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Fight for My Way Live Recap: Episode 7

[Here’s how it works: We will post this article 1-2 hours before start time. Once the episode airs, we will immediately start recapping scene-by-scene and will update the post every 8-10 minutes. Whenever you see (——), that means the post was updated. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back to correct English, improve readability, change short-hand to full words, and fill in some scenes we may have missed (it goes by fast, but we’re on it).]

HOW TO WATCH Check out On Demand Korea to watch now! I don’t know much about them, but they get the episode up quick!!! Seriously, the episode is up already and it hasn’t even been an hour since the episode started! Does anyone know about them?

Good morning! Welcome to our live recap of Episode 7 for Fight for My Way! I’m excited to find out what happens when Dong-man goes back to the hospital room! Will he pull Aera away? Will he tell Moo-bin to leave? Will he crowd them and kill the mood like he did when they ate ramen??? Arghh, I just want to know, I’m antsy!

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Leave as many comments as you like. We want the love to show! We are excited to read about what everyone has to say about our favorite drama and we will be chiming in as well (I mean of course). Also, I love theories, so if you have a good one, come at me with it.

*Seoul 10pm* | New York 9am | Chicago 8am | Albuquerque 7am | Los Angeles 6am | London 2pm | Berlin 3pm | Nairobi 4pm | Mumbai 6:30pm | Hong Kong 9pm
(Let me know if any of the time zones are wrong or if I should add any)

DM = Dong-man
AR = Ae-ra
SH = Sul-hee
JM = Joo-man
C = Coach
HR = Hye-ran, Dong-man’s ex-girlfriend
TK = Tak-su, Dong-man’s arch nemesis
MB = Moo-bin
YJ = Ye-jin, the chaebol intern at Moo-bin and Sul-hee’s company
——– = 8-10 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change

Alright, make yourself comfortable, look around, chill out, and then at 10pm let’s get it poppin’.



We are back at the hospital and Ae-ra is telling Moo-bin he shouldn’t do these things while she is sick. He kisses her. Dong-man bursts in and is shocked. He looks sad and Ae-ra is stammering that it isn’t that, it’s not like that. Dong-man leaves and is walking down the hall to leave. But he stops and the music cuts off. He is thinking. He slowly turns to go back to the room. He is walking back to the room with determination and taking deep breaths. He burst the door open
Dong-man are you dating? Is it the first day from today? Why are you kissing her? You shouldn’t just kiss her. You are a thug to just kiss her.
Moo-bin – so why are you telling me this? Do you like her? Do you really like her?
They are both looking at dong-man
Dong-man – I……I am her PROTECTOR!

That just killed the mood, lol. Ae-ra is asking him why Dong-man is crossing the line? Why shouldn’t she kiss him? Moo-bin is nice and said Ae-ra is a goddess so he is worthy to be kissed.
Dong-man – He is a thug…
Ae-ra cuts him off and is telling Dong-man, why are you caring? Do you like me?
Dong-man – I like you!….- and Sul-hee …..and Joo-man, you are all the same to me, we are like family.
Ae-ra – So if we are a family, you should congratulate me. It is our first day from today dating officially!
Moo-bin is happy.

Dong-man is angry in the lobby of the hospital watching Moo-bin and Ae-ra sitting on a bench in the hospital lobby. Ae-ra is apologizing to Moo-bin. Moo-bin said he is impressed with Ae-ra because she was so brave. Ae-ra said she doesn’t like Moo-bin so much, she just said that. Moo-bin said a lot of people kiss first and then make it official. He said to meet 10 more times and he will make her love him, he will make her into a princess. Whatever happens, they are official today. He is moving to kiss her, but Ae-ra is not kissing him. Dong-man yells YAAAAAAA and startles them both.
Dong-man – You said your stomach hurts!!!
Moo-bin – You just threw a rock! That doesn’t make any sense.

Moo-bin – call me before you go to bed.
Ae-ra – Why?
Moo-bin – Couples do those things.
Ae-ra – Ah, it’s been awhile, I forgot those things, okay.
Dong-man holds the door open for Ae-ra to get in. Moo-bin tells Dong-man to sit in the front, but Dong-man just closes the window and glares like an enraged puppy at Moo-bin.

Dong-man is asking Ae-ra if it is really the first day to date. They are talking about this back and forth. Coach is at his soondae truck and is looking at them. Coach is asking if that guy wants them to cosign then tell them that you have a martial artist friend. Ae-ra said she wants her own boyfriend, not just a male-friend. Dong-man is still angry.

All 4 are eating together. They are talking about dating and the conversation went to Dong-man’s old girlfriend from high school, Bora. They are telling him that Moo-bin liked Bora.

