달아가는 흠칫할 진실은…
“남녀 사이에 친구는 개뿔…?”

Sometimes they are jealous; other times, a near miss bed, bed…scene?!
This thrilling man and woman relationship is between “some” and “fight” (A play on words with the title Ssam My Way)
The startling truth that they are both slowly realizing……

아주 남남이 되거나, 가족이 되거나.
양단간 결정을 해야 되겠는데.
‘저 화상을 매일 보고 사는 것과
아주 안 보고 사는 것 중 뭐가 더 나을까’
남사친 동만은 일생일대 기로에 선다.

Now, they have to decide whether to be strangers or family.
“What will be better, if I see that bastard every day, or not see her at all?”
The male friend Dong-man has to make a once in a lifetime decision.
Ssam my way Korean Drama



Ssam my way Korean Drama

과거 꿈은 뉴스 데스크 백지연.
현실은 백화점 인포 데스크 최 양.
그녀에겐 학벌, 집안, 스펙, 남자, 뭐 하나가 없지만.
그녀를 알면 누구든 그녀와 편먹고 싶고.
그녀를 알면 어떤 적수든 그녀를 겁낼 수밖에 없다.

Her previous dream was to become a news desk anchor like Baek Ji-Yeon
But, the reality is, Ms. Choi works at an information desk.
She doesn’t have anything, degree, family support, specs, man…
If you know her, you want to be on her side. (To know her is to love her)
If you know her, all her enemies fear her. (To know her is to fear her)

어릴 적부터 신데렐라보다 삼국지 장비를 흠모하던 애라는
어디서든 제 힘으로 우뚝 도드라지는 여자다.
남자 옆에서 빛나는 여자가 아니라 스스로 발광하는 여자.
내 사람들을 위해선
항시 이빨을 드러낼 준비가 된 세상 듬직한 여자.
그런 그녀가 다시 어금니 꽉 물고 똘기 장전!
‘에라~ 못 먹어도 고다!’ 꿈을 향해 덤벼드는데-

Ae-ra admired the general from the Chinese three kingdom story rather than Cinderella,
She always stands out on her own.
She shines by herself rather than shining next to a man.
She is ready to fight for her own people,
She is trustworthy and reliable.
Now, she bit the bullet and reloaded with her crazy energy.
“Ae-ra, just do it, whether you get it or not.” She is recharged for her dream –

데스크보단 무대가, 정숙보단 도발이 어울리는 현장파 애라.
방송국 대신 지방 행사를 뛰고 격투기 전문 아나운서가 되며
억눌린 끼라는 것이 폭발!
멋이라는 것이 폭발하는 걸크러쉬 최 언니!

She flies to the actual site, rather than sitting at a news desk; she is provocative rather than being quiet.
She becomes a professional MMA reporter and prefers traveling to the actual sites, then sitting at a broadcasting company.
Her repressed talent explodes!
Her awesomeness explodes! Girl crush sister Choi!

그런데 무대에선 날아다녀도 연애는 늘 갑갑.
여우 짓은 어설프고 내숭마저 괄괄.
성질머리 화끈해 새침도 못 떠는 구수한 여자 애라에게
연애는 매번 참 왜 이리 쓰기만 한지.
족족 모양 빠질 흑역사만 만들고 있는 애라에게도
꽁냥꽁냥 알콩달콩 달다구리한 봄날이 올까?

Even though she flies at work, her love live is always stuffy.
She is sloppy when she tries to be foxy; when she tries to be coy, she is rowdy.
Her hot temper keeps her from being prim and proper.
For such a “savory” girl like Ae-ra, being in a relationship is so bitter.

애라는 남자에게 보호받는 여자가 아니라
제 사람을 지키는 여자다.
10년 내내 동만을 제 식대로 지켜왔다.
“검둥개 건드리지 마세요. 검둥개는 물지 않지만,
얘 건들면 옆에 흰 개가 물어요”
어느 의리의 “개 조심” 문구 같은 사이가 애라와 동만이다.

She is not a woman who needs a man’s protection,
She protects her own people.
She protected Dong-man for 10 years in her own way.
“Don’t touch the black dog. The black dog doesn’t bite people,
But if you touch him, the white dog next to him will bite you.”
This “Beware of the dog,” sign is like Ae-ra and Dong-man’s relationship.
Ssam my way Korean Drama



Ssam my way Korean DramaThe Trappings of Youth (in the tv drama, Lee Jong-won betrayed his long-time lover and married a rich woman for his success).