They are all sitting on a bench together. Dong-man told Ae-ra to not hang around and to just go home early. They have to watch Happy Together so just go home. Dong-man said he is interested in Twice. Dong-man gets up to leave and they said see you later. Ae-ra said see you tomorrow. Sul-hee and Ae-ra tell each other they are pretty, like Twice members. Dong-man steals Ae-ra’s hair tie and runs away.

The rich owner of the NAMIL apartments wants to buy the gym. She is talking to someone about buying the gym and said that person has to call her first.

Ae-ra is talking to a woman here. She needs to take some express course because she is older and doesn’t have any background career. They said they will have some famous people come in. Hye-ran just came in and killed the mood. Ae-ra – Ah, this is bad fate.

Ae-ra and Hye-ran are having a meeting/interview to be announcers. Hye-ran is already dating Dong-man and says Opaaaaa outside the building. Hye-ran becomes famous and Aera’s career goes down.

Hye-ran and Ae-ra are talking back and forth. Hye-ran is telling her to try her best. Ae-ra is angry. They go outside and Moo-bin is there to great Ae-ra. Hye-ran, Ae-ra, and Moo-bin are standing there together. Moo-bin says hi to Hye-ran. Ae-ra asks if Moo-bin is a fan. Moo-bin said Hye-ran is their hospital VIP. Moo-bin said Ae-ra’s face is well positioned. Ae-ra said she lived well doing a lot of surgery.

Dong-man is practicing like a crazy man in the ring. He is explaining something to three women. She is telling them how to throw arm bars. The ajumma’s are excited to watch him. They are talking back and forth. They really like looking at Dong-man and they are talking about how Dong-man is pretty and Coach is macho. They said the coach doesn’t pay the rent but hired someone else?

Tak-su – I am going to sue them.
Manager – we need to make a bigger issue to block this issue.
Coach – You need to practice!

Coach is talking to a woman about paying the rent later. The woman is trying to tell him to give him the money and is telling him to empty it by next month. The other fighters are upset at Dong-man for being a charity case. They don’t think Coach should spend his money on Dong-man. Dong-man doesn’t know anything and he is pretty angry

The owner is leaving and runs into the owner woman, they are having some secret conversation.

A president from Japan came. Ae-ra said she will wait at a cafe. Ae-ra is trying to be cute with Moo-bin but Ae-ra is shutting that. down. She is saying that he is being too cute. Moo-bin is saying her name in a Japanese way and Ae-ra is correcting his pronunciation to say it more Korean way. The Japanese person comes and Moo-bin leaves and speaks super great Japanese to the Japanese person.

Aera runs into those bastards from before!!! They are telling her they wanted to see her because they wanted to apologize, but it seems suspicious. Ae-ra is telling them to treat everyone well, not just their friends people. They said they have to see each other tomorrow, so they want to be nice to each other. They are talking about going to a party or something with Moo-bin. Moo-bin is going there all the time by himself, but he wants to take Ae-ra, but he can’t take Ae-ra. They said it looks like Moo-bin already loves Ae-ra.


Dong-man is worried that Coach isn’t making a profit with his Soondae, because the ingredients are all organic. Dong-man is very concerned about that.

They are watching an outside movie in a car. He is telling her that she is pretty, like Song Hye-kyo. They are talking about Moo-bin’s last date. He is saying it was when he was a military doctor. She said he never dated a girl. He said No! I dated a lot. HE TOUCHED HER LEG!! He is embarrassed now. The phone was ringing and now Ae-ra picked it up. It’s Dong-man and he is wondering where his things are. She was cursing a lot at Dong-man and Moo-bin is shocked. Ae-ra is trying to speak nicely for Moo-bin, but she wants to curse at Dong-man. She leaves the car so she can talk freely.

Dong-man is asking Ae-ra where she is and what they are doing and why are they in a car and what are they doing!!! He is super concerned about it and is asking her if they are only watching movies. Ae-ra is annoyed and is telling Dong-man to not call her about useless things. Dong-man is freaking out because there is sexy music playing and Ae-ra said this is kissing music playing. Dong man is imagining all the kissing from before. He is FREAKING OUT. He is searching for Seoul driving movie theaters. he is asking Coach where they are. Coach has no idea. Dong-man is looking up all this driving movie theater stuff online and is seeing all these things on the internet about it:

“I did soo much at a drive-in theater!!!! kekekeKe!!kekekek!!”
“Oooo, ekekekek”
“Drive in theater….kekekekekek”

Dong-man is freaking out and took off in the soondae truck with coach. They are driving off.

Dong-man is out of the car and is trying to find Ae-ra, she dropped a phone so Dong-man didn’t see her. He sees someone kissed and bursts into the car!!! then he says sorry. He is seeing everyone kissing and he is going crazy. Now he sees Moo-bin!!! It is a face off. Moo-bin puts some air fresher in his mouth. Dong-man starts chasing him and Moo-bin starts throwing popcorn at him and running through the cars. Moo-bin makes it back to the car and tells Ae-ra to put her seatbelt on, they are about to drive off. Dong-man is still looking for them. Moo-bin drives off!!!
Dong-man is trying to keep Ae-ra from looking around. Dong-man is chasing after them, lol.