드림 홈쇼핑 식품 MD로 절대미각을 타고나
그가 론칭한 식품은 뭐든 완판.
본인은 대식가가 아니라 미식가라 주장.
“사람들은 으레 제가 많이 먹을 거라 생각하지만요,
저는 맛없는 건 목구멍으로 넘기질 않습니다.“
확고한 철학을 가졌다.

He is a Food MD at Dream Home shopping and has an absolute palate.
Whatever food he launches always sells out.
He always argues that he is not a gourmand but a gourmet.
“People usually think I eat a lot,
But I don’t swallow any of the bad tasting food.”
He has a firm philosophy.

“취직하면…” “대리 달면…” “전셋집 구하면…”
현실적 이유들로 설희와의 결혼을 미뤄온 주만.
이 와중에 국내 최대 족발 체인 CEO 딸,
신입 장예진이 그에게 들이대는데-

He delayed his marriage with Sul-hee with various excuses like:
“when I get a job…” “When I become an assistant manager…” “When we get a house…”
Meanwhile, a new employee, Jang Ye-jin (who is the daughter of the biggest Pig’s feet BBQ company CEO) is hitting on him.

곤궁한 남친 뒷바라지 한다고
갈수록 궁상만 느는 설희를 보며 속상했고,
6년 사귄 주만과 설희는 진작 덤덤한 가족이 된 지 오래.
돈이 참 무섭다지만, 그보다 무서운 정.
조강지처가 그다지도 맹해서 팔자를 고치기도 힘든 남자다.

He was annoyed with his girlfriend Sul-hee, because she became too stingy.
After 6 years of dating, she doesn’t give him heart-pounding feelings anymore.
However, the attachment between them is stronger than money.
It will be hard for him to turn his destiny over, because his long-term girlfriend is not smart.
Ssam my way Korean Drama



Sul-Hee Song ha-yoon fight my way

드림 홈쇼핑 계약직 홈쇼핑 상담원. 더 본업은 사랑꾼.
6년 된 남친 주만과는 비밀 사내 커플.
치명적 백치미를 가진 사랑스런 핑크 공주.

She is in a secret company employee relationship with Park Ju-man.
She is a lovely pink princess with fatal ingenuous beauty

빚 많은 집 외아들에 만만찮은 시누 둘.
대단히 으리으리할 것도 없는 주만이지만
설희에겐 누구보다 주만이 최고.
군인, 고학생, 취준생 몇 년을 지고지순 내조했다.
설희에게 주만은 그저 연인이 아니라 꿈이고 인생이다.

Even though Ju-man is nothing special, as the only son of a family under a lot of debt and with two formidable sisters, he is the best for her.
She supported him while he was in the military, while he was a poor student, and while he was a job seeker.
Ju-man is not only a boyfriend but also a dream and life for Sul-hee.

제 남자 기죽을까봐 뭐 한 번 사달라는 법이 없고,
그 귀한 남자가 고생하며 버는 돈이 아까워
점점 더 짠순이가 되어 가는 설희.
연애 초창기 반짝이던 시절은 가고
이제는 설렘보단 정과 의리로 가는 연애 6년 차에 접어들었는데,
주만이 영 결혼하잔 소릴 안 한다.

In order not to discourage him, she never asked Ju-man to buy anything for her.
She became stingy to not spend his hard-earned money.
After 6 years of dating, the short honeymoon period (not real honeymoon after marriage) passed and they date more so out of attachment and loyalty than passion.
Even so, Ju-man is not proposing to her.

설희의 유일한 취미는 블로그.
파워 블로거 꿈꾸며 얼른 결혼해 새댁 커뮤니티에 끼고 싶은데,
암만 봐도 내 남자 주만의 분위기가 요즘 심상치 않다.

Her only hobby is blogging,
She wants to be a power blogger and join the newlywed internet community,
But she feels something fishy is going on with Ju-man.

또한 설희는 애라의 “한 여자”이기도 하다.
천상여자 설희와 걸크러쉬 애라의 캐미,
그리고 이 착한 맹추의 성장은 또 다른 관전 포인트다.

Sul-hee and Ae-ra are “one woman.”
The chemistry between girly girl Sul-hee and girl-crush Ae-ra, and Sul-hee’s “good-natured fool’s growth” is one of the must watch aspects of this drama.

Ssam my way Korean Drama

Translated by Bah+Doo

I am going to try and have recap #2 up sometime this week. My goal is to get it done before Episode 3 airs and to do a live recap of episode 3. In the live recap, I think I will just start an empty post and then continuously update it as the show airs. We’ll see how it goes.

Source KBS



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