Coach said it was a good try to sell soondae at the driving theater. He didn’t know all that went on. Dong-man is thinking hard again. Coach tells him to stop thinking.

Aera is still with Moo-bin and Moo-bin keeps trying to hold her hand, but it doesn’t work out. Dong-man rings Ae-ra up again. He tells Ae-ra to buy him some ice cream.

Hye-ran shows up and has some groceries with her. She wants to make Dong-man something. Dong-man said he just pretended to like what she liked when they were together, but that she actually doesn’t know anything about him. Hye-ran looks upset.

Moo-bin and Ae-ra drive up. They get out of the car and Ae-ra sits down. Moo-bin bought Ae-ra some more shoes. Some elegant shoes this time. Dong-man and Hye-ran are looking at them. Moo-bin said he wants her to be live Cinderella. He got her size 135 (but that isn’t her shoe size). They are talking about the shoes. Are they expensive? Ae-ra decides to keep them and buy Moo-bin something of equal value later.

Dong-man yells at Moo-bin to move his car. They are arguing about the car and Moo-bin tells Dong-man to go to his room. Mb is arguing with Dong-man and saying he is the official boyfriend and Dong-man is juSt a guy friend. What are you? Dong-man said he is………..a forever….and only friend. They spent all their life together. Ae-ra is on MBs side and Dong-man is shocked about that. She is defending Moo-bin and SR and Dong-man have a stare off. Moo-bin gets a call from his boss, Moo-bin has to leave. Dong-man leaves first, he just runs off angry/silly way.

Ae-ra calls Dong-man and he is excited to get the call. They are talking about the night and Ae-ra is asking him why he was acting all weird. Dong-man is trying to defend his actions and is telling Ae-ra to just go home directly and all that stuff. She hangs up. Dong-man said it drives him crazy.

Aera and Sul-hee are looking at some cute diary stuff. It looks like a diary. It looks like Moo-bin sent it to her, but it looks like a middle school diary, not an adult diary. Whatever Aera posts on her Instagram, Moo-bin sends her so many hearts. Dong-man also checks the Instagram and says Moo-bin is psycho. Dong-man tries to leave a heart, but he can’t, he finally leaves a heart and a comment “You look ugly”

All four are walking together. they said if Ae-ra was a princess then she would conquer some other country. Ae-ra said she is going to go to MBs party. They are talking about how Aera is a bulldog or Sheperd dog or any other kind of fighting dogs. Ae-ra said she is going to bite him if he doesn’t shut up.

Joo-man is launching another food company. The president picked Joo-man personally! It is a big deal. Joo-man finds Sul-hee and gives her a big secret kiss. They are talking about how this is a big deal and they are super happy. It looks like he will have a 100% success rate if this goes well.

Ae-ra is practicing speaking with something in her mouth. She is wondering whether she should go to the party or not. She is thinking about Moo-bin and how Moo-bin likes surprises. Ae-ra is thinking of just surprising him at the party. She is looking at the shoes Moo-bin bought her.

The mood is serious at a company meeting. They are wondering why JMs lips are so shiny, was he kissing someone? Why are they here? It looks like Sul-hee is hiding in a closet (we missed part of their previous part)

A new person bought the building and the new owner wants Coach to just run the gym. Someone is yelling at them. It’s BORA! Bora is yelling at Coach and telling him to not do that in front of her business.
Bora and Dong-man look at each other and Boom chica bow wow music starts playing.

Sul-hee is hiding somewhere and it looks like she might have fallen asleep or something. Joo-man is trying to cover for her. Sul-hee is hiding int he closet and Joo-man told everyone to take a little break and leave. Everyone leaves except Sul-hee. Sul-hee starts yelling at Joo-man about kissing him. She says it soooo many times “we kissed we kissed we kissed!!!” then she storms out. The door comes open and Sul-hee says, “You kissed?”

Ae-ra dressed up and put on those shoes. Her feet are bleeding. She is trying to get in, but the hostess said she can’t come in. Moo-bin just drove up in a sports car. He gets out and he is with another girl!!!!! It is a pretty girl and she is Japanese maybe? They see each other. Moo-bin is uncomfortable but walks by like he will ignore her. Ae-ra grabs him!! and says “What is this!!!” She is holding a wedding invitation!!!! Their wedding!!! OMG.

Moo-bin and Ae-ra are talking outside. On the cell phone, it says “My Boss/My Chief” but it was actually his girl. They are arguing right now. Moo-bin is trying to tell her he likes her better, she is his ideal. They are still arguing. Ae-ra is wondering when she was going to get dumped, before the marriage? Moo-bin want to keep her as a girlfriend after he gets married. Ae-ra thinks he is trash. He is real trash. Moo-bin said those shoes he got her were $6000. he is wondering why she came when he didn’t call her. She says he has an honest face but he is a liar. he said he wanted to date her 10 times. Ae-ra is trying to figure out what 10 times meant. It means, after that he will get married.

They are talking and it goes to a flashback. Moo-bin is dating Bora and they are driving around. Moo-bin wants to show Bora something. He drives her to a gas station so Moo-bin can see Dong-man working at the gas station. Ah, Moo-bin is really bad! Dong-man kind of recognizes Moo-bin and says he thinks they went to the same school. It was a trap. Back to the present. Moo-bin said Dong-man really likes Ae-ra so he wanted to steal Ae-ra from Dong-man. Moo-bin said he doesn’t like Dong-man because Dong-man is always happy. Even though he doesn’t have anything, he is always happy. Dong Man has figured everything out from Bora and is hopping on a Vespa to do to Ae-ra.

Ae-ra is going off on Moo-bin and kicked the shoes away. She said to give those shoes to a dog. Everyone doesn’t want to have a prince. He is walking back home barefoot. Dong-man is calling her, but she is not picking up the phone.
Ae-ra – the character from 3 kingdoms chinese story is much better than Cinderella

They are talking. Moo-bin said he didn’t pay for the hospital room or something. I’m not sure about this part. Moo-bin is talking about always feeling inferior to Dong-man. His girlfriend is calling and he isn’t picking it up. Moo-bin is a good example of not living his live “My Way”

Ae-ra is resting somewhere and looking sad. Dong-man shows up and is asking what happened. She is hiding her feet. Dong-man is telling her “Lets go!” Ae-ra said to just sit next to her. He is inspecting her and making sure she didn’t get hit or anything (this part made my heart race). She is telling him that she is not a person who gets hit. Dong-man is asking her why she is so sad and small. Dong-man gave her his shoes to wear. Ae-ra is saying she just dated him just because she was angry. She is trying not to cry, she said he looked down on her, but it doesn’t make her pathetic. Dong-man want to know where he is so he can beat him up. Ae-ra is telling him not to be like that because it makes her sad. She doesn’t like it. Don’t make a big deal about it. Dong-man gets it and takes off his jacket and puts it over her face like a ghost, lol. Now he is giving her a hug. She cries a little bit while he is hugging her. But she is yelling at him to not do things like this. Dong-man is yelling at her to just stay home and not meet other guys. She takes the jacket off and says, “What do you care? I have a lot of men around.”

They both stand up and they are arguing and Dong-man is saying she is crying all the time now. Ae-ra yells something and Dong-man stops. It is quiet. She says to stop doing these things because when he does these things it makes her shake and makes her crazy so stop doing those things. An old song is playing that says, “Don’t make me wait…”

Dong-man is in the hospital. He is wondering about Moo-Bin, he is wondering if he should say these things. He is spreading a lot of rumors about Park Moo-bin. He said Moo-bin was engaged but dated a very innocent and kind girl while he was engaged. The innocent and kind girl got depressed and killed herself. This is spreading all over the hospital. They canceled the marriage. The caption on the screen is thanking Choi Woo-shik for being in Fight for My Way.

Ae-ra is avoiding Dong Man now.

The manager told Joo-man to make the kimchi daebak.

Chaebol is saying she will date Joo-man now, she is telling this to Sul-hee

At the gym, it is near Dong-man debut day. Ae-ra went to the gym. The fighter said, when you debut, you are a sandbag and you get hit like this (starts hitting him)

There was soooo much talking today! It was hard to catch everything. We will go back through this and try to fix all the parts we missed and fix typos and all that!

Wow! So that’s why Moo-bin was listening to all those Japanese songs and knew Japanese! He had a Japanese fiancé! His inferiority complex against Dong-man triggered him to be a bad guy, wow.

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        YAAAAAASSS, his acting is so good. He is really talented. I need to check out some of his other dramas. I saw She Was Pretty, but that was it. I thought he was good in She was pretty which is what got me interested in FFMY. I feel like he has so much more to work with in this drama though. He is more of a main focus here. I love all the actors actually. Kim Ji-won is doing an amazing job as well. Okay, my comment is way too long 🙂

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    Okay, here is my theory! I think the landlord might be related to the coach because they have the same last name and that last name is not common in Korea. The production also played a Japanese song when the Landlord was on screen in one of the episodes so maybe all of her money comes from Japan somehow? Like maybe she married a rich Japanese man, but now she is divorced or something and is back in Korea? I know, super conspiracy theorist, but I just think the Landlord is related to either Ae-ra or Coach in some way!

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    During that scene there was song playing in the background. Is there anyway you can help me find what’s the name of the song please.

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